Unique 2022 Cruise Itineraries for a Remarkable Trip

With the pandemic end date in sight, many cruisers are looking forward to the best 2022 cruise itineraries for their next vacation on the seas.

After looking over all the best 2022 cruise itineraries from the major cruise lines (Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Line, Celebrity, and Carnival), I have compiled a list of 8 itineraries that are not common.

Norwegian Cruise Line: 11-day Asia Cruise

The first cruise on the list departs Bangkok on Sunday, February 13th.

Departing from Bangkok, Thailand, you will get into Ko Samui, Thailand the next day. This port is not frequently visited by cruise ships. Consequently, the port officials deemed Ko Samui a tender port. The following day you can enjoy relaxing on the ship during a day at sea. On Wednesday, you will be visiting Nha Trang, Vietnam. This port has also been deemed a tender port due to its size. Once Thursday rolls around, you will find yourself in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. As a larger city, Ho Chi Minh allows the cruise ships to dock in port. On Friday, you will again be blessed with another day at sea.

On Saturday, you will finally leave Vietnam, discovering the city of Melaka, Malaysia. This port and the rest of the ports in this itinerary will allow the ships to dock in port. The next day you arrive in Langkawi, Malaysia. On Monday, you will have your only stop in Thailand, Phuket. Returning back to Malaysia, Penang is the next stop on the journey. The second to last stop is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Finally, you will disembark in Singapore.


Royal Caribbean: 14-night South Pacific Cruise

Our next top cruise for 2022 happens to depart on the same day as the previous cruise– February 13th. However, this cruise is a little further south than the previous, qualifying itself for our top 2022 cruise itineraries.

Departing from Sydney, Australia you will thoroughly enjoy the pleasant, tropical weather on this trip. The first couple of days will allow you to store up on energy as days at sea. After, you get to explore Mystery Island, Vanuatu. Following, the next port is Noumea, New Caledonia. On the sixth day go on and discover Port Vila, Vanuatu. The seventh day of this journey will be another day at sea.

Following this day at sea, you will be in Isle of Pines, New Caledonia. Afterward, the ship will be tendered to Lifou, Loyalty Islands. On the 13th and 14th days of the cruise, you will have days at sea. Finally, you will return to Sydney to get off the ship. The ports Lifou, Isles of the Pine, and Mystery Island will all be tendered ports. For more exploration in this area of the world, check out the New Zealand cruises.

Celebrity: 18-night Tahiti, Bora Bora & Hawaii

The next best 2022 cruise itineraries on this list will explore a ton of islands filled with Polynesian culture.

Departing on April 17th from Sydney, Australia, you will not want to miss this 18-night adventure. The first three days will be spent at sea as you approach the Bay of Islands, New Zealand. On day 4 you will explore this area. Day 5 will allow exploration of Auckland, New Zealand. From day 6 to day 8 you will be blessed with days at sea to recover from New Zealand. On day 6 you can enjoy crossing the International Dateline.

Following these days on the ocean, the ship will dock in Papeete, Tahiti. On day 10 you visit Moorea, French Polynesia. Next, you get to explore the world-famous island of Bora Bora. The days 12 through 16 will be spent at sea. The first island in Hawaii you will visit is Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii. Finally, you will disembark in the capital of Hawaii, Honolulu, Oahu.

Carnival: 10-day Great Barrier Reef Cruise

While there is a basket full of cruises leaving from Australia, the majority do not focus on the Great Barrier Reef. That is why this magnificent journey has snatched a spot on my top 8 list.

Leaving on May 31st, this Carnival cruise departs from Sydney, Australia. The following day you can soak in the intense sun rays during a fun day at sea. On day three be prepared to explore Tangalooma, Moreton Island. Following this port, you get to enjoy another day at sea. Then, get ready to explore the pristine Airlie Beach.

On day 6 you will get to go on a tour as the ship docks in the world-renowned Cairns. Following this port, the ship docks in Port Douglas. Day 8 brings scenic cruising as you pass the beautiful Willis Island. For the last three days of the cruise prepare for fun days at sea. On the last day, you will debark back in Sydney, Australia.


Royal Caribbean: 12-night Iceland & Ireland Cruise

As the only cruise scheduled to reach Iceland in 2022 for Royal Caribbean, you can expect this itinerary to make my top 8 cruises to check out for this year.

Departing from the beautiful city of Amsterdam, Netherlands on August 7th, you will get a taste of the atmosphere found throughout the cruise. The following two days will be spent at sea. Unlike other cruises, this itinerary includes multiple days in port. On days 4 and 5 you get to visit Akureyri, Iceland. For the next two days, you will discover Iceland’s capital– Reykjavik.

The next day, day 8, you will have a relaxing day at sea as you head towards Ireland. Following this day, you will have a blast exploring Belfast, Northern Ireland. As an added bonus, day 10 brings a bonus port in Liverpool, England. Next, you get to discover the fascinating city of Cork (Cobh), Ireland. As you enjoy your last day at sea, you will find yourself back where you began in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Carnival: 14-day Panama Canal from Texas

Would this list be complete without a Panama Canal itinerary? We did not think so.

Starting in Galveston, Texas, this 14-day adventure departs on October 22nd. The first three days you can expect relaxation at sea. On the fourth day, you will dock in Montego Bay. Next, you will have a fun day at sea. On day 6, you will visit the beautiful country of Aruba. Halfway through the trip, on day 7, soak up the sun in Curacao.

Day 8 will be another relaxing day at sea for you to enjoy. On day 9, the ship will dock in Cartegena, Columbia. Following, you will reach the port of Colon, where you will be able to view the magnificent Panama Canal. On day 11, be prepared to explore Limon, Costa Rica. The next day will be another day at sea. Following this day, you will experience the breathtaking city of Cozumel, Mexico. Another fun day at sea is in store for you on day 14. On the last day, you will debark back in Galveston, Texas.

Norwegian Cruise Line: 19-day Suez Canal Cruise

The next cruise on my list is one of my dream cruises. Departing on November 13th, this cruise would be a perfect pre-holiday vacation.

Starting in Athens, Greece, this cruise departs from the cradle of civilization. On Monday you will find yourself in Kusadasi, Turkey. Following, you can enjoy a perfect day at sea to prepare for the days to come. With three days of ports in a row, you will find yourself discovering Haifa, Israel, Ashdod, Israel, ending out in Port Said, Egypt. Luckily the next day you will have a day at sea, however, with a twist. On Saturday you will be cruising the Suez Canal in Egypt.

After the Suez Canal, you will visit Safaga, Egypt for two days. On Tuesday, the next port is in Aqaba, Jordan. Following Jordan, there will be four days at sea. Then, on Sunday, you get to discover beautiful Salalah, Oman followed by another day at sea. On Tuesday you will be in Muscat, Oman. In the last three days, you get to visit three of the United Arab Emirates’ great cities; Fujairah, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai.

Celebrity: 9-night Eastern South America Cruise

I have heard of dozens of cruises going around the tip of South America and ending in Buenos Aires, however, I have not heard of one going further north. In December 2019 I went on a South American cruise and would have loved to continue on up the coast of South America.

Leaving on December 12th, this cruise will end right before Christmas (perfect if you are trying to avoid the Christmas crowds). The originating city for this cruise is Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. On day 2, you will be visiting Buzios, Brazil. The next day you will get to explore Ilhabela, Brazil. Following, go on and discover the beautiful Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The next couple of days will be spent at sea where you can rejuvenate. On day 7 you will see a new country, Uruguay, docking in its capital, Montevideo. Following, go on and see one of Uruguay’s other famous cities, Punta del Este. Cruising further into an ocean bay, the next stop is Buenos Aires, Argentina where you will spend a full day before departing the next day.

This is the conclusion of my carefully curated list of the top 8 unique cruises to keep an eye on. As you can see, these unique voyages offer a special itinerary for anyone to discover.

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