2022 Cruises: Why the Time to Book is Now

With the announcement and upcoming implementation of the coronavirus vaccine, many are planning their post-pandemic vacation. There is no better time to book 2022 cruises now with the cheap cruise deals and optimal staterooms still available.

Naturally, cruise addicts from around the globe are flocking to the popular cruise line’s websites, only to be pleasantly surprised to find numerous holiday booking deals. To cash in on these wonderful deals head over to their websites or contact your travel agent soon!

Pfizer Vaccine

As we all eagerly await the return of the cruise industry, the new Pfizer vaccine announced recently has caused a lot of our restless hope to turn into a realistic goal.

Travel agencies have seen an uptick in the number of calls and visits to their websites in the past few weeks. This is because many can now see an end date in sight for the crazy pandemic that has had a grasp over the travel industry for almost a year. As hopeful travelers run to the agencies, the stock values for the cruise lines have consequently risen.

The vaccine is expected to first be administered to health care workers and nursing home citizens in the next couple of months. After, essential workers and those with health risks over the age of 65 can expect to receive the vaccine. The United States government expects to have the vaccine available for all citizens by April, however, many have speculated we could be waiting until fall 2021.

Therefore, even in the worst-case scenario, travel plans for 2022 cruises are wide open. We can expect to show proof of having the COVID-19 vaccine when getting on our future 2022 cruises, at least for a little while.

MSC Cruise Ship docked in port

Cruise Line Holiday Deals

December 2020 could be considered the calm before the storm as the vaccines have been announced and the deals on cruise lines’ websites are still happening.

Both caused by the holiday season and the cruise lines attempting to receive more money to save their companies, these deals are some of the best deals seen in the past few years. For example, there is currently a 30% off deal on Norwegian Cruise Line’s website paired with their Take All 5 offer.

This includes their open bar, specialty dining, excursions, wifi, and any kids you want to bring along. On Royal Caribbean’s website, you can also see amazing deals including saving up to $350 and a 60% your second guest bargain for 2022 cruises. No matter which cruise line you choose, I can assure you that you will find amazing deals for the highly anticipated return of cruising.

With these crazy deals going on, it is a no-brainer to book for the 2022 season and lock in your ideal stateroom on your favorite itinerary!

Hand Washing

Current CDC Guidelines

Announced on October 30th, the CDC released guidelines for cruise lines to follow in order to return to sailing the seas with passengers.

Thoroughly explained in a 40-page document, the cruise lines know exactly what to complete to bring their ships back into service. Unfortunately, this announcement was made before the anticipated widespread implementation of the Pfizer vaccine. There have been no changes in the CDC’s recommendations, however, we can hope the CDC will loosen their reigns on the cruising industry once the vaccine proves its effectiveness.

Currently, we can assume that cruise lines are continuing to progress through this 40-page document. The next step for many of the cruise lines is performing simulated cruises. Once completed successfully (with no COVID-19 outbreaks), they will attempt to receive a safe sailing certificate to begin their gradual return to the sea.

As 2020 comes to a close, it is nice to dream of your next vacation. Sitting in the midst of a global pandemic, it is nice to know the end of the craziness is somewhat insight.

As many eager travelers anticipate the vaccine, the time to book your 2022 cruise is now!

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