Travel Horoscopes: 2021 Predictions for Each Zodiac Sign

With 2021 beginning, we are all a little curious as to what 2021 has in store not only for the pandemic but ourselves. Check out all these travel horoscopes for each of the signs to see what 2021 has in store!

I am pleased to offer you the 2021 travel horoscopes for the various zodiac signs. The predictions give a rough outline of what you can expect for this coming year. If you are interested in knowing your destiny in the upcoming year in regards to travel, this horoscope will paint a clear picture.


Aries have quite a year coming in 2021 according to the travel horoscopes. Financial situations will control your life during the year of 2021. Therefore, if you plan on traveling, make sure to maintain your financial wellbeing. I see domestic travel in your future, which does not have to be boring! Whether a road trip around the country or a weeklong trip to Florida, your upcoming year will have hints of travel spread out.

The planets Jupiter, Uranus, Mars, and Pluto all have a large influence on Aries this year. Choices made throughout the past few years will dictate where you will end up in 2021. If you are in a relationship you will notice it will be much easier to communicate with your partner about travel until early March.

Mostly because of Venus in Capricorn, you should make sure you have travel plans made during this time if you plan on vacationing together. Whether or not you are in a relationship, you will more than likely feel more passionate after mid-July through the rest of the year. Caused by Jupiter moving into Leo, you will enjoy going on trips in 2021 that have a sentimental feeling attached.

For the entirety of Aries horoscope for 2021 Neptune will be in Pisces. This means that you will find peace spending more time with your family. Whether to celebrate a holiday or to spend a quality weekend together, the small things will make a big difference this year.


The 2021 travel horoscopes explain that this year will be full of drama, fun, and excitement due to the large congregation of several planets within the Taurus zodiac. While this may cause many conflicts, they will resolve quickly. The best way to travel this year is by trying new places and experiencing life to the fullest.

Get out of your box. What have you heard of that sounds frightening or impossible? The year 2021 is the perfect year to try these activities and destinations as it will be filled with success. Make sure to get in contact with the right people to check if your finances are ready for this year packed with adrenalin. If you have a partner, your relationship will thrive within this travel lifestyle.

Finding pockets of innovative travel hobbies will greatly enhance the health of both you and your partner. While you may be a stubborn or steady Taurus and are finding all these tasks fairly difficult, others around you are there to provide help and support throughout the year.

At the end of the day, as a Taurus, you must take risks this year as they will likely pay off. If that means going to an amazing rock concert a couple of hours away, go for it. If that means you are signing up for skydiving again after chickening out the past couple of times, you will not regret it. Go ahead and invite family members if they are around the same age. This year is a great time for you to reconnect and travel together.


This coming year will be a little different for Gemini. Any travel that Geminis are trying to accomplish this year can be achieved, however, they must deal with the people in their life first. Making sure relationships are in good shape before leaving for an amazing adventure will help you avoid unnecessary trouble. This year is characterized by truthful and sincere actions for Geminis.

2021 may not start with great health, however, traveling in a healthy way will help you retain your health. Whether this means choosing destinations with plenty of nature hikes in the area or healthy local cuisines, health should be a priority in travel throughout 2021.

Thankfully, your personal relationships will have the support of Mars and Venus this coming year. If you put in the effort, all your relationship problems will be solved. Geminis can also expect the help of Jupiter and Saturn this coming year. With this support of these planets, you will find it easier to visualize and plan the coming travel for 2021.

With the planets of Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto on your side, you are likely to feel more charismatic and creative in 2021. If you have younger family members, this would be a great year to go on that dream vacation to a youthful location.


The 2021 travel horoscopes explain that your year will help you focus on socializing and building new relationships. Traveling will be pivotal in your year as you continue to build your future with your current and new friends. Choosing locations where everyone is happy will help you set up friendships that will last a lifetime.

Thanks to the influence of Jupiter in your 2021 travel life, you will see success in your ambitions this coming year. If you had any amazing travel destinations on your bucket list, this would be the year to explore them. Mars and Venus will also help you out in 2021.

If you have a partner, these planets will aid in successful, romantic travel experiences this year. Do not worry, outside influences will not impact your travel success this year. If diligent in planning and determined in following through with your travel plans, you will indeed find happiness and success.

While Cancer zodiac people often feel anxious with a lot of change, once they adjust to their new travel lifestyle, they will be happier than ever. The key to 2021 is embracing your dreams through travel rather than putting them off. This is the perfect time to get on your travel Pinterest board and discover where you want to travel first!


The next sign with significant 2021 travel horoscopes is Leo. Professional travel will be at the forefront of Leo personality during the year of 2021. You will have the encouragement and opportunities from management for your career travel ambitions. If you follow through with these experiences, you will be rewarded with promotions to senior positions along with pay raises.

Other than professional travel, you will receive mixed signals regarding your future from planetary aspects this year. No matter what these signs are, remember where you want your life to go. Your love life will also be filled with mixed emotions. This can cause some disagreements when traveling. Just remember, you will find happiness and joy while traveling with your loved-one with compromises.

This year will also be filled with interesting social interactions. Do not feed into the drama when traveling and be careful when running into conflicts. Thankfully, Mars has your back this year and will help you remain in good shape and happy while traveling.

With hard work, 2021 will be filled with success as Leos balance their work and personal life. You are likely to strengthen your relationships with your children, siblings, and young relatives as they reach out to you as a source of inspiration and joy in 2021.


The year 2021 will bring Virgos great wisdom. This will result in their travel experiences developing into deeper, more meaningful adventures. Whether a pivotal place in your favorite book or the town your grandfather grew up in, your wisdom in the coming year will allow you to explore pockets of sentiment throughout the world.

Consequently, it is important to not be dependent on others and their travel ideas. If you are traveling together, you should be respectful and hear their perspective, however, this year is yours to fulfill your dreams. Also, you will see planetary aspects working in your favor as all your wildest travel goals are achieved.

If you are in a love relationship, you need to dedicate some of the travel decisions to your partner. These compromises will allow your relationship to flourish while simultaneously creating memories together. Locations with health held as a priority will be best for 2021. If you are into rock climbing, surfing, or any other body intensive activities, this year is the years to spend time traveling to active communities.

While this year will be successful, you will need to put time into your travel planning. Make sure not to overthink everything this year as some things are best left in the present. 2021 is the year to accept things as they are and do not strive too hard to more your life great.


2021 is the perfect year for Libras to fulfill their lofty travel dreams. Characterized by making minor altercations in daily activities and avoiding significant changes in your daily life, this coming year will set you up for amazing travel.

You will have the help of many planets this year. They will favorably improve your health and vitality in 2021 allowing you to pursue numerous travel opportunities. Jupiter and Saturn will help you achieve your travel goals without any problems or personal conflicts. In regards to your love relationships, Venus and Jupiter will aid in creating romantic getaways.

Whether this means a quick weekend trip to the beach or a romantic getaway in Bora Bora, 2021 is the year to see the romance in your life thrive. If you prefer traveling with friends, you do not need to worry. Your social life, thanks to good astrological influences, will be quite enjoyable. If you take measures to better yourself at the beginning of 2021, you will see a year filled with travel.

Libras should be sure to pursue destinations wherever their hearts desire. This year is your year to be enthusiastic about the trips you are experiencing, no matter how small.


Scorpios can expect an interesting year of travel in 2021. Characterized by love, this upcoming year will push you to put others wants before your own in regards to travel. If you follow this simple advice, you will receive great happiness and feelings of affection.

As Mercury and Venus play a vital role in 2021, you will need to find a deeper understanding in all your relationships. If you are traveling with people other than your romantic partner, you will find success in planning trips with limited social input. Thanks to planetary influences, you will receive many travel opportunities in the middle of 2021.

Because of this, you will need to carefully plan out and budget your finances. Keeping an eye on and adjusting your travel budget throughout the year will help you completely relax on your vacations. You may find it difficult to relax due to the hectic activities during your travels. It is essential to relax and watch your exercise and diet to maintain your wellbeing.

Try not to think and talk about work and finances while traveling this year. Being too social about these things may put them in jeopardy. Therefore, you should live this year coyly. Doing so will allow you to have successful travel adventures.


Sagittarius zodiac sign can look forward to many adventures in 2021. The upcoming year will give you many opportunities to find new destinations featuring exotic activities. You will need to be cautious not to get into trouble on vacation as this upcoming year has put your creativity on full throttle.

2021 will bring plenty of romantic journeys for Sagittarius. You will get many opportunities to develop your love relationships. If you make use of these partnerships, you may see travel options open up. Once these opportunities surface, be sure to make the first move so your partner feels free to openly communicate with you about travel. Jupiter will help you find your adventurous side this year.

Saturn, however, will help you limit your increased creativity this year. Therefore, in 2021 you should seek new travel ventures with the help of your close friends. You do not want to let your wild imagination run free this year. This will only lead to unfulfilled travel plans that will cause unhappiness.

Your health will help you maintain consistency throughout this crazy travel year. Make sure to focus on a proper diet and incorporate fitness routines to stay active on the road.


The year 2021 will be difficult in the realm of travel for Capricorn. Riddled with a lot of responsibilities, this upcoming year will need to be carefully planned in order to reach your ideal vacation. If you have children in your life, you may want to plan a youthful trip together in 2021.

While 2021 may be draining on your resources and fitness levels, you will overcome these stressful situations with relaxing vacations. It may help to find activities like sand volleyball or hiking to help you destress while away. Thankfully, Mars and some other planets will help you achieve your travel goals this year. In addition, you will see aid from Jupiter and Venus with you relationships.

This means 2021 will be a perfect year to invite your inner circle on a vacation to bring your support circle closer in. On a bright note, your health and vitality will be phenomenal. You should pursue journeys where you can utilize this new found fitness level to experience what very few have before.

With all the ups and lows coming in 2021, Capricorns will need to watch their financial state this coming year. Saving early will be a life saver as 2021 will prove to be challenging.


2021 is a conflicting year in regards to travel for the Aquarius zodiac sign. Starting early this year, it is essential to remain calm and face your current uncertainties before pursuing travel opportunities. While many old projects will come to an end during the beginning of 2021, you need to prepare for your upcoming travel.

This upcoming year will be filled with people having a positive and encouraging attitude around you. Utilize this by pursuing the travel dreams you have been shying away from for years. As your projects come to a close in early 2021, make sure to make time for your travel. Whether you are in a relationship does not matter in regards to your vacation timeline in 2021. If you put in plenty of hard work and expertise into your work and personal life, you can expect bountiful results in travel opportunities.

This upcoming year will be riddled with many stressful situations. Hence, relaxing vacations will become essential to maintaining your wellbeing. Whether a quick weekend trip to a spa retreat or an extended stay at a tropical paradise location, you need to prioritize relaxation this coming year.

Be prepared to face the challenges life throws at you in 2021. Also, dedicate time to devising plans to overcome these obstacles. Doing so will open up travel opportunities that you have only dreamt of your entire life.


Pisces will have a fruitful year of travel during the year 2021. Focusing on being respectful in social interactions and not hurting the feelings of others will create quality relationships during travel.

With the help of Venus and Jupiter, you can expect to have many chances to go on romantic retreats with your loved one. If you prefer traveling with your social circle, you will see a couple of opportunities spring up this year. Make sure to fully explain your travel goals this year with your friends. Being open with the people you hold close will allow more travel opportunities to surface in your life.

Jupiter will assist in offering you new exotic travel opportunities in 2021. Thus, make sure to get out of your comfort zone when trying to destinations. Your health will be in great shape this coming year. Therefore, focus on travel where you have room to fully exercise and complete relaxation exercises.

To truly live your life to the fullest this coming year, make sure to trust your instincts. With the help of planetary influences, your travel instincts will be fairly accurate. Thus, trusting your gut will create successful vacations.

With this list coming to a close, I hope you prepare for this coming year for your corresponding travel horoscope. If you embrace what 2021 has to offer you, each zodiac sign will prosper.

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