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100+ Cruise Gift Ideas: Find the Perfect Gifts for Everyone!

There’s something magical about the vast blue sea, the rhythm of waves, and the horizon stretching endlessly — it’s no wonder cruises captivate the wanderlust in many of us. But with the vast array of travel gadgets, accessories, and cruise-themed items available, how do you pick the right one?

Fear not, oceanic gift-hunters! We’ve plunged into the depths to bring you a treasure trove of cruise gift ideas that’ll have any traveler sailing in style and comfort.

Whether it’s gadgets to enhance cabin life, cruise essentials for tropical excursions, or just something to remind them of the vast ocean, our list promises waves of inspiration for every kind of cruiser.

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The Art of Gifting

The gentle lapping of waves, the allure of foreign shores, and the soft hum of the cruise ship as it slices through vast expanses of ocean – these are the sounds and sights of a memorable cruise journey.

But what can truly elevate the cruise experience, creating cherished memories that transcend time, is the age-old tradition of gift-giving. Incorporating gifts before, during, and after a cruise can transform a delightful journey into an unforgettable experience.


Before the Cruise: Building Anticipation

The time leading up to a cruise can be filled with a mix of excitement and anticipation. Gifting something prior to the cruise can heighten these feelings, adding an extra layer of magic.

Consider, for instance, gifting a travel guidebook about the destinations on the itinerary. This not only allows for pre-trip planning but also sparks imagination and excitement about the upcoming adventure.

For children, consider cruise-themed toys or storybooks, which can help them visualize and look forward to the journey. These gifts serve as a prelude, setting the tone and creating an atmosphere of anticipation.

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During the Cruise: Enhancing the Experience

While the cruise itself is packed with myriad activities, excursions, and moments of relaxation, introducing gifts during the journey can amplify the experience. A gift can act as a reminder that, amid the grandeur of the voyage, personal and thoughtful gestures still matter.

Imagine the delight of receiving a special spa package after a tiring day of shore excursions, or a customized picnic basket for a beach day.

For those celebrating special occasions onboard, like anniversaries or birthdays, a surprise gift can become the centerpiece of their celebration, turning a moment into a cherished memory.

Furthermore, for travelers who are new to cruising, a thoughtful onboard gift can ease any lingering anxieties, making them feel valued and at home.

After the Cruise: Reliving the Moments

The return from a cruise can often be bittersweet. The journey may have ended, but the memories linger, waiting to be revisited. This is where post-cruise gifts can play a pivotal role.

Gifting a beautiful photo album can provide an opportunity to relive the journey, allowing one to organize and cherish the moments captured. A souvenir, perhaps something unique from a visited port, can act as a tangible reminder of the places explored and the experiences gathered.

Even a simple handwritten letter, recounting shared moments or expressing gratitude for the shared journey, can be a heartwarming gesture, reminding recipients of the joy of the trip and the deeper bond forged during the voyage.

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Gifts for Every Kind of Cruiser

Setting sail on a cruise is an adventure in itself, and selecting the perfect gift can heighten the excitement and wonder of the journey. Recognizing that every traveler is unique, we’ve anchored down on a list tailored for diverse types of cruisers. Whether you’re looking to surprise them before they embark or once they’re onboard, this guide will steer you towards making their cruise truly unforgettable.

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The Adventure Seeker

Before the Cruise:

  • Waterproof Backpack: Ideal for those shore excursions where they’ll be hiking, swimming, or exploring.
  • Portable Water Filter Bottle: Perfect for the adventurer who wants to stay hydrated while ensuring their water is clean and safe.

On the Cruise:

  • Shore Excursion Voucher: A ticket to an adrenaline-pumping activity like zip-lining, scuba diving, or parasailing at a cruise stop.
  • Action Camera: Whether it’s GoPro or another brand, they can capture their thrilling moments in high definition.

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The Sticks-to-Themselves Cruiser

Before the Cruise:

  • Noise-Canceling Headphones: So they can tune out the world and dive into relaxation with their favorite music or podcasts.
  • Captivating Book: Grab your loved one a great book to read on one of the vast decks spanning the length of the ship.

On the Cruise:

  • Spa Package: Gift them a day of unwinding with massages, saunas, and more.
  • Premium Lounge Access: A quiet, comfy spot onboard where they can read, nap, or simply enjoy the serenity.

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The Culinary Cruiser

Before the Cruise:

  • Global Spice Kit: A collection of spices from around the world, so they can recreate some cruise delicacies at home.
  • Cruise Cookbook: Recipes inspired by popular cruise ship dishes.

On the Cruise:

  • Specialty Dining Experience: A reservation at one of the ship’s gourmet restaurants.
  • Wine or Cheese Tasting Session: An onboard experience where they can savor and learn simultaneously.

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The Entertainment Buff

Before the Cruise:

  • Portable Theatre Glasses: Compact binoculars to get a closer look during stage performances.
  • Music Playlist or Subscription: Curated tunes to get them into the vacation mood.

On the Cruise:

  • Show Tickets: Ensure they have a seat at the most talked-about performances onboard.
  • Behind-the-Scenes Tour: An exclusive look at the ship’s entertainment facilities, like the theatre or music studios.

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The Family Cruisers (Traveling with Kids)

Before the Cruise:

  • Ocean-themed Board Games: Fun for the entire family, fostering bonding and excitement.
  • Travel Journal for Kids: A space for young ones to document their adventures.

On the Cruise:

  • Family Photo Session: Professional snaps to remember their journey by.
  • Family Shore Excursion: An outing tailored for all ages, ensuring memories are made together.

Every cruiser has their own rhythm and style of enjoying the vastness of the sea.

By focusing on what resonates with their spirit, your gifts can enhance their journey, adding layers of joy, wonder, and memories that echo long after they’ve returned to shore. Set sail with your gestures of love, and watch them unfold in waves of gratitude!

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Cruise Gift Ideas for Kids

Ahoy, mini-adventurers and budding pirates! The sparkling seas and breezy decks of a cruise ship hold countless wonders for young explorers, whether you are cruising with toddlers or pre-teens. But how can we make their maritime experience even more enchanting?

Whether it’s a birthday surprise, a celebratory present, or simply a ‘just because’ gift, our guide has been meticulously curated to steer you in the right direction.

Categorized by age and occasion, we’re about to make waves with these delightful ideas.

cruising with toddlers

For the Tiniest Deckhands (0-3 years)

  • Baby Sailor Outfit: Make their first cruise photo-worthy with a nautical-themed onesie or romper. It’s as adorable as it sounds!
  • Soft Marine Animal Toys: Introduce them to the wonders of the sea with plush dolphins, whales, or turtles. Perfect for snuggles during naptime.
  • Nautical Baby Blanket: Ensure they’re wrapped in cozy comfort with a sea-themed blanket, keeping them warm during cooler evenings on deck.
  • Baby Swim Gear Set: Complete with a tiny sunhat, swimsuit, and swim diapers, this set ensures your littlest one is ready for some pool fun.

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Junior Explorers (4-7 years)

  • Pirate Adventure Kit: Ahoy matey! This kit, complete with a telescope, pirate hat, and map, ignites imaginative adventures on the high seas.
  • Interactive Ocean Life Book: Dive deep into marine life with colorful illustrations and interactive flaps, broadening their horizon about sea creatures.
  • Kids Waterproof Camera: Let them capture their favorite moments on deck or during shore excursions. It’s durable, easy to use, and, most importantly, waterproof!
  • Sea-themed Craft Kit: Hours of entertainment as they create their own marine-inspired masterpieces, be it fishy stickers, sailboat origami, or seashell art.

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Tween Navigators (8-12 years)

  • Marine Biology Kit: A blend of fun and education, this kit lets tweens explore marine life specimens and offers a closer look into the magic underwater.
  • Cruise Journal: Encourage them to jot down memories, stick souvenir tickets, or sketch their favorite views, creating a keepsake for years to come.
  • Deck Card Games Set: Classic games like Uno or Go Fish, with a nautical twist, promise hours of fun with fellow young cruisers.
  • Portable Waterproof Speaker: Let them groove to their favorite tunes, whether they’re lounging by the pool or enjoying some downtime in the cabin.

Gifts for Special Occasions

  • Birthday at Sea: Consider a personalized nautical necklace or bracelet. It’s a beautiful keepsake reminding them of the special day they celebrated mid-ocean.
  • First Cruise: A ship-in-a-bottle kit. Building their own model ship captures the essence of their maiden voyage.
  • Holiday Cruises: A personalized Christmas ornament in the shape of a cruise ship makes a festive reminder of their holiday at sea.

From the minute they step aboard with twinkling eyes to the moment they disembark with hearts full of memories, these gifts promise to add layers of joy and wonder to their cruise journey. Whether they’re spotting dolphins, dancing under the stars, or simply absorbing the vastness of the ocean, these presents are sure to make their cruise an unforgettable adventure.

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Romantic Cruise Gifts

Navigating the vast ocean of love is a journey as timeless and profound as any sea voyage. Whether you’re celebrating anniversaries on the open waters, your honeymoon on a cruise, or simply sharing a sunset on the deck, understanding your partner’s love language can elevate every moment.

Dive into our curated list of cruise gifts, tailored to speak each of the five love languages, and segmented by romantic occasions and preferences.

romantic getaways

Words of Affirmation


  • For Him: A leather journal to document your shared adventures.
  • For Her: An elegant pendant engraved with a heartfelt message.


  • For Him: A personalized timepiece, engraved with the date of your wedding.
  • For Her: A custom-made diary with prompts recalling your years together.

Valentine’s Day:

  • For Him: A handwritten letter detailing the reasons you cherish him.
  • For Her: A poem or a heartfelt note, enclosed in a cruise-themed locket.


  • For Him: A vintage map of your shared journeys, annotated with your memories.
  • For Her: A personalized book with letters to her for each year ahead.


  • For Him: A custom leather passport holder, engraved with an affectionate message.
  • For Her: A beautifully bound book of romantic quotes from around the world.

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Acts of Service


  • For Him: A surprise scuba diving or paragliding session at a tropical port.
  • For Her: A pre-booked spa day, focusing on relaxation and rejuvenation.


  • For Him: Organize a surprise movie night under the stars on the ship’s deck.
  • For Her: A private evening at the ship’s most romantic spot, complete with a violinist.

Valentine’s Day:

  • For Him: A personalized treasure hunt around the cruise, leading to a surprise gift.
  • For Her: Breakfast in bed, complete with her favorite morning delights.


  • For Him: Pre-order his favorite drink and snack to be delivered at sunset.
  • For Her: A surprise room makeover with flowers, chocolates, and candles.


  • For Him: A DIY coupon booklet offering acts of service, like massages or taking his shift at a planned activity.
  • For Her: A planned day where she gets pampered from sunrise to sunset.

Receiving Gifts


  • For Him: A vintage-inspired, marine compass, symbolizing the direction and adventure your love will take.
  • For Her: A piece of jewelry, perhaps a charm bracelet, where each charm represents a destination on your cruise.


  • For Him: A curated box of gourmet snacks and beverages from each port you’ve visited.
  • For Her: A personalized jewelry box, with intricate designs reminiscent of your shared travels.

Valentine’s Day:

  • For Him: A limited edition cruise ship model, paying homage to your voyage together.
  • For Her: A custom perfume, inspired by the scents of your cruise destinations.


  • For Him: A classic nautical watch, representing the timeless nature of your love.
  • For Her: A beautifully crafted cruise-themed pendant.


  • For Him: A collection of travel books covering your next potential cruise destinations.
  • For Her: A luxury cruise-themed calendar filled with photos from your previous travels.

Best cruises for Honeymoons

Quality Time


  • For Him: A private deep-sea fishing session at a popular port-of-call.
  • For Her: A reservation at the ship’s specialty dining venue for an intimate meal.


  • For Him: A whiskey or wine tasting experience onboard.
  • For Her: A private art class that focuses on a craft from one of your cruise destinations.

Valentine’s Day:

  • For Him: An onboard casino night, with a set budget for a night of fun.
  • For Her: An evening at the ship’s theater, followed by a moonlit stroll on deck.


  • For Him: A reserved day at the cruise’s golf simulator or virtual reality gaming zone.
  • For Her: A day-long retreat to the ship’s spa, including all treatments and amenities.


  • For Him: A booked session to learn a new onboard hobby, like photography or mixology.
  • For Her: A reserved table for a special Christmas dinner onboard, complete with live music.

Physical Touch


  • For Him: A massage or grooming session at the onboard spa.
  • For Her: A luxurious bubble bath setup in your cabin, complete with rose petals and essential oils.


  • For Him: An onboard fitness class you can enjoy together, like partner yoga.
  • For Her: A couple’s massage, focusing on relaxation and connection.

Valentine’s Day:

  • For Him: A reservation for the ship’s jacuzzi, with chilled champagne waiting.
  • For Her: A dance class, where you can sway to the rhythms of love together.


  • For Him: A sauna or steam room session, ensuring relaxation and rejuvenation.
  • For Her: A beauty treatment day, including a mani-pedi, facial, and hair styling.


  • For Him: A surprise dip in the ship’s heated pool, under the stars.
  • For Her: A cozy blanket and a reserved spot on the deck to watch the Christmas festivities.

In the vast tapestry of love and romance, it’s the thought and effort behind each gesture that truly makes waves. By tailoring gifts to resonate with your loved one’s unique language of love, you ensure a cruise journey rich in moments that will be treasured for a lifetime. So, set your sails and chart a course straight to their heart!

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Top Cruise Souvenir Gifts

When you’re out at sea, exploring enchanting destinations, the joy of the journey is made even more memorable when you can bring a piece of it back for your loved ones. Choosing the right souvenir can be an art.

It’s all about finding something that not only captures the essence of the place but also resonates with the person receiving it. Let’s navigate through some popular cruise destinations and the best souvenirs to pick up for those awaiting your return.

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Caribbean Cruises:

  • Local Crafts: The Caribbean is renowned for its handcrafted items, from woven bags to wooden sculptures. These authentic pieces carry the spirit of the islands within them.
  • Spices and Rums: Think of Grenada’s nutmeg or Barbadian rum – these aromatic and flavorful souvenirs are a treat for the senses and evoke the tropical essence of the Caribbean.

Mediterranean Cruises:

  • Olive Oil and Wines: From the groves of Greece to the vineyards of Italy, gifting premium olive oil or a bottle of local wine is like sending a taste of the Mediterranean.
  • Artisanal Soaps: Especially from places like Provence or Turkey, these soaps infused with lavender, rose, or olive offer a fragrant memory of the journey.

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Alaskan Cruises:

  • Native Handicrafts: Ulu knives, totem poles, or beadwork jewelry – Alaskan native crafts are unique and tell tales of its indigenous cultures.
  • Salmon and Jerky: Smoked or canned salmon and reindeer jerky are not just delicious but are also a taste of Alaska’s wild bounty.

Asian Cruises:

  • Tea and Pottery: Gifting a pouch of aromatic tea, especially from places like China or Japan, along with a traditional teacup, is like sharing a ritual.
  • Silk and Hand Fans: Reflecting the elegance and artistry of Asian cultures, these make for both practical and beautiful gifts.

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Scandinavian and Baltic Cruises:

  • Viking Memorabilia: Be it a replica of a Viking ship or helmet, it’s a nod to the region’s rich history.
  • Amber Jewelry: Particularly from the Baltic regions, amber jewelry is not only stunning but also carries tales of the ancient seas.

South Pacific Cruises:

  • Pearls and Tapa Cloth: The lagoons of the South Pacific, especially places like Tahiti, are known for their pearls. Tapa cloth, on the other hand, is a traditional art form and a piece of Polynesian history.
  • Wooden Masks and Carvings: These intricate items are not just decorative but are imbued with the region’s cultural narratives.

When selecting a souvenir, always remember that the value of the gift lies not in its price tag but in the story it carries. It’s a tale of distant lands, of cultures met, and of adventures had. And each time your loved one looks at or uses that souvenir, they’re not just reminded of you but also get a glimpse into the wondrous journey you undertook.

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Unique & Obscure Cruise Gift Ideas

The thrill of receiving a gift often lies in its unexpectedness, a delightful surprise that one never saw coming. For those looking to embark on the less-traveled route of cruise gifting, this section is your treasure map.

Dive deep into the ocean of creativity and discover gift ideas that are as unique as they are thoughtful. Here’s a guide to some offbeat cruise gift ideas that are bound to make waves:

Customized Star Map

Why?: Gaze at the night sky during a cruise and you’ll be enamored by the stars. Gift a customized star map of the coordinates and date of their cruise. It’s a stellar way to commemorate a special voyage.

Ship-in-a-Bottle DIY Kit

Why?: A delightful blend of craft and nostalgia. This DIY kit allows the recipient to assemble their very own ship in a bottle, echoing the maritime charm as one of the top cruise gift ideas.

Ocean-scented Candle Set

Why?: When the cruise is over and they’re back home, this gift will waft in memories of the sea, salty breezes, and the feeling of being adrift in the vast ocean.

Bioluminescent Plankton Kit

Why?: A hands-on experience to cultivate and watch these magical sea creatures glow in the dark. It’s a tiny replica of the natural phenomena they might witness in certain oceanic regions.

Custom Nautical Knot Cufflinks or Jewelry

Why?: A subtle nod to the maritime world, these intricate designs can be worn during formal cruise nights, ensuring they stand out in style.

Antique Maritime Compass

Why?: A piece of functional history. Not only can it be used during shore excursions, but it also stands as a symbolic reminder that adventure is always on the horizon.

Personalized Sea Storybook for Children

Why?: Crafted with the child’s name and persona, this storybook can transport young travelers on a magical maritime adventure, ensuring bedtime onboard is filled with wonder.

Ocean Sound Wave Art

Why?: Translate the soothing sound of waves into visual art. Gift a framed print that captures the waveform of the sea’s audio, making it both an aesthetic and sentimental piece.

Virtual Reality Underwater Exploration Set

Why?: For those days when they can’t dive into the depths, this VR set offers immersive experiences of coral reefs, shipwrecks, and marine life, right from the comfort of their cabin.

Portable Sea Salt Maker

Why?: Let them harvest their own sea salt! A quirky gift that allows them to process and crystallize sea water into gourmet salt, adding a pinch of their journey to future meals.

Gifting is an art, and when you blend creativity with thoughtfulness, the result is pure magic. These unique cruise gifts are not just tangible items but experiences, memories, and a testament to the fact that when it comes to showing love, sometimes it’s the offbeat path that leads straight to the heart.

Christmas cruise gift ideas

Christmas Cruise Gifts

All aboard the jolly express! The magic of Christmas combined with the allure of cruising creates a holiday experience like no other.

As sparkling lights adorn cruise decks and carols float in the salty sea breeze, there’s no better time to shower your loved ones with thoughtful gifts tailored to their cruising desires. Sail smoothly through your Christmas shopping with our comprehensive guide, segmented by the gift receiver and their unique interests.

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The Nautical Enthusiast

  • Ship Blueprint Art: Elegant blueprints of classic cruise ships or famed maritime vessels, perfect for decorating their cabin or home.
  • Maritime Literature: Think classics like “Moby Dick” or “Master and Commander” that’ll transport them to the high seas even while docked.
  • Ship Wheel Christmas Ornament: A festive touch for their tree, celebrating their love for the ocean.

The Wellness Wanderer

  • Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser: Portable and compact, it’ll fill their cabin with soothing scents, enhancing relaxation.
  • Travel Yoga Mat: Lightweight and foldable, allowing them to practice their stretches with oceanic views.
  • Spa Voucher: Gift them a luxurious treatment aboard, from deep tissue massages to rejuvenating facials.

The Culinary Cruiser

  • Cruise Cookbook: A collection of recipes inspired by popular cruise ship dishes, allowing them to recreate the flavors at home.
  • Mixology Set: Compact cocktail-making tools so they can shake or stir their favorite drinks right in their cabin.
  • Specialty Dining Experience: Book them a seat at the ship’s most exclusive restaurant for a memorable Christmas dinner.

The Adventurous Explorer

  • Shore Excursion Guidebook: A detailed guide to the best activities and sights at popular cruise destinations.
  • Waterproof Exploration Gear: Think snorkeling sets or waterproof bags – essentials for their adventure-filled shore excursions.
  • Digital Travel Journal: To record and reflect on each exciting day of exploration.

spa experience

The Entertainment Enthusiast

  • Cruise Show Tickets: Book them a front-row seat to the ship’s Broadway-style show or a special onboard concert.
  • Portable Karaoke Microphone: Let them belt out their favorite carols or hits in the privacy of their cabin or during ship-hosted karaoke nights.
  • Board Game Set: Classic games with a nautical twist for endless entertainment on sea days.

The Young Mariners (Kids & Teens)

  • Ocean-themed Advent Calendar: A countdown filled with tiny maritime surprises, perfect for the build-up to Christmas Day at sea.
  • Cruise Ship Building Kit: Engage them with a LEGO or similar model ship set they can assemble during downtime.
  • Underwater Camera: For capturing vibrant marine life during snorkeling or diving excursions.

Amidst the festive hustle and bustle, it’s the thoughtfully curated gifts that strike a chord. By aligning presents with the unique passions and interests of each cruiser, you’re not just gifting objects, but memorable moments and experiences.

As the ship’s bell chimes on Christmas morning, and the azure waves shimmer in festive spirit, your gifts will be the cherry on top of an unforgettable holiday voyage.

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FAQs on Cruise Gift Ideas

When considering cruise gift ideas, many individuals often have queries to ensure their gift is both appropriate and appreciated. Here are some of the most common questions related to cruise gift ideas:

  1. What is a practical gift for someone going on a cruise?People often seek gifts that the recipient can actually use during their trip. Items such as waterproof bags, portable chargers, or reusable water bottles are popular practical choices.
  2. Are there restrictions on what gifts I can bring onboard a cruise ship?It’s essential to know if certain items might be prohibited or restricted onboard, especially things like alcohol or oversized items. Make sure to review the common items that are prohibited on cruises prior to purchasing your gift!
  3. What gifts are best for cruise ship cabin decorations?With many cruisers celebrating special occasions onboard, decoration items that are easy to put up and take down. Magnetic decorations or door banners are some of the best options offering plenty of configuration and personalization for the special occasion!
  4. Can I purchase gifts or experiences on the cruise ship on behalf of someone else?Yes! There are plenty of ways you can purchase gifts during your cruise vacation. For example, you can surprise your loved ones with pre-booked excursions, spa treatments, or dining experiences.
  5. What are popular cruise-related keepsake gifts?Keepsake items, such as custom cruise itinerary maps, engraved jewelry, or photo books, are often in demand as gifts that capture the memories of the trip.
  6. Are there gift shops on cruise ships?Most of the main-stream cruise lines (Norwegian, Royal Caribbean, etc.) offer gift shops aboard many of their popular cruise ships. Expect to see cruise-related apparel, keep sakes, and souvenirs from some of the cruise ports.
  7. How do I ensure the gift I give is suitable for the cruise destination?Depending on the cruise’s itinerary – whether it’s tropical, Alaskan, Mediterranean, etc. – you will want to make sure your gift is appropriate for the location. If you are worried yours may not be a good fit, opt for a cruise experience gift, like an onboard package, shore excursion, or souvenir from in port.
  8. Are there digital or electronic gift options suitable for cruisers?Yes! There are plenty of digital/electronic cruise gift options including cruise planners, eBooks, digital subscriptions, and apps tailored for cruise travelers.
  9. What are unique or out-of-the-box cruise gift ideas?For those wanting to gift something less conventional, they often seek ideas that are off the beaten path. Some ideas include ocean sound wave art, ship-in-a-bottle DIY kit, and a portable sea salt maker. For more, check out our section up above which highlights the most unique cruise gift ideas.
  10. Can I purchase and send a gift to someone already onboard a cruise ship?Some cruise lines will allow you to send surprise gifts, like a bottle of wine or a special treat, to someone already sailing. Make sure to double check with the cruise line for further details.

Remember, while these are some common questions, the best cruise gift ideas often consider the personal preferences and needs of the recipient. Taking the time to understand what the cruiser might want or need will make the gift even more special.