How to Showcase Your Travels Throughout Your Home

Whether walking down the streets of Italy or through the markets of Mexico, it is basically a given you will be walking home with a couple of souvenirs. For me, while a large amount of these souvenirs may be for friends and family, the others are typically decorations for my house. However, once I arrive home, I quickly realize how truly impractical these items are. Thus, I have researched and developed ways to incorporate these items into the functionality and design of my house.

Understanding Your Space

showcasing travel in home

When first trying to showcase your travels in your home, it is important to understand your space. Whether you are just moving into your first place (like me!) or living in a senior care facility (see this website), knowing the space you are living in is important. For example, if you live in a small studio, it may not be smart to pick up large sculptures that will prove difficult to display. Similarly, if you live with little children, it may not be smart to display any breakable items (at least within the reach of little fingers!).

Once one understands the space in which they are living, they can start to begin imagining how their house will pay homage to items they have picked up on their travels.

Style, Style, Style

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Next up is understanding your personal interior design style. First, you should look at wall colors and color scheme of your current home. Once you have a good picture, you will understand what type of items and souvenirs will thrive within your home. Next, you should look at the color or type of wood that is within your home. A great place to see your style of wood is with your tables and counter stools (see for inspiration). Finally, make sure you understand what your current home's style is. Whether modern, traditional, or farmhouse, you will need to have a strong grasp on what your current home style is in order to incorporate travel into your home. This is because you do not want to incorporate items that look misplaced or take away from your current home's design.

Let the Piece Find You!

moroccan rugs

When searching for souvenirs on your travels, it is important to let the pieces find you. Now, it is one thing if you go to Morocco searching for a beautiful rug, but is completing different if you are looking for a painting, in general. I say this because most initial touristy spots you will visit will provide booths and stores with duplicate items. To truly find beautiful and unique souvenirs, it is important to remain patient. This is also important as it is very easy to go overboard. Just remember, you want to bring back things that first, you can bring back with you, and second, that mean a lot. Thus, take your time and remember to remain thoughtful when picking out items to decorate your home with.

Alternative Ways to Showcase Travel

If worse comes to worse and you are unable to purchase or bring back any souvenirs, you can always buy them when you are back home! With globalization comes thousands if not millions of companies throughout the world providing quality and unique items. Whether searching for a quality espresso machine (see rocket commercial espresso machine) or a beautiful mosaic, there are plenty of online shops that provide the notion of travel from home! 

Another great way to showcase your travels is through photographs. This is my favorite way to pay homage to my adventures as you can truly capture the essence and beauty of a destination.

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