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Oasis of the Seas Cabins to Avoid in 2024!

From noisy locations that can disrupt your relaxation time to rooms with obstructed views hindering those picturesque sunsets, knowing which cabins to avoid can make all the difference in maximizing your enjoyment at sea.

Stick around as we unveil the insider tips on which Oasis of the Seas cabins to avoid and how you can dodge them like a pro.

Key Takeaways for Oasis of the Seas Cabins to Avoid

  • Choose Wisely: When selecting a cabin on the Oasis of the Seas, avoid noisy cabins, obstructed views, seasickness-prone locations, expensive suites with limited value, and cabins with vibration issues.
  • Prioritize Comfort: Opt for cabins in quieter areas to ensure a peaceful stay without disturbances.
  • Consider Location: Stay away from cabins near noisy areas like clubs or engine rooms to enjoy a restful cruise experience.
  • Value for Money: Avoid splurging on expensive suites that may not offer added benefits or amenities.
  • Smooth Sailing: To prevent seasickness, avoid cabins located at the front or back of the ship where motion is more pronounced.
  • Research Thoroughly: Before booking, research cabin reviews and seek advice to make an informed decision.
oasis of the seas cabins to avoid

Understanding Oasis of the Seas

Room Sizes

When selecting a cabin on Oasis of the Seas, consider your space requirements carefully. Different cabins offer various sizes to cater to different needs.

Some cabins are smaller than others, so choose wisely based on how much room you need.

Here are some examples:

  • Inside cabins provide cozy spaces for those who don’t mind compact quarters.
  • Balcony cabins offer more room and a private outdoor area to enjoy the sea views.

Choosing the right size cabin is essential for your comfort during the cruise.

Make sure you pick one that suits your preferences and provides enough space for you to relax and unwind onboard.


Oasis of the Seas offers a range of cabin types to accommodate different preferences.

From inside cabins with no windows to spacious suites with luxurious amenities, there is something for everyone. Your choice of cabin type can significantly impact your overall cruise experience.

Consider these options:

  1. Inside Cabins: Perfect for budget-conscious travelers looking for a comfortable place to rest.
  2. Ocean View Cabins: Ideal if you want natural light and views without breaking the bank.
  3. Suite Cabins: For those seeking extra space, premium amenities, and personalized service.

Selecting the right type of cabin ensures that you have an enjoyable stay onboard Oasis of the Seas tailored to your needs and desires.

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Cabins to Avoid Due to Location

Deck 6 Cabins

When selecting a cabin on Oasis of the Seas, Deck 6 is one option. These cabins are conveniently located near various amenities such as dining areas and entertainment spots.

If you prefer easy access to these facilities, a Deck 6 cabin might be suitable for you. However, before making your decision, think about whether being close to these areas aligns with your preferences during the cruise.

While staying in a Deck 6 cabin offers proximity to key ship features, it’s essential to consider if this location matches your desired onboard experience.

Reflect on whether being near bustling areas suits your vacation style or if you prefer a quieter ambiance during your stay on Oasis of the Seas.

Near Propellers

Cabins situated close to propellers can sometimes experience higher levels of noise and vibrations due to their proximity to this mechanical component of the ship.

If tranquility is crucial for you while cruising, avoiding cabins near propellers would be advisable.

Opting for accommodations away from these parts can ensure a more peaceful environment throughout your journey aboard Oasis of the Seas.

Being aware of potential disturbances caused by propellers can help you make an informed choice when picking your cabin location.

By steering clear of cabins near propellers, you can enhance the serenity and comfort of your cruise experience on Oasis of the Seas.

Close to Venues

Selecting a cabin that is close to venues like theaters and activity centers allows for convenient access to entertainment options available onboard Oasis of the Seas.

Proximity to these venues ensures that you can easily partake in shows and activities without having long walks or commutes within the ship’s vast layout.

loud cruise cabins

Noisy Cabins

When selecting cabins on the Oasis of the Seas, it’s essential to consider potential noise disturbances. Cabins situated above bars might experience loud sounds during late hours.

If peace and quiet are crucial for you, avoiding cabins directly above bars is advisable. The noise from the bar area could disrupt your rest and relaxation onboard.

On the other hand, cabins located below gyms might be prone to noises from exercise equipment or footsteps.

If you prioritize a serene environment, it’s best to avoid cabins beneath the ship’s fitness facilities. Noise disruptions from activities in the gym can impact your ability to unwind in your cabin.

Choosing a cabin near elevators offers easy access to various parts of the ship but comes with potential downsides.

While convenient for mobility and navigation purposes, these cabins may encounter more foot traffic and noise due to their proximity to high-traffic areas like elevators.

Keep in mind that if you opt for a cabin near elevators for convenience, you may have to contend with increased activity levels outside your door.

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Obstructed Views

When selecting cabins to avoid on the Oasis of the Seas, obstructed views can be a significant concern.

Balcony cabins are popular for their stunning vistas, but some may have obstructed views due to lifeboats or other structures blocking your sightline.

These obstructions can hinder your ability to fully enjoy the scenic ocean views while cruising.

Opting for balcony cabins without obstructions ensures you get an uninterrupted view of the vast ocean or onboard sights.

Imagine waking up and stepping onto your balcony only to find a clear panoramic view of endless blue waters stretching out before you.

This unobstructed experience enhances your cruise journey, allowing you to relax and soak in the beauty around you without any visual disruptions.

If you prefer natural light and glimpses of the sea from inside your cabin, consider ocean view cabins instead.

These accommodations feature windows or portholes that provide views directly overlooking the sea.

By choosing an ocean view cabin, you can immerse yourself in the tranquil ambiance of being surrounded by water, enhancing your overall cruise experience with calming vistas right from within your room.

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Seasickness Prone Cabins

High Decks

When choosing cruise ship cabins to avoid seasickness on the Oasis of the Seas, opt for those on higher decks. These locations offer breathtaking views and tend to experience less motion than lower decks.

Enjoy panoramic vistas and potentially smoother sailing by selecting a cabin on a higher deck.

The advantages of high decks include better scenery and reduced chances of feeling queasy due to excessive movement.

Consider booking a cabin at the front of the ship if you seek unique views and an adventurous feel during your cruise.

While these cabins provide exciting perspectives as the ship cuts through waves, they may also encounter more motion in rough seas.

If watching the ocean ahead excites you, front cabins can offer an unparalleled experience despite potential increased swaying during turbulent waters.

Front of Ship

For tranquility and stunning wake views, consider cabins located at the back (aft) of Oasis of the Seas.

These accommodations offer peaceful moments with mesmerizing sights that can enhance your overall cruising experience.

However, keep in mind that selecting a cabin at this part might expose you to engine noise or vibrations from propulsion systems onboard.

loud cruise cabins

Expensive Suites with Limited Value

Suite Types

You might want to steer clear of the expensive suites that offer limited value. The ship provides various suite types, each boasting luxurious amenities and spacious accommodations.

Upgrading to a suite can enhance your cruise experience, providing added comfort and exclusive perks aboard Oasis of the Seas.

Choosing a suite on Oasis of the Seas allows you to indulge in an elevated level of luxury during your voyage. However, keep in mind that these suites come at a premium price tag.

While they offer extra benefits and larger living spaces compared to standard cabins, some travelers find them unnecessary if they don’t plan on spending much time in their room.

Amenities Analysis

Analyzing the amenities available in different cabin categories is crucial when deciding which cabin type to select on Oasis of the Seas.

Each cabin category offers its own unique set of features and facilities tailored to different preferences. You should carefully evaluate which amenities are essential for you during your cruise journey.

Consider whether having access to exclusive lounges or priority boarding is worth the additional expense associated with booking a suite onboard Oasis of the Seas.

While these extra benefits may enhance your overall experience, they might not be necessary if you prefer spending most of your time exploring other areas of the ship.

  1. Evaluate what amenities matter most.
  2. Compare different cabin categories.
  3. Choose based on your preferences and budget constraints.

Cabins with Vibrations Issues

If you’re looking for a smooth sailing experience on the Oasis of the Seas, there are specific cabins you might want to steer clear of due to potential vibrations issues.

Cabins near engines can be noisier and more prone to vibrations. These areas may not offer the tranquility you seek during your cruise.

Opting for cabins away from engine zones can ensure a quieter environment throughout your voyage.

Similarly, cabins positioned above propellers could lead to increased noise levels and vibrations on the ship.

Selecting these cabins might compromise the peaceful ambiance you desire during your cruise vacation. To avoid disturbances caused by propeller-related noises, it’s advisable to choose accommodations located away from these areas.

loud cruise cabins

Inefficient Cabin Choices

Connecting Rooms

When selecting cabins to avoid on Oasis of the Seas, connecting rooms might not be your best choice. While they offer convenience for families or groups traveling together, they can sometimes lack privacy.

If you value personal space and tranquility, booking separate cabins would be a better option. Evaluate your needs carefully before opting for connecting rooms.

Connecting rooms are ideal if you seek shared spaces with fellow travelers and easy access between accommodations.

However, consider the potential drawbacks such as noise transfer and reduced privacy that come with this setup when deciding on your cabin arrangement aboard Oasis of the Seas.

Inside vs. Ocean View

Deciding between inside and ocean view cabins is crucial in ensuring a comfortable stay on Oasis of the Seas. Inside cabins are more budget-friendly but lack natural light and views of the sea.

On the other hand, ocean view cabins provide glimpses of the breathtaking ocean scenery but come at a higher cost.

Your decision should hinge on your preferences regarding natural light exposure and scenic views during your cruise vacation experience onboard Oasis of the Seas.

Consider balancing your budget constraints with your desire for enhanced visuals when choosing between inside and ocean view cabins to avoid any regrets during your voyage.

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Tips for Choosing the Right Cabin

Avoiding Noise

When reviewing Oasis of the Seas cabins to avoid, prioritize peace and quiet. Opt for cabins located away from high traffic areas, like those near venues or bars.

These quieter sections can enhance your relaxation during the cruise. By avoiding noisy spots, you can ensure a more tranquil and enjoyable experience onboard.

Another way to minimize potential noise disturbances is by choosing a cabin that is not close to entertainment venues or public areas where activities are held regularly.

Cabins situated in these busy locations may be noisier due to increased foot traffic and events happening nearby.

Minimizing Seasickness

To reduce the chances of experiencing seasickness on your cruise, consider selecting a cabin in midship on lower decks.

Midship cabins tend to have less motion compared to those located at the front or back of the ship.

This positioning can help alleviate symptoms of seasickness by providing a more stable environment during your voyage.

Being closer to the center of the ship and opting for lower decks can further contribute to minimizing seasickness effects. These areas typically experience less movement than higher decks or cabins positioned towards the ship’s bow or stern.


Now that you’ve explored the ins and outs of Oasis of the Seas cabins to avoid, you’re equipped with the knowledge to make a savvy choice.

From steering clear of noisy cabins to sidestepping those prone to vibrations, you know how to ensure a smooth sailing experience. Remember, it’s all about finding that sweet spot where comfort meets value.

So, when booking your next cruise, keep these tips in mind to secure the perfect cabin for your voyage. Happy cruising!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some cabins to avoid on Oasis of the Seas due to location?

If you prefer peace and quiet, steer clear of cabins near high-traffic areas like elevators or theaters. These locations can be noisy and disrupt your relaxation onboard.

Which cabins on Oasis of the Seas are prone to seasickness?

Cabins located at the front or back of the ship tend to experience more motion, potentially leading to seasickness. Opt for midship cabins for a smoother sailing experience.

Are there any tips for choosing the right cabin on Oasis of the Seas?

Consider factors like proximity to amenities, noise levels, view obstruction, and potential vibrations when selecting a cabin. Research thoroughly and read reviews from previous cruisers for insights.

Should I book expensive suites on Oasis of the Seas if they offer limited value?

While luxurious suites may seem appealing, assess whether their offerings align with your preferences. Some suites come with added perks that may not justify their higher price tag for every traveler.

How can I identify cabins with vibration issues on Oasis of the Seas?

Check online resources or consult with cruise experts to pinpoint specific cabins known for vibrations. Typically, lower decks toward the aft or bow may encounter more noticeable vibrations during sailing.