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Top 5 Cruise Companies in the World for 2024!

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the top 5 cruise companies in the world of 2024, where we embark on a voyage of discovery across the world’s oceans.

Whether you’re seeking a family getaway, a romantic escape, or the epitome of luxury at sea, our guide navigates through the best options, ensuring your next cruise is nothing short of 5 cruise companies in the world

Viking Ocean Cruises

History and Background

Viking Ocean Cruises, a branch of Viking Cruises, was established to extend the company’s offerings from river cruises to ocean voyages.

Launched in 2013, Viking Ocean Cruises has swiftly gained recognition for its intimate, culturally enriching, and destination-focused cruises, differentiating itself from other cruise lines by emphasizing the destinations it visits.

Fleet Overview: Types of Ships, Unique Features

The Viking Ocean Cruises fleet consists of small to mid-sized ships, accommodating fewer than 1,000 guests each. These ships are designed to offer an intimate experience, with all-veranda staterooms, sleek Scandinavian design, and state-of-the-art engineering for smooth sailing.

A standout feature is the ships’ smaller size, which allows them to dock in ports inaccessible to larger vessels, bringing guests closer to the heart of their destinations.

Viking Ocean Cruises

Destinations and Routes

Viking Ocean Cruises offers a variety of cruise itineraries that cover global destinations, including the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, Asia, Australia, and Northern Europe.

Their routes are carefully designed to provide in-depth exploration of the culture and history of each port, often including overnight stays.

Onboard Experience: Dining, Entertainment, Amenities

Onboard, passengers enjoy multiple dining options featuring regional cuisines and locally sourced ingredients, numerous entertainment options, and enrichment programs like guest lectures and destination performances.

The ships also feature Nordic-inspired spas, fitness centers, and panoramic lounges.

Customer Reviews and Awards

Viking Ocean Cruises has garnered acclaim for its high-quality service and immersive cruise experiences. It consistently receives high ratings from customers and industry experts alike, often praised for its attention to detail, excellent dining, and enriching itineraries.

Sustainability and Environmental Initiatives

Viking Ocean Cruises is committed to sustainable cruising and environmental stewardship. Their ships are equipped with energy-efficient hybrid engines, exhaust cleaning systems, and advanced water treatment facilities.

They also emphasize reducing single-use plastics onboard and supporting sustainable tourism practices in the destinations they visit.

Unique Selling Points

  • Intimate and Personal Experience: Smaller ship sizes for a more personal and less crowded experience.
  • Destination-Focused Itineraries: In-depth exploration of cultures and histories, with longer port stays.
  • All-Inclusive Value: Fares include meals, drinks, shore excursions, and Wi-Fi.
  • Cultural Enrichment: Onboard lectures, performances, and cooking classes that reflect the culture of the visited destinations.

pirate night on Disney cruise line

Disney Cruise Line

History and Background

Disney Cruise Line, a division of The Walt Disney Company, began its journey in 1996, aiming to extend the enchanting Disney experience to the high seas.

With its maiden voyage in 1998, Disney Cruise Line has since been synonymous with family-friendly cruising, combining the magic of Disney with the excitement of exploring new destinations.

Fleet Overview: Types of Ships, Unique Features

The fleet of Disney Cruise Line is known for its majestic, family-friendly ships adorned with iconic Disney themes. Each ship is designed with family fun in mind, featuring character-themed areas, Broadway-style theaters, and imaginative kids’ clubs.

The ships also offer adult-only areas, ensuring a pleasant experience for all ages. Unique to Disney ships are their horn tunes that play familiar Disney melodies, adding a whimsical touch to the journey.

Disney Cruise Pirate Night

Destinations and Routes

Disney Cruise Line sails to a variety of destinations including the Caribbean, Bahamas, Europe, Alaska, and more. They are particularly known for their private island in the Bahamas, Castaway Cay, which offers exclusive tropical experiences for Disney Cruise Line passengers.

Onboard Experience: Dining, Entertainment, Amenities

Aboard a Disney cruise, guests can enjoy themed dining experiences, meet their favorite Disney characters, and be entertained by spectacular Disney shows, a themed pirates night, and fireworks at sea.

The ships offer a variety of dining options, from casual buffets to upscale adult-exclusive restaurants. The AquaDuck water coaster and themed pools provide fun for the whole family.

Disney Cruise pirate costumes

Customer Reviews and Awards

Disney Cruise Line frequently receives high praise for its exceptional customer service, family-oriented entertainment, and overall magical experience. It has won numerous awards for being one of the best cruise lines for families.

Sustainability and Environmental Initiatives

Disney Cruise Line takes environmental responsibility seriously, with initiatives to minimize waste, conserve water, and reduce emissions. Their ships are equipped with advanced technologies for energy efficiency and environmental stewardship.

Unique Selling Points

  • Family-Friendly Adventure: Every aspect of the cruise is designed for family fun, with activities for kids, teens, and adults.
  • Disney Magic at Sea: Unique experiences with Disney characters, themed parties, and Broadway-caliber Disney shows.
  • Private Island Paradise: Exclusive access to Castaway Cay, Disney Cruise Line’s private island in the Bahamas, offering a unique tropical experience with the distinctive touch of Disney magic.
  • Innovative Ship Design: Ships designed not only for families but also ensuring comfort and relaxation for adults with exclusive areas and premium services.
  • Environmental and Community Engagement: Commitment to environmental conservation and community outreach programs in its destinations.

Disney Cruise Line’s unique blend of Disney storytelling and adventurous sea voyages makes it a top choice for families seeking a memorable and magical cruise experience.

Seabourn Cruise Line

Seabourn Cruise Line

History and Background

Seabourn Cruise Line, established in 1986, has built a reputation for luxury small-ship cruising with a focus on providing a personalized and intimate experience.

Known for its high-end, all-inclusive cruises, Seabourn caters to discerning travelers who seek a sophisticated and luxurious voyage.

Fleet Overview: Types of Ships, Unique Features

Seabourn’s fleet consists of small, ultra-luxury ships that offer an intimate setting, typically carrying between 450 and 600 passengers.

These ships are designed to access smaller ports and remote destinations that larger ships cannot reach. Seabourn’s fleet stands out for its elegant, yacht-like design, all-suite accommodations, and exceptional service.

Nouméa, New Caledonia-10

Destinations and Routes

Seabourn sails to a variety of exotic and popular destinations, including the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and Antarctica. The itineraries are curated to offer unique, off-the-beaten-path experiences, often including special access to UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Onboard Experience: Dining, Entertainment, Amenities

Onboard Seabourn ships, passengers enjoy gourmet dining with menus crafted by Michelin-starred chefs, fine wines, and an open-bar policy. The entertainment includes intimate performances, guest speakers, and workshops.

Seabourn also offers a unique program with wellness experts to enhance guests’ physical, social, environmental, and spiritual well-being during their voyage.

cruise lines-5

Customer Reviews and Awards

Seabourn is consistently lauded for its exceptional service, luxurious amenities, and high-quality dining experiences. It has received numerous accolades and awards from travel and leisure publications, underlining its status as a leader in luxury cruising.

Sustainability and Environmental Initiatives

Seabourn is committed to sustainability and environmental stewardship. Its ships are equipped with advanced waste treatment systems and energy-efficient technologies.

The company actively works to reduce its environmental footprint through sustainable practices and supports various conservation efforts.

Unique Selling Points

  • Ultra-Luxury Experience: Focus on small-ship luxury with high staff-to-guest ratios, ensuring personalized service.
  • All-Inclusive Elegance: Offers an all-inclusive experience, including fine dining, premium spirits, and gratuities.
  • Expedition and Adventure Cruising: Unique itineraries offering adventure cruising experiences, including trips to Antarctica with expert guides.
  • Wellness and Mindfulness Programs: Emphasizes well-being with a range of wellness programs, spa treatments, and fitness classes.

Seabourn Cruise Line’s commitment to luxury, intimate experiences, and unique destinations makes it an ideal choice for travelers seeking an elegant and personalized cruise experience.

Celebrity Constellation

Celebrity Cruises

History and Background

Founded in 1988, Celebrity Cruises is recognized for blending modern luxury with an impressive array of onboard experiences.

The brand is known for its emphasis on upscale design, culinary excellence, and innovative amenities, catering to guests who seek a premium cruising experience with a contemporary touch.

Fleet Overview: Types of Ships, Unique Features

Celebrity’s fleet includes a range of ship classes, each offering a distinct experience.

Their Solstice and Millennium class ships are renowned for their stylish design and luxurious amenities, while the newer Edge class has set new standards in ship design with features like the Magic Carpet, a moving platform offering unparalleled sea views.

Most ships boast a high ratio of balcony cabins, spacious deck areas, and elegant public spaces.

Celebrity Solstice Cabins to Avoid

Destinations and Routes

Celebrity Cruises offers a wide variety of itineraries, including popular destinations such as the Caribbean, Alaska, Europe, and Asia, as well as unique sailings to the Galapagos Islands. Their itineraries are designed to offer guests both popular and off-the-beaten-path experiences.

Onboard Experience: Dining, Entertainment, Amenities

Dining onboard is a highlight, with multiple restaurants offering global cuisines curated by world-renowned chefs. Entertainment ranges from Broadway-style shows to live music and immersive experiences.

The ships also feature luxurious Aquaclass spas, fitness centers, and a variety of bars and lounges.

Celebrity Edge Cabins to Avoid

Customer Reviews and Awards

Celebrity Cruises is frequently praised for its outstanding service, stylish accommodations, and culinary offerings. It has garnered numerous awards in the travel industry, reflecting its commitment to quality and innovation.

Sustainability and Environmental Initiatives

Celebrity is committed to environmental protection and sustainability. They employ advanced waste management, reduced emissions technology, and energy-efficient systems onboard their ships. The company also engages in various ocean conservation and environmental awareness initiatives.

Unique Selling Points

  • Modern Luxury: A blend of contemporary design, sophisticated ambiance, and upscale service.
  • Culinary Excellence: Diverse dining options with menus crafted by renowned chefs.
  • Innovative Ship Design: Features like the Magic Carpet and Eden, offering unique spaces and experiences.
  • Destination-Focused Itineraries: Carefully curated routes offering both iconic and unique port experiences.

Celebrity Cruises stands out for its modern approach to luxury cruising, offering a blend of stylish design, culinary excellence, and innovative onboard experiences that cater to the discerning modern traveler.

msc virtuosa cabins to avoid

MSC Cruises

History and Background

MSC Cruises, part of the Mediterranean Shipping Company, was founded in 1989. It has grown to become one of the world’s largest privately-owned cruise companies, known for its Mediterranean hospitality and diverse global itineraries.

MSC combines traditional European elegance with modern design and amenities.

Fleet Overview: Types of Ships, Unique Features

MSC’s fleet is one of the most modern in the world, boasting a mix of contemporary ships equipped with the latest technology and amenities.

Their ships range from mid-size to some of the largest cruise ships afloat, offering innovative features like the MSC Yacht Club, a ship-within-a-ship concept for a more exclusive and luxurious experience.

MSC ship in port

Destinations and Routes

MSC Cruises sails to a wide array of destinations, including the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Northern Europe, South America, Africa, and Asia.

The company is known for its extensive selection of Mediterranean cruises, reflecting its Italian heritage.

Onboard Experience: Dining, Entertainment, Amenities

Passengers on MSC Cruises can enjoy a range of dining options that include both international cuisine and Mediterranean specialties.

The ships offer Broadway-style shows, live music, casinos, and a range of activities for all ages. MSC Cruises also features extensive wellness and fitness facilities, including high-end spas and modern gyms.

MSC Virtuosa image

Customer Reviews and Awards

MSC Cruises is often praised for its family-friendly atmosphere, diverse on-board activities, and value for money. The line has received various awards, particularly for its family offerings and environmental initiatives.

Sustainability and Environmental Initiatives

MSC is dedicated to sustainable cruising and environmental protection. The company has implemented various measures, such as advanced wastewater treatment, energy-efficient systems, and a commitment to reduce single-use plastics onboard their ships.

Unique Selling Points

  • Mediterranean Hospitality: A warm and inviting atmosphere with a touch of European elegance.
  • Family-Friendly Offerings: Extensive facilities and activities for children and families.
  • MSC Yacht Club: An exclusive area offering luxury suites, private amenities, and personalized service.
  • Environmental Commitment: Strong focus on sustainable practices and eco-friendly technologies.

MSC Cruises combines the charm of Mediterranean hospitality with modern cruising amenities, making it a popular choice for families and travelers seeking a diverse and environmentally conscious cruise experience.

cruise lines-22

Comparative Analysis

Comparing the Top 5 Companies: What Sets Each Apart

Viking Ocean Cruises: Known for its intimate, culturally-rich experiences. Offers smaller ships with destination-focused itineraries, ideal for travelers seeking cultural immersion and luxury in a more personal setting.

Disney Cruise Line: Stands out for its family-oriented cruises filled with Disney magic. With character encounters, themed entertainment, and activities for all ages, it’s a top choice for family vacations.

Seabourn Cruise Line: Excels in ultra-luxury cruising with a focus on personalized service. Its small, elegant ships and unique itineraries cater to a discerning clientele looking for an intimate and sophisticated experience.

Celebrity Cruises: Combines modern luxury with diverse onboard experiences. Known for its contemporary design, culinary excellence, and innovative amenities, it appeals to travelers seeking a premium and stylish cruise experience.

MSC Cruises: Offers a blend of Mediterranean hospitality and modern amenities. Known for its family-friendly atmosphere and value for money, MSC is ideal for a wide range of travelers, particularly those looking for European flair.

cruise lines-17

Pros and Cons of Each Cruise Company

Viking Ocean Cruises

  • Pros: Small ship experience, cultural enrichment, all-inclusive value.
  • Cons: Higher cost, limited options for families with young children.

Disney Cruise Line

  • Pros: Family-friendly, Disney-themed entertainment, high-quality service.
  • Cons: Premium pricing, more oriented towards families than solo travelers or couples.

Seabourn Cruise Line

  • Pros: Luxury small-ship cruising, personalized service, unique destinations.
  • Cons: Higher price point, less suitable for families with children.

Celebrity Cruises

  • Pros: Modern luxury, excellent dining, innovative ship design.
  • Cons: Can be crowded, additional costs for certain premium experiences.

MSC Cruises

  • Pros: Mediterranean charm, family-friendly, value for money.
  • Cons: Larger ships can be crowded, varied service quality.

cruise lines-27

Recommendations for Different Types of Travelers

  • Families: Disney Cruise Line for a magical, child-friendly experience.
  • Luxury Seekers: Seabourn Cruise Line for an intimate and upscale voyage.
  • Cultural Enthusiasts: Viking Ocean Cruises for destination-focused, cultural trips.
  • Modern Luxury Travelers: Celebrity Cruises for contemporary luxury with diverse experiences.
  • Value-Seeking Families: MSC Cruises for a mix of affordability, family offerings, and European elegance.

This comparative analysis highlights the unique attributes and potential drawbacks of each of the top 5 cruise companies in the world, helping travelers choose the perfect cruise line for their specific preferences and needs.

Runner-up Cruise Companies

Following the top five cruise companies, several other notable cruise lines are also recognized for their excellence and unique offerings. Among these are:

  1. Silversea Cruises: Renowned for its luxury small-ship cruises, Silversea offers an intimate experience with a focus on personalized service, exclusivity, and access to less-traveled ports. It’s a favorite among those who prefer the convenience and exclusivity of small luxury cruise ships.
  2. Royal Caribbean International: Known for its innovative ships and wide range of activities suitable for all ages, Royal Caribbean offers a more adventurous and family-oriented experience. It’s particularly noted for its exciting onboard amenities like rock climbing walls and surf simulators.
  3. Holland America Line: This line is celebrated for its classic cruising experience with a modern touch. It offers a blend of traditional and contemporary elements, focusing on culinary experiences, music, and the arts.
  4. Norwegian Cruise Line: Norwegian is recognized for its “Freestyle Cruising” concept, which offers a more relaxed approach to cruising with no set dining times or formal dress codes. It’s ideal for travelers seeking flexibility and a casual atmosphere.
  5. Princess Cruises: Princess Cruises is known for its wide array of itineraries, high-quality service, and excellent onboard amenities. It’s a popular choice for couples and families seeking a traditional cruising experience with modern comforts.

Each of these cruise lines offers something unique, whether it’s luxury, adventure, tradition, flexibility, or family-friendly activities, catering to different tastes and preferences in the cruising experience.

cruise lines-6

Choosing the Perfect Cruise Line

Selecting the right cruise line is crucial for an enjoyable vacation, as each line offers a unique experience tailored to different tastes and preferences. Here are some factors to consider when choosing the perfect cruise line for you:

Type of Experience Desired:

  • Family-Friendly: If traveling with family, especially with children, look for cruise lines like Disney Cruise Line or Royal Caribbean, known for their family-oriented activities and amenities.
  • Luxury and Relaxation: For a more luxurious, relaxing experience, consider lines like Seabourn or Silversea, which offer high-end accommodations and personalized services.
  • Adventure and Exploration: If adventure is your priority, choose lines that offer unique itineraries and excursions, like Norwegian Cruise Line or Princess Cruises.

Size of Ship:

  • Large Ships: Offer a vast array of amenities, activities, and dining options, suitable for those who prefer a bustling, city-like atmosphere (e.g., Royal Caribbean, MSC Cruises).
  • Small Ships: Provide a more intimate experience with personalized service, often accessing smaller, less crowded ports (e.g., Viking Ocean Cruises, Seabourn).

port vs starboard cruises

Budget Considerations:

  • Luxury Cruises: Generally more expensive, offering all-inclusive packages with premium services (e.g., Seabourn, Silversea).
  • Value Cruises: Offer a more budget-friendly experience without compromising on quality (e.g., Celebrity Cruises, MSC Cruises).

Destinations and Itineraries:

  • Different cruise lines offer different routes. If you have specific destinations in mind, like the Mediterranean, Caribbean, or Alaska, ensure the cruise line covers these areas.

Onboard Amenities and Activities:

  • Consider the types of activities, entertainment, and dining experiences offered onboard. Some lines focus more on wellness and relaxation, while others prioritize entertainment and family activities.

port vs starboard cruises-5

Cruise Length:

  • Cruise durations vary from short getaways to extended voyages. Match the cruise length with your vacation time.

Sustainability and Environmental Practices:

  • If environmental impact is a concern, research cruise lines that prioritize sustainability and responsible tourism.

Reviews and Reputation:

  • Read reviews and check awards to gauge the reputation of the cruise line. This can provide insights into customer satisfaction and service quality.

By considering these factors, you can narrow down the options and choose a cruise line that aligns with your personal preferences, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable cruising experience.

port vs starboard cruises-2

Best Time of the Year to Book

The best time of year to book a cruise can vary depending on the cruise company and the destinations they serve. Below is a general guide for the best booking times for the top 5 cruise companies:

Viking Ocean Cruises: Booking for Viking Ocean Cruises is often optimal during wave season, which runs from January to March. This is when you’ll find many promotions and deals. For specific destinations like Europe, booking at least a year in advance is recommended due to high demand.

Disney Cruise Line: For Disney Cruise Line, it’s best to book as soon as itineraries are released, often 18 months to two years in advance. Disney cruises are popular, especially during school holidays, and tend to fill up quickly.

Seabourn Cruise Line: With Seabourn’s luxury cruises, booking during promotional periods like wave season can offer significant benefits. However, for unique itineraries or limited availability voyages, early booking (a year or more in advance) is advisable.

Celebrity Cruises: Booking during wave season can also be advantageous for Celebrity Cruises, especially for popular routes like the Caribbean and Alaska. Early booking promotions and last-minute deals are other times to watch for special offers.

MSC Cruises: MSC Cruises often releases early booking promotions, making it advantageous to book well in advance. However, they also offer competitive last-minute deals, especially for off-peak seasons.

Remember, the best time to book can also depend on the region you’re planning to visit. For instance, booking for Alaska cruises is best done a year in advance, while Caribbean cruises might have more flexibility with last-minute deals.

It’s always a good idea to monitor the cruise lines’ websites and sign up for their newsletters to stay informed about upcoming sales and promotions.

U.S. River Cruises


And with that, we conclude our list of the top 5 cruise companies in the world. Choosing the right cruise line is key to a memorable and satisfying vacation.

Whether you seek the intimate luxury of Viking Ocean Cruises, the family-friendly magic of Disney Cruise Line, the sophisticated elegance of Seabourn, the modern allure of Celebrity Cruises, or the diverse and accessible experiences of MSC Cruises, there’s a cruise line tailored to every type of traveler.

With considerations ranging from budget to desired experiences and destinations, the perfect cruise awaits. By understanding the unique offerings of each line and the best times to book, you’re well-equipped to embark on a voyage that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Happy cruising!

FAQs on Top Cruise Companies

1. What are the top cruise companies for luxury travel?

  • For luxury travel, Viking Ocean Cruises, Seabourn Cruise Line, and Silversea Cruises are often recommended. They offer high-end amenities, personalized services, and exclusive itineraries.

2. Which cruise line is best for families?

  • Disney Cruise Line is widely regarded as the best for families, offering Disney-themed entertainment, activities for children of all ages, and family-friendly amenities.

3. Are there any cruise lines that specialize in adventure or unique destinations?

  • Yes, companies like Norwegian Cruise Line and Princess Cruises offer itineraries to unique and adventurous destinations, including the Arctic and Antarctic regions.

4. How far in advance should I book a cruise?

  • It’s generally recommended to book cruises 12-18 months in advance, especially for popular routes or during peak seasons. However, last-minute bookings can also offer good deals.

5. What is the best time of year to go on a Mediterranean cruise?

  • The best time for a Mediterranean cruise is typically from late spring to early fall (May to September) when the weather is warm and sunny.

6. Which cruise lines offer the best all-inclusive packages?

  • Lines like Seabourn, Regent Seven Seas, and Viking Ocean Cruises are known for their all-inclusive packages, which often cover meals, beverages, and sometimes excursions.

7. Can I find good cruise deals during wave season?

  • Yes, wave season (January to March) is known for having some of the best cruise deals of the year, with many companies offering significant discounts and perks.

8. Are there any environmentally friendly cruise companies?

  • Many cruise companies are adopting more environmentally friendly practices. Companies like Celebrity Cruises and MSC Cruises have initiatives to reduce their environmental impact.

9. What cruise line is best for a couple’s getaway?

  • For couples, Seabourn, Viking Ocean Cruises, and Celebrity Cruises offer a romantic and luxurious experience with adult-focused amenities and intimate settings.

10. Do cruise companies offer tours and excursions at their destinations?

  • Yes, most cruise companies offer a range of shore excursions that can be booked directly through them, providing convenient and often comprehensive tours of destinations.

11. What kind of dining options can I expect on luxury cruises?

  • Luxury cruises typically offer a variety of dining options, from casual buffets to fine dining restaurants. Many feature menus crafted by renowned chefs and cater to a range of dietary preferences.

12. Are there adult-only cruise lines or sections on ships?

  • Yes, some cruise lines like Viking Ocean Cruises are adult-only. Additionally, many family-friendly lines have adult-only areas or ships with specific sections dedicated to adults, like the MSC Yacht Club.

13. What activities are available on cruise ships?

  • Activities vary by ship but often include fitness classes, spa services, swimming pools, live entertainment, cooking classes, and educational talks. Larger ships may have additional amenities like rock climbing walls and water parks.

14. How does tipping work on cruise ships?

  • Tipping policies vary. Some lines include gratuities in the fare, while others suggest daily gratuity rates for crew services. It’s always best to check the cruise line’s specific policy before boarding.

15. Can I stay connected while cruising?

  • Most cruise ships offer Wi-Fi, but the speed and cost can vary. Some luxury lines include complimentary Wi-Fi in their fares, while others may charge additional fees.

16. Are cruises suitable for travelers with disabilities?

  • Many modern cruise ships are equipped to accommodate passengers with disabilities, offering accessible staterooms and facilities. However, it’s important to discuss specific needs with the cruise line before booking.

17. What is the dress code on cruise ships?

  • Dress codes vary by cruise line and even by specific events on the ship. Some evenings may require formal attire, while others are casual. Check with your cruise line for specific guidelines.

18. How do I choose the right itinerary?

  • Consider what destinations interest you, the length of cruise you prefer, and the types of experiences you want (cultural, adventurous, relaxing, etc.). Cruise line websites and travel agents can help narrow down your options.

19. What should I pack for a cruise?

  • Essentials include comfortable clothing, formal wear (if required), swimwear, sun protection, and any personal items or medications. Always consider the destinations’ climates and cultural norms.

20. Is travel insurance recommended for cruises?

  • Yes, travel insurance is recommended as it can cover unforeseen circumstances like trip cancellations, medical emergencies, or lost luggage.