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Balok Malaysia: Retreat to the Best Enchanting Havens

As I sat scrolling through my Pinterest feed the other day, I came across a stunning fairytale-like photo. After further inspection, I was shocked to learn that this surreal place actually exists on Earth, right here in Balok, Malaysia.

While Balok is not the most popular place to visit in Malaysia, it is definitely at the top of the list for most scenic. Still garnering thousands of tourists a year, Balok offers plenty of nature-enriched activities throughout the entire year.

pinterestBalok Malaysia

Cherating River: The Hidden Gem of Balok Malaysia

If you love to explore wildlife, the Cherating River will have to be at the top of your list in Balok Malaysia.

Boasting beautiful mangroves, this beautiful river offers a plethora of birds, reptiles, fireflies, and numerous other animals that are common in the area. Also, more animals include otters, mangrove snakes, monkeys, iguanas, crabs, malkohas, kingfishers, and cranes.

As a nature buff, you will have to make sure to bring your camera to document all of the incredible jungle creatures. There are two ways to go down the river. First, if you would love a guide, you can find numerous guided tours via motorboats in the area. Otherwise, if you have confidence in your kayaking abilities, there are rental companies where you can check out a kayak for the day. Either way, the scenery you will witness is magical.

If you bring a camera (or your phone), make sure to have your camera off on the river. Out of respect for the beautiful ecosystem surrounding the Cherating River, you are asked politely (and prohibited) to use flash.

Natural Batik Village

Found in the quaint town of Batik, Natural Batik Village is a local cottage industry house. Boasting phenomenal local artists, you will love the ambiance at this stop.

The artists here are very jovial and will patiently help you create your own Batik. Further, for a very reasonable price, you will be leaving with a bargain. Also, a wide selection of both batik prints and local crafts offers you an amazing creative experience. Afterward, you will start the dyeing process. At the back of the premise, dyeing is known as one of the most memorable parts of this excursion. Shirts, Pareo, Sarong, Tablecloths, Wau, Cushion-covers, and many other garments exist all over the world boasting the batik technique.

Thus, if you are interested in this excursion, they are open from 10 am to 7 pm every day! Here you will learn the traditional batik dyeing techniques that have been taught and practiced for centuries.

Cherating Turtle Sanctuary

There exists very few opportunities throughout the world for witnessing the release of cute, baby turtles into the ocean. Thankfully, Balok Malaysia is home to a fantastic turtle sanctuary!

Cherating Turtle Sanctuary will allow you to witness the release of their baby turtles into the ocean, a once in a lifetime opportunity. Releasing two-week-old turtles into the ocean and watch as they swim out to sea outlines a truly wonderful experience. First, you need to know this sanctuary offers free entrance for visitors. Next, you will notice a fairly detailed set of display boards. These will explain the history of the place and how they have handled turtle releases in the past. Then, you will get to walk around three ponds to see the turtles in the complex.

If you are wanting to witness the baby turtle release, you should call ahead to make sure they have openings. Otherwise, you will have a great time viewing the rehabilitating injured turtles in the facility.

Pantai Balok

Offered as an amazing natural feature of Malaysia, Pantai Balok is a sight you will want to visit.

Pantai Balok offers a beautiful white sand beach, boasted as one of the best places to relax and find serenity. Thus, you should come here to clear your head and find your inner peace after days of adventure. Whether you lay out on the beach or have a swim, this place offers something for everyone.

If you are a windsurfer, you will also enjoy Pantai Balok with its breezy winds. This place attracts hundreds of surfers a month, especially during monsoon season. You can also enjoy the local fishing if visiting during the summer. Because of the lack of publicity, this fishing haven remains fairly unknown to tourists.

Make sure to arrive at this surreal beach bright and early in the day. You will be able to catch one of the colorful mesmerizing sunrises.

After visiting this new place, you will feel wowed. Balok Malaysia may not be as popular as other cities in Malaysia, but do not let that fool you! Next time you plan your vacations, make sure to consider this quaint destination.

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