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Most Beautiful Beaches in Florida to Visit

Florida is home to some of the most tropical spots in the entire United States. Whether visiting on a 10 day Florida road trip or looking to cash in on your timeshare travel deals, you will definitely want to enjoy some of the most beautiful beaches in Florida to visit.

There is a stunning beach to suit everyone’s taste in Florida, from the white sand beaches of South Walton to the trendy, bustling beaches of Miami Beach. Stick around to find the most beautiful beaches in Florida offered along the state’s scenic shores.

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Sanibel Beach

First on our list is the one of the most beautiful beaches in Florida found in Sanibel.

There is no question why Sanibel Beach deserves a spot on our top Florida beaches to discover list. We love Sanibel here at Ellie’s Travel Tips as we have already given this fabulous island a spot on our top relaxing spring travel spots list. Why?

Well, let’s see. Sanibel offers a uniquely breathtaking barrier island with its east-west orientation. This has caused Sanibel to become world-renowned as one of the famous Shell Islands. These Shell Islands are prime spots along Florida’s coast for gathering any and all shells the sandy shores have to offer.

Therefore, make sure to bring your bucket, shovel, and maybe a small net when you head over to this top Florida beach. Stroll the shoreline at low tide to check out the island’s bounty of the conch, cockles, and scallop shells.

If you are looking for a quieter area of the popular island, head over to Bowman’s Beach which is a remote area of sand on Sanibel. If you find your way to Lighthouse Beach, you will be able to enjoy a historic lighthouse which is perfect for photo-opts. As one of the top weekend trips in the South, you are not going to want to miss this breathtaking beach.

Naples Beach

Another spectacular vacation spot as one of the most beautiful beaches in Florida is located right alongside the warm Gulf of Mexico’s shores.

With all the stunning beaches here in Naples, you will totally have a hard time deciding where to go first! In one area you will notice the rolling waves, but in another, you will fall in love with Naples’ gleaming mansions that are popularly known as Millionaire’s Row.

To hit up one of the best spots in Naples, I highly suggest checking out the beach on Naples Pier (shown above), right on 12th Avenue South. Once you finish checking out what that area has to offer, head a few miles north of Old Naples to discover and explore the Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park.

At this breathtaking Florida State Park, you can easily enjoy the day spreading out your family’s beach blanket and camping out. There are nearby bathrooms and food stands at the park, that will help you enjoy time away from the bustle of downtown Naples. Plus, you can easily rent umbrellas, kayak, and snorkeling gear if you are looking for more comfort and adventure.

Palm Beach

Next up on our list is a 16-mile-long stretch of sandy shores found right along Florida’s Gulf of Mexico coast.

Boasting over a half-a-mile in width, Palm Beach is truly the epitome of extravagance and luxury. This historic beach has been a popular vacation spot for countless celebrities from the Kennedys to the Rockefellers to other famous millionaires (and the occasional billionaire!).

This is the perfect area for you if you are looking to be pampered and enjoy a luxurious stay at the area’s exquisite hotels and resorts. Other than once-in-a-lifetime accommodations, the Palm Beach area offers its visitors top-rated restaurants where you can enjoy world-renowned local food that many people only dream of!

After, stroll down the streets and check out the neighboring shops as you head to the beautifully breathtaking Palm Beach. Sitting right on the Gulf Stream, this beach town also enjoys the fabulous benefits of gentle, warm breezes and crystal blue waters. Neighboring West Palm Beach also offers relaxing activities to rewind for a couple of days on one of the most beautiful beaches in Florida.

Delray Beach

Our next one of the most beautiful beaches in Florida offers for you to enjoy stunning views and experiences is Delray Beach.

Each year, over one million people visit this fabulous vacation spot. As a family-friendly destination, you can safely enjoy this 2-mile-long beach that is filled with adventurous beach activities. Just walking along the coast you will see numerous families and kids building sandcastles.

This beach is highly rated by tourists visiting from around the world, and it isn’t hard to see why. While the beach itself is of course breathtaking, the nearby neighborhoods and town are what makes this Florida vacation spot worth the visit.

After you finish clearing the sand off from between your toes, head over to the nearby Atlantic Avenue. Here you will discover and explore boutiques and delicious seafood restaurants lining the street and sidewalks. If you are looking to stay the night in the area, check out the top-rated hotel found right on Atlantic Avenue known as Seagate Hotel and Spa.

Miami Beach

This list of the most beautiful beaches in Florida would not be complete without including Miami Beach.

Now, first of all, Miami Beach is the place for people-watching. With Ocean Drive and the beautiful Art Deco boasted in the area, you can watch the toned and tanned bodies playing volleyball or heading in the blue ocean waters to discover what lies underneath the surface. As probably the most popular beach in Florida, Miami truly attracts all world travelers. From art-lovers to sun soakers, this is totally a dream tropical destination for everyone.

After leaving the beach, check out the nearby area by renting a bike or strolling the streets of Miami. For coffee, check out News Cafe which is a local spot that attracts business entrepreneurs and beach bums alike. Make sure to book your stay at one of the South Beach oceanfront hotels in Miami. I love the Delano South Beach Hotel where you can simply enjoy a poolside cocktail under the towering palm trees. Plus, you might even spot a celebrity or two!

Key West

This is definitely my favorite area of Florida as it boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in Florida I have personally been to!

While some of you already know my love for the Florida Keys (check out my Extremely Underrated Vacation Spots in the United States), others may not know how truly magical this destination is. As a beach lover’s haven, Key West is just one of the thousands of islands that make up the glorious Florida Keys.

As the southernmost city in the continental United States, Key West is a fabulous choice for your tropical getaway. On your way to the beautiful beaches in Key West, make sure to stop at the picturesque Bahia Honda Beach for a great taste of what the Florida Keys have to offer. The beaches found in Key West are world-ranked and offering loads of activities for visitors. Some of my favorites include swimming, snorkeling, and fishing on the piers, but if you are more into more exhilarating water sports, Key West is the vacation spot for you.

To continue soaking up the salt and intense sun at the beach, discover the beautiful Fort Zachary Taylor State Park which is Florida’s southernmost state park. Here you will find wide stretches of sand and breathtaking crystal waters. I highly suggest checking out kayaking in the Florida Keys for a fun escape that would be a perfect photo-opt to remember your vacation forever.

Anna Maria Island

Another stunning beach found along Florida’s spectacular coast is on Anna Maria Island.

Similar to Sanibel Island, Anna Maria is a barrier island located off the west coast of Florida’s mainland. Anna Maria Island is the perfect destination where you and the kids will truly be able to spend a week exploring and relaxing on the beach.

With countless water activities offered, you can either rejuvenate gazing into the pristine turquoise water or head into/on the waters. Many of the area’s accommodations are near, if not on, these breathtaking beaches. Make sure to book one of these fabulous hotels to wake up to unique views of the Gulf of Mexico.

If you are looking to test your skills on the water, make sure to check out the Robinson Preserve where you can spend a nice day kayaking. Here you can fully maximize your time in the wilderness through a two and a half hour kayak tour searching for the areas famous bottlenose dolphins and manatees. Later, head over to Perico Preserve which is a highly popular site for those who enjoy birdwatching.

Cocoa Beach

As one of the trendiest Spring Break destinations, this next vacation is one of the most beautiful beaches in Florida.

Cocoa Beach is well-known for its huge surfing waves and laid-back vibes, earning it a spot on the top beaches in Florida list. With relaxing beachfront bars and an excellent fishing pier, who wouldn’t want to call this tropical paradise home?

To discover the most breathtaking sandy shores, away from the hustle and bustle of the center of Cocoa Beach, head over to the strip of shoreline known as Second Light (named after the area’s second traffic light). Located away from the high-rise buildings and busy bars, this beach’s highlights include unique sandbanks, sea oats, and rolling dunes that truly create a relaxing stay when visiting the area of Cocoa Beach.

After you wash off your sand-covered body, head into town to explore the local shops and tasty restaurants the Florida beach area has to offer. Make sure to book your stay at one of the Cocoa Beach Airbnbs to truly experience the once-in-a-lifetime sunrises along Florida’s coast. Plus, then you can easily enjoy a morning or night stroll along the shore allowing you to fully relax and rejuvenate on your vacation.

Captiva Island

The last one of the most beautiful beaches in Florida offers stunning views and pristine sands as another one of the world-renowned Shell Islands.

Captiva Island is where you want to be to have the highest probability to find large, intact seashells. While some shores along Captiva Island have tranquil, swimmable waters, others do not. Turner Beach, while boasting fast currents not ideal for swimming, is the perfect spot for your seashell hunting adventure. Just make sure to double-check the shells are not alive as you may unintentionally break Florida’s law restricting the possession of any live shells on the island.

Once you finish your shell hunting journey in the heat of the day, make sure to watch one of the breathtaking sunsets at the end of Captiva Drive to take in a spectacular, colorful sunset. Stay the night at one of the island’s exquisite and comfy hotels to prepare for your next day on this Shell Island paradise. Captiva is also home to plenty of delicious restaurants and local shops that you will also want to explore during your relaxing vacation at this Florida beach vacation spot.

Florida Beaches Wrap-up

That rounds out our top vacation spots to explore along Florida’s sandy shores. Make sure to consider all these breathtaking and stunning destinations to fully enjoy your vacation.

If you are obsessed with planning your vacations like me, make sure to explore our completely free printables where you can download our popular packing lists and travel planners. I carefully created these printables with a lot of trial and error through my travels, so I guarantee you will find them helpful in your personal vacation planning process.

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