The Most Beautiful Resorts with Overwater Bungalows Caribbean

Dreaming of staying in a French Polynesian overwater bungalow but can't fathom the cost? Well, did you know that you can stay in just as beautiful and dreamy of resorts right in the Caribbean? In fact, some of the most notable and beautiful resorts offer stunning Caribbean overwater bungalows that anyone would enjoy!

While many enjoy the Caribbean on a cheap Caribbean cruise, experiencing the overwater bungalows Caribbean activities and views can be the most relaxing and rejuvenating-- especially if you are visiting for a honeymoon or special occasion.

The most notable overwater bungalows in the Caribbean are found in seven Caribbean countries-- Mexico, Jamaica, Aruba, Antigua, St Lucia, Belize, and Panama. So make sure to grab your free travel planner and stick around, because we are going to outline the most beautiful resorts with Caribbean overwater bungalows!

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An Overview of Overwater Bungalows Caribbean

While the Caribbean doesn't lack luxury resorts, the Caribbean overwater bungalows are some of the most luxurious and relaxing options in the entire world! In particular, the luxury honeymoon bungalows in the Caribbean are a relatively new variety that are far and few between.

At first you may think this means that there is no demand for Caribbean overwater bungalows, but the opposite is actually the case! I highly suggest to prepare and book well in advance for any overwater bungalow in the Caribbean. The scarcity of these Caribbean luxury resort options is caused by the complex structures that are quite difficult to build and require certain water conditions (shallow and consistently calm).

While you may think of the atolls found in the Maldives or French Polynesia when you envision overwater bungalows, the Caribbean is home to some of the most spectacular and affordable options for luxury accommodations.

The majority of Caribbean overwater bungalows can, in fact, be reached through direct flights from many of the major US cities like Miami, Los Angeles, and New York. This means you will be able to reach tropical paradise in a short amount of time and at a cheaper cost than spots in French Polynesia.

Top Luxury Overwater Bungalows in the Caribbean

The most luxurious and impressive Caribbean overwater bungalows offer top-of-the-line accommodation, amenities, food & drink, and services. Further, many of these luxury Caribbean resorts are all-inclusive, some are adults-only, and others are all-inclusive. 

Stick around to hear about the top Caribbean overwater bungalows offered-- including fabulous photos, incredible descriptions, and the current lowest price guarantee possible.

Palafitos El Dorado Resort, Mexico

El Dorado Palafitos Overwater Bungalows

photo credits: Palafitos Overwater Bungalows 

Location: El Dorado Maroma, Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Rating: 8.9/10

Price: from $881 a night

As one of Mexico's only luxury resorts offering Caribbean overwater bungalows, Palafitos does not disappoint! These beautiful overwater accommodations are located a mere 1.3 miles from Playa del Carmen Beach and feature luxurious adults-only amenities.

The adults-only El Dorado Maroma located near Cancun offered the very first Caribbean overwater bungalows in Mexico-- with the two others located nearby. This luxurious resort offers fabulous amenities and consistently maintains world-class standards for luxury all-inclusive resorts.

Palafitos is located on Maroma Beach in Playa del Carmen which is frequently included in lists of the world's best beaches.

Palafitos Overwater Accommodation

photo credits: Palafitos Overwater Bungalows 

As Mexico's very first overwater bungalows, the Palafitos come will all the amazing amenities and features you would expect from the dreamy French Polynesian bungalows. From glass floor panels and jacuzzies, to private infinity pools and outdoor showers, the Palafitos definitely reach the highest standards of luxury. Further, every Caribbean overwater bungalow on the property offers direct access to the crystal-clear waters found below your feet-- a great way to hope in and enjoy the warm Caribbean waters.

When booking your stay at the Palafitos overwater bungalows, you will have to choose between two basic options. The Palifitos offer "Beachfront Bungalows" which are located close to the shore, while the "Superior Bungalows" follow the typical Caribbean overwater bungalow design. If you are looking for your accommodation to be directly above the Caribbean Sea, I highly recommend booking a "Superior Bungalow" to add a more peaceful and overwater feel to your stay in Mexico.

Both villas are practically identical in design, both covering around 600 square feet. They both offer modern amenities and luxurious features including relaxing double beds, a spacious seating/dining room, areas of glass flooring, a rejuvenating jacuzzi, and an infinity plunge pool on the terrace. These overwater bungalows also feature outdoor showers overlooking the beautiful Caribbean waters.

Other 5-star features you can expect during your stay are complimentary WiFi, cable TV, a minibar, 24-hour room service, and a private butler.

Palafitos Facilities, Activities & Amenities
El Dorado Palafitos Overwater Bungalows Dining Room

photo credits: Palafitos Overwater Bungalows 

El Dorado Maroma is an all-inclusive resort offering plenty of delicious gourmet food and drink. In fact, most of these tasty ingredients come from the resort's own 76,000 square foot greenhouses!

In addition to room service, you can try out El Dorado's outstanding meals at the small, informal "Gourmet Tasting Corners" or the Overwater Grill & Wine Bar. The informal Gourmet Tasting Corners offers everything from Italian and Caribbean to Mexican to Oriental. The main restaurant featured at this overwater bungalows resort is the Overwater Grill & Wine Bar which features two stunning glass-floor dining rooms offering spectacular views of the ocean below. Here, you can enjoy a large array of international food (fish, Spanish paella, burgers, etc.) depending on what your heart desires.

The breakfast offered at El Dorado Maroma is one of the core reasons why these Caribbean overwater bungalows are rated highly. El Dorado offers a legendary spread that can easily be ordered straight to your room for you to enjoy in private.

Besides food, the Palafitos overwater bungalows resort features a couple of swim-up bars at the resort's two luxurious swimming pools. There are also a couple of other bars on site, including a shisha bar, which offer a wide range of beers, wines, and tropical drinks to enjoy while enjoying the live entertainment.

This Caribbean overwater bungalows resort also has a fitness center and a refreshing overwater spa, the Naay Spa, which offers traditional Mayan treatments utilizing herbal remedies and Maroma Beach sea moss antioxidants. Other activities you can enjoy during your stay include strolling the beach, playing water volleyball, yoga, dance classes, snorkeling, scuba diving, cooking classes, jet skiing, and much, much more. Further, you can plan any excursions to explore the nearby area directly through the resort.

Rosewood Mayakoba, Mexico

Caribbean Overwater Bungalows Rosewood Mayakoba

photo credits: Rosewood Mayakoba

Location: Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Rating: 9.4/10

Price: from $989 a night

As one of only two Caribbean overwater bungalows in Mexico currently in operation, Rosewood Mayakoba epitomizes luxury. This luxury Mexican resort is located near Palafitos overwater bungalows, but offers a completely different vibe.

Rosewood Mayakoba offers a variety of world-class accommodations, luxury services, and excellent facilities all on a picturesque beach setting just an hour from Cancun's international airport. The biggest draw to Rosewood Mayakoba's luxury overwater bungalows is it's award-winning spa and services.

Rosewood Mayakoba Overwater Accommodation

photo credits: Rosewood Mayakoba

This resort offers over 120 modern suites and villas varying between 780 and 1500 square feet. All of the suites within Rosewood Mayakoba offer an array of luxury amenities and top-tier interior furnishings.

Their Caribbean overwater bungalows are known as "Deluxe Lagoon Suites" and, while they may not be directly on the ocean, are absolutely stunning! They overlook the lagoon on the property opposed to the sea, perfect for seeing Mexican wildlife.

The Deluxe Lagoon Suites offer a sleek and modern interior and truly epitomize luxury. They all feature private plunge pools, spacious and open bathrooms, indoor and outdoor showers, walk-in closets, and a separate lunge area. Other notable features are complimentary WiFi, satellite TV, a DVD player, 24-hour room service, and personal butlers.

These bungalows are adults-only, however, the rest of your family can enjoy the other areas and accommodation options in the family-friendly section of the resort. The overwater bungalows themselves can accommodate a maximum of two people and offer almost 1000 square feet of interior space and nearly 500 square feet of private terrace.

Facilities, Activities & Amenities
Overwater Bungalows Rosewood Mayakoba amenities

photo credits: Rosewood Mayakoba

The benefits of staying at a family-friendly Caribbean resort is that there is a kids club to drop off your kids to enjoy a more relaxing and rejuvenating stay in Mexico. Otherwise, if you do not plan on bringing kids, you will be happy to know that the overwater bungalows are adults-only.

There are a couple of restaurants located in the Rosewood Mayakoba resort including Caso del Lago, Agave Azul, Punta Bonita, and Aqui Mi Quedo. While Caso del Lago serves a combination of Italian and Mexican food, Agave Azul focuses on Asian-influenced seafood cuisine. Punta Bonita is one of the more popular restaurants serving Mexican food and Aqui Mi Quedo (adults only) offers delicious Caribbean and Mexican street food.

For a more informal dining venue, La Fondita offers both indoor and outdoor seating with a menu filled with small meals and snacks. La Ceiba is another option, boasting 20,000 square feet of outdoor fine dining offering traditional Mayan open-flame food.

There are also numerous bars found around the resort, three large swimming pools (one just for kids), and an award-winning spa facility. The Sense Spa Rosewood has actually been named the #1 Spa in the World by Forbes. The wellness complex also boasts a fitness center and avid golfers can access the nearby 18-hole El Camaleon golf course.

Aruba Ocean Villas, Aruba

Overwater Bungalows Aruba Ocean Villas

photo credits: Aruba Ocean Villas

Location: Savaneta, Aruba

Rating: 9.8/10

Price: check availability

The next top Caribbean overwater bungalows resort is a stylish and quirky luxury oasis nestled along the gorgeous coast of Aruba. The Aruba Ocean Villas resort offers fantastic facilities (with a spa in construction), 5-star food, tropical drinks, and personalized service. It’s also a fairly small and intimate Caribbean overwater bungalow resort and does not have the overcrowded atmosphere of many of the larger Caribbean resorts.

They currently have three Caribbean overwater bungalows at Aruba Ocean Villas and they are highly sought after by eager guests, so be sure to book your stay well in advance.

Aruba Ocean Villas Overwater Accommodation

photo credits: Aruba Ocean Villas

The overwater bungalows at Aruba Ocean Villas are incredibly luxurious offering spacious designs-- all except one being doubles. The three popular overwater bungalows- listed on the booking page as "LouLou", "Isla Alistaire", and "Dushi Sue" are incredibly accommodating, spacious, and offer comfortable furnishings. The largest of the three is Dushi Sue-- boasting over 1,000 square feet over the beautiful Caribbean waters!

They may not have the classic glass floor panels like many of the French Polynesian overwater bungalows, but they still offer a luxurious experience while combining a quirky design with comfort and direct access to the Caribbean Sea.

If you do not get the chance to book one of their Caribbean overwater bungalows for your stay, you will not be disappointed by the other beachfront choices at Aruba Ocean Villas. They can be slightly smaller, but they boast the same beautifully design, furnishings, and offer the cozy, Aruban feel.

If you are looking to travel with a large group, make sure to check out the Aruba Ocean Villas resort's "Sunset Villa"-- a private villa accessed via a 5-minute drive from the center of the resort. It can sleep up to eight people with four spacious bedrooms. This is one of the more popular bookings, offering spectacular ocean views of the Caribbean Sea.

Aruba Ocean Villas Facilities, Activities & Amenities

photo credits: Aruba Ocean Villas

If you are looking a smaller, more intimate resort with a laidback atmosphere, Aruba Ocean Villas is for you. Consequently, there are not too many luxurious amenities provided here-- however, they do have a spa in the works. Until the spa is completed, Aruba Ocean Villas offers massage services to their Caribbean overwater bungalows guests.

For meals during your stay at the Aruba Ocean Villas, you will get the chance to eat at one of the top-rated restaurants in Aruba-- The Old Man and the Sea. This delicious on-site restaurant offers a mix of Caribbean, Aruban, and other international dishes. You will notice the beachy and intimate vibe of this beautiful restaurant offering a small number of tables. 

There is also a beach cocktail bar in the resort offering tasty tropical cocktails. The service at the bar, restaurant, and throughout Aruba Ocean Villas is friendly and absolutely impeccable. They also offer in-depth concierge services for you to venture outside of the resort to explore Aruban culture, history, and landscapes. 

Sandals Royal Caribbean, Jamaica

Sandals Royal Caribbean resort

photo credits: Sandals Royal Caribbean

Location: Montego Bay, Jamaica

Rating: 8.6/10

Price: check availability

Sandals Royal Caribbean near Montego Bay and Sangster International Airport is a couples-only resort. As the first Caribbean overwater bungalow in Jamaica, you may be surprised to hear that Sandals Royal Caribbean was the first of it's kind in the entire Caribbean Sea.

Sandals Royal Caribbean epitomizes the meaning of luxury with high world-class standards found throughout the resort. The all-inclusive private island paradise boasts world-class facilities and amenities, gourmet cuisine, and colorful tropical drinks for you to enjoy during your stay being pampered by excellent service.

Sandals Royal Caribbean Overwater Accommodation

photo credits: Sandals Royal Caribbean

Sandals Royal Caribbean has a wide array of accommodations to choose from-- hotel rooms, massive suites, etc.-- but if you made your way to this article, I bet you are interested in the overwater bungalows! 

Their beautiful designed Caribbean overwater bungalows boast luxurious furnishings and high standards of living for all eager guests. The overwater bungalows above the Caribbean come in at just over 1,100 feet and offer a sleek, modern feel. They are all equipped with outdoor terraces and infinity pools for you to enjoy Jamaica's fresh Caribbean air.

Once you head inside, you will notice the large glass panels on the floor and romantic spa-style bathrooms boasting large tubs. You can also expect 24-hour room service with an exclusive, in-room dining menu during your stay.

Sandals Royal Caribbean Facilities, Activities & Amenities

photo credits: Sandals Royal Caribbean

The Sandals Royal Caribbean resort in Jamaica offers a nice variety of food and drink options-- from informal eateries and lively bars to elegant fine dining spots. You can expect an array of cuisine, including French, Thai, Caribbean, and international foods. If you somehow get sick of the food provided, you can easily take a ride on the complimentary shuttle to Sandal's two other Montego Bay resorts that offer more amenities and restaurants included in the price of your stay.

There are a total of seven swimming pools at Sandals Royal Caribbean, boasting two swim-up bars, five Jacuzzis, and a gorgeous stretch of sandy shoreline. You can also expect to enjoy live entertainment at various places found throughout the resort. You may also get the chance to attend beach parties, cultural performances, and entertaining music shows.

When you book the all-inclusive package, you will get access to a wide variety of water sport activities; snorkeling, jet skiing, kayaking, scuba diving, etc. If you prefer to stay dry, you can enjoy playing tennis, billiards, sand volleyball, shuffleboard, and table tennis on land.

For those who prefer to stay in shape during their Caribbean vacation, the Sandals Royal Caribbean offers an excellent fitness center. There is also a world-class spa onsite (Red Lane Spa) offering high-quality services.

Royalton Antigua Resort & Spa, Antigua

Royalton Antigua Overwater Bungalows Caribbean

photo credits: Royalton Antigua

Location: Deep Bay, Antigua

Rating: 8.2/10

Price: from $1800 a night

Opening recently in May of 2019, the Royalton Antigua Resort & Spa is an all-inclusive resort that offers Antigua's first and only Caribbean overwater bungalows.

This resort, in particular, offers next-level luxury and an exquisite design, nestled on the calming waters of Antigua's Deep Bay. This luxurious Caribbean resort is located less than 20 minutes from St. Johns and around a half hour away from the V.C. Bird International Airport.

Royalton Antigua Accommodation

photo credits: Royalton Antigua

The accommodation options at the Royalton Antigua are fabulous! While there are plenty of luxury villas and suites offered on the property, the spacious Caribbean overwater bungalows are the largest attraction to this Antigua resort. Every one of the overwater bungalows are equipped with king-size beds, lounges, dining areas, and outdoor terraces overlooking the water.

These overwater bungalows Caribbean villas boast a sleek, modern style and permeates luxury. Each villa offers a private infinity pool, jacuzzi, glass floor panels, 24-hour room service, and private butlers. Further, you can expect in-room aromatherapy, satellite TC, minibars re-stocked twice a day, and top-of-the-line music systems.

If you are particular about your pillows, don't worry! Royalton Antigua has their very own pillow menu offering a wide array of comfortable pillow options.

The overwater bungalows boast over 1,100 square feet of space and only accommodate guests over the age of 13. If you are traveling with children younger than 13, you can stay in other area's in the Royalton Antigua Resort deemed kid-friendly.

Royalton Antigua Facilities, Activities & Amenities

photo credits: Royalton Antigua

The Royalton Antigua resort is home to a wide variety of dining options with seven restaurants total. Of course, there are also complimentary in-room private dining and drinking options available as well. The resort boasts plenty of American, European, and Caribbean foods to be enjoyed-- whether dining in the restaurants, heading to the buffet, or ordering a-la-carte.

Each restaurant boasts a completely different atmosphere, whether you want a laidback experience drinking beer and eating burgers or indulging on fine wines and gourmet 5-star meals.

There are also various cafes and themed bars found around the resort sprinkled with live entertainment. Make sure to try out some of the premium wines, beers, and tropical drinks during your stay.

The Royalton Antigua is also home to a luxurious and modern spa offering hydrotherapy circuits and an on-site fitness center. There are also on-site instructors at the resort offering assistance in tennis or other complimentary fitness/yoga classes.

There is a private sandy beach at the Royalton where you can enjoy a wide array of complimentary water sports and a golf cart service to get around the large resort. If you are traveling with kids, there is both a Kid's Club (ages 4 to 12) and a Teen's Club (ages 13 to 17) equipped with anything your playful kids would need on vacation.

Sandals Grande St Lucian, St Lucia

Sandals Grande St Lucian Overwater Bungalow

photo credits: Sandals Grande St Lucian

Location: Rodney Bay, Pigeon Island Peninsula, St Lucia

Rating: 9.2/10

Price: from $2,500 a night

Once establishing their successful Caribbean overwater bungalows in Jamaica, Sandals quickly established luxury accommodations of the same style in St Lucia. This all-inclusive adults-only resort offers the same level of luxury, opulence, and service as their other extraordinary resorts in the Caribbean.

This resort is perfect for any romantic getaway, whether planning a month-long honeymoon or a wedding vow renewal. Being adults-only, the Sandals Grande St Lucian offers a relaxing, friendly, and rarely crowded atmosphere.

Sandals Grande St Lucian Accommodation

photo credits: Sandals Grande St Lucian

The overwater bungalows Caribbean atmosphere is absolutely stunning at the Sandals St Lucian. With only nine bungalows on the property, make sure to book your stay well in advance.

Each bungalow is equipped with crystal-clear glass floor panels, private patios, over-water hammocks, soaking tubs, and other unique features. They also boast a luxurious and spacious feel with high-quality hardwood floors, vaulted ceilings, smart TVs, sun decks, outdoor showers, swish bathrooms, and king-size beds with comfortable linens and pillows.

You can also expect personalized 24-hour butler services that put this St Lucia resort over the top! The exquisite style and attention to detail prove how precious each individual experience truly is here at this luxurious resort.

Sandals Grande St Lucian Facilities, Activities & Amenities

photo credits: Sandals Grande St Lucian

Sandals Grande St Lucian is one of the larger resorts in the Caribbean with over 300 individual accommodation units. Even though there may be a lot of guests with you during your visit, the atmosphere is far from crowded. Sandals Grande St Lucia has 12 restaurants and 6 bars including a swim-up pool bar and a British Pub.

This resort is all-inclusive, meaning everything you eat or drink during your time will be complimentary. The quality of food and options offered at the restaurants is superb, with a cheerful and helpful service crew around to fulfill your deepest desires.

You can also enjoy the gorgeous mile-long sandy beach right alongside the resort, a massive swimming pool, and world-class spa facilities. Various water-sports are also included in your all-inclusive package including as paddle boarding and scuba diving. If you prefer to get active on land, you can participate in sand volleyball, tennis, yoga, and mini golf activities.

You also receive complimentary access to the two other Sandals properties located on St Lucia during your stay-- Regency La Toc and Halcyon-- with the former having its very own golf course.

Thatch Caye All-Inclusive Private Island Resort, Belize

photo credits: Thatch Caye All-Inclusive Private Island Resort

Location: Coco Plum Cay, Belize

Rating: 9/10

Price: from $630 a night (all-inclusive price)

If you are looking to stay in Central America in a Caribbean overwater bungalow, Thatch Caye All-Inclusive Private Island Resort may be for you! This luxury private island brings eco-adventure and comfort to the next level.

As a private island located 9 miles from Dangriga, the main town in south-central Belize, Thatch Caye All-Inclusive Private Island Resort is found two miles inside the barrier reef. This is one of the most affordable luxury all-inclusive Caribbean overwater bungalow resorts offering plenty of relaxing and exhilarating activities for everyone!

Thatch Caye Accommodation
Belize Overwater Bungalows (2)

photo credits: Sandals Grande St Lucian

Boasting an intimate and extremely luxurious atmosphere, Thatch Caye resort offers a total of 15 rooms, with 8 overwater bungalows. Each overwater bungalow on the Caribbean is air conditioned and equipped with an overhead fan to keep you cool and relaxed during your Caribbean escape.

You will receive a complimentary water bottle once you arrive at the resort with your overwater bungalow equipped with a proper filling station. The suites also offer private bathrooms with showers, towels, toiletries, and a hair dryer. Each overwater bungalow is decorated with a coastal and modern design, offering a luxurious atmosphere for your vacation in Belize.

The overwater bungalows Caribbean vibe is complete with a private balcony featuring a hammock either over the water or on the roof. Most suites offer a choice between a king bed or two twin beds configuration to fully customize your stay.

Thatch Caye Facilities, Activities & Amenities

photo credits: Sandals Grande St Lucian

This Caribbean resort offers a variety of amenities during your all-inclusive stay on their private island. The Coco Lounge is equipped with a festive bar, lounge, gift shop, and breakfast nook for you to soak in the Belizian culture.

The Caribbean resort's restaurant The Grove offers community dining for all guests at this luxurious resort. There is also a remarkable natural saltwater pool and overwater Starfish Bar to enjoy during your rejuvenating stay. The Coco Lounge and Starfish Bar are both equipped with complimentary WiFi with the Coco Lounge also boasting a TV.

If you prefer to get active on your Caribbean vacation, you can enjoy the sandy beach and shoreline by utilizing the complimentary kayaks, stand-up paddle boards, bikes, and island toys. Later, head over to Serenity Point to discover Yoga Palapa. For those looking to further explore the Caribbean Sea, head over to the Blue Horizon Fly Fishing Rod Room to begin your fishing adventure or discuss with the on-site concierge about PADI dive operations in the area.

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