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Best Cruise Destinations for Every Type of Cruiser

Wanting to go on a cruise but not sure where? Whether you consider yourself an avid historian or a luxury traveler, I guarantee you will find some of the best cruise destinations appealing!

I have asked the top cruise experts and they have outlined the top cruise destinations for every type of cruiser. So stick around, because we are going to go through the best cruise destinations for you found around the world to explore your next time at sea!

But first, make sure to grab your completely free cruise planner to outline and plan your next fun cruise! Equipped with helpful budgeting tools, daily itineraries, shore excursion trackers, packing lists, and more– this cruise planner is the perfect way to plan your dream vacation to the best cruise destinations found around the world!

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Best Cruise Destinations for Every Cruiser

Wondering what the best cruise destinations are to visit on your next fabulous cruise? From the most artsy cruise destinations to the most underrated historic destinations for cruises, you will get to know what each of these remarkable cruise destinations has to offer! Various cruise and travel experts have outlined the top cruise ports for every type of cruiser, so buckle up and get ready, because we are going to outline the best areas of the world to visit on a cruise during your next vacation.

Nature and Animal-Loving Cruisers

Skagway, Alaska

Skagway Alaska cruise destination

Recommended by Samantha from Have Seat Will Travel

Nestled along the waterfront in between mountains like some kind of magical Norwegian town is Skagway, Alaska. What was once a gold mining town is now one of the most kitschy cruise destinations for cruisers, but especially for animal lovers! There are excursions where you can see bald eagles, black bears and moose! There are also excursions where you can see humpback whales, orcas, sea lions and harbor seals. Or, you can go with my personal favorite, the sled dog excursion.

Skagway is very close to the Chilkat river where you can raft down the river to the Bald Eagle Preserve where you’ll see the world’s largest concentration of bald eagles. Or, you can opt for the safari where you will see some of the best bear viewing in the state! Whale watching is also a great excursion option. You have a high chance of spotting humpback whales and if you’re lucky you may even spot a pod of orcas!

Another option for your cruise to Alaska is the sled dog excursion. Up in the mountains just outside of Skagway is a sled dog camp where they house and train sled dogs for the Iditarod. They allow cruisers to go up in the summer, meet the dogs and help them train! If you’re lucky you may even get to see puppies. No matter what kind of Alaskan animal lover you may be, you’re going to love Skagway!

Halong Bay, Vietnam

Halong Bay cruise destination

Recommended by Neha from Travel Melodies

Ha Long Bay, a UNESCO World heritage site is one of the best destination for cruises in Vietnam. No Vietnam itinerary is complete without visiting Ha Long Bay. Located within a 4-hours drive from Hanoi, it is best to opt for tour operators that have an all inclusive package including transfers from Hanoi. 

The site is known for over 1600 limestone rock islands standing tall in emerald green waters, that attract tourists from all across the world. The islands are covered with green trees making it a haven for nature lovers.

The best way to explore Halong Bay is mainly through cruises. There are options from a day cruise to cruises for 1-3 nights. As one of the top cruise destinations, the cruise will slowly unfurls the beauty by taking through the waters while letting you indulge in many activities. One of the best activities is to kayak through the limestone karsts admiring the natural wonders. The place also has many caves that you get to tour. There are incredible stalactites and stalagmites formations inside these caves. 

If staying the night at the cruise, then there are Vietnamese cooking classes to try. Also you get to indulge in a wide variety of sea-food. If you are a vegetarian, do let the cruise know before booking. 

Sit on the dock enjoying the scenic vistas or swim into the emerald waters from the cruise, this is a rejuvenating experience. 


cruise destinations Martinique

Recommended by Elisa from France Bucket List

Martinique is one of the greatest cruise destinations for nature lovers. This Caribbean island with a French twist is part of the French Antilles, and it is well known for its lush vegetation, incredible beaches, and excellent hikes.

First of all, there are the Martinique beaches. The island has an incredible variety of beaches for every traveler, from beaches with golden sand and palm trees to beaches of volcanic origin nestled in the jungle with black sand. There are also beaches with shallow waters, perfect for families.

The island also has incredible gardens with exotic vegetation and colorful birds. The most famous one is the Balata Garden, located on the hills of Fort-de-France (Martinique’s capital). Here, visitors can admire more than 3,000 species of tropical plants, flowers, and trees; it is a feast for the eyes!

Hike lovers will enjoy this tropical island too. There’s the Montagne Pelée (1,397m) which is an active volcano. The climb is not easy, but the views from the top are well worth the effort. Other popular walks on this tropical island are the hike to the Presqu’ile de la Caravelle or many walks through the jungle chasing for waterfalls.

When visiting Martinique, try to learn about its history and tradition and taste its great food and rum! The best places to eat on the island are always by the local markets or on the beach’s stalls, always offering the last catch.

Adventurous Cruisers

Belize City, Belize

cruise to Belize City cave tubing

Recommended by Elle from 5 Suitcases

Belize is one of the most incredible cruise destinations on the planet.  It is the ultimate destination for adventurers.  The key to getting the most out of this Central American country is booking an excursion outside of Belize City.  While there is very little to do in Belize City, there is plenty to do everywhere else in the country.

Belize is a tender port, meaning that you’ll have to take a water taxi from your ship to the mainland because the surrounding water is too shallow for the ship to dock.  Cruisers that book excursions will be able to get off the ship first.

Once you’re on the mainland, there are endless opportunities for adventures.  Belize has something for everyone!  Some of the most popular excursions are cave tubing through the jungle, ziplining and repelling, climbing the peaks of ancient Mayan ruins, and swimming with sharks and stingrays in Caye Caulker.  This place seriously has it all!    

Belize is also a haven for snorkelers and scuba divers.  43 miles north of Belize City is The Great Blue Hole.  The Great Blue Hole is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is well-known for its diving.

Despite being known as a diving hotspot, Belize isn’t known for its beaches as one of the top cruise destinations.  


Antarctica cruise

Recommended by Pam from The Directionally Challenged Traveler

There is no place on earth that is similar to the breathtaking beauty of Antarctica. Protected for almost a hundred years, the impact of humans on the continent is minimal. Breathtaking landscapes surrounded by snow-covered mountains alongside pristine waters that break only for whales and penguins is perfect for adventure travelers!

Planning a trip to Antarctica is a bit time-consuming. Expedition cruises carry less than 300 passengers, meaning booking in advance is crucial. These ships have implemented social distancing and deep cleaning in the wake of covid-19. Many companies also allow you to book two years in advance.

After crossing the tumultuous Drake Passage, Antarctica – and all the penguins you can imagine – welcome you with open arms. From the small Adelie penguins to the peaceful humpback whales, Antarctica is the ideal secluded destination to check off your bucket list! Due to the strict environmental protections, only 100 people are allowed on land at any given time. The staff makes a note of where you can explore, then you are free to go hiking, geology tours, or even kayaking! 

Since tourists are only allowed to visit Antarctica during the summer months, October through February, the sun never fully goes away. The sunsets glisten off of massive icebergs and miles of sea ice – making it one of the best cruise destinations in the world! 

La Romana, Dominican Republic

La Romana, Dominican Republic cruise

Recommended by Chris from Punta Cana Travel Blog

La Romana is the biggest cruise port in the Dominican Republic and famous for its nearby islands, Isla Saona and Isla Catalina, which provide picture-perfect beaches and a paradise setting. However, even if you are not a beach bum because you are an action lover or adventurer, La Romana can be one of the best cruise destinations for you.

When visiting La Romana on a cruise ship, you mainly have three options when looking for some adventurous activities full of adrenaline.

The first one is a canopy adventure as there are several ziplines in the area of Punta Cana and La Romana within one hour driving distance from the cruise port. Most of them include 12 cables and feature beautiful views of the tropical scenery. What is unique about some of these ziplines is that they end right in the water, so prepare to get wet and have a lot of fun.

The second option is a buggy adventure. The east of the Dominican Republic is sparsely populated, leaving a lot of area for backcountry adventures and pristine countryside. During a buggy adventure, you can race along dirt roads, visit local villages and get to know the authentic Dominican Republic.

If you don’t like guided tours and prefer to organize your own adventurous cruise ship excursion in La Romana, you could opt for a hiking trip through the virgin nature of the country. However, it is very recommendable to go with a guide as hiking trails in the Dominican Republic are usually not marked. In less than 90 minutes driving distance from La Romana, you have three different hiking options: exploring the cave Padre Sendero Nuestro close to Bayahibe including its subterranean freshwater lagoon (45 minutes round-trip hike), hiking through the lush Anamuya Mountains close to Higuey (various hiking trails available) or visit the roaring waterfall of Cascada Blanca between El Seibo and Miches (two hours round-trip hike).


Iceland cruise destination

Recommended by Suzanne from Meandering Wild

Iceland is one of the best cruise destinations, especially for those who have an adventurous streak.  This isn’t for those who wants warmth and sunshine.  Much of the time it can be a little cold and multiple layers of clothing are essential for time onshore even in the summer months.

What Iceland is missing in warmth it makes up for in adventure and nature.  The cruises will take you to the remote Westfjords, home to Arctic foxes and very few tourists as well as the busy capital of Reykjavik. 

All around the coast of Iceland there is a chance to see whales, but when you arrive in Húsavík it is a chance to put on protective suits and head out on a small boat to look for whales.  This is an adrenaline filled adventure that can’t be beaten. 

Before heading back into the bustle of Reykjavik, many cruises will stop at small towns on the east coast and the Westman islands.  This small collection of islands is the scene of a large volcanic eruption in 1974 when part of the town was engulfed in lava.  It is also home to a large colony of puffins and the beluga whale sanctuary.

If you visit this beautiful cruise destination between September and April there is a chance that you will see the northern lights.  The crew will keep watch and if they do appear the ships lights will be switched off to allow you to experience the amazing phenomena.

Luxury and Relaxation Cruisers


Monaco cruising

Recommended by Dymphe from Dymabroad

One of the best cruise destinations is Monaco. Monaco is a small city-state in the French Riviera. There are many reasons why Monaco is great to visit. One of the reasons is that there are many viewpoints in the country. Furthermore, the architecture of the buildings is amazing to see and there are lots of interesting activities in the country.

Monaco is perfect for a luxury cruiser and the country is very well-known for its wealth. It is one of the wealthiest places in the world and one of the most expensive countries to be. For example, you can see many luxurious yachts in Monaco and there are many luxurious places to stay in Monaco. Also, there are many incredible events that are well-known for their luxury.

One of the best examples of this is the Monaco Grand Prix. This event is held once per year and during this event, the whole country transforms into a racing circuit. Another great thing to do in Monaco is going to the Monte-Carlo Casino. It’s been there since the 19th century and is worth visiting.

A fun thing to know about the casino is that residents of Monaco aren’t allowed to go inside the casino, such that they don’t lose their money. Besides that, there are great beaches that are worth visiting in Monaco. One of the best of these is Larvotto Beach. Also, there are great museums in Monaco, such as the Oceanographic Museum Monaco.


Hawaii cruise destinations

Recommended by Iris from Life of Iris

A cruise to Hawaii is the perfect relaxing vacation – a way to explore different islands without having to worry about logistics, avoid long flights, and enjoy relaxing time at sea. There are many ways to cruise to Hawaii; however, the most relaxing of all is a roundtrip cruise from various West Coast ports.

Start out your vacation with time at sea to unwind as you cross the Pacific – enjoying ocean views while going for a swim or getting a massage. Upon arriving in Hawaii feel the “Aloha” spirit take hold. Welcoming local markets greet you as you spend your days’ island hopping.

Most Hawaiian cruises will visit at least four different islands – an incredible opportunity to experience the different islands while only having to pack and unpack once.  Among the most relaxing ways to spend your time is at an oceanfront resort. These resorts often offer day passes for to enjoy their facilities and private beaches. Is a resort not for you?

Hawaii, as one of the best cruise destinations in the world, has plenty of public beaches to enjoy, too. While in Hawaii attend a luau and learn how to hula or visit its natural wonders such as Volcanoes National Park and the Waimea Canyon. Not to be missed while is the incredible local food and drinks.

From fresh pineapple and seafood, to Poke and Mai-Tai’s, Hawaiian cuisine is fresh and unforgettable. Need to relax a little more? After exploring Hawaii, enjoy more time onboard as you journey back across the Pacific to finish your perfect relaxing cruise vacation.

Champagne, France

Champagne France cruises

Recommended by Maria from Europe Up Close

The Champagne region in France is one of the bets luxury river cruise destinations for epicurean travelers. The most common way to cruise here is on one of the French barge cruises. Don’t let the name fool you! They offer superb accommodation and an almost private experience. Usually there are less than 20 guest on a barge ship and a handful of staff. 

Cruising through the Champagne region is perfect for travelers who are looking to relax and unwind, enjoy great food and wine, and of course champagne. As you cruise along the rivers and canals through the never-ending vineyards, dotted by charming French villages, it will be effortless to kick back and simply enjoy.

As the barge travels slowly (usually around 4 miles/hour), you can also take a bike and ride along the canal, hopping back on board a few locks down the river. Each day, you have the option to go on an excursion, from stunning French chateaux to UNESCO Heritage sites like the Cathedral of Reims, and of course tours of some of the most exquisite Champagne Houses and tasting some of their top products.

After your adventures on land, you come “home” to a delicious 3-4 course meal, paired with excellent wines and great conversations with your fellow cruisers followed by a drink at the bar or a quick dip in the jacuzzi to end your day. 

Beach Bum Cruisers

Greek Islands

Greek islands best cruise destinations

Recommended by Alice from Adventures of Alice

It’s no secret that the Greek Islands are a wonderful travel destination and many people dream of going island-hopping around Greece at least once in their lifetime. In fact, it’s actually one of the most popular cruise destinations in the world and easily one of the most beautiful with its idyllic whitewashed building and utterly stunning beaches

Many of the best cruises in Greece start from Athens which gives you the perfect opportunity to explore the country’s historical capital before you set sail. Whilst in Athens, a trip to the Acropolis is an absolute must and, if you have a little longer in the city, there are many beautiful day trips from Athens as well.

Once you set sail, you’ll most likely stop at some of the country’s most popular islands: Santorini, Mykonos, Rhodes, Milos, or Crete. But you might also stop at some of the island’s hidden gems. Historical marvels like Delos or beach paradises like Naxos, Paros or Ios are also usually at the top of the cruise list.

Perfect for beach-lovers a Greek cruise is a perfect opportunity to relax with your feet in the sand and swim in some of the most gorgeous ocean bays in Europe. If you’re a fan of the ocean’s spoils as well as the ocean itself, it’s also a wonderful place to go for fresh seafood.

Olbia, Sardinia

Olbia Sardinia cruise

Recommended by Claudia from Strictly Sardinia

Olbia, in the north east coast of Sardinia, is a perfect cruise destination for family travelers and beach goers. The city is the best getaway to the marvelous Costa Smeralda, the famous Emerald Coast of Sardinia.The ultimate holiday destination for the rich and famous, Costa Smeralda boasts a number of incredible beaches that are actually all free to access and perfect for a shore expedition. Beaches vary from long and sandy to smaller coves that have a mix of fine sand and unique rock formations. All of them have in common crystal clear waters that are perfect for snorkeling or for a relaxing swim to cool off from the heat.

Capriccioli is definitely one of the most famous beaches. It has two small coves – the northern one is significantly more crowded for some reason, but both of them are gorgeous. Spiaggia del Principe is another gorgeous beach with clear waters, surrounded by thick Mediterranean vegetation.When in Costa Smeralda, make it a point to explore the tiny village of Porto Cervo. It was built around a luxury shopping mall where you will find a handful of nice cafés and bars. A drink will probably be more expensive than in any other place, but it’s worth splurging every now and then.If you decide to spend some more time on the island, make sure to visit Santa Teresa di Gallura, another popular holiday destination with a handful of stunning coves such as Cala Spinosa and sunset spots such as Capo Testa; and La Maddalena National Park, best explored on boat tours.

Garden-Loving Cruisers

Madeira, Portugal

Madeira cruise port

Recommended by Ann from The Platinum Line

The island of Madeira, which belongs to Portugal, lies in the Atlantic ocean off the coast of North Africa. Being a volcanic island, it has no native plants or animals. All plant life on the island has been imported by sailors or carried by the wind or sea. The soil is extremely fertile and there are few natural pests. It is not surprising that it has been nicknamed the garden island. 

As one of the best cruise destinations, cruise ships visiting Madeira usually berth at the capital Funchal. There are lots of shops, bars and cafes close by but if you love gardens there are two within easy reach that I would recommend visiting, the Botanic Garden (photo) and the Monte Palace tropical garden. Both are on the side of the hill with very steep paths so visitors need a certain degree of fitness.

The Botanic garden is more old fashioned. It has an interesting display of local plants as well as plants from Europe and South Africa. Monte Palace tropical garden is more informal with a small lake and has tile mosaics depicting the island’s history.

You can reach both gardens by bus but it is more fun to catch the cable car which is close to the cruise terminal. Fit local men push the braver tourists back down the hill on sledges.

Victoria, British Columbia

Victoria cruises

Recommended by Ellie

One of the most underrated and beautiful cruise destinations in the world is Victoria, found in the British Columbia province of Canada. Most itineraries visiting this breathtaking town are actually heading up north through Alaskan cruises operating out of Seattle, Washington.

The top area you will want to visit at a garden-lover is The Butchart Gardens. As one of the must-see spots in Victoria, you will be awe-struck by the shear beauty of the lush greens and colorful blooms. The magnificent park spreads over 55 acres home to 900 different bedding plant varieties, 26 greenhouses, and 50 full-time gardeners.

If you don’t get the chance to visit this miraculous attraction, don’t worry! Just by walking around Victoria’s bustling streets you will be surrounded by colorful flowers and luscious plants most of the time in port. One of the best examples of this is in front of the British Columbia Parliament Buildings. While the buildings themselves are magnificent, this popular Canadian city works hard on the landscaping, offering blooming flowers and manicured lawns during the spring and summer months.

History Buff Cruisers

Havana, Cuba

Old Havana cruise destination

Recommended by Carley from Home to Havana

With its mix of colonial architecture and revolutionary history, Havana, Cuba is easily one of the most fascinating Caribbean cruise destinations, and a must-visit destination for passengers looking to experience history and culture. Cruise ships pull in directly to the port of Havana and dock in the heart of the Old Town, making Havana extremely easy to explore even with just a few short hours at port.

Once you arrive, make sure you check out Havana’s largest and most beautifully restored plazas, which make for an easy self-guided walking tour around the city: Plaza Vieja, Plaza San Francisco, Plaza de Armas, and Plaza de la Catedral.

Another easy way to see the architecture and history of the city is by taking a ride in a restored 1950s convertible along the Malecón sea wall and around the city. These city tours almost always stop at the Plaza de la Revolución, the site of Fidel Castro’s parades and speeches, and home to find monuments to Cuba’s revolutionary leaders like Che Guevara.

A perfect spot for a brunch or coffee break is El Café, and to explore more of the city’s best restaurants, make sure to download AlaMesa, one of the must have apps for Cuba travel, before you arrive. 

St Petersburg, Russia

St Petersburg Russia cruises

Recommended by Bridget from the Flashpacker

Are you a history buff or culture vulture looking for one of the best cruise destinations?  If so, look no further than St. Petersburg, Russia’s cultural and historical beating heart. What’s more, visiting St Petersburg on a cruise eliminates the need to apply for a costly Russian visa, provided you book a shore excursion with an operator approved by the Russian authorities.

Within the city itself, the star of the show is The Hermitage, home to one of Europe’s finest art collections, with some works displayed in the former Romanov Winter Palace. Visit two of St. Petersburg’s major churches – St Isaac’s Cathedral and the Church of Our Saviour on the Spilled Blood – for monumental architecture and awe-inspiring artworks.

For a living, more contemporary artistic experience, take at least one ride on St. Petersburg’s metro system, which combines functionality with artistic achievements. 

Out of town, there are two must-see sights: The Catherine Palace and Peterhof Palace and Gardens. The flamboyant Catherine Palace was the summer residence of the Russian Tsars, which Peter the Great presented to his second wife, Catherine I, in the early 18th century. Peter the Great was also responsible for the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Peterhof Palace and Gardens, known as the “Russian Versailles.”

Naples, Italy

Naples Italy cruise destinations

Recommended by Chrysoula from Travel Passionate

Situated on the western coast of Italy, with Mt Vesuvius dominating the skyline, Naples is the country’s third-largest city with a busy commercial and passenger port as one of the top cruise destinations in the world. Naples is a blend of historic buildings, pretty squares, and churches, which contrast with its colorful nightlife!You can immerse yourself in history in Naples! A visit to the ruins of Pompeii is a ‘must do’. This ancient city stands in the shadow of Vesuvius, and in 79 AD, the volcano erupted, covering Pompeii in molten lava. The city has been excavated and its ruins are in remarkably good condition.

Herculaneum was another city devastated by the same eruption. There is the National Archaeological Museum to visit and the San Gennaro Catacombs. These are a network of tunnels and passageways on two layers with 300 burial chambers. The catacombs are dimly lit and very atmospheric – a guided tour is best.

Castel dell’ Ovo stands on the water’s edge and like Castel Nuovo is among the first sights seen by cruise passengers. Capello Sansevero is one of the city’s finest chapels. Naples is the home of pizza and the best pizzerias are Dal Presidente, Di Matteo, Da Michele, and Brandi- where Pizza Margherita was created!

St Kitts

St Kitts cruise destinations

Recommended by Steph & Lewis from Book It Let’s Go!

St Kitts in the Caribbean West Indies is one of the best cruise destinations for history lovers. Take a walking tour from Port Zante and experience the colonial style buildings around Basseterre town. Uncover the history of the island and its involvement with the sugar industry in the National Museum of St Kitts located just outside the shopping area of the port.

Join one of the local guides for an open top guided island tour and find out the history of the indigenous people and how they were wiped out by the British and French settlers in the 1600’s. On your island tour ask the driver to stop at the historic Brimstone Hill Fortress UNESCO world heritage site and learn how the fortress was designed by the British and built by slave labourers from Africa to defend from the French.

For train enthusiasts, there is also the historic scenic railway tour that follows the old train lines built for the transportation of sugar cane around the island for processing. The ‘sugar train’ meanders through the rolling green hills around St Kitt and while on board you will learn about the sugar industry and have spectacular views of the old, abandoned sugar plantations, some of which are now in ruins, whilst sipping delicious rum punch.

Culture-Seeking Cruisers

Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy

Rome cruise destination

Recommended by Claudia from Strictly Rome

Civitavecchia, the port town at about 1 hour drive from Rome, is probably the best cruise destination for anyone in search of a break that is packed with history and culture. The capital of Italy, affectionately called the Eternal City, has no shortage of places to visit and things to do – in fact, you will quickly realize a shore excursion is hardly enough and chances are you will vow to visit again and spend a full week in town.

There are many landmarks in Rome that are worth visiting. If you are only there for a day, opt for the classic: visit the Colosseum and the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill next door, then walk along Via dei Fori Imperiali all the way to Piazza Venezia to admire the Altare della Patria – the Altar of the Fatherland, which celebrate the first king of unified Italy.From there, it’s a quick walk to Largo di Torre Argentina, home to a well kept archeological site where you’ll spot the very steps on which Julius Caesar was stabbed to death, and now also home to Rome’s most famous cat sanctuary. Piazza Navona and the Pantheon are only a short distance from Largo di Torre Argentina, so if you are a fast walker you will make it there too. Snap a photo, and as you go back to your cruise start thinking about your next trip to Rome!

Colon, Panama

cruise port Colon Panama

Recommended by Ellie

The city of Colon is most frequently referred to as the ‘Gateway to the Caribbean’ for the beautiful country of Panama. Consequently, this magnificent port most commonly visited on a Panama Canal cruise is jam-packed with culturally-enriching and historical shore excursions.

If you are looking to learn about the history of the miraculous Panama Canal and its cultural significance, make sure to spend a couple of hours at the Agua Clara Visitor Center. During your time at this building you will learn about one of the world’s most important engineering feats; the Panama Canal. To further understand Colon’s history, head over to Fort San Lorenzo– a registered UNESCO World Heritage Site easily explored with a handy map.

To mix and mingle with the locals, check out Avenida Central, the main shopping district of Colon. This six-block pedestrian mall is filled with plenty of delicious local restaurants and boutique shops. There are also plenty of locals offering help or performing along the beautiful streets, allowing you to throw yourself into Panamanian culture. As one of the best cruise destinations for culture-seekers, Colon, Panama is a great addition to any cruise itinerary.

Foodie Cruisers

Ensenada, Mexico

Ensenada cruise destinations

Recommended by Alexa from 52 Perfect Days

Ensenada is one of the top cruise destinations for many cruises that leave from Long Beach, California. The cruise port of Ensenada is most known as a party town because of Hussong’s Cantina and Papas & Beer. Instead of boozing it up in Ensenada, take advantage of the awesome restaurants, food carts and fresh fish. 

From the cruise port, you can easily walk to town and the fish market. In the fish market is one of the best restaurants in town, Muelle 3. The waterfront restaurant is a favorite of locals because of the ultra-fresh fish selections and the reasonable price of the food.  

Ensenada is home to the oldest French restaurant in Mexico, El Rey Sol. The restaurant is quaint and the food is authentic French. If you don’t have time for a full meal, stop by and pick up a French pastry. 

Ensenada is also home to the famous tostada food cart of Sabina Bandera called La Guerrerense. The fish ceviche with secret sauce and peanuts is a crowd favorite as well as the raw clams. The fish is ‘off the boat fresh’ and runs about $1.50 a tostada.

This is just scratching the surface of the Ensenada food scene. Happy eating and happy cruising.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Recommended by Martina & Jürgen from PlacesofJuma

The city Dubrovnik in Croatia is actually one of the most popular cruise destinations for foodies! And, if you love seafood – for sure this is the right place for you. Especially seafood lovers find in the many nice restaurant in Dubrovnik their personal paradise.

All on the plates comes from the Adriatic Sea, is very tasty always fresh caught! If you don`t know what to order, then you should try the delicious seafood platter where you will find a mix of everything. Another highlight, that makes foodies happy, is the Black Risotto, called Crni rižot, which gets both its name and color from gloriously dark squid ink.

Another highlight are the amazing oysters, that you can try in Dubrovnik. These special first-class oysters that come from the seabed of Mali Ston Bay, where these delicacies have been cultivated since ancient times! Some even call it the world`s best oysters, and really – they are amazing! If you have time, then go on a daytrip to Ston for tasting, if not, no worries, you will find them in many restaurants in town!

For the we can recommend trying the Posip white wine. It’s a perfect match with seafood and it is made regionally on the nearby island of Korčula.

Snorkeling Cruisers

Cozumel, Mexico

Cozumel Mexico Cruise

Recommended by Shelley from Travel Mexico Solo

As one of the best cruise destinations in Mexico, Cozumel Island makes the perfect destination for all types of travelers. For families, there’s beachfront waterparks, for history lovers, there’s Mayan ruins, and for everyone — there’s a whole underwater world to discover.

Located just off-shore, you’ll find different reefs within the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System. This is the second biggest reef system on Earth, behind the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia, so expect to see a lot of marine life.Among the best reefs in Cozumel, visitors will love the Palancar, El Cielo and Colombia Reefs. These three are accessed by a boat tour, but there’s places just off-shore where you can see colorful coral and tropical fish, and if you get lucky, even turtles.

As visiting the reefs is one of the best things to do in Cozumel, you’ll find numerous snorkeling tours, dive boats, and electronic underwater scooter machines. As this is a delicate ecosystem, practice sustainable tourism in Mexico by using reef-safe sunscreen when swimming in Cozumel.For those who don’t swim, there are glass-bottom boats that go over the reefs so you can see beneath. While it does cost a bit more, there’s even a submarine tour on a U.S. Coast Guard certified submarine to see the reefs.After getting out of the water, head to Cerveceria Punta Sur, the island’s only brewery, for locally-made beer and pizza. For an outdoor dining experience with beautiful ambiance and Caribbean Sea views, you’ll love Buccanos At Night.


Curacao cruise

Recommended by Ellie

As one of the best cruise destinations for snorkelers and SCUBA divers alike, Curacao island is home to plenty of diving activities. If you are truly seeking some of this beautiful cruise destinations top sites, you need to head into the warm, Caribbean waters.

Once arriving in the Curacao cruise port, make sure to head over to the country’s beautiful beaches of Blauwbaai or Porto Mari. Here, you will discover plenty of fun snorkeling and scuba activities for all levels. For those searching for a more unique experience while in port, catch a boat ride out to the nearby hard-to-reach areas.

The Mushroom Forest offers plenty of awe-inspiring coral formations, and after checking out this attraction, check out the nearby Blue Room Cave. This spot is home to a magnificent sapphire light unlike any other spot in the entire Caribbean Sea. If you are looking for underwater attractions, search for the coral-encrusted remains of the Superior Producer– a cargo freighter which sunk back in 1977.

Since Curacao is a less-common cruise destination, you will have to do some research into the best cruise lines and itineraries for your all-inclusive cruise. Once arriving in Curacao, you will absolutely love all of the unique snorkeling and SCUBA opportunities found around the island!

Music-Loving and Party Cruisers

Ensenada, Mexico

Ensenada Mexico cruise destination

Recommended by Olivia from the Girl With Blue Sails

The beautiful port city of Ensenada, Mexico is one of the top cruise destinations for party people. A popular stop for passing cruises, Ensenada is always bustling with locals and tourists alike. The streets are lined with shops and bars, perfect for large groups or singles looking to mingle. 

The major draw for party people are the bars. Ensenada has streets lined with bars with enthusiastic hosts out front, advertising their deals and cocktail specials, looking to draw you in. Having so many bars close together makes it easy to visit several, even if you’re just in town for a day. One bar that is sure to be heard before it is seen is Papas & Beer. With booming music and tequila literally free flowing, all partiers end up at Papas & Beer at some point when visiting Ensenada. 

The other draw for party people is the food. Home to some of the best street food, Ensenada has a ton options to choose from. Most restaurants double as bars, perfect for those looking to get both food and drinks. Also popular are the street vendors, offering quick and easy food items like tacos, perfect for eating on the go while bar hopping. 

Since Ensenada is perfect for parties, it tends to attract groups that are celebrating, like bachelor and bachelorette parties, or college graduations. The town is so friendly and always happy to welcome in groups of visiting tourists. The warm weather and cool breeze make it the perfect party vacation destination year round. 


jamaica cruise

Recommended by Daniel from By Layer Culture

When looking for the best cruise destinations be sure to check out the island of Jamaica. For many years Reggae music has been one of the genres most popular with people from all walks of life across the globe.

Since the birth of reggae music, Jamaica has spoken to the world about love, religion, and the thoughts and feelings about life on this unique Caribbean paradise. If you are thinking of stopping off on Jamaica’s west coast, why not head over to the world-famous Ricks cafe? There you will get the chance to relax to the mellow music played by some of the West Coast Jamaica’s finest DJs while watching the sun setting off over the water.

During the day you can make the most of the seven-mile beach which stretches for a far as the eye can see. On the beach roadside, known as Norman Manley Boulevard, you’ll find some of the best Jamaican food you can find in the area. All in all, if white sands. sun, music, and a bit of rum punch sound like the type of memory you’d like to create for your next trip, be sure to make Jamaica your next cruise destination.

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town cruise destination

Recommended by Ellie

If you are planning a cruise to Africa and consider yourself a ‘party cruiser’, Cape Town is one of the best cruise destinations for you! While Cape Town is world-renown for its excellent nightlife, there are plenty of other party activities you can enjoy during the day time while you are in-port on your fabulous cruise.

As one of the most picturesque cruise destinations in the world, Cape Town is surrounded by mountains home to some of the most fun people in the country. You will also find plenty of beaches and local beach bars to chill-out, try out some of the local African cocktails, and party during your time in port.

Once you arrive in port on your African cruise, make your way to the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront (V&A Waterfront for short). As one of the most visited areas of this bustling city on Africa cruises, this seaside neighborhood offers plenty of places to see, things to do, and spots to eat. Make sure to check out the Cape Wheel while in the area to fully enjoy your time partying in port.

Since Cape Town is ideal for partiers, you will see plenty of younger travelers during your time in port. If you are an older party cruiser, don’t worry! The locals and tourists found in Cape Town are extraordinarily friendly and are down to hang out with anyone looking to have a great time.

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