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The Best Spring Break Destinations Around the World

Why not travel to one of the best Spring Break destinations in the entire world for your next vacation?

While trendy vacation spots may vary by season and year to year, often the best hot spots remain constant. We found the best spring break destinations to visit in your upcoming adventure! Stick around to find out what the top spring break spots in the world are.

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When searching for countries to make our top spot on this list of the best Spring Break destinations, France naturally surfaced.

Whether planning a trip to the city of love by traveling to Paris or hitting the slopes in the mountains, France is an amazing destination filled with culture, history, and much more. Plus, flight prices will be generally cheap when booking your stay.

This is the mighty country that gave us the cinematic masterpieces of Amelie and La Vie en Rose, so make sure to head to the Cannes film festival and enjoy the show. Next, head over to one of the world-renowned eateries. The French are known for their unique cuisine boasting croissants and snails alike. Finally, France is a perfect destination for beach-lovers. Grab your suit and towel and check out the scenic French coastline where both surfers and sunbathers co-exist.


Next up is the historic and scenic country of Croatia for its breathtaking and gorgeous best spring break destinations.

As the location of many Game of Thrones scenes, Croatia has significantly increased in popularity for world travelers. Croatia is now buzzier than ever as increasing numbers of vacationers flock to the luxurious haven along the Adriatic Sea. Known for its famous, historic, and evocative cities, Croatia boasts exquisite food and wine.

Even if you are planning a short trip, you can still cover a lot of ground in Croatia. Make sure to catch a sailboat to visit not only the beaches but the beautiful architecture and art surrounding the islands. Croatia is fairly affordable as many of the smaller cities offer unique incentives for travelers to come and check out the area. There are plenty of boutique hotels to choose from, so make sure to experience the Old World glamour and book a stay on your next trip.


Elephants, lions, rhinos, and leopards are just a few fascinating things you can see in the beautiful African country of Tanzania.

Home to the famous Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania boasts stunning natural scenery. Located in northeastern Tanzania, the world-class peak is the highest mountain in Africa and can be viewed all the way from Kenya. June is the best month to visit this trendy spot as you can catch part of the Great Migration, a movement where millions of animals move together across the great Serengeti desert to neighboring Kenya.

If you are looking for a rejuvenating beach spot in one of the best spring break destinations, do not worry, Tanzania offers some of the best beaches in the world. Check out Zanzibar, a pristine white-sand beach, known as the “Spice Island”. Go into town to explore its spice markets and awe-inspiring Arabic architecture. If you want to view a volcano, head on over to Tanzania’s crown jewel, Ngorongoro Crater. As the world’s largest intact volcanic caldera, this haven is home to a wondrous array of wildlife.


From exploring the bountiful wildlife to catching a show at the world-famous Sydney Opera House, it is no wonder that Australia made our list of the best spring break destinations to visit.

Head on over to Fraser Island, the world’s largest sand island, for your first stop in this beautiful country. Next, grab your snorkel and scuba gear and catch a boat to the world’s largest organism, the Great Barrier Reef. This ginormous reef is larger than the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Holland combined! Later, check out the Pink Lakes scattered throughout this desert land.

If you are more of a city explorer, head over to Melbourne which is seen as the world’s top livable city. Check out nearby St. Kilda to check out uniquely hidden rooftop bars and graffiti-lined streets. Looking for a tropical island paradise? Australia is home to Base Magnetic Island where you will find historical (Insta-worthy) walking trails leading right to your doorstep. To view towering waterfalls, gigantic gorges, and stunning, natural swimming holes, check out Noosa National Park!


While vacationing in Madrid or Barcelona has long been popular, Spain boasts many other areas that are quickly gaining attention as some of the best spring break destinations.

To start off, you will want to check out the stunning beaches in Spain. With countless pristine, sand beaches, the Spanish beaches are one of the many reasons why so many vacationers flock to the most romantic places in Spain. Another top reason to visit is the world-renowned food scene. From scrumptious tapas to Jamon, the local market food will feed you in all the right ways.

Spain is also home to a weird array of festivals. Everyone knows that the Spanish people love to party, however, they are especially talented in partying in weird ways. Want to stomp your feet on tomatoes? They have a festival for that. Want to burn paper mache statues? Spain will help you with that too! While here, make sure to also check out the magical rooftop bars boasted throughout numerous Spanish cities.


Canada boasts plenty of great city spots and awe-inspiring natural attractions leading it to be one of the best spring break destinations for every style of traveler.

One of the top reasons to visit this amazing country is to take advantage of the wonderful outdoors. With plenty of lands to spare, Canada is the second-largest country in the world (with a relatively small population). Consequently, the majority of the beautiful, natural landscape has remained untouched. Some of the most popular outdoor activities here include camping, skiing, fishing, golfing, hiking, kayaking, and climbing.

If you are more inclined to stay in the city, Vancouver and Toronto offer magnificent events and festivals. You can also check out Canada’s rich French heritage as you roam the streets of the Quebec and Ontario regions. Canada’s rich history with a distinct heritage makes it one of the top, unique tourist destinations. If vacationing by the coast make sure to go whale watching at one of the local piers or boat tour services!


Brazil boasts many popular destinations like Rio de Janeiro displayed above and Sao Paulo, however, this expansive country has much more to offer for the best spring break destinations than just its big cities.

As one of the largest, most diverse, countries in the world, Brazil has one of the most successful economies on Earth. This magnificent country is filled with plenty of history, culture, religion, and amazing sports teams. You can find intriguing plants and animals along with friendly local citizens. First, stop by one of the many to-die-for beaches. With more than 1500 Brazilian beaches, it may prove to be fairly difficult to figure out which one to see first.

Other than beaches, Brazil offers a world-famous Carnival that is a must-see. Filled with ridiculous costumes, street dancing and parties are carried out until dawn at this famous Carnival. Also, as home to the amazing Amazon Rainforest, visit Brazil to see the world-renowned haven for the highest biodiversity of plant and animal species in the world. Finally, make sure to attend one of the famous soccer games on the local teams. Soccer fans from around the world flock to Brazil just to witness their favorite team play.

Czech Republic

While you will definitely need to spend a couple of days in the beautiful city of Prague shown up above, the Czech Republic has a lot more to offer than seen at first glance for the best spring break destinations.

With magical castles, great beer, and unique cultural and heritage sites, it is a no-brainer to visit this magnificent country. With over 2,000 countries within the Czech Republic, this country holds the largest density of castles found in all of Europe. After you spend a couple of days in Prague, head out to the small city of Kutna Hora. Here you will find the famous Bone Church home to the bones of somewhere between 40,000 and 70,000 people, formally known as Sedlec Ossuary.

Also coined the “beer country”, the Czech Republic is also a large producer of fine wine. Visit the Moravian region to view the rolling hills of lush vineyards that are flourishing in the warm climate found in the Czech Republic. If you are into literature, you will be pleased to learn that the Czech Republic was home to the famous author Franz Kafka, well known for his books The Metamorphosis, The Trial, and The Castle.


With Big Ben and bright, red telephone booths, London may be the most recognizable city, but do not discount the rest of the breathtaking country of England for its best spring break destinations.

First off, you will get to see the gorgeous coastline that surrounds the country. From Northumberland’s magical wild coastline to the populated Cornwall beaches, England will leave you in awe after visiting. Next, stop by the relaxing English countryside. Offering peaceful rolling hills as far as the eyes see, you are practically guaranteed to fall in love with the beautiful, green landscape.

Later, head over to the Lake District which is a National Park found in the North West region of England. With glistening lakes surrounded by rocky hilltops and mountains, you will be swept away by the romance found in the region. If you are an avid history buff, you can check out the countless sites offered in England.

From ancient castle ruins to the world-famous, prehistoric Stonehenge, it will be impossible to catch glimpses of all the historical sites. Also known as a haven for art lovers and partiers alike, England truly is the destination to visit soon!


Japan has been buzzing for some of its best spring break destinations since the announcement of the 2020 Olympics.

This country is an amazing tourist destination as it boasts many unique opportunities that you can not find anywhere else in the world. The Japanese culture is a fascinating blend of Eastern traditions and Western modernity as one of the oldest civilizations in the world.

The first notable attraction in Japan is the natural beauty of the country. While most people associate Japan with a highly modern and tech-friendly country, there are countless ways to enjoy the wilderness as a nature lover.

If you are looking to stay in the numerous, downtown areas, you will love the local and commercial shopping scene. Tokyo and other main cities of Japan boast world-class shopping malls as well as local, traditional markets where you can search for local souvenirs. Foodies will love this destination as Japan loves to feed its tourists with exquisite, authentic Japanese food.

Check out the local sake bars and sushi conveyor belts to fully experience this country. If you are a history buff, check out the beautiful temples and zen gardens sprinkled throughout Japan. These historic landmarks are incredibly beautiful and if you can enter them, you will truly experience how relaxing and magical these places are.


Known as the “destination of your Instagram dreams”, Portugal offers numerous tourist attractions as it consistently ranks as one of the best spring break destinations.

While Portugal may be one of the oldest countries in Europe, you can find a wide array of architectural styles throughout their land. Portugal has the most authentic and breathtaking medieval villages, romantic palaces, castles, and farmhouses. The top cities to see in this country are by far Lisbon, Porto, and Sintra. Afterward, head over to Douro Valley where you can enjoy a stroll through ancient vineyards while sipping on delicious wine.

Ride a tram over to the sea to catch a glimpse at one of Portugal’s awe-inspiring sunsets. If you have the angler’s touch, test out your fishing skills along the coast, known as the biggest fishing zone in Europe. If you are looking to visit a festival, head to both Lisboa and Porto to attend festivities along Portugal’s famous cobblestone streets.

Artists of all skill levels can try out Azulejos, your next design obsession. A famous style of tile art, Azulejos can be seen on a multitude of historic buildings and modern design installments throughout Portugal.


It may seem obvious to include Italy in this list of the best spring break destinations, but Italy truly offers the complete tourist a serene paradise.

Overflowing with culture, food, wine, history, lakes, beaches, mountains, and more, one can spend the rest of their days in Italy. Check out the famous historic monuments found in Rome. Stop by the world-famous Colosseum, once used by the ancient Roman civilization. While you are there, check out the Pantheon and Forum in Rome to see the full picture and might of the ancient Roman civilization.

If you are looking for a nature getaway, head on over to one of the plentiful lakes in northern Italy. Whether visiting Lake Como, Lake Maggiore, or Lake Garda, you will be left in awe of the sheer beauty of the country. Head back into the famous Italian cities to check out the popular art and culture scene. The country was home to the Renaissance movement, meaning Italy was the birthplace and home to renowned painted like Raphael, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and Donatello.

That completes our list of the best spring break destinations to check out for your next vacation.

Pack your suitcase, grab our free printable travel planner, and bring your camera to capture the perfect Instagram pic while on your holiday!

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