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Fascinating Places to Stop on a Canada Road Trip

As the second-biggest country in the world, you can safely state that there are loads of places (popular and uncommon) in Canada for you to explore on a Canada road trip. With the vast amount of land and attractions, you will definitely be spoiled by what Canada has to offer you. With countless places to visit, it may be difficult to know where to stop on your great road trip through Canada.

From the breathtaking Canadian Rockies found in Nova Scotia, Atlantic, and Alberta Canada to bustling urban cities like Quebec, Toronto, and Vancouver, we guarantee you will find plenty of places to stop and enjoy in Canada.

While Canada is more than likely impossible for anyone to see completely in one go, with a bit of planning, you will definitely get an amazing taste of all that Canada has to offer. Before we start our list of top spots, we suggest printing out our popular Travel Planner which is completely free to fully prepare for your exhilarating road trip.

With natural sights, traditional Canadian foods, and breathtaking cities, we will go through the top places to stop on your epic journey through Canada.

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Cathedral Grove

Seeing the best spots in Canada’s British Columbia territory should be first on your list on a Canada road trip through this wonderful country. Located off of British Columbia’s frequently trafficked Highway 4, this first stop will be fairly simple to find on your journey.

While Highway 4 itself is already a sight to see and a super easy route to take if you are already in this Canadian province, Cathedral Grove located in MacMillan Provincial Park is absolutely remarkable. But before we talk about this cornerstone destination, let’s discuss Highway 4.

The super scenic coastal drive along Highway 4 boasts the most beautiful wilderness and wildlife in the Pacific Northwest region. While you will need to keep your eyes on the local weather, this area is definitely milder than some of the other areas we will be discussing in this article. Thus, no matter what time of year you are planning your road trip, you will for sure have a great time!

Once you arrive in Cathedral Grove, you will be awe-struct. As one of the best places in all of Canada, you will enjoy a scenic hike right along the shores of Cameron Lake. Also, Cathedral Grove is home to ginormous Douglas fir trees (as shown above) that are giant and definitely worth the trip. If you are sore from the hike, look northwest of Nanaimo for a perfect spot to give your legs a break.

Cape Breton

Next on our list of must-see stops on your Canada road trip adventure is at Cape Breton Highlands National Park in Nova Scotia.

Located smack dab on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia, you can enjoy a variety of trails that road trippers from all over North America love. To enjoy some of the best views along Canada’s Atlantic Coast, check out either the Skyline Trail or the Cabot Trail. You can also check out the beautiful Insta-worthy Louisburg Lighthouse, too.

To fully experience what this breathtaking area has to offer, you should definitely spend some time discovering the great outdoors at Cape Breton Highlands National Park. Enjoy some whale watching experiences after booking one of the highly sought after excursions and try to spot the mighty marine wildlife in the area.

Later, make sure to discover all the best, secret places in Nova Scotia. If you are touring Canada on the East Coast for your road trip, make sure to make this awe-inspiring spot one of your must-see stops!


For our next fascinating stop on a Canada road trip, we recommend vising Squamish, a small town located in Vancouver, Canada.

The Vancouver territory in Canada is already a breathtaking area to explore the great outdoors. However, we highly recommend stopping in Squamish if you are in the area. If you are based in Whistler for a couple of days, take the seaplane over to Vancouver Island to enjoy an incredible flight to a highly-sought-after destination in the world.

If you would prefer just a couple hour stop, then we suggest taking the Sea-to-Sky Gondola located in Squamish. After, enjoy a scenic hike to the top of the gorgeous mountains. This amazing gondola rises to an elevation of 2,900 feet in approximately 10 minutes. That is a long time to take in the breathtaking views Squamish has to offer its favorite visitors from around the world. You will also be pleased to find out the Gondola stops at the Summit Lodge where you can rejuvenate on your journey.


After you fantastic stop in Squamish, head on over to Vancouver for a few days and stay to explore an amazing city (don’t worry, you will still see beautiful natural sites!).

Perched right along the western coast of Canada, there are countless activities for everyone to enjoy on a Canada road trip. First, for nature enthusiasts, make sure to stop at the famous Capilano Suspension Bridge. Around 25-minutes from Vancouver’s city center, you will definitely want to check out one of the oldest bridges in the region. We suggest arriving earlier in the morning to avoid the rush of vacationers looking to see the iconic bridge.

Later, head over to Granville Island to truly discover what Vancouver is all about. After, go on and visit Grouse Mountain while enjoying a bite to eat at one of Vancouver’s epic restaurants and eateries. Make sure to explore Chinatown in Vancouver too! Chinatown is one of Vancouver’s oldest districts and maybe the largest across the entire North American continent. If you are artsy, you will want to stop at the world-renowned Vancouver Art Gallery. Here you will see countless displays of the areas well-known art.

Niagara Falls

While the famous vacation spot of Canada may not be the first stop on your Canada road trip, you definitely should not forget about the breathtaking Niagara Falls.

Known as one of the most majestic Wonders of the World, Niagara Falls should definitely find its way onto everyone’s travel bucket list. This ginormous waterfall offers a uniquely extraordinary experience where you can stand beside the falls as the water storms over the edge of a natural cliff, spraying mist on everything in sight (including you!). So make sure to pack a nice rain jacket or poncho to keep you dry on your amazing visit to Niagara Falls.

While in the area, you can definitely visit more of Niagara Falls State Park found across the border than the three towering waterfalls you probably came to witness. With over 400 acres to discover, grab your friends and family to head out on a hike through the wilderness and learn what eastern Canada has to offer. For an awe-inspiring view, make sure to head over to the Observation Tower found right across the border in Niagara Falls State Park.

One of the more popular attractions is the Maid of the Mist boat cruise. You can either access boat tours from Canada or New York. Equipped with a poncho you will need to prepare yourself for an up-close and personal journey into the rushing falls. Also, make sure to check out Canada’s spectacular Horseshoe Falls.

Canadian Badlands

If you are from the United States, you have definitely heard of the Badlands National Park. While similar to the park found in South Dakota, the Canadian Badlands take the natural landscape to the next level on a Canada road trip.

Located in the Alberta territory right around the area known as Medicine Hat, the Badlands is definitely a unique, fascinating stop you’re gonna want to make on your epic road trip adventure. For some of the best views boasted in the area, we recommend visiting Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park where you can enjoy a nice hike.

Immediately after, stop in neighboring Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park on your Canada road trip. Here you will be able to discover all this beautiful natural formation has to offer its worldwide visitors. The Badlands are for sure a must-stop to hike and climb around to slowly take in some of the most outstanding places found in Canada. After, make sure to check out some of the other popular hiking spots sprinkled throughout Alberta. This is a fantastic province to explore, especially during the warm summer months.

Banff National Park

Would this list of top stops on a Canada road trip truly be complete without Banff National Park? We didn’t think so.

Found slightly west of Calgary, Banff National Park is definitely one of the most famous, best Insta-worthy places to visit while enjoying your road trip in Canada. Once here, you are gonna want to explore Sunshine Village for some intense skiing. Later, check out the Canadian Rockies from above on one of the popular helicopter excursions offered in the area.

If you are looking for a place to stay in the most scenic spot on a Canada road trip, check into the Fairmont Lake Louise to rest your head. In the morning, head out to the bubble lake of Lake Abraham and hike the region surrounding Canmore. Finally, head over to Johnston Canyon to see some cool nature sits just outside the National Park limits.

While the area boasts numerous scenic lakes, we recommend stopping at the oh-so-popular Vermillion Lakes and Moraine Lake on a Canada road trip to truly enjoy what Banff National Park has to offer.

That completes our list of the top vacation spots to stop at on your Canada road trip.

Whether starting in the western, central, or eastern provinces, there is definitely plenty to see on your adventure.

These top places to stop on a Canada road trip are our favorite must-see stops throughout the vast country. Do not feel pressured to see them all, but stopping at a few scenic areas won’t hurt ya! Plus, you will make some amazing memories and snap breathtaking photos that will last forever while on your vacation.

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