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Carnival Splendor Cabins to Avoid: Expert Tips & Tricks

Planning a cruise on the Carnival Splendor? Before you set sail, it’s crucial to know which cabins to avoid. We’ve done the research for you, so you can make an informed decision and have the best possible experience onboard.

From cramped spaces to noisy locations, we’ll help you steer clear of the Carnival Splendor cabins to avoid.

Carnival Splendor Cabins to Avoid

Avoid Cabins Above/Below Public Areas and Near Crew Areas

If you want to have a peaceful and relaxing experience onboard the Carnival Splendor, it’s best to avoid booking cabins located above or below public areas. These areas tend to be bustling with fun cruise activity, which can result in unwanted noise filtering into your cabin. Instead, opt for cabins that are situated away from these high-traffic zones.

Similarly, if privacy and minimal noise disturbance are important to you during your cruise, it’s advisable to steer clear of cabins near crew areas. Crew members work around the clock to ensure smooth operations on the ship, but their activities can generate some noise that might disrupt your tranquility. By choosing a cabin away from crew spaces, you can enjoy a quieter environment throughout your voyage.

When selecting a cabin location on the Carnival Splendor or any other cruise ship, it’s crucial to consider proximity to public areas and crew spaces. Here are some reasons why avoiding these areas is beneficial:

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Quieter Atmosphere

By staying away from cabins above or below public areas such as restaurants, theaters, or nightclubs, you’ll minimize the chances of being disturbed by loud music or voices. This will allow you to relax in peace and get a good night’s sleep without any disruptions.

Enhanced Privacy

Cabins near crew areas may have increased foot traffic due to crew members going about their daily tasks. Choosing a cabin farther away from these spaces ensures greater privacy and reduces the likelihood of encountering staff members frequently passing by your room.

More Space

Cabins located near public areas or crew spaces may be smaller in size compared to other cabins on the ship. If having ample square footage is important to you, opting for a cabin in quieter sections of the ship will likely provide more space for you to move around comfortably. Make sure to review the Carnival Splendor cruise floor plan before you book.

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Stay Away from Cabins Near Elevators and Anchor

If you’re looking for a peaceful and quiet stay aboard the Carnival Splendor, it’s important to choose your cabin wisely. Two areas to avoid are cabins near elevators and those close to the anchor. Let’s dive into why these locations may not be ideal for a serene cruise experience.

Keep away from cabins near elevators for a quieter stay without constant foot traffic noise onboard the Carnival Splendor.

Cabins located near elevators can be quite noisy due to the constant flow of passengers coming and going. If you’re sensitive to noise or simply prefer a more tranquil environment, it’s best to steer clear of these cabins. Instead, opt for accommodations that are further away from the elevator area.


  • Enjoy a quieter atmosphere without the disturbance of foot traffic.
  • Have a more relaxing and peaceful stay in your cabin.


  • May require walking longer distances to reach the elevator.
  • Limited availability as these cabins are often in high demand due to their convenience.

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Avoid booking cabins close to anchor areas if you are sensitive to noise disturbances during docking procedures on the Carnival Splendor.

When the ship docks at various ports, there can be some noise associated with anchoring procedures. This noise is particularly noticeable in cabins located close to the anchor area. If you’re someone who is easily disturbed by external sounds, it’s advisable to choose accommodations that are farther away from this section of the ship.


  • Minimize disruptions during docking procedures.
  • Enjoy a more peaceful atmosphere during port stops.


  • Limited availability as these cabins may be popular among guests seeking proximity to certain amenities or activities.
  • May require walking longer distances depending on your desired destinations on board.

Carnival Splendor cabins to avoid

Enjoy a more peaceful atmosphere by selecting cabins that are not in proximity to elevators or the anchor on the Carnival Splendor.

By avoiding cabins near elevators and anchor areas, you can enhance your cruise experience by ensuring a quieter and more serene environment. These cabins are often in high demand, so it’s advisable to book early to secure the best possible accommodations for your preferences.

To summarize, if you value peace and tranquility during your Carnival Splendor cruise, it’s recommended to stay away from cabins near elevators and anchor areas. By doing so, you can enjoy a more relaxing atmosphere without constant foot traffic noise or disturbances during docking procedures. Choose wisely and make the most of your time onboard!

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Watch Out for Obstructed View Cabins and Noisy Rooms

There are a few things you should watch out for. One of the key considerations is avoiding obstructed view cabins, as they may hinder your ability to enjoy the breathtaking ocean views. Noisy rooms can disrupt your peaceful vacation experience. Let’s dive into these points and explore how you can avoid disappointment during your cruise.

Be Cautious of Obstructed View Cabins

If you’re dreaming of waking up to stunning ocean vistas from your cabin window, it’s crucial to be cautious about booking an obstructed view cabin on the Carnival Splendor. These cabins typically have some sort of obstruction that limits or partially blocks your view of the sea. It could be a lifeboat, a railing, or any other structure that obstructs the scenery.

To ensure an unobstructed view, consider choosing cabins located higher up on the ship and away from potential obstructions. Cabins with balconies often provide a clear line of sight without any barriers. However, keep in mind that these cabins might come at a higher price point compared to interior rooms.

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Stay Away from Noisy Rooms

If you’re a light sleeper or simply value tranquility during your vacation, staying away from noisy rooms is essential. The last thing you want is to be disturbed by loud noises throughout the night when all you crave is a good night’s sleep.

Some areas on the ship are more prone to noise than others due to their proximity to high-traffic areas or entertainment venues. To ensure peace and quiet, choose cabins located away from elevators, stairwells, and popular public spaces like bars or theaters.

Pay attention to the type of cabin layout when selecting your room. Some cabins have connecting doors that can allow sound to travel between rooms more easily. If possible, opt for cabins without connecting doors to minimize noise disturbances.

Selecting the Right Cabin

To sum it up, when booking your cabin on the Carnival Splendor, it’s important to be aware of potential issues with obstructed views and noise. Here are a few key points to consider:

  • Choose cabins located higher up on the ship for unobstructed views.
  • Opt for cabins with balconies if you want a clear line of sight.
  • Avoid cabins near elevators, stairwells, and popular public spaces.
  • Look for cabins without connecting doors to minimize noise disturbances.

By being cautious and selecting the right cabin, you can ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience during your Carnival Splendor cruise. After all, a good night’s sleep and breathtaking ocean views are essential ingredients for an unforgettable vacation at sea!

Carnival Splendor cabins to avoid

Consider Ocean View Rooms and Cove Balconies for Activities

If you’re someone who loves scenic views and natural light while enjoying activities onboard the Carnival Splendor, then opting for ocean view rooms is a fantastic choice. These rooms provide you with breathtaking views of the ocean right from your cabin. Imagine waking up to the sight of endless waves and feeling refreshed as the sunlight pours into your room.

Another option worth considering is booking cove balconies. These cabins offer a more private outdoor space where you can relax and enjoy various activities while cruising with Carnival Splendor. Whether it’s sipping your morning coffee or unwinding with a book, having your own balcony adds an extra touch of luxury to your vacation.

By choosing ocean view rooms or cove balconies, you can enhance your overall onboard experience. Here are some reasons why these options are great for various activities on the Carnival Splendor:

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Scenic Views and Natural Light

Ocean view rooms allow you to soak in stunning views throughout your cruise. You’ll have a front-row seat to witness mesmerizing sunrises and sunsets over the open waters. The ever-changing scenery will make each moment memorable, whether you’re lounging in bed or getting ready for a day full of adventure.

Private Outdoor Space

Cove balconies provide a secluded area where you can enjoy privacy while still being able to take part in onboard activities. It’s like having your own little oasis at sea! You can step outside onto your balcony whenever you want, whether it’s for some fresh air or simply to admire the beautiful surroundings.

Accessibility to Onboard Amenities

Both ocean view rooms and cove balconies offer easy access to various amenities on the ship. For instance, if you’re staying in an ocean view room on one of the higher decks, you’ll be just steps away from the pool deck, lounge areas, and other popular spots on the ship.

Relaxation and Recreation

Having an ocean view room or cove balcony also means you can take advantage of the onboard pools and lounging areas. After a day of exploring, you can unwind by the pool on the Lido Deck or find a cozy spot to relax with a drink in hand. These options provide the perfect balance between relaxation and recreation.

best rooms on Carnival Splendor

Tips for Booking the Right Carnival Splendor Cabin

Now that you know which cabins to avoid on the Carnival Splendor, it’s time to focus on booking the right cabin for your upcoming cruise. Remember, your cabin choice can greatly impact your overall experience onboard. To ensure a comfortable and enjoyable trip, consider these tips:

Firstly, prioritize your preferences. Think about what matters most to you – whether it’s having a balcony with stunning ocean views or being close to the ship’s amenities. Secondly, do thorough research and read reviews from fellow cruisers. Their insights can provide valuable information about specific cabins and their pros and cons.

Lastly, don’t hesitate to reach out to a travel agent or Carnival Splendor representative who can guide you through the cabin selection process based on your preferences and budget. They have insider knowledge that can help you make an informed decision.

Remember, choosing the right cabin is just one piece of the puzzle when planning a memorable cruise vacation. Take advantage of these tips, plan ahead, and get ready for an incredible adventure aboard the Carnival Splendor!

FAQs on Carnival Splendor Cabins to Avoid

Can I request a specific cabin location?

Yes, you can request a specific cabin location when booking your Carnival Splendor cruise. However, please note that requests are subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed. It’s always best to book early if you have specific preferences.

Are there any benefits to booking an obstructed view cabin?

While obstructed view cabins may not offer unobstructed views of the ocean or scenery outside, they often come at a lower price point compared to other cabin categories. If having a view is not high on your priority list or if you’re looking for more affordable options, an obstructed view cabin could be worth considering.

Are cove balconies worth it?

Cove balconies on the Carnival Splendor are located closer to sea level than regular balconies and offer more privacy. They also provide a unique vantage point, allowing you to be closer to the water. Many cruisers find cove balconies to be a great value for the price and highly enjoyable for relaxation and taking in the views.

Can I change my cabin after booking?

Yes, it is possible to change your cabin after booking, but it will depend on availability and any applicable fees or penalties. It’s best to contact Carnival Splendor or your travel agent as soon as possible if you wish to make changes to your cabin assignment.

Is it worth upgrading from an inside cabin to an ocean view room?

The decision to upgrade from an inside cabin to an ocean view room depends on your personal preferences and budget. Ocean view rooms offer natural light and the ability to see outside, which some guests find enhances their cruise experience. If having a view is important to you, upgrading may be worth considering.