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Carnival Sunshine Rooms to Avoid: Choose Your Stateroom Wisely!

Ahoy, fellow cruise enthusiasts! 🚢 If you’re anything like me, the mere mention of a cruise sends visions of piña coladas, sun-soaked decks, and ocean breezes dancing through your head.

Grab your captain’s hat, a free cruise planner, and maybe a cocktail (I won’t judge 😉), and let’s dive deep into the decks to find those Carnival Sunshine rooms to avoid that you might just want to think twice about.

carnival sunshine rooms to avoid

Carnival Sunshine’s Room Layout

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of which rooms might be the proverbial ‘anchors’ weighing down your vacation experience, it’s a good idea to get familiar with the ship’s layout.

Trust me; it’s like understanding the blueprint of a massive floating hotel—and it’s kinda cool!

Types of Rooms on Board:

  • Interior Rooms: These are the most budget-friendly options. Think of them as cozy cocoons without windows—perfect for those who prefer pitch-black for a good night’s sleep.
  • Oceanview Rooms: Want a sneak peek of the ocean without stepping out? Here you go! These rooms come with windows but remember, the size and clarity of that view can vary.
  • Balcony Rooms: Ah, the luxury of sipping your morning coffee with the ocean breeze in your hair. These rooms have their private outdoor space. Priceless! (Well, not really, but you get the gist.)
  • Suites: For those who like to cruise in style. Larger spaces, more amenities, and often, stunning views. If you’re looking to splurge, this is your pick.

General Ship Deck Layout:

Now, imagine a multi-storied building (just floating). The Carnival Sunshine has several decks, each with its unique set of rooms, amenities, and activities.

The top decks usually house the pools, entertainment areas, and restaurants. As you go down, you’ll find more rooms and key amenities. The very bottom? That’s typically where the engines and crew areas are.

Here’s a tip: Grab a deck plan from Carnival’s official website or your booking agent. It’s like having a map of a theme park—helping you figure out where everything is!

Alright, shipmates, now that we’ve got our bearings straight, it’s time to delve into the rooms that might need a second thought before booking. Ready to set sail on this information voyage? Let’s go!

norwegian dawn interior stateroom

Common Concerns with Cruise Ship Rooms

Okay, my fellow sailors, it’s storytime! Imagine this: You’ve just had a fabulous day sunbathing and now you’re ready to dive into bed. But wait! What’s that?

Salsa beats from the dance club two floors above? Or perhaps it’s the early-morning crew activities that sound like a team of tap-dancing elves right outside your door? Don’t laugh – these are real concerns when you’re on a floating city!

Before we drop anchor on the specific rooms of Carnival Sunshine to be wary of, let’s first chat about some universal cruise room concerns:

The Noise Factor:

  • Neighboring Entertainment: Whether it’s music from a club or a game on the sports deck, noise can travel in mysterious ways on a ship.
  • Chatty Neighbors: Sometimes, it’s not the ship but our fellow passengers. Thin walls can make your room feel like it’s in the middle of a bustling market!
  • Operational Sounds: Ever heard the anchor drop at an ungodly hour? Or the constant hum of machinery? Yep, these can be real wake-up calls.

Vibration Station:

  • Engine Rumbles: The lower and farther back you go, the closer you are to the engine, which can sometimes feel like a mini earthquake. Motion sickness tablets, anyone?
  • Propeller Pulsations: The aft (that’s ship talk for ‘rear’) can sometimes get a rhythmic thump, especially when the ship’s at full speed.

The Not-So-Great Views:

  • Obstructed Scenery: Imagine expecting a panoramic ocean view and getting… a lifeboat. Or a part of the ship’s structure. Not the Instagram moment you were hoping for!
  • Limited Visibility: Some windows can be smaller than expected, giving you just a tiny peek of the outside.

Busy Bee Locations:

  • Elevator Encounters: Being close to elevators might seem convenient until it becomes Grand Central Station at all hours.
  • Main Activity Madness: Close to the pool or buffet? Sounds fun until it’s swarming with people and you’re craving some peace and quiet.

Alright, deep breath! It might seem like a lot, but remember, knowledge is power (or in this case, the power to nap in peace). And now that we’re armed with this info, let’s plunge into the specific rooms on Carnival Sunshine where these pesky pirates, I mean problems, might arise.

girl who cannot fall asleep

Carnival Sunshine Rooms to Avoid

Alright, savvy sailors, now that we’ve covered the general pitfalls of cruise ship room selection, let’s get specific about our beloved Carnival Sunshine. Remember, everyone’s experience is subjective, so one person’s deal-breaker might be another’s “Eh, not a biggie.” Still, being forewarned is forearmed, right?

Noise-related Concerns:

  • Rooms Directly Below the Lido Deck: Ah, the Lido deck, where everything happens! However, a room right below might just get you an unwelcome invitation to every pool party, shuffleboard game, or midnight moonwalk. And don’t even get me started on the early morning deck chair shuffle—it’s like a herd of tiny elephants having a dance-off!
  • Near the Atrium: While the atrium is the heart of the ship, filled with stunning light displays and events, having a room close by can sometimes feel like living next to Times Square on New Year’s Eve.
  • Elevator Entrances & Service Areas: Constant foot traffic, dinging bells, and carts wheeling by? Might be a recipe for a series of naps rather than one good night’s sleep staying in this noisy stateroom!

Vibration-related Concerns:

  • Aft (Rear) Cabins: While some love the unique view from the back of the ship, these rooms can sometimes come with a side of rhythmic pulsations, especially when Captain is gunning for speed.
  • Lower Deck Near Engines: While being close to the ground (or, in this case, water) might feel steadier, it also puts you close to the ship’s machinery, which can hum and buzz more than a summer’s night in the countryside.

View-related Concerns:

  • Obstructed Balcony Rooms: There’s nothing like the anticipation of opening your curtains to an expansive ocean view, only to find a lifeboat hanging out like an uninvited guest. If the view is your thing, double-check those room specs!
  • Some Oceanview Rooms: While they promise a peek at the vast blue, certain oceanview rooms might offer more of a “sliver” than a “sweep” due to their positioning or window size.

Accessibility & Convenience:

  • Remote Corners: Some rooms might feel like they’re in a different time zone from the main attractions. Great for seclusion, not so much for those midnight snack runs to the buffet.
  • Far from Elevators: For those with mobility concerns, being a long corridor away from the elevator can be less of a stroll and more of a trek.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Carnival Sunshine is a fabulous ship with plenty of fantastic rooms! But knowing potential pitfalls can ensure your voyage is smooth sailing all the way. Remember the golden rule: a little research goes a long way!

carnival sunshine best rooms

Carnival Sunshine’s Best Rooms to Book

Every cruiser dreams of that picture-perfect room—the one with breathtaking views, a dash of luxury, and a prime location.

Fortunately, the Carnival Sunshine boasts some real gems that check all those boxes and more. Whether you’re splurging on a special occasion or just want the finest the ship has to offer, these rooms are sure to elevate your cruising experience.

Havana Cabanas:

  • Nestled on a secluded part of the ship, the Havana Cabanas are an exclusive haven. Each features a private patio with a hammock and direct access to the Havana pool area. Talk about lounging in style!

Cloud 9 Spa Staterooms & Suites:

  • A treat for wellness enthusiasts! These rooms are not only designed with relaxation in mind but also offer exclusive amenities and priority access to the Cloud 9 Spa. Picture plush robes, Elemis toiletries, and a room ambiance that spells tranquility.

Premium Vista Balcony:

  • These corner rooms provide an unparalleled wraparound view of the ocean. With generous balcony space and panoramic vistas, it’s like having your private piece of paradise on the high seas.

Grand Suites:

  • If space is a luxury, then the Grand Suites are the epitome of opulence on the Carnival Sunshine. Boasting spacious living areas, expansive balconies, and VIP check-in, these rooms are a perfect blend of comfort and extravagance.

Aft-View Extended Balcony Staterooms:

  • Located at the rear of the ship, these rooms offer a unique and uninterrupted view of the ship’s wake as it cuts through the deep blue. The extended balcony ensures you have plenty of space to soak in the scenery, sip on a drink, or simply daydream.

Family Harbor Staterooms & Suites:

  • Tailored for families, these rooms provide additional sleeping areas and a convenient location near Camp Ocean. Plus, guests of the Family Harbor receive exclusive access to the Family Harbor Lounge—a cozy retreat with snacks, games, and more.

The Carnival Sunshine, with its myriad of room options, caters to every kind of cruiser. Whether you’re looking for a romantic hideaway, a wellness retreat, or a family-friendly space, this ship ensures you find your perfect match.

And remember, no matter which room you pick, the magic of the open ocean and the allure of distant shores will always be the real stars of the show.

Carnival sunshine sunset

Tips for Landing the Perfect Carnival Sunshine Stateroom

Okay, fellow travelers, so we’ve gone through the nitty-gritty of what might throw a tiny wrench in our perfect cruise plans. But fear not!

Just as every cloud has a silver lining, every ship, including the Carnival Sunshine, has its dream rooms. Here’s your compass to make sure you’re pointed in the right direction:

Deck Plan Detective Work:

  • Consult the Blueprint: Almost every cruise website has a deck plan. It’s like your personal Marauder’s Map, revealing every nook and cranny of the ship. Use the Carnival Sunshine deck plan to visualize where your potential room is in relation to all the action.

Seek Out the Wisdom of the Masses:

  • Read Reviews: Fellow cruisers love sharing their experiences—both good and bad. Platforms like CruiseCritic or even TripAdvisor can be goldmines for real-world feedback.
  • Engage in Forums: Have a specific question? Dive into cruise forums! There’s a whole community out there ready to drop some wisdom.

Dial It Up:

  • Reach Out: Whether it’s the cruise line directly or your trusty travel agent, sometimes a quick call can clear up any room-related riddles. They often have inside information about which rooms are most popular and why.

Prioritize YOUR Needs:

  • Quiet Seeker or Party Lover? Some want to be in the heart of it all, while others crave serenity. Decide what’s important for your vacation vibe.
  • View vs. Value: Determine if you’re someone who’ll spend a lot of time enjoying the view or if you’d rather save some bucks for fun excursions.

Flexibility is Your Friend:

  • Be Open: Sometimes, the best rooms get snapped up quickly. Having a couple of options in mind can save you from disappointment.
  • Early Bird or Last Minute? Booking way in advance can secure prime spots. However, sometimes last-minute bookings can also offer unexpected upgrades!

Cruising is all about unwinding, and nothing sets the tone better than a room that feels just right. Whether you’re sipping a cocktail on your balcony, gazing at the ocean, or simply snuggling in for a movie night, remember: it’s your personal haven on the high seas. So, take a tad bit of time to pick wisely!

carnival sunshine slide

Sailing on Sunshine: The Top Features of the Carnival Sunshine

After all the cautionary tales, it’s time to remember why we’re talking about the Carnival Sunshine in the first place: because she’s one fantastic ship! This floating marvel is packed with experiences that will make your vacation truly memorable. Let’s set those potential room snafus aside for a moment and dive into the glittering highlights of this oceanic gem:


  • Make a splash with the ship’s onboard water park! From spiraling waterslides to the delightful PowerDrencher, it’s an aquatic adventure waiting to happen.

Serenity Adult-Only Retreat:

  • Need a break from the energetic vibe? This oasis is reserved for those 21 and over, offering a peaceful escape with plush loungers, whirlpools, and a bar for those refreshing cocktails.


  • Challenge friends and family to a game of mini-golf, basketball, or even a round on the ropes course! It’s a playground for the active traveler.

Cloud 9 Spa:

  • Indulge in a little ‘me-time’ with a range of treatments from massages to facials. The thermal suites and thalassotherapy pool are the cherries on top of this relaxing sundae.

Dining Delights:

  • From the tantalizing tastes of Fahrenheit 555 Steakhouse to the spicy flair of BlueIguana Cantina, the Carnival Sunshine ensures your taste buds are on a journey of their own. Not to forget the delectable bites from Guy’s Burger Joint that has everyone coming back for more.

Entertainment Extravaganza:

  • Whether you’re into captivating musicals, side-splitting comedy acts, or groovy dance clubs, there’s an entertainment option for every mood. The Liquid Lounge is the place to be for show-stopping performances.

Hasbro, The Game Show:

  • Take family game night to a whole new level. Participate in real-life versions of your favorite Hasbro games and become a part of the exhilarating action.

Camp Ocean:

  • Traveling with the little ones? Camp Ocean offers a range of supervised activities for kids, ensuring they have as much fun as the adults (if not more!).

The Carnival Sunshine isn’t just a ship—it’s a floating city bursting with excitement, relaxation, and everything in between. It’s a testament to Carnival’s dedication to ensuring each guest, no matter which room they’re in, has the time of their life on the high seas. So, get ready to soak in the sun and sail away on an unforgettable journey!

noisiest staterooms

FAQs: Carnival Sunshine Rooms to Avoid

Why should I be concerned about the location of my room on Carnival Sunshine?

Just like in a hotel, location can influence noise levels, view quality, and accessibility to key amenities. While Carnival Sunshine offers fantastic accommodations, being informed about potential room pitfalls can ensure you have the smoothest and most enjoyable cruise experience.

Are lower deck rooms more prone to noise and vibrations?

Lower deck rooms, especially those towards the rear (aft) of the ship, can sometimes be closer to the engines, leading to a bit more noise and vibration. However, some cruisers actually find the gentle hum of the ship soothing!

I’ve booked an ocean view room. Will I have an obstructed view?

Not all ocean view rooms have obstructions. However, some might have lifeboats or other ship structures limiting the view. It’s best to consult the ship’s deck plan or ask when booking to ensure you get the view you’re hoping for.

Are rooms near elevators and staircases noisy?

Rooms immediately adjacent to elevators or staircases can experience more foot traffic, potentially leading to a bit more noise. If you’re a light sleeper, you might want to choose a room a bit further away from these high-traffic areas.

Is it better to book rooms at the front (bow) or back (aft) of the ship?

It depends on personal preference. The bow might experience more motion, while the aft could have slight vibrations from the engines. However, both areas offer unique views and can be quieter than mid-ship rooms since they’re farther from main activities.

I’m sensitive to motion sickness. Where should I book my room?

If you’re prone to motion sickness, it’s generally recommended to book a room on a lower deck and towards the middle (midship) of the ship. This area tends to experience the least motion.

Are all balcony rooms created equal?

Not necessarily. Some balcony rooms might have partially or fully obstructed views, while others could be more exposed to public areas. Again, it’s wise to check the ship’s deck plan or consult reviews to get a sense of the balcony’s privacy and view.

I love activities and want to be in the heart of the action. Where should I book?

If you want to be close to the main attractions, consider rooms near the Lido deck or main activity areas. Just be prepared for a bit more noise, especially during peak activity times.

I’ve heard about ‘guaranteed cabins.’ Are they risky?

When you book a ‘guaranteed cabin,’ you’re guaranteed a room in the category you’ve chosen (or possibly higher), but you won’t have control over its specific location. This means you could get a fantastic spot or one that’s less desirable. It’s a bit of a gamble, but it often comes with a reduced rate.

Can I request a room change if I’m unhappy with my assigned room?

While the cruise staff will do their best to accommodate your needs, room changes on board are subject to availability. If room location is a major concern, it’s best to address this during the booking process rather than waiting to board.