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Celebrity Apex Cabins to Avoid: Comprehensive Guide

As one of the crown jewels of Celebrity Cruises, the Apex boasts an ensemble of luxurious amenities, cutting-edge design, and world-class experiences that make it a sought-after choice for sea wanderers around the globe. 

Just like how you don’t want to forget those top cruise essentials, you will also want to review the top cabins to avoid.

So, grab a free cruise planner and anchors aweigh, dear reader! Let’s dive deep into the world of Celebrity Apex rooms to avoid and find that perfect spot for you to call home on the high seas. 🌊🌟

Celebrity Apex rooms to avoid

Understanding Celebrity Apex’s Layout

When you first lay eyes on the Celebrity Apex, it’s easy to be mesmerized by its sheer elegance and innovative design. But, beneath the aesthetic beauty lies a meticulously crafted layout, designed not just for visual appeal but also for functionality and passenger experience.

The Ship’s Structural Overview:

The Celebrity Apex, following its sister ship, the Celebrity Edge, is built on the revolutionary Edge Class blueprint. With 14 passenger decks and a unique outward-facing design, the ship emphasizes connecting travelers with the sea, ensuring breathtaking views and ample natural light in most cabins.

Cabin Categories on Celebrity Apex:

Diversity is key when it comes to accommodation on the Apex. Ranging from the cozy inside cabins to the luxurious Iconic Suites, there’s a space for every kind of traveler:

  • Inside Cabins: For those who prioritize function over views.
  • Ocean View Cabins: Offering a window to the vast expanse of the sea.
  • Veranda Cabins: Adding a private balcony for personal sea gazing moments.
  • Suites: Various levels of luxury, with some boasting expansive outdoor spaces, personal butler services, and more.
  • The Unique Infinite Verandas: A blend between a balcony and an oceanview room, these cabins have bi-fold doors that can be adjusted to expand the living space or create a semi-open balcony.

Notable Public Spaces and Their Locations:

Understanding the ship’s major public spaces can give you an idea of potential high-traffic (and high-noise) areas. Some key zones include:

  • The Resort Deck: With the main pool, loungers, and the Rooftop Garden.
  • The Magic Carpet: This moving platform is a world’s first, serving different purposes depending on the deck it’s positioned.
  • Eden: A multi-level venue at the back of the ship offering daytime relaxation and nighttime entertainment.
  • The Grand Plaza: A central hub for socializing, dining, and entertainment.

Location of Key Amenities:

It’s worth noting where essential amenities like dining venues, entertainment areas, and relaxation zones are. Proximity to these can be both an advantage (convenience) and a disadvantage (potential noise).

With a grasp on the Celebrity Apex’s layout, you’re a step closer to understanding the intricacies of cabin selection. As we delve deeper, remember, every cabin, irrespective of its location, echoes the ship’s promise of luxury and comfort. The goal is to find one that resonates most with your personal preferences and cruising desires. 🌌🚢

celebrity apex cabins to avoid

Why Cabin Selection Matters

There’s a palpable excitement that surges through you as you click the “Book Now” button, isn’t there? It’s the promise of an upcoming adventure, the mysteries of the deep blue, and the thrill of discovery. However, while every cabin on the Celebrity Apex promises a luxurious stay, certain aspects can amplify or diminish your experience based on your choice.

The Location Quotient:

Imagine retiring to your cabin after a night of dancing, only to be kept awake by the beat from the club a floor below. Or, envision being an early riser but having your mornings interrupted by the deck above preparing for the day.

  • Proximity to Amenities: Being close to dining venues, entertainment hubs, or pools can be a boon for convenience but might come with noise implications.
  • Distance from Elevators: Cabins near elevators can be noisy due to the foot traffic. However, they do provide easy accessibility.

The View Drama:

While most cabins promise a beautiful view, some might have obstructions or not provide the panorama you’d expect.

  • Obstructed Views: Lifeboats, structural components, or other parts of the ship might hinder the view in certain cabins.
  • Privacy Concerns: Some balcony cabins might be in direct view of public areas or adjacent cabins.

Space and Comfort:

Though Celebrity Apex is a beacon of luxury, the size and layout of cabins can vary.

  • Cabin Size: Depending on the category, the square footage and layout differ.
  • Balcony Size and Furnishings: Especially important if you’re someone who envisions mornings with coffee gazing out at the sea or evenings with a book in the gentle ocean breeze.

Sensitivity to Motion:

For those prone to seasickness, the ship’s movement can be a crucial factor.

  • Front vs. Back: The ship’s bow (front) tends to feel more motion, while the stern (back) can have vibrations from the ship’s engines.
  • Higher vs. Lower Decks: Cabins on lower decks, closer to the waterline, generally feel less motion than those on higher decks.

The essence of the perfect cruise experience is highly personal. While one traveler might prioritize a room with the best view, another might seek the tranquil corners of the ship. By understanding the nuances of cabin selection, you’re gearing up to make an informed choice that will serve as the backdrop to your memories aboard the Celebrity Apex. 🌊✨

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Specific Celebrity Apex Cabins to Avoid

Before diving in, let’s establish a foundation: there’s no inherently “bad” cabin aboard the luxurious Celebrity Apex. Instead, certain cabins might not resonate with everyone due to specific factors. Drawing from insights, reviews, and the experiences of past cruisers, let’s journey through cabins on the Celebrity Apex that some passengers felt weren’t their cup of tea.

Potential Noise-Proximity Cabins:

  • Adjacent to Public Venues: Cabins directly below or above bustling venues such as the theater, club, or lounges might face noise disturbances during showtimes or late at night.
  • Near Elevators and Staircases: The regular foot traffic around these areas can become a source of annoyance for those seeking solace.
  • Cabins by Service Areas: These can include spaces near crew doors, laundry, or housekeeping stations, where the bustle begins early and wraps up late.

Cabins with Obstructed Views:

  • Lifeboat Limitations: Some cabins, especially on the lower decks, might have views partially blocked by lifeboats or tenders.
  • Structural Obstructions: Elements like support beams, hull designs, or the architecture of the ship might hinder a clear ocean view in some cabins.
  • Promenade Peek-a-Boo: Cabins facing the promenade or public decks may offer less privacy and potential disruptions from activities or gatherings.

Motion-Sensitive Areas:

  • Bow Cabins: Located at the ship’s front, these might experience pronounced motions during rough seas.
  • Stern Cabins: While offering mesmerizing wake views, the vibrations from the ship’s engines can sometimes be felt more in these cabins.

Limited Space or Unique Layouts:

  • Corner Cabins: Depending on design, some corner cabins might have quirky layouts or reduced living space.
  • Cabins by Pivoting Areas: Rooms near areas like the Magic Carpet’s docking might have slightly altered or non-standard designs.

Remember, every traveler’s sensitivity is unique. While one might be entirely undisturbed by the hum of activity near an elevator, another might find it less than ideal. The objective here isn’t to deter you from these cabins entirely, but to offer a lens through which to evaluate your priorities, ensuring your voyage on the Celebrity Apex is as harmonious as the ocean’s lullaby. 🌌🚢

best room on apex

Best Rooms Onboard the Celebrity Apex

The allure of the Celebrity Apex isn’t just in its grandeur and technological advancements, but also in the intimate corners and luxurious cabins that seem to resonate with the ocean’s very rhythm. Here, we’ll highlight some of the best rooms that cruisers rave about, each shining as a testament to Celebrity Cruises’ promise of an unparalleled experience.

The Iconic Suites: The Pinnacle of Luxury

  • Location: Positioned high above the bridge, these suites offer the most breathtaking panoramic views on the ship.
  • Amenities: With 2,500 square feet of opulence, expect a spacious living area, two bedrooms, a hot tub on the balcony, and a personal butler service.
  • Exclusivity: Guests enjoy exclusive access to Luminae @ The Retreat, a private restaurant, and The Retreat Lounge.

The Edge Villas: Where Modernity Meets Serenity

  • Design: Spread over two stories, these villas are designed for those who appreciate contemporary aesthetics coupled with luxury.
  • Outdoor Space: They come with a private plunge pool and direct walk-out access to The Retreat Sundeck.
  • Connectivity: A unique feature is the direct access from each villa to The Retreat, an exclusive sanctuary for suite guests.

Sunset Veranda Staterooms: Gaze at Nature’s Grand Show

  • Views: Located at the aft of the ship, these cabins offer unobstructed views of sunsets and the mesmerizing ship wake.
  • Space: They boast some of the largest verandas on the ship, giving ample space to lounge and relax.
  • Ambiance: There’s a special tranquility in these staterooms, making them a cruiser favorite.

Infinite Veranda Staterooms: Redefining Boundaries

  • Design: A seamless blend of the room and veranda, the bi-fold doors can be adjusted to create an open-air space or an extended room.
  • Experience: It offers an uninterrupted connection with the ocean, giving more space than traditional balcony cabins.
  • Technology: These staterooms come equipped with Celebrity’s latest tech features, allowing you to adjust everything from lighting to temperature at the touch of a button.

AquaClass Staterooms: Wellness at Sea

  • Holistic Approach: Designed for those who prioritize well-being, these rooms offer spa-themed amenities.
  • Dining: Guests enjoy exclusive access to Blu, a specialty restaurant focused on clean cuisine.
  • Spa Perks: Unlimited access to the SEA Thermal Suite and a variety of spa benefits are added perks.

Celebrity Apex’s essence is in its attention to detail, its commitment to luxury, and its promise of an experience that transcends the ordinary. While every cabin offers a touch of this essence, these specially-curated rooms including the AquaClass Celebrity experience, amplify the feeling of indulgence, ensuring memories that linger long after the voyage. 🌊✨🥂

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Tricks for Securing the Best Celebrity Apex Cabin

So, you’ve set your sights on the Celebrity Apex—a choice exuding elegance and luxury. But securing the perfect cabin can feel like a strategic game of chess, with so many moving pieces and decisions to make. Fear not! Here are some tried-and-true tricks from seasoned cruisers to guide you in landing your dream cabin.

Book Early:

  • Advantage of Choices: The earlier you book, the wider the selection of cabins available to you, especially for popular categories or specific locations.
  • Pricing Perks: Often, introductory prices when itineraries are first released can be more competitive than last-minute deals.

Use a Travel Agent Specializing in Cruises:

  • Insider Knowledge: Agents often have firsthand experience or feedback from other clients about specific cabins and their nuances.
  • Exclusive Deals: They might have access to special promotions, onboard credits, or added amenities you won’t find elsewhere.

Explore Deck Plans:

  • Adjacent Areas: By studying the ship’s deck plans, you can avoid booking cabins near potential noise sources or high-traffic areas.
  • Balcony Positions: Get insights on which balconies are larger, more private, or have better views.

Consider Guaranty Cabins:

  • Roll the Dice: Instead of choosing a specific cabin, you choose a category and let the cruise line assign you a cabin. You’re guaranteed at least the category you chose, but you might get a surprise upgrade!
  • Cost Savings: These often come at a slightly reduced price, making them a good deal for flexible cruisers.

Join a Roll Call:

  • Real Feedback: Connect with fellow cruisers on platforms like Cruise Critic. Get insights, tips, and firsthand feedback about specific cabins or experiences.
  • Cabin Switching: On occasions, cruisers might switch cabins pre-cruise if both parties agree.

Stay Loyal:

  • Loyalty Programs: Most cruise lines, including Celebrity Cruises, reward repeat customers. Advancing tiers can offer perks like priority booking, upgrades, or exclusive offers.

Watch for Upgrades:

  • Monitor Prices: If prices drop after booking, some cruise lines may offer upgrades instead of price adjustments.
  • Last-minute Upgrade Offers: As the cruise date nears, unsold higher-category cabins might be offered at a discount.

While the allure of the Celebrity Apex is undeniable, the cherry on top is securing that dream cabin which aligns with your vision of the perfect vacation. With these tricks up your sleeve, you’re well-equipped to navigate the booking process and elevate your cruising experience to a whole new level. 🚢🌌🥂

Celebrity Apex highlights

The Highlights of the Celebrity Apex

Celebrity Apex, as a pinnacle of modern luxury, isn’t just another ship in the Celebrity fleet; it’s an embodiment of avant-garde design, unparalleled hospitality, and boundary-pushing experiences. If you’re considering (or have already booked) a journey aboard this masterpiece, here are some highlights that showcase why the Celebrity Apex is more than just a cruise—it’s a revelation.

Revolutionary Design & Tech:

  • Magic Carpet: The world’s first cantilevered, floating platform scales the side of the ship, transforming from an open-air lounge to a specialty restaurant. Its ever-changing position provides unique experiences across different decks.
  • Infinite Veranda: As mentioned, these tech-driven cabins blur the boundaries between inside and out, making the ocean a more integrated part of your stay.

Culinary Feasts:

  • Eden: This three-level venue combines nature with design, offering an experiential journey through a morning chill-out spot, an afternoon performance area, and an evening culinary theater.
  • Le Petit Chef: Using technology to combine dining and entertainment, your table becomes a stage with 3D animations complementing your multi-course meal.

Well-being and Relaxation:

  • The Retreat Sundeck: An exclusive outdoor sanctuary for suite guests, perfect for relaxation away from the crowds.
  • AquaClass Rooms: These staterooms grant access to the SEA Thermal Suite and special relaxation benefits.

Entertainment Extravaganza:

  • The Theatre: With its 23-foot-tall 4K LED screen, the theater offers immersive performances ranging from contemporary dance to aerial acrobatics.
  • The Club: A transformative venue, The Club shifts from day to night, offering experiences like the “Funovation Laser Maze” by day and turning into a pulsating dance club by night.

Commitment to Sustainability:

  • Solar Power: A part of the ship’s power requirements are met through solar panels, emphasizing sustainable cruising.
  • Advanced Wastewater Treatment: Apex boasts a next-gen system ensuring cleaner seas.

Exquisite Bars and Lounges:

  • Sunset Bar: Offering some of the best views at sea, it’s the perfect spot to unwind with a cocktail during golden hour.
  • Martini Bar & Crush: A lively hub in the heart of the ship, it’s known for expert mixologists and a frost-topped bar.

Family and Kids’ Activities:

  • Camp at Sea: The first fully customizable camp program at sea, ensuring kids have a fresh and exciting experience every day.
  • Teen Arcade: A modern gaming area designed specifically for the young adults aboard.

The Celebrity Apex isn’t just about traversing oceans; it’s about experiencing every moment so profoundly that it leaves an indelible mark on your memory. From its architectural wonders to its commitment to guest satisfaction, it truly stands as a testament to modern cruising done right. 🌊🌟🍸

FAQ: Navigating the Cabins of Celebrity Apex – What to Avoid?

Which cabins on the Celebrity Apex are known to be noisy?Some cabins located below public areas, particularly those beneath the pool deck, theater, or bars, may experience noise from overhead activities or music. Also, cabins near service areas, such as crew access doors, might hear occasional noise.

Are there cabins with obstructed views on the Celebrity Apex?Yes, there are certain cabins, especially on lower decks or near lifeboats, that might have partially or fully obstructed views. It’s essential to review the deck plan or consult with a travel agent when booking.

Do all balcony cabins offer privacy?No, while many do, some balcony cabins, particularly those on the bump-out sections of the ship or at the ship’s aft, might be more exposed to views from above or from neighboring balconies.

Are the Infinite Veranda rooms fully comparable to traditional balcony rooms?While the Infinite Verandas on the Celebrity Apex offer a unique and larger living space, they differ from traditional balconies. The bi-fold window offers a different experience, which some guests love for its novelty, but others might prefer a traditional balcony experience.

Is there a difference in cabin size within the same category?Within most categories, cabin sizes are relatively consistent. However, there can be slight variations, especially on the ship’s curves or corners. Some cabins might offer a bit more space or a larger balcony.

Are central cabins more prone to motion sickness?Typically, midship cabins located on lower decks feel the least motion. If you’re prone to seasickness, it might be best to avoid cabins at the very front or back of the ship or those on higher decks.

How do cabins near the Magic Carpet fare?The Magic Carpet can potentially obstruct views for cabins located directly behind it, especially when it’s stationed at certain decks. However, this isn’t always the case, and some cruisers find the novelty adds to their experience.

Are there any rooms with connectivity issues or poor TV reception?Most cabins on the Celebrity Apex are equipped with the latest technology and offer strong connectivity. However, occasional glitches can happen, and they’re often quickly resolved by the ship’s crew.

Do all cabins offer bathtubs?No, not all cabins offer bathtubs. Many staterooms have stand-up showers. If a bathtub is essential for you, ensure you’re booking a cabin category that includes this amenity.

Can I trust all online reviews regarding Celebrity Apex cabins?While many online reviews provide valuable insights, remember that cabin experiences can be subjective. What bothers one person might be a non-issue for another. It’s a good practice to read multiple reviews and perhaps consult a cruise-specialized travel agent for advice.

This FAQ aims to offer a clearer understanding of potential pitfalls to avoid when choosing your Celebrity Apex cabin. Remember, the most crucial aspect is to align your cabin choice with your personal preferences and needs. Happy cruising! 🛳️🌊🌅