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Best Cruise Picture Ideas for your Next Cruise

I have combined the cruise pose and cruise picture ideas below displaying eye-catching photo-ops to try during your upcoming cruise. Make sure to plan your favorite outfits with one of our free packing lists and prepare to dazzle on the camera onboard your next cruise!

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Overlooking Ocean: Best Cruise Picture Ideas

One of the simplest yet most beautiful cruise picture ideas you can attempt on a cruise ship is elegantly overlooking the ocean. Have a friend or family member take either a horizontal or vertical picture during golden hour to leave all your Instagram followers jealous.

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Night Club

Next up is taking a pic at one of the cruise ships busy night clubs. Dress up in your favorite theatrical and attractive outfit and head on over to the club. The camera will love the dark backdrop almost as much as your social media feed.

pre cruise picture

Pre Cruise Picture

Grab your boarding passes and strike your favorite pose to capture your excitement before your cruising adventure. You will love looking back at how happy and optimistic you were before your vacation once you arrive home!

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Sail Away Cruise Picture

This is a must-do photo-opt on your first day of your cruise! Grab your travel buddies and have someone snap an amazing picture of you guys waving goodbye from your departure port.

cruise formal night picture

Cruise Formal Night Picture

Anyone who has gone on a cruise knows about their famous formal night. Grab your date and snap a memory of a sentimental moment on the top deck or dance floor. You will cherish these pictures forever and your social media will eat them up!

Iconic Pool Pose

This pose will undoubtedly leave your followers awestruck. A simple pic to take on the pool deck, you are not going to want to forget this one. The pool water reflecting the bright blue sky creates a perfect background surrounding your perfect swimsuit bod!

titanic cruise picture

Titanic Pose

Once you board your cruise, head to the front of the ship to capture your version of the iconic Titanic pose. If you wait too long into the cruise, other passengers may catch on to this idea so be sure to be the first!

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Shipside Beverage Pic

Grab a refreshment from the poolside bar and head to the side of the boat. This pose is adorable and will be a fan favorite on Instagram. Your newly developed tan will look incredible in this pic!

cruise shuffleboard

Shuffleboard Pose

Head on over to the shuffleboard area you always walk past and take a unique, symmetrical pic walking down the midline. Put on a cute sundress or your favorite outfit and your beautiful smile to complete this pose.

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Port Pic Cruise Photo Opt

Once you make it to your first port, head on over to a place on shore where you can see your ship from a distance. This pose is perfect for a tropical destination as you can pair the photo session with a relaxing day at the beach.

friends cruise pic

Friend Cruise Picture

If you are traveling with your besties on a girls cruise, you will love this photo-op. Grab some wine from the bar on your way to dinner and have someone take a pic as you smile and talk with each other! This will be a photo you will cherish forever!

pool picture

Pre-Pool Pose

Taking a pic before you get into the pool after a long, hot day can be one of the best cruise pictures of your vacation! Make sure to put on your favorite swimsuit, hat, and sunglasses to snap this Insta-perfect pic!

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“Candid” Friends

Grab your bestie or family member and go straight to the side of the ship to snap the picture worthy of Instagram! This cruise picture is perfect for right around sunset as the sun hits your face during ‘golden hour’.

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Post Cruise Picture

The last Insta-worthy picture to snap after your cruise is as you are leaving the ship! This can either be accomplished when in port or when leaving the ship for good. Either way, make sure to put on your favorite outfit and smile for the best cruise picture.

That completes my list of the top poses and cruise picture ideas to try on your next cruise. Choose a couple and take a screenshot to bring with you on your next vacation!

Make sure to make the most of your cruise with these fabulous cruise photo opts. Let me know down below what your thoughts are and if you have any additional cruise poses or cruise picture ideas to add to the list!

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