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8 Rare International Kitchen Tools to Add to Your Collection

Who doesn’t love international food? Embracing the different cultural foods and cooking styles is a necessity for a world traveler.

From Danish cast iron pans to famous Asian bamboo skimmers, these items will challenge your scope of cooking while stuck at home during this pandemic.

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If you are a fan or are dying to create an authentic North African dish, you need to pick up an earthenware tagine ($120). Shaped in a dome fashion, these African pots create ideal conditions for delicious, traditional slow-cooking stews as they return any excess condensation back to the pot.

Why it’s worth the price: This cookware piece offers a base that can double as your traditional African or regular serving dish.

Tahdig Rice Cooker

If you have ever tried Persian rice, you have most likely wondered how the chefs perfectly crisped the bottom without burning. I researched around I little bit and found that you can achieve the perfect results through a specialized rice cooker called a Tahdig ($43). If you have never had your go at one of these simple cookers, you will soon become a crispy rice expert!

Why it’s worth the price: These cookers offer a variety of heat settings to create that perfect crispy rice at the right temperature every time.

Bamboo Skimmer

As a common kitchen tool found in Asia, it was impossible to find a picture of this must-have kitchen essential. These skimmers ($12) boast a long, bamboo handle that protects your hands as you move dumplings from boiling water. If you aren’t a dumpling fan, do not worry, traditional Asian countries also utilize these skimmers for removing fried food from hot oils.

Why it’s worth the price: You do not need to cook Asian food to utilize this tool. You can show it off at your next fish fry or scoop out pasta at your next pasta night with this simple international kitchen essential.

Dolsot Bowls

Have you ever tried the famous Korean Bibimbap served in a steaming, stone bowl? Those specialty bowls are known as Dolsot Bowls ($26) and can heat your food directly on top of the stove. Built specifically to keep your meal warm, this bowl will make its way toward the table also functioning as an individual serving dish.

Why it’s worth the price: Included in this set is a trivet that will help you transport the hot creation to your table.

Aebleskiver Pan

As a staple piece of cookware, you will find an Aebleskiver pan ($28) in almost every kitchen in Denmark. This unique, cast iron pan is the best way to enjoy the popular Danish dessert displayed above. This round, pancake-like puff dish is typically stuffed with applesauce or jam.

Why it’s worth the price: Made out of cast iron, this hearty pan will last the rest of your life.

Masala Dabba

Found in the majority of Indian kitchens, these fascinating spice boxes ($25) have tight-fitting lids usually including six or seven individual containers. If you are a fan of Indian cuisines, be sure to pick one of these sets up as they are specially designed for the flavorful Indian spices.

Why it’s worth the price: These containers come with a clear lid which will help you determine when you are low on supply.

Chasen Whisk

Anyone with a passion for matcha will love this find. Chasen whisks ($13) are used in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. Made from bamboo, this unique tool creates a perfectly frothy, smooth cup of green tea.

Why it’s worth the price: This Chasen whisk comes in a bamboo set that will last you a lifetime.

Moka Pot

While American kitchens may boast many electric coffee makers, the far superior way to brew a fresh cup of coffee is with the Italian Moka pots. These pots have evolved into a stovetop coffee maker that works by passing pressurized steam around and through coffee grounds.

Why it’s worth the price: There is a size available for everyone as these Moka pots are offered in 3-, 6-, or 12-cup sizes.

That completes our list of the top foreign kitchen tools to add to your collection. Rather than dreaming about your next meal in India or Japan, order some of these pieces of cookware to prepare an authentic meal at home.

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