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Maryland: An Unexpected Escape

Picture Maryland and it’s easy to imagine the great beaches, decent weather, friendly people, and, well…home to some of America’s most elite residents. (ahem).

Maryland beach

But, the state offers so much more and if you’re looking for a vacation spot that doesn’t often feature on the top ten lists of “must-do” in America, Maryland should rank the top of that list. Because aside from its abundance of natural beauty and wildlife refuges, the state also invites you to discover some awe-inspiring adventures, stunning scenery, and one-of-a-kind history.

Face it, there are very few countries in the world like America. Not only have we cultivated some of the world’s greatest artists, scientists, and business people, but we’re also home to amazing states that between them house an almost impossible to imagine variety of attractions. Thanks to our booming film and media industry, our iconic sights and landmarks are famous way beyond our borders and yet when you ask the average American traveler if they’ve been to places like Maryland – the answer isn’t likely going to be “yes” – and this is certainly true among younger Americans.

And it’s a real shame because the state has been instrumental in the space age and visitors will be surprised by just how much this state has going on. 

So now that we’re all probably going to abandon our foreign travel plans while we figure out what the latest regulations are going to be, with thanks to our friends at Covid-HQ, it’s a really good time to travel domestically and when you want to be pleasantly surprised, Maryland will do that for you.


Maryland bridge

Maryland is one of the few states that can really offer an all-around good experience in the winter. Where your mornings can be spent doing yoga on the beach and your afternoons skiing the slopes, with your evenings dancing the night away or enjoying a drink at a cozy upscale hotel.


history maryland travel

Forget New York, Maryland has a bevy of museums and galleries to keep you entertained and teach you something. The American Visionary Art Museum, The Ward Museum of Wildfowl Art, The Baltimore Museum of Art, The Walters Art Museum, the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts, and the Glenstone in Potomac invite you to indulge in an artistic and historical experience second to none. 

But if all of that sounds like far too much work, fret not dear traveler, because Baltimore offers some amazing shopping too.


Maryland is home to some of the best distilleries and craft breweries anywhere in the United States and you can enjoy oysters, all year round. Marylanders are known for being some of the friendliest folk around and you’ll enjoy a rich diversity of people, food, drink, and ultimately, memories.


Maryland enjoys 18 scenic byways that are perfect for road tripping, and when you throw in some besties, that’s your holiday memory “hashtags” right there. You’re going to love it.

From grand hotels with jacuzzi in room in Maryland to smaller more budget-friendly options, you’ll find a hotel or lodge that’s perfect for you.

We’re always so tempted to travel to New York, Vegas, Los Angeles…all the usual suspects, when in fact the United States is way more diverse than that, far richer, and a whole lot more inspiring, so get your blinkers off, get your motor running – and then write and tell us all about it.