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Nieuw Statendam Cabins to Avoid: Expert Tips!

Did you know that the Nieuw Statendam offers a wide range of cabins to choose from? Whether you’re seeking ultimate luxury or a cozy retreat, there’s something for everyone on this magnificent cruise ship.

So whether you’re planning a romantic getaway or a fun-filled family vacation, get ready to discover your perfect cabin aboard the Nieuw Statendam.

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Cabins to Avoid on the Nieuw Statendam

While the Nieuw Statendam from Holland America Line is known for its comfort and luxury, there are some cabins that might not offer the ideal cruise experience due to their location or other factors.

When booking a cabin, it might be beneficial to keep the following in mind:

  1. Cabins Near High Traffic Areas:
    • Cabins situated close to elevators, stairwells, or other high-traffic areas may experience more noise, especially during peak times when passengers are moving around the ship.
  2. Cabins Below Public Areas:
    • If your cabin is located directly beneath a public area such as a restaurant, pool deck, or gym, you might hear noise from above, including people moving chairs or walking around.
  3. Cabins Above Entertainment Venues:
    • Similarly, cabins located above nightclubs, theaters or other entertainment venues may experience noise pollution, especially in the evenings.
  4. Obstructed View Cabins:
    • Some cabins on the Nieuw Statendam have obstructed views due to lifeboats or other ship infrastructure. If a clear view is important to you, it’s advisable to avoid these cabins.
  5. Cabins Near Crew Work Areas:
    • Cabins close to crew work areas or service doors may experience more noise or foot traffic.
  6. Lower Deck Cabins:
    • Lower deck cabins may experience more motion and thus may not be suitable for those prone to seasickness.
  7. Cabins with Adjoining Doors:
    • Cabins with adjoining doors may have less soundproofing, so you might hear your neighbors.
  8. Accessible Cabins:
    • If you do not require a handicap-accessible cabin, it might be better to leave these for those who do. They have a different layout which may not be to everyone’s liking.

As with any cruise ship, it’s advisable to consult the deck plans and read reviews from previous passengers to get a better understanding of the cabin layout and locations before making your choice.

Consider consulting with a travel agent familiar with the Nieuw Statendam to ensure you select a cabin that meets your preferences for a comfortable and enjoyable voyage.

balconies on side of ship

Ideal Cabin Choices on the Nieuw Statendam

Selecting the right cabin on the Nieuw Statendam can significantly enhance your cruising experience. Here are some suggestions for choosing a cabin that will provide comfort, convenience, and enjoyment during your voyage:

  1. Mid-Ship Cabins:
    • Cabins located mid-ship tend to experience less motion, making them a preferred choice for individuals prone to seasickness. They are also centrally located, providing easier access to many of the ship’s amenities.
  2. Cabins on Higher Decks:
    • Cabins on higher decks usually offer better views and are further away from the noise associated with public areas on lower decks.
  3. Verandah Cabins:
    • Opting for a cabin with a verandah allows you to enjoy private outdoor space where you can relax and take in the sea views.
  4. Signature and Neptune Suites:
    • If your budget allows, these suites offer more spacious accommodations with added perks like priority boarding, access to the Neptune Lounge, and personal concierge service.
  5. Cabins Away from High Traffic Areas:
    • Selecting a cabin away from elevators, staircases, and other high-traffic areas can provide a quieter and more peaceful environment.
  6. Cabins Not Directly Under or Over Public Areas:
    • To minimize the potential for noise disturbance, opt for cabins that are not directly below or above public areas like restaurants, bars, or the pool deck.
  7. Unobstructed View Cabins:
    • Ensure your cabin doesn’t have lifeboats or other ship structures obstructing the view if having a clear view is important to you.
  8. Cabins Closer to The Front or Back:
    • Sometimes, cabins located closer to the front or back of the ship might be quieter as they are away from bustling mid-ship areas.
  9. Cabins on Decks Sandwiched Between Other Residential Decks:
    • Choosing a cabin on a deck that is situated between other residential decks can also help minimize noise from public areas.

Before booking, it’s advisable to review the deck plans of the Nieuw Statendam, read previous passenger reviews, and consider consulting with a travel agent familiar with the ship to ensure you select a cabin that aligns with your preferences and ensures a comfortable and enjoyable cruising experience.

Nieuw Statendam cabins to avoid

Verandah Balcony Staterooms Review

If you’re looking for a cabin with stunning views and comfortable accommodations on the Nieuw Statendam, then the Verandah Balcony Staterooms are worth considering.

These cabins offer a private balcony where you can experience breathtaking views of the sea while enjoying your cruise. Let’s take a closer look at what these staterooms have to offer.

Experience breathtaking views from your private balcony

One of the main highlights of the Verandah Balcony Staterooms is the private balcony space. Imagine waking up to panoramic views of the ocean right from your room!

Whether it’s watching a beautiful sunrise or enjoying a peaceful sunset, having your own outdoor space adds an extra touch of luxury to your cruise experience. It’s also a great spot to relax and unwind after a day of exploring.

Nieuw Statendam cabins to avoid

Enjoy spacious and comfortable accommodations with modern decor

The Verandah Balcony Staterooms provide spacious and comfortable accommodations for passengers. The rooms are thoughtfully designed with modern decor, ensuring that you feel relaxed and at home during your stay.

With ample storage space, cozy beds, and well-appointed bathrooms, these staterooms offer everything you need for a comfortable voyage.

Benefit from convenient access to fresh air and natural light

Another advantage of staying in a Verandah Balcony Stateroom is the convenient access to fresh air and natural light. The sliding glass doors open up to your private balcony, allowing you to enjoy the sea breeze and soak in some sunshine without leaving your room. This connection with nature can enhance your overall cruise experience by bringing the outdoors inside.

In addition to these benefits, there are different types of verandah staterooms available on board the Nieuw Statendam:

  • Standard Balcony: These staterooms feature a standard-sized balcony that offers enough space to enjoy the views and relax.
  • Extended Balcony: If you want a little more room to stretch out, consider booking an extended balcony stateroom. These cabins provide a larger balcony area, giving you extra space to unwind.
  • View Verandah Staterooms: Located on higher decks, these staterooms offer stunning views from their elevated positions.

While the Verandah Balcony Staterooms have many advantages, it’s important to note that they may come at a higher price compared to other cabin categories. Some passengers may prefer cabins in different locations or with different amenities based on their preferences.

Nieuw Statendam rooms to avoid

Spacious Bathrooms in Select Cabins

If you’re someone who enjoys a little extra space and comfort during your cruise vacation, you’ll be pleased to know that there are select cabins on the Nieuw Statendam that come with generously sized bathrooms. These spacious bathrooms offer a range of luxurious features to enhance your onboard experience.

Imagine stepping into a bathroom that boasts double sinks, allowing you and your travel companion to get ready simultaneously without any hassle. These cabins provide ample countertop space for all your toiletries and personal items. You won’t have to worry about jostling for elbow room or knocking things over while trying to get ready.

But that’s not all! Some of these select cabins even feature whirlpool tubs, providing the perfect opportunity for you to indulge in a relaxing bathing experience. After a day spent exploring the ship or enjoying shore excursions, there’s nothing quite like sinking into a warm whirlpool bath to soothe tired muscles and unwind.

Whether you choose an inside cabin, accessible room, suite, or one with a balcony, having a spacious bathroom can make all the difference in your overall comfort level during your cruise. It’s like having your own private spa retreat right in your cabin!

Not only do these larger bathrooms offer practical advantages such as more storage space and easier maneuverability, but they also add an element of luxury to your cruise experience. You’ll feel pampered and well taken care of when you have the freedom to move around comfortably in your bathroom.

For those looking for even more indulgence, consider booking one of the Neptune Suites on the Nieuw Statendam. These suites offer expansive living spaces along with large bathrooms featuring both showers and whirlpool tubs. With separate sleeping areas furnished with twin beds that can be converted into a queen-sized bed upon request, it’s like having your own mini apartment on board.

best stateroom on Nieuw Statendam

Aftview Verandah Staterooms and Smoking Options

If you’re looking for stunning rear-facing views, the aftview verandah staterooms on Nieuw Statendam might be just what you need. These cabins offer a unique perspective, allowing you to enjoy breathtaking vistas of the ocean as it trails behind the ship.

One thing to consider when choosing an aftview stateroom is the smoking policy. While many cruise lines have banned smoking in cabins and balconies, Holland America Line still allows it in designated areas. So, if you’re a smoker or don’t mind being around smokers, this could be a plus for you.

Here’s what you need to know about smoking options on Nieuw Statendam:

Smoking Allowed in Designated Areas Only

Unlike some other cruise lines that prohibit smoking entirely, Holland America Line has designated areas where passengers can smoke. On Nieuw Statendam, these areas include certain sections of the casino and certain outdoor decks. However, it’s important to note that smoking is not permitted in any dining venues or staterooms.


  • Smokers can still enjoy their habit in designated areas.
  • Non-smokers won’t have to worry about encountering smoke in most parts of the ship.


  • The smell of smoke may linger in certain outdoor areas.
  • Non-smokers might find it unpleasant if they happen to pass through designated smoking zones.

Aftview Staterooms: Unique Perspectives

Aside from the smoking policy, one of the main attractions of aftview verandah staterooms is their unique rear-facing views. Instead of facing forward like most cabins, these rooms allow you to gaze out at the wake created by the ship as it glides through the water.


  • Enjoy breathtaking views of the ocean trailing behind the ship.
  • Experience a sense of tranquility and connection with the sea.


  • Some passengers might prefer forward-facing views.
  • Aftview staterooms may be limited in availability, so booking early is recommended.

When choosing your accommodations on Nieuw Statendam, consider whether you value a rear-facing view and if smoking options are important to you.

The aftview verandah staterooms provide an opportunity to enjoy unique perspectives of the ocean, while the designated smoking areas cater to those who still indulge in this habit. Ultimately, it’s about finding the right balance between your preferences and the available options on the ship.

Nieuw Statendam cabins to avoid

Tips and Tricks for Selecting the Ideal Cabin

Choosing the right cabin on a cruise ship can significantly impact your cruising experience. Here are some tips and tricks to consider when selecting a cabin:

  1. Determine Your Budget:
    • Decide how much you’re willing to spend on your cabin as this will narrow down your choices. Cabins range from budget-friendly interior rooms to luxurious suites.
  2. Identify Your Preferences:
    • Determine what’s most important to you — whether it’s a quiet location, a room with a view, easy access to amenities, or spacious accommodations.
  3. Consult Deck Plans:
    • Review the ship’s deck plans to get a better understanding of the cabin locations relative to public areas and amenities. Deck plans can be found on the cruise line’s website or through your travel agent.
  4. Check for Obstructed Views:
    • Some outside cabins may have obstructed views due to lifeboats, pillars, or other ship structures. Make sure to check the deck plans or ask your travel agent.
  5. Consider Mid-Ship Cabins:
    • Mid-ship cabins often experience less motion and provide easy access to many of the ship’s amenities.
  6. Avoid Noise-Prone Areas:
    • Avoid cabins located near high-traffic areas like elevators, stairwells, theaters, nightclubs, or service areas to minimize noise disturbances.
  7. Look for Cabins Between Decks of Staterooms:
    • Cabins located between decks of other staterooms tend to be quieter as they’re shielded from the noise of public areas.
  8. Consider Your Itinerary:
    • If you’re cruising to scenic areas, a balcony cabin may enhance your experience. However, if you have a packed itinerary with fewer days at sea, an interior cabin might be sufficient.
  9. Read Reviews:
    • Look for reviews from other travelers who have sailed on the same ship. Their experiences can provide valuable insights into the best cabin options.
  10. Use a Travel Agent:
    • Consider consulting with a travel agent who is familiar with the cruise line and ship. They can provide recommendations based on your preferences and might have access to better deals or cabin availability.
  11. Check the Proximity to Amenities:
    • If you have mobility issues or prefer easy access to certain amenities, check the proximity of potential cabins to these facilities.
  12. Consider Future Cruise Sales Promotions:
    • Sometimes booking your cabin while on board a cruise can lead to better cabin selections or additional perks through future cruise sales promotions.
  13. Book Early:
    • The best cabins tend to be booked early. If you have specific preferences, it’s advisable to book as early as possible to secure your ideal cabin.

By following these tips and doing a little homework, you can find a cabin that will contribute to a memorable and enjoyable cruise experience.

Nieuw Statendam Cabins to Avoid

Choosing the Right Cabin on Nieuw Statendam

Now that you have explored various cabin options on Nieuw Statendam, it’s time to make an informed decision for your upcoming cruise. Remember, the perfect cabin is different for everyone, so consider your preferences and needs.

Do you value privacy? Opt for a verandah balcony stateroom. Are you sensitive to noise? Avoid cabins on Beethoven Deck 4. By using the cabin tool we mentioned earlier, you can easily check conditions and amenities before making your choice.

Choosing the right cabin can greatly enhance your cruising experience on Nieuw Statendam. Imagine waking up to breathtaking views from your verandah or enjoying a spacious bathroom in select cabins.

Just like how finding the perfect spot at a concert can make all the difference, selecting the ideal cabin will ensure that every moment of your cruise is enjoyable and comfortable. So go ahead and use our tips and tools to find the cabin that suits you best – smooth sailing awaits!

FAQs on Nieuw Statendam Cabins to Avoid

Can I request a specific cabin location?

Yes, Holland America Line allows guests to make specific requests regarding their cabin location. However, please note that these requests are subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed.

Are there any smoking options available in cabins?

Smoking is not permitted in any of the cabins onboard Nieuw Statendam, including verandah balconies. However, there are designated outdoor smoking areas available for those who wish to smoke.

Can I upgrade my cabin after booking?

Yes, it is possible to upgrade your cabin after booking; however, this is subject to availability and additional charges may apply. It’s best to contact Holland America Line directly or consult with your travel agent for more information on upgrading options.

Are there any accessible cabins available?

Yes, Nieuw Statendam offers accessible cabins designed for guests with mobility disabilities or other disabilities that require accessible features. These cabins provide wider doorways, roll-in showers, and other accessibility features to ensure a comfortable stay.

Can I book a cabin for solo travelers?

Yes, Holland America Line offers a selection of single occupancy cabins designed specifically for solo travelers. These cabins provide all the necessary amenities and are a great option for those seeking some alone time during their cruise.