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Norwegian Bliss Cabins to Avoid: Comprehensive Guide

Ahoy, cruise enthusiasts! When you think of the Norwegian Bliss, what comes to mind? Dazzling shows, sumptuous meals, thrilling water slides, and endless horizons, perhaps?

Whether you’re a seasoned cruiser or a newbie with sea legs still in training, grab a free cruise planner and join us as we embark on a journey through the Norwegian Bliss’ cabins.

We’ll dive deep into which Norwegian Bliss cabins to avoid might just need a little more thought before you call them ‘home’ for your voyage.

Norwegian bliss cabins to avoid

The Layout of Norwegian Bliss

To truly understand which cabins you might want to give a second thought, it’s essential to familiarize ourselves with the grand tapestry that is the Norwegian Bliss.

After all, knowledge is power, and in this case, it’s the power to ensure you have an unforgettable cruise.

A Ship of Grandeur:

Norwegian Bliss, one of the Norwegian Cruise Line‘s most impressive vessels, boasts an impressive 20 decks.

From restaurants and entertainment areas to tranquil spaces, the ship is a microcosm of luxury and adventure.

The Cabin Landscape:

  1. Inside Cabins: The most budget-friendly option, these cabins, as the name suggests, offer no external views but are cozy and provide all necessary amenities.
  2. Oceanview Cabins: Offering a window to the world (or rather, the sea), these cabins give passengers a taste of the endless ocean without stepping onto the deck.
  3. Balcony Cabins: A popular choice for many cruisers, these cabins provide a private balcony, allowing for personal sunrises, sunsets, and the gentle whispers of the sea breeze.
  4. Suites and The Haven: If luxury is your calling, these cabins are your answer. With added space, exclusive amenities, and in the case of The Haven, a private enclave with its dedicated facilities, these rooms are the epitome of cruising elegance.

The Dynamics of Deck Locations:

  • Higher Decks: Close to most recreational areas, dining options, and entertainment hubs. Great for those who like to be in the midst of the action.
  • Mid-Level Decks: A balance between accessibility and tranquility, these decks are a sweet spot for many seasoned cruisers.
  • Lower Decks: Often quieter and might give a closer connection to the sea, especially with the gentle lulling of the waves. But, they also might come with a bit more movement.

Now, with a basic understanding of the ship’s layout and cabin types, let’s delve into the specifics: which Norwegian Bliss cabins, despite their allure, might come with some surprises. And remember, it’s all about finding the perfect fit for your cruising style and preferences.

best rooms

Key Considerations When Choosing a Cabin

Selecting the right cabin on Norwegian Bliss isn’t just about picking a spot to drop your luggage and crash after a day of adventure. It’s about crafting your own personal haven at sea. So, before we drop anchor on the specific rooms that might be, let’s say, “quirky,” let’s consider what factors come into play when choosing a cabin:

Noise Sensitivity:

  • The Question: How light a sleeper are you? Can you snooze through a party, or does the faintest creak jolt you awake?
  • The Why: On a bustling ship, certain avoidable cabins might experience more noise traffic, be it from entertainment hubs, foot traffic, or even ship operations.

A Room with a View:

  • The Question: How vital is that pristine ocean view to your cruise experience?
  • The Why: Not all window or balcony cabins are created equal. Some views might be partially blocked or face shared public spaces.

Proximity to the Action:

  • The Question: Do you want to be steps away from the main activities, or do you prefer a serene alcove away from the buzz?
  • The Why: Some love the convenience of stepping out straight into the action, while others prefer the tranquility of a more secluded spot.

Ride the Waves:

  • The Question: Are you one with the sea or does the slightest movement have you reaching for the seasickness pills?
  • The Why: Certain areas of the ship, especially forward cabins on lower decks, might feel the ocean’s movement a tad more.

Special Needs and Preferences:

  • The Question: Do you have specific needs, like accessibility requirements or a preference for larger spaces?
  • The Why: Certain cabins are designed with accessibility in mind, while suites and mini-suites offer more space and additional amenities.

Your Cruise Companions:

  • The Question: Traveling with kids, as a couple, or with a group of friends?
  • The Why: Your traveling party might influence your cabin choice, especially when considering adjoining rooms or family-friendly suites.

By mulling over these questions, you set the stage for a more tailored cabin choice. Remember, it’s not just about avoiding certain rooms; it’s about finding the one that makes your heart sing (or at least ensures a good night’s sleep!).

Norwegian bliss balcony cabins

Norwegian Bliss Cabins to Avoid

Choosing a Norwegian Bliss cabin is a bit like picking a seat in a theater. Some get you too close to the speakers, some have that annoying beam blocking your view, and some…well, they’re just perfect. Here’s a look at some cabins on the Norwegian Bliss that you might want to think twice about:

Aft Cabins on Lower Decks:

  • The Quirk: Positioned at the back (or ‘aft’) of the ship, these cabins can sometimes pick up engine noise and vibrations. Especially on the lower decks, you might feel the ship’s movements a bit more.
  • The Tip: If you’re sensitive to noise or motion, you might want to pick a mid-ship or forward cabin on a higher deck.

Cabins Below or Above Active Areas:

  • The Quirk: Love a late-night dance or an early morning jog? Great if you’re on the dance floor or the jogging track, but maybe not if you’re trying to sleep directly below or above it.
  • The Tip: Check the ship’s deck plans. If you spot a cabin sandwiched between the theater and a nightclub, it might not be the haven of peace you’re hoping for.

Cabins Near Elevators or Service Areas:

  • The Quirk: These cabins often experience increased foot traffic, both from guests and crew. Plus, the dings and hums from elevators might be more audible than you’d like.
  • The Tip: If you’re a light sleeper or prefer quiet surroundings, consider a cabin away from these busy hubs.

Forward Cabins on Lower Decks:

  • The Quirk: The thrill of being close to the water comes with a little more sway and motion. These cabins can make you feel more of the sea’s movements.
  • The Tip: Seasickness-prone? Opt for a mid-ship cabin on a higher deck to reduce motion.

Obstructed View Cabins:

  • The Quirk: Not all window views are unobstructed. Some might be blocked by lifeboats, structural components, or other ship equipment.
  • The Tip: Review the cabin’s description and deck plans closely. If a pristine view is vital for your experience, ensure there’s no “obstructed view” label.

Adjoining Cabins (if not needed):

  • The Quirk: Cabins with connecting doors can sometimes let in more noise from the neighboring room. Great for families, but maybe not if you’re seeking solitude.
  • The Tip: If you’re not using the adjoining feature, choose a non-connecting cabin.

Remember: Every traveler’s preferences and sensitivities are unique. What might be a deal-breaker for one might be inconsequential for another. The trick is to balance the ship’s offerings with your personal comfort.

best stateroom on norwegian bliss

Best Cabins on Norwegian Bliss

Every ship has its stars, and on the Norwegian Bliss, some cabins truly shine brighter. These rooms offer a combination of location, view, comfort, and sometimes, a touch of luxury that sets them apart. Here’s where you might find your dream cabin:

The Haven Suites:

  • The Highlight: Located at the top of the ship, The Haven offers an exclusive enclave of luxury suites with private amenities, such as a dedicated lounge, pool, and restaurant.
  • The Tip: Perfect for travelers seeking a more upscale and intimate experience on board.

Mid-Ship Balcony Cabins:

  • The Highlight: Balanced in terms of stability and located conveniently, these cabins offer a private balcony view without the extreme movement felt in forward or aft cabins.
  • The Tip: Ideal for those who want a blend of tranquility, view, and convenience.

Mini-Suites with Large Balconies:

  • The Highlight: More spacious than the regular balcony cabins, these mini-suites come with larger balconies, providing an extended private space to relax.
  • The Tip: A treat for those who love outdoor relaxation without the premium price tag of the suites.

Oceanview Cabins on Upper Decks:

  • The Highlight: Positioned higher, these cabins often offer clearer and more expansive ocean views compared to those on lower decks.
  • The Tip: If the sound of the waves and sight of the horizon matters, consider booking one of these.

Solo Traveler Cabins:

  • The Highlight: Specifically designed for the solo traveler, these cabins are cozy and come with access to a private lounge.
  • The Tip: A blessing for solo cruisers, ensuring you won’t be paying the price of a double occupancy room.

Family Oceanview with Large Picture Window:

  • The Highlight: Space meets view in these cabins, making them perfect for families. The large window offers a splendid ocean view without the premium price of a balcony.
  • The Tip: Great for families wanting a comfortable space and a good view, but are okay without balcony access.

Remember, the “best” cabin often marries the ship’s offerings with personal preference. What’s ideal for a family might be excessive for a solo traveler. Whether you’re hunting for luxury, a killer view, or just a cozy corner to unwind, the Norwegian Bliss offers a spectrum of choices. Happy cabin hunting!

NCL things onboard

Top Tips for Selecting Your Dream Cabin on the Norwegian Bliss

Choosing the right cabin on a cruise ship can transform your voyage from “good” to “extraordinary”. When it comes to the Norwegian Bliss, here’s how to ensure you’re picking the best spot to call home for your journey:

Define Your Priorities:

  • Ocean Views vs. Budget: Decide upfront whether waking up to an ocean view is non-negotiable or if you’re willing to compromise for an inside cabin to save some cash.
  • Peace & Quiet: If you’re a light sleeper or prefer tranquility, stay away from areas like stairwells, elevators, and entertainment venues.

Use the Bliss’s Interactive Deck Plans:

  • Familiarize yourself with Norwegian Bliss’ ship layout. Identify cabins close to amenities you’ll frequent or areas you’d rather be away from.

Consult Cabin Reviews:

  • Scour cruise forums and sites. Often, passengers share specific experiences and pictures about particular cabins on the Norwegian Bliss.

Consider Connectivity:

  • If you’re traveling with family or friends and want interconnected rooms, ensure you communicate this during the booking process.

Evaluate the Itinerary:

  • For scenic routes, a balcony cabin becomes more valuable. Think Alaskan glaciers or Caribbean sunsets!

Location, Location, Location:

  • Mid-ship: Offers the smoothest ride, especially if you’re prone to seasickness.
  • Higher Decks: Provide faster access to pools, spas, and restaurants but might be noisier during the day.
  • Lower Decks: Generally quieter and closer to disembarkation points during port days.

Double-check for Obstructed Views:

  • Some balcony cabins might have a lifeboat or pillar partially blocking the view. Always read the cabin description or consult deck plans.

Consider Special Needs:

  • If you have mobility issues, ensure you book accessible cabins. The Bliss offers several that are designed for comfort and ease of movement.

Beware of “Guaranteed” Bookings:

  • While they often offer a reduced rate, you won’t get to pick your specific cabin, which might land you in one of the less desirable spots.

When in Doubt, Seek Expertise:

  • Travel agents, especially those specializing in cruises, can be invaluable. They often have firsthand knowledge of the ship and can guide you based on your preferences.

Every cabin on the Norwegian Bliss has its unique charm, but the right one for you hinges on your personal preferences and priorities. Happy cruising!

Norwegian Dawn deck

Norwegian Bliss: The Floating Paradise

Embarking on a cruise aboard the Norwegian Bliss is akin to stepping into a world where luxury meets adventure, and where the journey is every bit as captivating as the destinations. Here’s a snapshot of what makes the Norwegian Bliss stand out in a sea of cruise options:

Design & Ambiance:

  • Modern Elegance: The ship, launched in 2018, is a testament to modern ship design, blending contemporary aesthetics with classic cruise comfort. Rich tones, art installations, and panoramic ocean views set the scene for an unparalleled experience.
  • Open Spaces: Designed to bring the outdoors in, expansive observation lounges make sure you’re always connected to the sea and the sky.

Entertainment Extravaganza:

  • Broadway-caliber Shows: The Bliss boasts of high-energy performances like “Jersey Boys” and the all-original production “¡HAVANA!”.
  • Race Track at Sea: Yes, you read that right. A two-level competitive race track on a cruise ship ensures adrenaline junkies get their fix.

Culinary Delights:

  • Global Cuisine: From the sizzling steaks at Cagney’s to the authentic Italian at Onda, the Norwegian Bliss offers a world of flavors. Don’t miss the Q Texas Smokehouse for Southern delights!
  • The Local: Open 24/7, this pub-style eatery ensures you’re never far from a comforting bite or drink.

Relaxation & Rejuvenation:

  • Mandara Spa: Lose yourself in this tranquil oasis, offering treatments from hot stone massages to acupuncture. Plus, the Thermal Suite is a must-try!
  • Pools & Hot Tubs: Whether you’re looking to do laps or simply lounge, the Bliss’s pool areas, complete with water slides, offer something for everyone.

Kid-friendly Quarters:

  • Splash Academy: Kids get their own slice of paradise with a range of activities tailored to various age groups.
  • Entourage Teen Club: For the teens, a retreat that’s part arcade, part lounge ensures they’re always entertained.

Bars & Lounges:

  • Observation Lounge: Featuring 180-degree views, it’s the ideal spot for a sundowner.
  • The Cellars Wine Bar: An ode to the Mondavi family’s rich winemaking legacy, this is a haven for wine enthusiasts.

The Norwegian Bliss isn’t just another ship in the fleet; it’s a statement of how cruising can be a holistic experience. Whether you’re an adventure seeker, a relaxation enthusiast, or somewhere in between, the Bliss promises to make every moment onboard memorable.

FAQs: Navigating Norwegian Bliss Cabins to Avoid

Why should I be cautious about cabins below public areas?Cabins located directly below busy public areas, like restaurants or the pool deck, might experience noise, especially during peak hours. It’s wise to check the ship’s deck plan before booking.

I love a view! Are there any cabins with obstructed views I should know about?Yes, some balcony cabins on the Bliss might have lifeboats or other equipment partially blocking the view. Always read the cabin description carefully or ask a travel agent for clarification.

I’m prone to seasickness. Are there specific cabins I should avoid?If you’re sensitive to motion, avoid cabins at the very front (forward) or very back (aft) of the ship. Opt for a mid-ship cabin on a lower deck for the most stability.

What’s the deal with “guaranteed cabins”?A “guaranteed cabin” means you’re assured a cabin in a certain category, but you won’t know the exact location until closer to the sailing date. While they can be a great deal, you risk getting a less-than-ideal location.

Are inside cabins really that dark?Inside cabins have no windows, so they can be quite dark, which is great for those who love sleeping in. However, if you prefer natural light, you might want to consider an oceanview or balcony cabin.

Are there any particularly noisy cabins to avoid?Cabins near elevators, service areas, or directly above/below entertainment venues can be noisy. Checking reviews from previous travelers can give insight into specific cabins to sidestep.

I’ve heard there are cabins with larger balconies. How do I find them?Some cabins, due to the ship’s design, have extended balconies. These are gems! Review the deck plan or consult a cruise specialist to help identify these spots.

Are there any cabins near crew work areas that might be disruptive?Cabins adjacent to crew service doors or maintenance areas can sometimes experience more foot traffic and noise. A look at the ship’s deck plan can help identify and avoid these cabins.

I’m traveling with kids. Any specific cabin tips?While family-friendly cabins are spacious, ensure they aren’t located near adult entertainment areas, which might be louder at night.

Any other general tips for selecting the best cabin?Prioritize your needs—whether it’s location, view, or peace and quiet. Then, use online resources, reviews, and expert advice to find your perfect cabin.