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Princess Cruise Dress Code: Your Complete Guide!

Princess Cruises, a name synonymous with luxury and memorable sea adventures, has a rich history of taking passengers on dreamy voyages.

As you anticipate the ocean’s embrace, understanding the onboard Princess cruise dress code can elevate your experience.

This guide will sail you through the intricacies of dressing right with cruise clothes, ensuring your onboard moments are as stylish as they are unforgettable.

dress code on princess cruise

Why Does Dress Code Matter on a Cruise?

Cruising with Princess is not just about traversing the vast oceans or basking in exotic locales. It’s an experience, a rite of passage where the journey is as significant as the destination.

And like any grand event, there’s an unwritten decorum that heightens the ambiance. Enter the Princess cruise dress code, a subtle guide ensuring each moment aboard is picture-perfect.

The First Impression & The Onboard Experience

You know what they say about first impressions—they’re lasting. Embarking on your sea voyage, you’ll be greeted by a crew dressed impeccably, setting the tone for your journey.

The Princess cruise dress code is designed not to stifle your style but to elevate the collective experience of all onboard. It’s akin to attending a themed party where the attire, which should be added to your cruise packing list, adds to the event’s charm.

Daytime Dress

Creating a Sense of Occasion & Atmosphere

Each day on the cruise is unique. From sunbathing mornings to moonlit soirees, different events demand different vibes. Following the Princess Cruise dress code helps set the mood.

Think about it: indulging in a five-course meal feels more luxurious when surrounded by elegantly dressed guests than if it were just another casual evening.

Respecting Other Passengers

Dressing appropriately according to the Princess Cruise dress code is also a nod of respect to fellow passengers. It’s a communal understanding that everyone wants to revel in the cruise’s elegance and sophistication.

Just as you’d dress appropriately when attending a wedding or a theater show, dressing up for specified nights on the cruise acknowledges the effort everyone puts in to make the experience memorable.

Adhering to the Princess Cruises dress code isn’t about rigidity; it’s about harmony. It weaves together the individual styles of passengers, creating a tapestry of elegance that complements the beauty of the oceans and the luxury of the cruise.

And as we delve deeper into this guide, you’ll discover that this dress code offers ample room for personal expression while maintaining the collective charm of the cruising experience.

princess cruise dress code

Overview of Princess Cruise Dress Code Categories

Embarking on a Princess Cruise promises both adventure and elegance. But to truly relish every moment, understanding the different attire expectations can be immensely helpful.

While some might find the concept of a dress code daunting, Princess Cruises gracefully merges comfort with style, ensuring guests feel their best throughout their journey.

Let’s unravel the main categories of the Princess Cruise dress code and help you pack the perfect outfits for every occasion.

Casual Attire: Ease Meets Elegance

The name might suggest laid-back, but “casual” on a Princess Cruise isn’t about those well-worn sweatpants you love. It’s about finding the sweet spot between comfort and style.

Perfect for days filled with sightseeing or lounging on the deck, casual attire emphasizes ease without compromising on elegance.

For Men: Think lightweight shorts, polo shirts, or comfortable tees paired with loafers or sandals.

For Women: Sundresses, capris, blouses, and a comfortable pair of flats or sandals fit the bill.

Smart Casual: Turning the Style Quotient Up a Notch

Picture this: a dinner with a mesmerizing ocean backdrop and soft melodies playing in the background. That’s where smart casual steps in. It’s not overtly formal, but it’s a step above your day-time wear, ensuring you feel just right for those special dinners and events.

For Men: Slacks, chinos, or dark jeans paired with a collared shirt and closed-toe shoes are ideal.

For Women: Dresses, skirts, or trousers paired with a chic top, complemented by accessories, set the tone.

cruise suites

Formal Attire: A Night of Opulence

The highlight of many passengers’ cruising experience, Princess formal nights are all about opulence and glamour. Embrace the ambiance with attire that matches the night’s grandeur.

For Men: A suit with a tie, or even a tuxedo for those who love to go the extra mile.

For Women: Evening gowns, cocktail dresses, and elegant jewelry to complete the look for cruise clothes for women.

Theme Nights: Dive into the Fun

Every so often, Princess Cruises offers a sprinkle of extra fun with theme nights.

From tropical luaus to roaring ’20s parties, these nights allow passengers to step out of the usual Princess Cruise dress code and dive into a world of playful dressing.

Tips: Always check your cruise itinerary for any theme nights. They’re the perfect opportunity to showcase creativity in your outfits!

Each category of the Princess Cruise dress code is designed to enhance a specific part of your cruise journey. Whether it’s a relaxed afternoon by the pool, a picturesque sunset dinner, or a glamorous ballroom dance, dressing appropriately adds to the joy of the experience.

With these categories in mind, planning your cruise wardrobe will be smooth sailing!

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Casual Attire Explained

A refreshing cocktail in hand, the soft caress of the ocean breeze, and the gentle hum of life on the ship – this is where the Princess Cruise dress code for casual attire comes into play.

Tailored to ensure comfort while radiating an air of effortless chic, casual wear on the ship is a delightful blend of leisure and style.

When and Where is Casual Attire Appropriate?

Navigating the nuances of ‘casual’ on a Princess Cruise is all about understanding the day’s activities.

Morning and Afternoons: Perfect for those lazy mornings when you head to the buffet for brunch or those active afternoons attending onboard activities.

Port Days: When you’re exploring an enchanting port city or taking in the sights on an excursion, the casual dress code keeps you comfortable and ready for adventure.

Casual Dining: Some onboard eateries, especially during the day, encourage a more relaxed dress sense.

cruise clothes for women

Acceptable Casual Outfits for Men and Women

Dressing casual doesn’t mean compromising on style. The key is to blend comfort with a touch of elegance.

For Men:

  • T-shirts and Polos: Stick to neat, well-fitted options, preferably without any loud graphics or slogans.
  • Shorts: Think tailored shorts in solid colors or subtle patterns. Team them up with a casual belt for a touch of sophistication.
  • Footwear: While flip-flops are perfect for the pool, opt for loafers, boat shoes, or stylish sandals when wandering around the ship.

For Women:

  • Sundresses: Lightweight and breezy, sundresses are both stylish and comfortable for a day on the ship.
  • Blouses and Tops: Paired with skirts or capris, they offer a versatile option that’s both chic and functional.
  • Footwear: Closed shoes, comfortable sandals, or stylish flats are the go-to choices. If heading to the pool, a pair of elegant flip-flops can work.

Common Misconceptions and Mistakes

With the term “casual” often being synonymous with “anything goes”, some misconceptions can arise.

  • Sportswear: While sporty attire is perfect for the gym, it might not be suitable for other areas, especially dining venues.
  • Swimwear: Beachwear is reserved for the pools and sun decks. Always throw on a cover-up or casual dress when moving away from these areas.
  • Worn-out Clothing: The idea is relaxed elegance, so that old t-shirt with holes might not be the best choice.

The Princess Cruise dress code for casual attire is all about embracing the laid-back vibes of the sea while looking put-together. It’s the oceanic rendition of the “smart-casual” term we often hear on land, ensuring passengers feel relaxed yet refined throughout their journey.

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Smart Casual – Striking the Balance

The beauty of a Princess Cruise journey lies in its dynamic experiences, and the Princess Cruise dress code is meticulously designed to complement each moment.

Enter the realm of ‘Smart Casual’ – a category that’s neither too relaxed nor overly formal, ensuring you’re dressed impeccably for those special evenings when the ship’s ambiance undergoes a subtle, elegant transformation.

The Definition of Smart Casual on Princess Cruises

To demystify, ‘smart casual’ is all about striking the right chord between sophistication and comfort. It’s the attire you’d choose for a dinner at a chic restaurant in town or a cocktail party with close friends.

Ideal Occasions for Wearing Smart Casual

Evening Dinners: While not a formal night, evening dinners, especially in the main dining rooms and specialty restaurants, often encourage this dress code.

Theater Shows: Planning to catch one of the mesmerizing onboard performances? Smart casual ensures you fit right in with the elegant atmosphere.

Special Onboard Events: Certain onboard activities or events, like art auctions or captain’s receptions, might recommend this attire.

Button-up Shirt

Outfit Inspirations for Both Genders

Navigating smart casual is fun, allowing a blend of personal style with a touch of formality.

For Men:

  • Shirts: Collared shirts, whether they’re long-sleeved button-downs or polos, are a staple. Pair them with well-fitted trousers or even dark, unripped jeans.
  • Footwear: Leather shoes, loafers, or sleek dark-colored sneakers (avoiding the sporty look) can complete the ensemble.

For Women:

  • Dresses: A knee-length dress or even a stylish maxi can be perfect. The key is to pick something that’s a touch more elevated than your daywear.
  • Trousers and Blouses: A sophisticated blouse paired with tailored trousers or a chic skirt can hit the mark.
  • Footwear: Pumps, heeled sandals, or elegant flats all work wonderfully.

The Difference Between Casual and Smart Casual

While the boundary might seem blurred, the distinction often lies in the details:

  • Material and Fit: Smart casual pieces tend to have a more refined finish, with fabrics that are a tad more luxurious and fits that are more tailored.
  • Accessories: The right accessories can instantly elevate an outfit from casual to smart casual. Think statement watches, elegant jewelry, and stylish belts.

The essence of the Princess cruise dress code for smart casual lies in its versatility. It’s about feeling stylishly comfortable, ready for a gourmet meal or a dance, all while gazing at the vast expanse of the ocean.

With smart casual, you’re not just dressed for the occasion; you’re dressed for unforgettable memories.

Cocktail Dress

Dazzling in Formal Attire

The gentle lapping of the waves against the ship’s hull, the shimmering lights of the grand ballroom, and the soft melodies of a classic tune—such are the nights where the Princess Cruise dress code elevates to its pinnacle: Formal Attire.

These nights, sprinkled throughout your journey, are where glamour, sophistication, and timeless elegance take center stage, allowing passengers to revel in the true luxury of cruising.

Significance of Formal Nights on Princess Cruises

Princess cruise formal nights are more than just about dressing up; they’re a celebration. They encapsulate:

  • An Evening of Grandeur: With the ship’s venues dressed in their finest, formal nights offer an ambiance unlike any other.
  • Memorable Moments: Whether it’s a dance with a loved one, a champagne toast, or even capturing that perfect photo, these nights are designed for memories.
  • A Nod to Tradition: Cruising has a rich history, and formal nights pay homage to the golden era of sea travel.


Dress Code Specifics for Men and Women

Formal attire, while grand, isn’t about discomfort or being overly ostentatious. It’s about looking your best and feeling even better.

For Men:

  • Suits and Tuxedos: A well-fitted suit, with or without a tie, is a staple. For those who love to truly indulge, a tuxedo is a perfect choice.
  • Shirts: A crisp, clean, preferably white or light-colored dress shirt.
  • Footwear: Leather dress shoes, polished to perfection, complete the look.

For Women:

  • Gowns: Floor or cocktail-length dresses in rich materials like silks, satins, or velvets capture the essence.
  • Accessories: Statement jewelry, from sparkling necklaces to elegant earrings, can enhance the outfit’s allure.
  • Footwear: Heeled shoes or sophisticated flats, preferably in neutral or metallic shades, are ideal.

Tips for Feeling Comfortable While Looking Elegant

  • Fit is Key: Ensure your formal attire fits well. Consider tailoring if needed, as comfort is paramount.
  • Shoe Choices: While heels might be the go-to, ensure they’re comfortable. There’s no harm in packing a pair of elegant flats as a backup.
  • Less is More: When it comes to jewelry and accessories, sometimes opting for fewer, statement pieces can make a bolder impact.

Renting vs. Buying Formalwear for Your Cruise

Not keen on packing a tuxedo or a gown? No worries. Many cruisers opt for onboard rental services.

  • Advantages of Renting: Save luggage space, enjoy a variety of options, and leave the cleaning and maintenance to someone else.
  • Buying: If cruises or formal events are frequent in your calendar, investing in timeless pieces might be worth it.

Adhering to the formal segment of the Princess Cruise dress code is not about adhering to rigid norms but celebrating the magic of cruising.

As you slip into your formal wear, remember, it’s the confidence and joy you wear with it that truly makes the night shine.

tropical night cruise

Theme Nights and Specialty Events

The allure of a Princess Cruise is not just in its majestic views or exquisite dining experiences. It’s also in the tapestry of events that add a dash of fun, nostalgia, or even exoticism to the journey.

While the Princess Cruise dress code sets a general guideline for daily wear, theme nights and specialty events offer passengers a delightful opportunity to step out of the box and truly immerse themselves in a vibrant sea of creativity.

Introduction to Popular Theme Nights on Princess Cruises

Over the years, Princess Cruises has sprinkled its itinerary with various themed events. Some of the favorites include:

  • Tropical Luau Nights: Think Hawaiian shirts, leis, grass skirts, and an atmosphere reminiscent of a beach party.
  • Roaring ’20s Parties: Flapper dresses, pinstripe suits, and an ambiance that takes you back to the age of jazz.
  • White Parties: An ethereal night where passengers don pristine white outfits, dancing under the stars.

Dressing for Themed Parties and Events

Part of the excitement of theme nights is the attire. It’s a chance to play, experiment, and even embody a different character or era.

  • Research: Check your cruise itinerary or the Princess Cruises website ahead of time to get insights into any upcoming theme nights.
  • Creativity Over Accuracy: While it’s fun to be period or theme accurate, the key is to enjoy the process. Don’t stress about getting every detail right.
  • Accessorize: Sometimes, it’s the small things—a feathered headband for the ’20s night or a tropical flower for the luau—that make a significant impact.

Tips and Tricks

  • Pack Versatile Pieces: A simple black dress can be transformed with accessories for various themes. Similarly, a white shirt for men can be paired differently for multiple events.
  • Prop It Up: Sometimes, simple props can be the game-changer. A fedora, a faux pearl necklace, or even a fun inflatable guitar can set the tone.
  • Embrace the Community: Engage with fellow cruisers on forums or social media to exchange ideas. Sometimes, group themes can add to the fun!

Theme nights and specialty events are more than just about the outfits. They’re about community, about shared laughter, and about creating memories that last a lifetime.

The Princess Cruise dress code for these nights is not a stringent rulebook but a canvas, waiting for passengers to paint their own unique strokes.

princess cruise dress code

Dress Code for Children and Teens

Cruising is a family affair, and Princess Cruises ensures that every member, from the tiny tots to the spirited teens, has an experience to cherish.

While adults have a clear delineation in the Princess Cruise dress code, it’s essential to understand the nuances when it comes to the younger cruisers.

This guide ensures that your children not only comply with the dress code but also do so while flaunting their youthful style.

Overview of Dress Code Specifics for Younger Cruisers

Just like adults, children and teens on Princess Cruises have casual, smart casual, and formal nights. However, the interpretation is a tad more lenient, keeping in mind their comfort and playful nature.

Casual Attire for Kids

Whether it’s playing on the deck, attending kid-centric activities, or just exploring the ship, comfort is paramount.

For Boys:

  • Shorts or jeans paired with t-shirts (preferably without overly loud graphics) work well.
  • Closed shoes or sandals for roaming around, and flip-flops for the poolside.

For Girls:

  • Sundresses, shorts, skirts, and tees are perfect.
  • Sandals, ballet flats, or sneakers can round off the look.

Smart Casual for the Not-so-little Ones

For those special dinners with family or attending a show, a touch of formality adds to the experience.

For Teen Boys:

  • Chinos or dark jeans paired with a collared shirt.
  • Closed shoes, preferably not sneakers, to elevate the look.

For Teen Girls:

  • Dresses, skirts paired with blouses, or even smart trousers with a chic top.
  • Heeled sandals, wedges, or elegant flats.

Formal Nights: Miniature Glamour

It’s adorable to see young ones dressed in their best, echoing the grandeur of their parents.

For Boys:

  • A suit, or at the very least, dress pants with a shirt and tie.
  • Leather shoes to complete the ensemble.

For Girls:

  • Evening dresses, ballerina dresses, or even smart jumpsuits.
  • Small heels or sparkly flats, along with some fun jewelry.

Striking a Balance Between Comfort and Style for Kids

  • Flexibility: The Princess Cruise dress code for children and teens is more flexible. If your child isn’t comfortable in a tie or a dress, it’s okay to tone it down.
  • Preparation: Discuss the dress code with your kids or teens beforehand, so they know what to expect. Let them have a say in their outfits—it’s a part of the fun!

Tips for Parents

  • Pack Extras: Kids are prone to spills or sudden decisions that today isn’t the day for that particular shirt. Having backup outfits can be a lifesaver.
  • Accessorize: Often, accessories can change the entire look. A fun bowtie, a cute hairband, or even a stylish cap can make a difference.
  • Comfort First: Especially for younger children, comfort is key. It’s better for them to be slightly underdressed but happy than formally dressed and irritable.

Cruising with children and teens offers a unique blend of experiences, and the Princess cruise dress code ensures they look the part without compromising on their youthful spirit.

Embracing the dress code with a touch of flexibility ensures the entire family sails in style.


Tackling Common Questions and Misconceptions

The intricacies of cruise attire can sometimes lead to confusion or even misconceptions, especially for first-time cruisers.

As one dives into the world of Princess Cruises, questions about the Princess cruise dress code are bound to arise. This section aims to address these common queries, dispelling myths and setting the record straight.

Can I Wear Jeans on a Princess Cruise?

One of the most frequent questions, the answer is: Yes, you can! However, the context matters.

  • Casual Days: Jeans are perfect for casual days, especially if paired with a neat top or shirt.
  • Smart Casual Evenings: Dark, well-fitted jeans without rips can pass as smart casual when paired appropriately.
  • Formal Nights: It’s better to leave the jeans in your cabin on these occasions.

What Happens if I Don’t Adhere to the Dress Code?

Princess Cruises aims for a harmonious onboard experience for all guests. While there aren’t strict “fashion police,” certain venues might have adherence to dress codes.

  • Dining Rooms: Main dining rooms and specialty restaurants might request guests to return in more appropriate attire.
  • Public Areas: Most public areas, barring the pools and sports facilities, expect a minimum dress code adherence, especially in the evenings.

One-piece Swimsuits

Are Swimsuits Allowed Outside the Pool Area?

While swimsuits are the go-to attire for pools and sunbathing, they’re not appropriate for other venues.

  • Dining Venues: Swimsuits are a no-no. Even at the most casual eateries, a cover-up or casual dress is expected.
  • Indoor Areas: If you’re moving from the pool to your cabin or vice versa, it’s acceptable. However, for any other activities or venues, it’s courteous to change.

Clarifying “Optional” Dress Code Nights

On certain nights, the Princess cruise dress code might be mentioned as “optional.” This doesn’t mean anything goes! It usually implies that while a specific dress code (like formal) is recommended and embraced by many, it’s not as strictly enforced, allowing passengers a bit more flexibility.

Do I Need to Pack Different Outfits for Day and Night?

While you don’t need an entirely different wardrobe, the ship’s ambiance does change from day to night. Casual wear dominates the day, but evenings, especially in dining and entertainment venues, lean towards smart casual or formal, depending on the night.

Tips for Navigating the Dress Code

  • Daily Schedule: The Princess Cruise daily newsletter, delivered to your cabin, often outlines the day’s dress code. It’s an invaluable resource.
  • When in Doubt, Ask: The ship’s crew is always there to help. If ever in doubt about a specific night or event, don’t hesitate to ask.
  • Observe and Adapt: Especially for first-time cruisers, observing fellow passengers can provide valuable cues on dressing right.

The Princess Cruise dress code isn’t designed to be a maze of confusion but a roadmap to enhancing the onboard experience.

By addressing common questions and misconceptions, passengers can cruise with confidence, knowing they’re dressed to perfection for every occasion.

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Tips for Packing According to the Princess Cruise Dress Code

Packing for a cruise vacation is unlike any other getaway. With multiple occasions wrapped up in one voyage, the challenge lies in ensuring you’re well-prepared without overstuffing your suitcase.

When adhering to the Princess Cruise dress code, the game is about maximizing versatility while not compromising on style. Here are some expert tips to ensure your cruise wardrobe is shipshape!

Starting with Basics and Layering Up

Begin your packing process by focusing on essentials.

  • Neutral Foundations: Items like white tees, black trousers, or a classic blue jean can be paired in numerous ways.
  • Layering Pieces: Lightweight jackets, cardigans, or shawls can transition a daytime outfit to night effortlessly.

Versatile Pieces that Can Transition from Day to Night

  • Maxi Dresses: For women, a maxi dress can be casual with flip-flops during the day and then dressed up with heels and accessories for the evening.
  • Collared Shirts: For men, a crisp collared shirt can be worn casually with shorts and then paired with trousers for a smarter look in the evening.

Packing for Unexpected Events or Changes in Itinerary

  • One Extra Formal Outfit: Even if you know the number of formal nights, an extra outfit can be a lifesaver if there’s an impromptu invite to a specialty restaurant or event.
  • Weather-Appropriate Gear: While cruises are often in balmy climates, it’s wise to pack a lightweight raincoat or an extra sweater just in case.

Shoes: Striking a Balance Between Style and Comfort

  • Multipurpose Footwear: Consider packing shoes that can be dressed up or down. Nude or metallic sandals for women or leather loafers for men can be quite versatile.
  • Remember Comfort: Especially for excursions or long nights dancing away, ensure some of your footwear prioritizes comfort.

nautical cruise theme night

Accessories: The Game-Changers

Often, the same outfit can look dramatically different with a change in cruise accessories.

  • Statement Jewelry: For women, packing a few standout pieces can elevate a simple dress to an evening-ready look.
  • Belts and Watches for Men: These can add a refined touch to even the most basic outfits.

Don’t Forget Theme Nights

  • Compact Costumes: If you’re aware of theme nights, try to pack costumes that aren’t bulky.
  • DIY Themes: Sometimes, simple props or DIY additions to your regular outfits can make you theme-ready without needing a complete costume.

Utilizing Onboard Services

  • Laundry: Princess Cruises offer laundry services, so consider packing fewer items and getting them laundered if needed.
  • Renting: If you don’t want to pack formal wear, look into onboard rental options.

Final Packing Tips

  • Roll, Don’t Fold: Rolling clothes can save space and reduce wrinkles.
  • Packing Cubes: These can help in organizing outfits and ensuring you don’t overpack.
  • Check Restrictions: Be aware of luggage restrictions, especially if you’re flying to the cruise departure city.

With a blend of planning and strategic packing, adhering to the Princess cruise dress code can be a breeze.

Remember, the cruise is all about relaxation and rejuvenation. So, while dressing up is part of the fun, always prioritize your comfort and personal style.

dress code on princess cruise


Embarking on a Princess Cruise is a voyage into a world of luxury, adventure, and unforgettable moments. The Princess cruise dress code, while providing guidelines, is truly about enhancing the collective experience of every passenger on board.

It’s not just about outfits but about immersing oneself in the ambiance, traditions, and festivities of cruise life.

As you prepare for your journey, remember to pack not just your clothes but also your spirit of adventure, knowing that every sunset over the horizon and every dance under the stars will be a memory to cherish forever.

FAQs on Princess Cruise Dress Code

Embarking on a Princess Cruise is a dream come true for many, and ensuring you’re dressed appropriately only enhances the experience. While we’ve covered the Princess cruise dress code in depth, here are answers to some frequently asked questions that passengers often have.

1. Can I wear shorts to the main dining room?

While shorts are perfect for casual daytime activities, they’re typically not recommended for main dining rooms in the evening. Opt for trousers or a casual dress instead.

2. Are there designated formal nights on every cruise?

Yes, most Princess Cruises have designated formal nights, but their frequency depends on the cruise length. A seven-day cruise, for example, typically has two formal nights.

3. I forgot to pack a formal dress. What should I do?

Don’t worry! Onboard shops often offer a selection of formalwear. Additionally, some ships offer rental services for formal attire.

4. Are children expected to adhere strictly to the dress code?

While children are encouraged to follow the dress code, Princess Cruises understands the need for flexibility. Comfortable, smart attire is generally acceptable for younger cruisers on formal nights.

5. Can I wear a hat in the dining venues?

It’s traditionally considered polite to remove hats in indoor dining venues. However, decorative or formal hats for women can be an exception on certain occasions.

6. Is activewear allowed outside of the gym?

Activewear, while perfect for the fitness center or outdoor activities, is not recommended for main dining areas or specialty restaurants, especially in the evening.

7. Are there any shoe restrictions?

Flip-flops and pool shoes are best reserved for poolside areas. For dining, especially during the evening, closed shoes for men and elegant sandals or shoes for women are preferred.

8. Do I need to dress up for the buffet?

While the buffet is more relaxed than the main dining room, a basic level of neatness—like wearing a cover-up over swimwear—is expected.

9. How do I know the theme nights in advance?

Theme nights or special events are often listed in your pre-cruise documentation or the daily newsletter delivered to your cabin.

10. What if I don’t want to participate in the dress code?

While the dress code enhances the onboard experience, passengers looking for a more relaxed dining option can choose venues like the buffet or order room service on formal nights.