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Astonishing Reasons to Visit Barbados for Your Vacation

There are countless, amazing reasons to visit Barbados at some point in your life. This beautiful eastern Caribbean country is a decent-sized island that offers its visitors all the best aspects of a tropical lifestyle.

Barbados is a super special place in this world that definitely deserves a lot more attention and recognition than it receives now. Way too many people miss out on this beautiful destination in their lifetime, so let’s go through the top reasons to explore this breathtaking country!

You totally do not want to be one of those people, so let’s discover all that Barbados has to offer before ruling this fabulous Caribbean island out.

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Countless sandy beaches

The number one reason to visit Barbados is the limitless supply of pristine, sandy beaches along the Caribbean coast.

Barbados offers more than 70 miles of breathtaking beaches for you the enjoy and explore. Plus, some of these beaches are considered the best among all the islands in the Caribbean! On the western side of the island, you will find plenty of Robinson Crusoe style beaches offering soft white sands and crystal-blue waters.

You will definitely want to check out the popular beach shown above known as Paynes Bay Beach. Some other beaches notoriously favored by tourists are Gibbes Beach, Mullins Beach, and Reeds Bay. These beaches are known famously as the Platinum Coast. Here is where you can find many of the luxury hotels, villas, and resorts. If you are looking for more rugged beauty and rolling waves, check out the eastern side of the island.

Scrumptious food

Another factor that should totally be one of the top reasons to visit Barbados is their oh-so-delicious food!

The island’s amazing restaurants can be found throughout the country, but the best ones are located right on the coast. In fact, Barbados is home to more beachfront and oceanfront restaurants than any other island in the Caribbean. To experience an authentic restaurant time, check out Bajan food. As an eclectic mix of Caribbean, African, West Indian, and European cuisines, you will totally be able to find something that your stomach will fall in love with!

Barbados is also known for some of the tastiest and freshest fish in the world. If you are on the West Coast of the island, make sure to check out some of the local, world-renowned eateries. If you were wondering what exactly these are, make sure to stop by The Cliff, The Lone Star, Tides, Daphne’s, and The Fish Pot to have some of the best meals of your life!


Another important factor to consider when discovering your next travel destination is safety– one of the most important reasons to visit Barbados.

Do not worry! Barbados has a notoriously low crime rate. Plus, Barbados is considered by many to be one of the safest islands found in the Caribbean. With low rates of theft and assault, you can safely travel by yourself or young children without worrying every second about your safety. The local people, Bajans, are warm, friendly, and well-known for their kind hospitality. If you have any questions about the area or are looking for secret spots only the locals know about, the Bajans will be more than happy to help you!

Also, Bajans have a great sense of adventure and know how to have fun. They love to sing and dance, so do not be surprised when you hear people singing and dancing as you walk through the streets. Famous pop star Rihanna is one of the shining stars and can often be spotted in Barbados.

Watersports galore

If you are a fan of a watersport of any kind, Barbados is totally your place!

Barbados is super well-known as one of the best Caribbean islands to enjoy and pursue watersports. Plus, one of the bonus reasons to visit Barbados is that it also boasts numerous breathtaking deep-sea diving opportunities.

There are loads of ancient shipwrecks to discover as well as countless colorful fish and sea life such as stingrays, stiped dolphins, seahorses, reef sharks, flying fish, and more. There are also beautifully colorful coral reefs for you to explore when you are in Barbados.

Once you are done exploring what is underneath the waves via snorkeling or SCUBA diving, get above the surface through one of the popular watersports offered in Barbados. Some of these include sailing, paddle boarding, windsurfing, surfing, jet skiing, water skiing, glass-bottom boat rides, and many many more! The countless opportunities to enjoy your stay in Barbados in the warm sea should be the top reason you visit this gorgeous country!

Loads of history

If you consider yourself an avid history-buff, this one of the reasons to visit Barbados is definitely a good fit for you!

Barbados is one of the most interesting islands in the world from a historical standpoint. The first thing to know about Barbados is that the island has very strong ties to The British Colonial Empire. Actually, plenty of the island’s historical buildings come from this time period. Most of these buildings are beautifully preserved for visitors to check out. It is quite possible that even if you spent numerous days in Barbados, you may not have time to check out all the island has to offer historically.

Thus, you need to prioritize your time. Make sure to check out St. Nicholas Abbey which is known to be an authentic Jacobean Mansion. This perfectly restored plantation house dates all the way back to 1658! Another fascinating attraction is The George Washington House which explains the role the United States president played in the settlement of America. The island is also known as one of the Caribbean’s oldest synagogues, Nidhe Israel, which was founded in 1654.

Active activities

If you are hoping to stay moving while on your tropical adventure, you need to read this one of the top reasons to visit Barbados.

One of the largest draws to this Caribbean island is the numerous world-renowned golf facilities. If you are interested in these famous courses, check out the Green Monkey which was founded at the popular Sandy Lane Hotel by Tom Fazio. For more golf courses, look for The Royal Westmorland and Apes Hill which opened more recently in 2009. Another popular sport in Barbados is cricket. As Bajan’s national sport, cricket is a fantastic sport that you can quickly fall in love with. Plus, the local people are completely passionate about it with plenty of players on the famous West Indies Cricket Team coming from Barbados.

Another exceptional sport you can participate in during your stay in Barbados is polo. You may be able to catch one of the polo matches if you stay during the right time of the year at the Apes Hill Polo grounds. The rich and famous, as well as some royals are often caught playing this intense, yet playful sport of polo.

Remarkable Accommodations

If you are looking for a unique stay or a luxurious resort, Barbados is the Caribbean island for you!

If you are looking for breathtaking, five-star resorts or hotels, I highly suggest checking out Barbado’s western coast. Here you will find amazing hotels such as The Fairmont, The Coral Cove Hotel, and The Sandy Lane Hotel that will create a rejuvenating atmosphere for you to enjoy on your journey. If you prefer a more luxurious spot with more privacy and more space (while saving money), I highly suggest looking into Barbado’s world-renowned luxurious villas.

Two companies who are truly experts in the villa rental arena in Barbados are Exceptional Villas and Villas Barbados. They will both give you personally inspected and vetted rental homes as well as a first-class caliber complimentary concierge service. If you would prefer to use the more popular sites like Airbnb or VRBO, there are plenty of cheap options there too!

Excellent wildlife

While I know I already discussed the beautiful wildlife found in Barbados, I had to give the animals one of the best reasons to visit Barbados as they are truly magnificent!

Barbados has some beautiful, colorful, and amazing wildlife as many of the most fascinating species are found at the island’s reserve. Make sure to check out Barbados Wildlife Reserve where you will see green monkeys swinging around above you.

If you are lucky, you will also get the chance to see pelicans, flamingos, tree frogs, mongoose, red-footed tortoises, and lizard brocket deer. The Barbados Wildlife Reserve is also home to an exceptional aviary that showcases the island’s exotic and colorful tropical birds.

Plus, when you are visiting the breathtaking beaches along the coast, you also have a chance at spotting some of the beautiful marine wildlife. This includes reef sharks, sea turtles, jellyfish, seahorses, tropical fish, dolphins, and much, much more! Make sure to pack your goggles and swimsuit to fully experience the amazing wildlife Barbados has to offer.

Tasty rum

Another one of the reasons to visit Barbados is that the country is world-renowned for it’s amazing rum production and selection!

Whether or not you are a rum-lover, you are gonna want to try the drink that many people only dream of tasting. Who knows, maybe you will surprise yourself! Rum is a huge business for the local people of Barbados. Make sure to check out the world’s oldest distillery during your stay at Mount Gay Rum Distillery. Here you will also get a chance to taste one of the world’s most popular rums.

Plus, at Mount Gay Rum Distillery, you will get the chance to sample several different types of rum to hone in your taste. Here you will learn about the history of the industry in Barbados and hopefully ask for a tour of the plant. After seeing how your rum beverage was made, you will not regret visiting the breathtaking country of Barbados.

That completes our list of the top reasons to visit Barbados for your next tropical adventure!

Just because it is not one of the most commonly tossed-around names of Caribbean islands, do not completely rule out Barbados. Who knows, this magnificent and underrated island might surprise you with a once-in-a-lifetime experience! I hope these most important reasons to visit Barbados have allowed you to reconsider you future travel.

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