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Top Things to Do in Kumrovec, Croatia

Nestled on Croatia’s eastern border with Slovenia, you will fall in love with the cute, white village of Kumrovec, Croatia. Straggling along the far side of the lustrous Sutla Valley, there are plenty of things to do in Kumrovec, Croatia.

As a typical white village of the Zagorje region, Kumrovec boasts plenty of vineyards, haystacks, and clucking birds– defining its classic Croatian charm.

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Open-air Ethnographic Museum

While this first attraction in Kumrovec is not technically a “thing to do”, it defines what you will experience while in this cute white village.

The center of the Kumrovec village has been designated as an open-air ethnographic museum for visitors to learn about the history of the region. This means that there has been reconstruction efforts to buddle a group of traditional Croatian houses, workshops, and barns that illustrate the life of the Zagorje people in the years prior to World War I.

Located in the heart of Kumrovec, this area is difficult to miss. Make sure to chat with the locals to fully understand Kumrovec’s historic open-air ethnographic museum in person!


Kumrovec’s Old Village Museum

A great first stop in Kumrovec is to Kumrovec’s Old Village Museum. This city museum is open to visitors from 9am-7pm daily from April to September and 9am-4pm daily from October to March.

As the house where Josip Broz Tito was born, a simple, yet meaningful one-story structure sits in the center of this 40-building tribute to the traditional Croatian peasant life. Inside these buildings you will find practical, solid furniture and decorations that a family would have owned in the past. This includes sturdy beds that resemble wooden boxes and a stove central in the building to effectively heat all the rooms in the house.

You will also find a small display here illustrating Tito’s interesting career as both a statesman and war leader for Croatia. This includes one of his uniforms that he wore in 1944 and photographs of him chatting with and hosting US President Richard Nixon in Zagreb during the 1970s.

Chapel of our Lady of the Snow

Chapel of our Lady of the Snows

Another remarkable site in Kumrovec is just around the corner at the Chapel of our Lady of the Snows.

This spot is located on top of a hill above Zelenjak as a monument to the Croatian anthem “Our beautiful”. You may have to navigate a bumpy, narrow road to get to this church, but when you do, you will not be disappointed. The Chapel’s remarkable interiors are highlighted with Baroque finishes. Originally constructed in the 16th century, the Chapel was dedicated to the Virgin Mary as a noblewoman heard about an apparition in a nearby town.

This must-see spot is enclosed by a wall which provides a great photo spot with a more stunning courtyard atmosphere.


Hills and Castles of Northern Croatia

The final attraction around Kumrovec is a tour around the scenic, Croatian area.

Relax and explore the territory through a scenic drive around the hills of Hvatsko Zagorje to the magical 16th-century Veliki Tabor Castle. Afterwards, head out to one of Croatia’s most famous castles, Trakoscan. This historic, fairytale-like castle offers a picturesque escape, dating back to the 13th century.

There are plenty of guides in the area offering plenty of tours tailored to your needs! Make sure to find the right company for you to capture the best photos, learn the rich history, and hear stories of the legends and myths of the castles.

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