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Trendy and Affordable Spring Break Destinations

Spring Break always has the ability to be whatever you make of it. Whether that means a beachside booze fest or a breathtaking nature exploration trip, your spring break should be curated exactly how you like it! Watch out for the most affordable spring break destinations coming up!

As a senior in college, I completely understand wanting to travel to the most exotic destinations for Spring Break to create the craziest of memories with your friends. Unfortunately, we always opted in the past to stay within the United States because we thought traveling abroad was too expensive.

Well, let me tell you, traveling internationally does not need to wreck your bank account! You can easily do research online for affordable and fun destinations while saving up for your dream vacation. While I always suggest creating a travel budget through a travel planner, simple gestures like opting for a frozen pizza every week or avoiding soda at restaurants can totally add up fast! As soon as you know it, you will be left with some money left over for some souvenir splurges during Spring Break.

I also completely understand how hard it can be to read advice for college spring break destinations from people who are not in college! Well, do not fret, I am a fellow student and in this article, I am going to outline my top Spring Break finds that are super trendy and definitely affordable for your crazy adventure with your friends.

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St. Pete Beach, Florida

St. Pete Beach, Florida

As one of the best affordable spring break destinations, you are definitely gonna want to research is located right here in the United States!

Found west of downtown St. Petersburg and Tampa, St. Pete Beach, Florida has a super long stretch of small beach communities that you and your friends will adore! Plus, these communities are located on a barrier island that brims with motels and other super inexpensive accommodation options within blocks of pristine sand beaches.

You will be glad to know that the beaches are offered to visitors from all over, totally free. Springtime is known as the best time to visit the area, as that is the prime time for St. Pete’s fabulous weather. Once you finally get the sand off from in between your toes, you may as well check out what the rest of the island has to offer. Head over to Sawgrass Lake Park to see Florida’s famous alligator population. Later, you must head down to the bay in downtown St. Pete to check out the adorable shops and delicious local restaurants.

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Another one of the best tropical, affordable spring break destinations you will totally love is Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Yea yea… I know what you are thinking, “Jamaica! That has to be super expensive even just to get there!”. Well, let me tell you what I found out. Montego Bay is not only super cheap to get to from most major cities in the United States, but you will find loads of amazing attractions offered for free! Plus, there are countless all-inclusive hotels that wrap everything you would ever need into one, relatively small price so you don’t end up maxing out your credit card.

While I already have a guide for the top sites to see in Jamaica, you are gonna want to make sure you and your besties check out this must-see spot. One of the most miraculous things you can do in this part of the Caribbean is going for a refreshing nighttime swim at Glistening Waters Luminous Lagoon. This bay is popular for bioluminescence as travelers from around the world flock to Jamaica throughout the year. Plus, you can normally catch a ride on a boat for a super cheap price right near the town of Falmouth, Jamaica.

Palm Springs, California

Palm Springs, California

Next up is again another one of the most popular and affordable spring break destinations right here in the United States; Palm Springs, California.

With irresistible sunsets and reliably sunny skies, who wouldn’t want to visit Palm Springs for a Spring Break holiday?! This picturesque town in California will provide warm enough temperatures for you and your friends to get in plenty of pool (and tanning) time. Palm Springs is notorious for being an amazing desert destination with a lot of affordable fun for vacationers coming from all over.

Sadly, you will not find ocean beaches here, however, you can spend time at one of the countless pools, or, even better, go check out the breathtaking nature surrounding the area. Just a short ride away is the legendary Joshua Tree National Park or Palm Springs Aerial Tramway which brings you from the desert landscapes into lush, greenery found in the San Jacinto Mountains. Plus, in addition to being able to see the beautiful scenery for a low cost, most Airbnbs in Palm Springs are super affordable!

Cancun, Mexico

Cancun, Mexico

While Cancun is an amazing spot to visit year-round, Spring Breakers from all over the United States flock to this popping city to enjoy some time off from school for a good reason.

There will be no short of parties here in Cancun if you are looking for the best Spring Break party crowd when you are taking a break from college. When you are not partying until the break of dawn, you can enjoy your time rejuvenating and relaxing laying out along the pristine, white-sand beaches. Lining the bright, turquoise ocean, Cancun’s beaches are a popular attraction that typically end up in countless post-Spring Break pics on Instagram.

Other than spending your time relaxing by the ocean and partying, you should probably check out what the rest of the surrounding area has to offer. You can spend your extra time visiting the nearby ancient Mayan ruins, the rejuvenating cenotes (which are freshwater springs), and finally, snorkel at the catamarans. If you are looking for some old fashioned fun, you and your besties can always check out one of the local mini-golf spots to make long-lasting memories.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

As one of the most affordable spring break destinations, we would be totally insane if we did not include the Dominican Republic on our favorite affordable Spring Break destinations list.

You can easily spot deals at cheap all-inclusive hotels to watch your bank account. Plus, most of these are still located right alongside the scenic shoreside. Therefore, you can enjoy those million-dollar views at a small fraction of the cost. If you are looking for an even smaller cost, we suggest checking out the nearby Karibo Punta Cana which will offer you and your besties free shuttles back and forth to the beach which is only five minutes away!

While Punta Cana’s white-sand beaches are notoriously the reason to visit this breathtaking city, you can also check out nearby Hoyo Azul. What is that, you’re wondering? Well, let me tell you, you will not want to miss this perfect Insta-photo opt. As a crystal-clear blue watering hole, you and your friends should definitely check out this pristine, once-in-a-lifetime spot to create memories that will last forever!

Cocoa Beach, Florida

Cocoa Beach, Florida

Our final affordable Spring Break destinations for both high school and college spring breakers is Cocoa Beach, Florida.

Yea, I know I already included a destination in Florida. But, Florida is just so spectacular and CHEAP that I needed to add one more spot for you guys to save loads of money. World-renowned as an iconic Florida surfing town, you may not have Cocoa Beach at the top of your list. However, this laidback salt lifestyle is perfect for those of you who are truly looking to sit back and reflect on the semester and have a blast with your friends.

Plus, you can get to Cocoa Beach for a pretty reasonable price from pretty much any major airport (bonus points if you drive!). This community is east of Orlando along Florida’s beautiful Atlantic coast where you will find loads of inexpensive accommodation options to save some money. You are gonna want to check out the nearby Merrit Island’s National Wildlife Refuge during your stay to see the amazing wildlife. Also, make sure to check out Cocoa Beach Trolley, a dirt-cheap ride offered to Port Canaveral, the nearby pier, and other fun spots around the town.

Well, that was quick! That completes our list of the top affordable spring break destinations in the world!

Make sure to do your own research and definitely check for the cheapest flights to your Spring Break destination here to guarantee the best rate available.

If you are struggling to pack or budget for your trip, feel free to check out our free printables where you can choose between multiple fun and super helpful downloadable aids for your travel adventures!

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