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5 Easy Steps for Home Cleaning Before Vacation

Nothing beats the feeling of hopping into a cozy, clean set of sheets after hours of back-to-back flights on your way home from a breathtaking vacation. On the other hand, nothing is worse than arriving home exhausted, only to see a swarm of pesky flies surrounding your sink piled with multiple-week-old dishes. Make sure to focus on some of these crucial home cleaning before vacation steps next time you travel!

I definitely know which end of my travel I would prefer! While it may seem like an annoying set of tasks to do as you are dreaming of laying on a pristine white-sand beach, completing these easy 5 steps to spiffy up your home will save you from a huge headache when you return.

Don’t worry, you do not need to accomplish all of these tasks to arrive home in comfort. Pick a couple of the steps listed below, and see how much happier you will be when you return from your thrilling adventure!

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Home Cleaning Before Vacation: Bathrooms

The first, and probably most important place to start home cleaning before vacation is your bathrooms.

You definitely do not want to come home to mold growing in your toilet or a wretched smell because you forgot to wipe down your shower. Walkthrough each bathroom and spray safe cleaner on all your tubs, showers, sinks, and toilets. Then, return to scrub and make sure there is no residue left behind.

Tidy up anything that is left over after you ransack your bathrooms to fill-in every item on your packing list. For an added touch that you will appreciate when you return home, invest in some nice aroma scent diffusers to be greeted with a warm, refreshing scent.

Home Cleaning Before Vacation: Kitchen

Next up, we are heading into the room which, at least in my home, definitely receives the most traffic– a crucial spot for home cleaning before vacation.

Start by putting away anything on your counters that you do not want to be there when you get home. If you have dirty dishes scattered throughout the house or stacked in your sink, load them up in the dishwasher or was them in your sink. Next, spray multi-surface cleaner on every counter in your kitchen. Yes, this also means in the hard to reach spots such as tight corners and under large appliances!

Next, grab a rag and with that multi-surface cleaner, make sure to wipe down the inside of your microwave. You will be surprised how many splatters of food find their way to the top of your microwave’s ceiling, so make sure to wipe down the hard to reach spots too! Also, make sure to clean the outsides of your appliances. If you have stainless steel appliances, you should definitely use a safe, stainless steel cleaner when cleaning your appliances.

Home Cleaning Before Vacation: Living Room

Our next stop, your living room, should be a pretty simple step for your home cleaning before vacation.

Make sure to dust off all the surfaces, grab any spare dishes, and grab everything off the ground. Then, grab that handy dandy multi-surface cleaner and make sure to wipe down all the surfaces you dusted. This will hopefully delay the dust from returning a lot better than just dusting alone.

Plus, you will clean up any sticky residue that may have been found on your living room surfaces! These simple steps will definitely put your heart at ease when you return from your fabulous vacation.

Home Cleaning Before Vacation: Bedrooms

After tackling your living room, it’s time to head into probably the most satisfying area you will be pleased to be welcomed home to after your trip.

Your bedroom is supposed to be your “happy place”. You are not going to be that happy if you return from a long journey only to see clothes piled up next to your unmade bed. Thus, tidying up the bedrooms in your homes is a definite must before you leave!

First, let’s work on those piles of clothes. Whether you find your dirty clothes scattered on the carpet, or nicely placed in a laundry hamper, you are gonna have to trust me on this.

You need to do laundry BEFORE you leave. I know you probably washed a couple of things that you plan on bringing with you, but you should probably take care of all of your dirty clothes so you do not have to deal with them when you return home. Next, let’s deal with that unmade bed. Put on some fresh sheets and tuck the sides of your bedspread in nicely so when you return, you will be greeted with a cozy spot to lay your head.

Home Cleaning Before Vacation: Vacuum

The last, fairly simple step on our list for home cleaning before vacation is vacuuming (and sweeping).

Go through each of the rooms listed above and get vacuuming! This should be super simple as you have hopefully already picked up any items or mess on the ground. First, it the bathrooms, a simple run through with a broom or an effective Swiffer WetJet should do the trick! If you have any rugs in your bathrooms, make sure to vacuum or shake them off outside.

After, head into the kitchen to do the exact same thing! Once you reach your living room, chances are you have a large area of carpet or an area rug. Make sure to clean this area up with a reliable vacuum in order to clean up all the dust contained in the carpet fibers. Your bedrooms more than likely also are carpeted or have an area rug. Go ahead and vacuum the area to prepare for your adventure.

Now that you have completed these home cleaning before vacation steps, you will be rewarded with a remarkably clean home when you arrive home from your vacation!

I know I hate arriving home to a mess, so I hope that these tips help you prevent this awful feeling as you arrive back from your journey from ever returning again!

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