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6 Popular Attractions in the Dominican Republic

Flooded with luxury beachfront resorts, pristine sandy beaches, and countless tourist activities, the top attractions in the Dominican Republic welcomes millions of vacationers every year.

The diverse landscape ranging from desert-like areas to lush forests and mountains creates once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for visitors who want a little more than the typical beach vacation.

From the remote areas of the Dominican Republic like the Samana Peninsula to the exhilarating kiteboarding destinations like Cabarete, there is bound to be a perfect attraction for every visitor. Immerse yourself in this culture-rich country by exploring these 8 popular attractions in the Dominican Republic.

pinterestattractions in the dominican republicPunta Cana, Dominican Republic

Punta Cana

While most people probably thing of Mexico when thinking of Punta Cana, this fabulous area of the Dominican Republic is home to pristine white-sand beaches lining the turquois waters of the Caribbean Sea.

If you are planning to stay in an all-inclusive resort, couple’s retreat, or even a family-friendly spot, this is the area for you. Combining delicious restaurants with an endless list of water activities, this popular attraction in the Dominican Republic is a must-see. Resorts line the sandy beaches and offer super easy access to all the area’s activities. The most impressive beach in Punta Cana is Bavaro Beach where you can stroll down the soft sandy beach for hours on end watching the sun eventually set.

Whale Watching

If you are visiting the Dominican Republic between the months of December and March, you are not going to want to miss an exhilarating whale watching boat tour.

Each winter, thousands of humpback whales enter Samana Bay to eventually mate and then give birth, making the Dominican Republic one of the top places to see these massive sea creatures in the wild. To find the best tour companies, head to the city of Samana, found on the Samana Peninsula. This spot in the main departure point for this popular Dominican Republic attraction.

Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

Las Terrenas

As one of the northern-most popular attractions in the Dominican Republic, Las Terrenas is a bustling Dominican town with a laid-back beachfront area.

Surrounded by winding, single-lane dirt roads, you will happily ride past small French cafes, palm trees, local shops, and, of course, the breathtaking Caribbean Sea. Just a short walk inland will bring you to the colorful streets where the local Dominicans are going about their everyday laid-back life. This is a top Dominican Republic attraction to get a small taste of the country’s culture. Many of the local French people have made La Terrenas their home, setting up tasty French-influenced restaurants and inns.


While many who flock to the Dominican Republic are looking for a tropical, beachfront trip, those looking for more adventure should head inland to Jarabacoa.

This fabulous Dominican Republic attraction is an outdoor adventure playground found in the mountains of the Dominican Republic. With waters towering down from over 500 meters, the climate found at Jarabacoa is much milder than the nearby coast. After exploring the falls, head over to nearby activities like hiking, biking, rafting, and other forms of discovery. This is a must-see attraction in the Dominican Republic if you are planning to spend more than a week on this Caribbean island.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo

As the city where Christopher Columbus first landed in the Americas, you are not going to want to miss this popular Dominican Republic attraction.

Strolling along the bricked streets of Santo Domingo, you will notice the bustle of modern life happening amongst the centuries-old buildings. The breathtaking colonial architecture lines the streets and squares of the city. You will definitely want to check out Calle El Conde– the most popular street for shopping and dining in Santo Domingo. Wandering further into the city you will notice crumbling buildings like the Monasterio de San Francisco amongst the perfectly preserved buildings like the Catedral Primada de America.


Known for its relaxed lifestyle and beautiful crescent-shaped beach, Cabarete is totally a must-see attraction in the Dominican Republic.

Lined with casual restaurants for even the pickiest of eaters to enjoy, Cabarete offers dining sites right along its sandy beach. Unlike the resort area of Punta Cana, this town is not flooded with all-inclusive resorts. Instead, Cabarete offers activities for free spirits, kiteboarders, retirees, and backpackers alike coming to spend multiple weeks in the Dominican Republic. Make sure to visit Cabarete in the early evenings (especially on Tuesdays and weekends) to enjoy a lovely performance by the local musicians in the beachfront restaurants.

Whether immersing yourself in nature, discover secluded beaches or learning about the culture of the Dominican Republic, I guarantee you will fall in love with what this underrated Caribbean island has to offer.

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