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7 Spectacular Seattle Festivals in April to Enjoy

If you are visiting Seattle during the springtime, you will fall in love with the fabulously unique Seattle festivals in April the city has to offer as some of the best free things to do in Seattle.

The Seattle festivals typically start in early April when the cherry blossoms bloom and warmer temperatures enter the region. By the end of the month, festivals become more lively bringing joy and happiness to every guest.

While some festivals have been around for decades, others are quite new to the Seattle region. From the enchanting Daffodil Festival to the fun Children’s Friendship Festival, there is an event for everyone ready to explore the beautiful city and culture of Seattle, Washington.

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The Daffodil Festival

Celebrated exquisitely since the early 1930s, the Daffodil Festival is not an event you will want to miss!

This annual event coincides with the famous Daffodil Parade taking place in Pierce County. In all actuality, this festival is an umbrella event holding a pageant to select the Daffodil Queen and Princess, parade, and boat show.

This parade goes through not just one city, but four: Puyallup, Sumner, Orting, and Tacoma; all in one day! At the end of the Seattle festival on land, the show moves onto the water as guests can sit in awe watching the beautiful boats wrap up the Daffodil Festival with a parade.

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

For as long as one can remember, Mount Vernon, Washington has been home to celebrations focused around the annual bloom of their colorful tulip fields.

This Seattle area festival offers tulips available for guests to view every April in Skagit County. If you are staying in the Seattle region for a while, I highly suggest arriving right before the daffodils bloom, as once they bloom, the tulips quickly follow. This way you can enjoy both the Daffodil and Tulip Festivals.

If you are planning to visit over the weekend, prepare for crowds quickly flocking to this Mount Vernon region. Once you arrive, you can wander the fields, enjoy a picnic amongst the tulips, and even shop for take-home tulip bulbs.

Cherry Blossom & Japanese Cultural Festival

The Seattle Cherry Blossom & Japanese Cultural Festival is a perfect Seattle festival in April to immerse yourself and learn about Japanese culture.

Commemorating Japan’s generous gift of 1,000 blossoming cherry trees in 1976 to Seattle, this Seattle festival attracts worldwide tourists and locals alike. Typically taking place at the end of April, this three-day event includes traditional Japanese cuisine, arts and crafts booths, and special cultural and musical performances that fill the Seattle Center with fabulous fun.

Whether enjoying the delicious Japanese food, discovering the exquisite ikebana flowers, or listening to the boom of the taiko drums, visitors from around the world will find this April festival in Seattle extraordinary.

International Children’s Friendship Festival

Taking place in late April, families will love to bring their young one’s to this exhilirating and fun festival in Seattle.

The Seattle International Children’s Festival is a perfect escape for you and your young ones to enjoy fun festivities on your vacation. This April Seattle festival is technically a performing arts festival perfect for all ages taking place at the Seattle Center.

This Seattle festival features fabulous performances in music, art, and folk dance by children, featuring cultures found throughout the world! Plus, this April festival is free and open to anyone and everyone who wants to attend.

Moisture Festival

Another spectacular Seattle festival in April is the Moisture Festival taking place during the first week of April.

The Moisture Festival combines hilarious acts of comedy and unbelievable talent acts bringing a diverse assortment of entertainment. Guests can expect to enjoy highly skilled performances showcasing quite bizarre talents, all while centered around humor.

With routines ranging between 3 and 15 minutes, the Moisture Festival will leave every visitor wanting more. This April Seattle festival includes everything from aerialists and jugglers, to clowns and dancers, to live show bands, to acrobats and can-can girls. While the acts definitely vary year to year, you are guaranteed to be entertained on your visit.

Puyallup Spring Fair

The next Seattle festival in April you are not going to want to miss is the Puyallup Spring Fair typically occurring in the middle of the month.

Welcoming the spring temperatures and atmosphere, the Puyallup Spring Fair offers guests the opportunity to ride roller coasters, watch pig races, play carnival games, witness monster trucks in the Motorsport Mayhem races, enjoy free comedy acts, and music shows, and more.

Families will fall in love with this Seattle festival as the fairgrounds include an area known as “Fun on the Farm” where kids are allowed to pet the newly born baby animals while learning about the agriculture found in the region.

Scotch & Beer Fest

Well-known as the biggest spring beer festival combining craft beer, whiskey, Scotch, and wine tasting in the region, you are not going to want to miss this tasty Seattle festival in April.

Typically occurring in the middle of April, the Seattle Scotch & Beer Fest offers its beer and Scotch loving guests countless record-breaking varieties of regional alcoholic beverages.

This two-day event showcases authentic Irish and Scotch whiskey offering its guests craft beers, seminars, and tastings from successful West Coast brewers. While this Seattle festival is not free, the Scotch & Beer Fest is the perfect escape for those 21 and older in the middle of April.

 Well, that rounds out our list of the top 7 Seattle festivals in April to enjoy! Whether visiting for a weekend or spending a couple of weeks in the Seattle region in April, these festivals are spread out throughout the month to allow all visitors to enjoy local festivities.

To plan your fabulous adventures at the Seattle festivals in April, be sure to check out our free printables. I carefully curated travel planners and packing lists that I personally use on my vacations, so I guarantee they will not disappoint!