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Best Things You Can Do in Texas

If you are planning a trip to Texas, then you will know that it is famous for its BBQ and National Parks. If you want to really explore the state, or if you want to see what else there is to do, then you can find out everything you need to know, right here.

San Antonio River Walk

San Antonio River Walk Texas

You can do the River Walk in San Antonio. This walk is lined with amazing restaurants and you also have some stunning outdoor patios too. This gives you the chance to dine alongside the river and you may even find that there are so many sights for you to see. This is the ideal spot for you to visit if you are a tourist because it gives you the chance to see the area up close and personal, not to mention that you can also enjoy the ambience of the area too.

See A Rodeo

Texas Rodeo

Your trip to Texas would not be complete if you didn’t go to see a rodeo. If you want, you can look up the Rodeo Houston line up online, and when you do, you will soon find that you are in for a treat. Rodeos happen all over Texas but if you happen to be in the area of Houston, then you’ll want to book your tickets soon as they do have a tendency to sell out fast. Rodeos are great if you have kids because they will love to see all of the action, not to mention that you can also pick up a cowboy hat while you’re there as a memento for them to take home.

The Alamo

Texas The Alamo

This happens to be one of the most important and most historic sites in the whole of America.  It has been converted into a fort. Now you can visit the landmark and you can see everything there is to see. There is also a cenotaph which is used to commemorate all of the people who fell on the famous date. When you visit the area, you will also see that there are numerous changing displays within the museum, and they show artifacts and weapons. You also have a rich history section which will fill you in on all of the fine details regarding what happened.

Space Center

Texas space center

This is actually only a half-an-hour drive away from Houston and it is actually one of the best tourist attractions in the whole of Texas. This is a fantastic place for you to visit if you want to learn about things such as space exploration and even any upcoming missions that may be taking place. You also have the chance to meet astronauts as well. Ideally, you need to spend at least half a day here as this will give you the chance to explore the entire complex. If you are a visitor then you will be given the chance to explore inside the shuttle and the carrier in general. Some of the other highlights include being able to touch a rock from the moon and of course, Mars.

The Big Bend

Texas Big Bend

This is a National Park and it’s not one that you will want to skip out on. It’s located on the bend for the Rio Grande River, and you may also find that it is home to some of the most stunning scenery around. The great thing about this area is that it offers a huge range of diverse scenery, and you may even find that there is plenty to do if you are a visitor. A lot of people love to go around the long roads but there are also many things to do, such as going on a hiking trail or even taking in some of the most stunning camp grounds around. There are also well over 400 species of bird in this area and if you keep your eyes open then you may even see some roadrunners.

Padre Island Seashore

Texas Padre Island

This is actually the longest and most undeveloped barrier island in the world. The great thing about paying a visit to this location is that you will see over 130,000 acres of dunes. You will also see beaches, grassland habitats and more. If you are a fan of wildlife, then expect to see migratory birds and turtles too. There are over 350 species, and you will soon find that there is an abundance of things for you to do. You can visit the information booth to find out more about the animals that live there and if you have mobility issues then you will soon find that they have beach wheelchairs that you can rent.