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2024 Celebrity Cruises Reviews! Your Complete Guide

Discover everything about Celebrity Cruises through recent, detailed reviews.

From ship amenities and cabins to dining and entertainment, this guide compiles firsthand experiences from Cruise Critic to help you plan your perfect cruise vacation. Dive into insights and tips for an unforgettable journey on the seas.

Ship Profiles

Celebrity Cruises boasts a diverse and modern fleet, each ship designed with unique features that cater to different tastes and preferences.

From the innovative design of the Edge Series ships to the intimate and expedition-focused Xpedition class, Celebrity’s fleet offers a wide range of experiences.

Here, we profile each ship based on size, amenities, and passenger reviews, highlighting what sets each apart.

Edge Series

  • Celebrity Edge and Celebrity Apex are the pioneers of Celebrity’s Edge Series, known for their revolutionary design and the Magic Carpet, a floating platform that serves various functions, from a launch pad for tenders to an alfresco dining venue.
  • Reviews often highlight the modern staterooms with Infinite Verandas, blending indoor and outdoor spaces seamlessly. Passengers rave about the Eden venue, a multi-level garden lounge that offers everything from morning yoga to evening live performances.

Solstice Class

  • The Solstice Class, including ships like Celebrity Solstice, Celebrity Eclipse, Celebrity Equinox, Celebrity Silhouette, and Celebrity Reflection, is celebrated for its Lawn Club, a real grass lawn on the top deck.
  • Reviews frequently mention the high-quality dining options, from the Grand Epernay Dining Room to specialty restaurants like Murano. The Solarium, an adults-only pool area, is another highly praised feature.

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Millennium Class

  • Ships like Celebrity Millennium, Celebrity Infinity, Celebrity Summit, and Celebrity Constellation offer a more classic cruising experience with modern touches, following their “Solsticization” refurbishments.
  • Passengers appreciate the added AquaClass staterooms with exclusive access to the Blu restaurant. The Rooftop Terrace offers outdoor movies and a relaxed lounge atmosphere, which is a hit among cruisers.

Xpedition Class

  • For those seeking adventure, the Xpedition Class ships, including Celebrity Xpedition, Celebrity Xploration, and Celebrity Flora, focus on destinations like the Galápagos Islands.
  • These smaller vessels provide an intimate experience, with reviews highlighting the personalized service, expert-led tours, and sustainability efforts, such as the Flora’s dynamic positioning system that protects the seabed.

Passenger Reviews Highlights

  • Design and Layout: Across the fleet, passengers appreciate the thoughtful design and layout of the ships, which balance modern luxury with comfort and ease of navigation.
  • Dining: The variety and quality of dining options across the fleet receive high marks, with specialty dining experiences standing out as memorable highlights.
  • Cabin Comfort: The modern, well-equipped cabins, especially those with Infinite Verandas and suite-class amenities, are frequently mentioned as key advantages.
  • Service: The attentive and friendly staff across the fleet is often cited as making cruises exceptional, with personal touches that make passengers feel valued.

Celebrity Cabins


Celebrity Cruises is known for its modern luxury accommodations that blend elegant design with comfort and technology.

The range of cabin categories ensures that there’s something for every type of traveler, from the solo adventurer to families and those seeking the pinnacle of luxury in suite class.

Here, we break down the cabin types and summarize passenger reviews to help you select the best option for your cruise.

Inside Cabins

  • The most economical choice, inside cabins are well-appointed but without windows. They offer a smart layout and innovative storage solutions, making them a practical option for those who prioritize value and spend more time enjoying the ship’s amenities.
  • Celebrity Cruises Reviews Summary: Passengers appreciate the modern décor and efficient use of space. Some mention the lack of natural light as a drawback, but many find the cabins comfortable for sleeping and resting between activities.

Oceanview Cabins

  • Offering a window or porthole with views of the ocean, these cabins provide a bit more space and light compared to inside cabins. They are a good middle ground for those who desire a view without the price tag of a balcony.
  • Reviews Summary: Reviews often highlight the pleasure of waking up to sea views. The additional natural light is a significant plus, making these cabins feel more spacious and open.

Celebrity Cabins

Balcony Cabins

  • Balcony cabins feature private verandas, allowing passengers to enjoy fresh air and personal outdoor space. These cabins are popular for their blend of indoor comfort and outdoor accessibility.
  • Reviews Summary: Balcony cabins receive high praise for the luxury of private outdoor space, particularly for enjoying morning coffees or evening sunsets. Some reviews note the variance in balcony sizes and recommend checking specific ship layouts when booking.

Suite Class

  • The pinnacle of luxury on Celebrity Cruises, suites offer expansive space, distinctive amenities like butler service, and exclusive access to suite-only areas like the Luminae restaurant and The Retreat.
  • Reviews Summary: Suite guests consistently express satisfaction with the high level of service, luxurious accommodations, and exclusive perks. The cost is higher, but many feel the value and enhanced experience justify the investment.

Tips for Selecting a Cabin

  • Consider the Itinerary: For scenic routes, a balcony or oceanview cabin can significantly enhance your experience.
  • Evaluate Your Needs: Think about how much time you plan to spend in your cabin and whether amenities like a balcony are worth the extra cost for you.
  • Check the Ship Layout: Location matters for avoiding noise and ensuring convenience. Mid-ship cabins are often preferred for their stability and proximity to amenities.

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Dining and Beverages

Celebrity Cruises elevates the dining experience at sea with its array of dining options, from casual eateries to fine dining restaurants.

With menus crafted by Michelin-starred chefs and a wide selection of beverage packages, passengers can indulge in a culinary journey as enriching as the destinations they explore.

Here’s what passengers have to say about dining and beverages on board.

Main Dining Room

  • The main dining room offers a multi-course menu that changes daily, featuring international cuisine made with fresh ingredients. It’s included in the cruise fare, offering both fixed seating times and flexible dining options.
  • Reviews Summary: Reviews often commend the main dining room for its attentive service, diverse menu options, and elegant ambiance. Some passengers suggest that while the quality is generally high, peak times can see a dip in service speed.

Specialty Restaurants

  • Celebrity’s specialty restaurants provide intimate dining experiences with unique themes, from French cuisine at Murano to Asian fusion at Silk Harvest. These venues require an additional charge or reservation.
  • Reviews Summary: Specialty restaurants receive high praise for their exceptional service, gourmet dishes, and distinct atmospheres. Favorites often include Tuscan Grille for its steaks and Blu for AquaClass passengers, noting the quality justifies the extra cost.

Buffets and Casual Eateries

  • For more relaxed dining, the Oceanview Café buffet and various casual eateries offer a wide range of choices suitable for quick meals or snacks.
  • Reviews Summary: The buffet and casual dining options are celebrated for their convenience, variety, and quality, especially for breakfast and lunch. Passengers appreciate the global cuisine options and the cleanliness of the dining areas.

Beverage Packages

  • Celebrity Cruises offers several beverage package options, from soda packages to premium alcoholic drinks, allowing passengers to enjoy unlimited beverages for a fixed price.
  • Celebrity Cruises Reviews Summary: Reviews on beverage packages are mixed, with many finding them to be a convenient and cost-effective way to enjoy a wide range of drinks. However, some suggest evaluating your drinking habits to determine if a package makes financial sense for your trip.

Tips for Enjoying Dining and Beverages on Board

  • Make Reservations Early: Specialty restaurants can fill up quickly, especially on sea days, so book in advance.
  • Explore Beyond the Main Dining Room: While the main dining room is a highlight, trying the specialty restaurants can make for memorable culinary experiences.
  • Consider Your Beverage Needs: Evaluate the beverage packages based on your personal preferences and consumption habits to decide if it’s a worthwhile addition.

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Onboard Activities and Entertainment

Celebrity Cruises offers a diverse array of onboard activities and entertainment, designed to enrich your cruise experience.

From relaxing by the pool to attending Broadway-style shows, engaging in hands-on workshops, or exploring art collections, there’s no shortage of ways to enjoy your days and nights at sea.

Let’s dive into what passengers have to say about these offerings.

Daytime Activities

  • During the day, passengers can choose from a variety of activities, including fitness classes, spa treatments, pool lounging, lectures, and culinary demonstrations. The Lawn Club on Solstice Class ships, featuring real grass, is perfect for picnics or lawn games.
  • Reviews Summary: Passengers appreciate the range and quality of daytime activities. The fitness and spa facilities are particularly praised for their state-of-the-art equipment and luxurious treatments. Educational talks and culinary workshops also receive high marks for their informative and engaging content.

Evening Entertainment

  • Nights on Celebrity Cruises come alive with options ranging from Broadway-caliber theater productions to live music, comedy shows, dancing, and themed parties. The casino offers games for those feeling lucky, while the various bars and lounges provide spaces for relaxation and socializing.
  • Reviews Summary: The quality of evening entertainment is frequently highlighted in reviews, with the theater productions and live music performances standing out as highlights for many. Passengers enjoy the variety, noting there’s something to suit every mood and taste.

Specialty Programs

  • Celebrity offers unique specialty programs like the Hot Glass Class, where passengers can learn glassblowing, or the Celebrity Life program that includes dance classes, mixology workshops, and art auctions.
  • Reviews Summary: These specialty programs are often cited as memorable aspects of the cruise experience, offering unique opportunities not found on other cruise lines. Participants praise the quality of the instruction and the fun, engaging atmosphere.

Family and Children’s Activities

  • For families cruising with children, Celebrity provides age-appropriate activities and clubs for kids and teens, offering a mix of educational and fun experiences supervised by trained staff.
  • Reviews Summary: Families appreciate the comprehensive children’s programs, which allow kids to have their own adventures while giving parents peace of mind. The activities are varied, ensuring children of all ages are entertained and engaged.

Tips for Making the Most of Onboard Activities and Entertainment

  • Check the Daily Schedule: Each evening, you’ll receive a schedule for the next day’s activities. Review it to plan your day.
  • Book in Advance: For activities with limited capacity, like spa treatments or specialty classes, book early to secure your spot.
  • Be Open to Trying New Things: With so much to do, a cruise is the perfect time to step out of your comfort zone and try something new.

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Service and Staff

Celebrity Cruises is renowned for its commitment to excellence in service, with highly trained staff dedicated to making every aspect of your cruise experience seamless and special.

From the moment you board to your final farewell, the crew’s attention to detail and personal touches stand out. Here’s a summary of what passengers have to say about their interactions with the service staff.

Overall Service Quality

  • Across all areas of the ship, from the dining rooms and bars to the cabins and guest services, Celebrity Cruises staff are recognized for their professionalism, efficiency, and genuine care for guest satisfaction.
  • Reviews Summary: Reviews frequently commend the high level of service, noting that staff are not only attentive and responsive but often anticipate guests’ needs. Many passengers share stories of crew members who went the extra mile to ensure their vacation was nothing short of amazing.

Dining Service

  • In the dining areas, including the main dining room, specialty restaurants, and casual eateries, the service is a crucial part of the culinary experience. Staff are knowledgeable about the menus, willing to make recommendations, and accommodate dietary restrictions.
  • Reviews Summary: Passengers praise the dining service for being prompt, courteous, and personalized. Waitstaff remember guest preferences, contributing to a more tailored dining experience. The sommeliers and beverage staff are also highlighted for their expertise and suggestions.

Cabin Stewards

  • Cabin stewards are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and comfort of guest cabins, often going unnoticed but playing a vital role in the onboard experience.
  • Celebrity Cruises Reviews Summary: Reviews often express appreciation for the cabin stewards, who keep rooms spotless and well-stocked with amenities. Many passengers mention enjoying the personal touches, such as towel animals and nightly turndown service, which add a special element to their stay.

Customer Service and Problem Resolution

  • On the rare occasion that issues arise, the guest services team is available to address concerns and find solutions, ensuring that every passenger’s experience meets Celebrity’s high standards.
  • Reviews Summary: While most passengers report smooth sailing, those who needed to resolve issues praise the guest services team for their prompt and effective handling of concerns, often resolving matters quickly and with minimal disruption to the vacation experience.

Tips for Interacting with Service Staff

  • Communicate Your Needs: Don’t hesitate to express any preferences or special requests; the staff are there to accommodate and ensure your satisfaction.
  • Show Appreciation: A simple thank you or a kind word goes a long way in acknowledging the hard work and dedication of the crew members.

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Ports and Shore Excursions

Celebrity Cruises sails to an impressive array of destinations worldwide, offering passengers the opportunity to immerse themselves in diverse cultures, landscapes, and experiences.

Whether it’s the pristine beaches of the Caribbean, the historic cities of Europe, the rugged landscapes of Alaska, or the exotic allure of Asia, Celebrity’s shore excursions are designed to provide enriching experiences that complement the cruise.

Here’s what passengers have to say about their port visits and shore excursion experiences.

Most Popular Ports Visited

  • Caribbean: Destinations like St. Maarten, Cozumel, and Barbados are favorites for their beautiful beaches, vibrant cultures, and range of activities.
  • Europe: Cities such as Rome, Barcelona, and Santorini are celebrated for their rich history, stunning architecture, and delicious cuisine.
  • Alaska: Ports like Juneau, Ketchikan, and Skagway offer breathtaking natural beauty, wildlife encounters, and adventurous excursions like helicopter tours and dog sledding.
  • Asia: Singapore, Tokyo, and Hong Kong stand out for their mix of modernity and tradition, offering a blend of shopping, historical sites, and culinary delights.

Review of Shore Excursions

  • Description: Celebrity Cruises offers a vast selection of shore excursions, including private tours, group activities, adventure sports, and cultural experiences. These are curated to provide guests with authentic local experiences that are both enjoyable and informative.
  • Reviews Summary: Overall, passengers express satisfaction with the variety and quality of shore excursions available. Highlights include well-organized tours, knowledgeable guides, and exclusive experiences that are not easily accessible to independent travelers. However, some reviews note that excursions can be pricey, and occasionally, experiences may feel rushed due to time constraints.

Tips for Booking Shore Excursions

  • Research in Advance: Look into the available excursions for your ports of call before your cruise to identify which experiences appeal to you most.
  • Consider Your Interests and Physical Ability: Choose excursions that match your interests and physical comfort level to ensure an enjoyable experience.
  • Book Early: Popular excursions can fill up quickly, so book early to secure your spot. However, also explore local options for a potentially more personalized and cost-effective experience.

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Pricing and Value

Celebrity Cruises positions itself in the premium segment of the cruise market, offering a blend of luxury and value that appeals to a wide range of travelers.

From the booking process to onboard expenses and shore excursions, understanding the cost implications and value propositions is key. Here’s a breakdown based on passenger feedback.

Cruise Fares

  • Cruise fares with Celebrity include accommodation, most dining options, entertainment, and use of many of the ship’s facilities. Prices vary significantly based on cabin type, sailing date, and itinerary.
  • Celebrity Cruises Reviews Summary: Passengers generally feel that Celebrity Cruises offers good value for the quality of experience provided. The inclusion of several amenities in the cruise fare, such as gourmet dining and high-caliber entertainment, is appreciated. However, some note that prices for the newest ships and most desirable itineraries can be high.

Onboard Expenses

  • Additional expenses onboard can include specialty dining, spa services, premium beverages, and internet packages. Celebrity offers packages to cover these at an additional cost, potentially offering savings.
  • Reviews Summary: Feedback on onboard expenses is mixed. While some passengers find the packages (e.g., beverage, internet) to offer convenience and value, others suggest they can add up quickly and recommend carefully considering your needs before purchasing.

Shore Excursions

  • Shore excursions are an extra cost, with prices varying widely depending on the activity. Celebrity offers a range of options from simple walking tours to elaborate adventures.
  • Reviews Summary: Reviews indicate that while shore excursions are generally well-organized and offer unique experiences, they can be pricey compared to arranging similar tours independently. Many suggest researching and comparing options in advance.

Hidden Costs

  • Gratuities, service charges, and certain onboard amenities may not be included in the initial cruise fare, potentially surprising first-time cruisers.
  • Reviews Summary: Some passengers express frustration with the additional costs that can accumulate during the cruise. However, seasoned cruisers note that with proper planning and understanding of what’s included, managing these expenses is straightforward.

Tips for Maximizing Value

  • Book Early or Last Minute: For the best fares, consider booking well in advance or taking advantage of last-minute deals.
  • Understand What’s Included: Familiarize yourself with what the cruise fare covers and what will be extra to avoid surprises.
  • Evaluate Package Deals: Assess whether beverage, dining, or internet packages could offer savings based on your personal consumption habits.

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Family and Children’s Programs

Celebrity Cruises aims to cater to families with children by offering a range of age-appropriate activities, clubs, and amenities that appeal to young cruisers while providing parents the luxury and relaxation Celebrity is known for.

Here’s an overview of the family and children’s programs, through the lens of passenger feedback.

Overview of Family Offerings

  • Celebrity’s family-friendly amenities include dedicated kids’ clubs segmented by age group: Camp at Sea for younger children, X-Club for teens, and a variety of family-oriented activities and entertainment options suitable for all ages.
  • Reviews Summary: Families appreciate the breadth and quality of the children’s programs onboard. The activities are varied, engaging, and often educational, with something to capture the interest of children across different age groups. Parents commend the staff for their professionalism and ability to engage with children, providing a safe and fun environment that allows adults to enjoy some downtime.

Camp at Sea

  • This program offers a customizable schedule of activities that change every sailing, ensuring no two cruises are the same. Activities are designed to be interactive and educational, covering art, recreation, science, and more.
  • Reviews Summary: The Camp at Sea program receives high marks for its innovative and flexible approach to children’s entertainment and education. Reviews often mention the wide range of activities that keep children intrigued and excited to participate each day.

Teen Programs

  • The X-Club teen center provides a cool, age-appropriate space for teenagers to hang out, make new friends, and enjoy activities like dance parties, games, and sports competitions.
  • Reviews Summary: Teenagers and their parents report satisfaction with the teen programs, highlighting the balance of structured activities and free time. The dedicated teen spaces are praised for being inviting and well-supervised, offering a sense of independence while ensuring safety.

Family-Friendly Accommodations and Dining

  • Celebrity offers family-friendly stateroom options, including connecting rooms and suites that accommodate larger families comfortably. Dining venues and menus cater to younger tastes with kid-friendly options available throughout the cruise.
  • Reviews Summary: The availability of spacious accommodations suitable for families is a significant plus, according to reviews. The flexibility and variety in dining, including the ability to cater to special dietary needs, make mealtime easier and more enjoyable for families with children.

Tips for Cruising with Children on Celebrity

  • Research and Plan Ahead: Explore the ship’s family amenities and children’s programs before your cruise to maximize the benefits available to your family.
  • Take Advantage of Kids’ Clubs Registration on Embarkation Day: Registering your children for the appropriate clubs on the first day ensures they won’t miss out on any fun activities.
  • Consider Cruise Timing and Itineraries: Selecting a cruise during school breaks and choosing itineraries with family-friendly ports can enhance the experience for younger travelers.

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Accessibility and Inclusivity

Celebrity Cruises is committed to offering a cruise experience that is accessible and enjoyable for everyone, regardless of their abilities or background.

This commitment is reflected in the design of their ships, the training of their staff, and the range of services offered to ensure all guests can experience the joys of cruising. Here’s an overview based on passenger reviews and cruise line policies.

Accessibility Features

  • Celebrity ships are equipped with features designed to accommodate guests with mobility, hearing, and visual impairments. These include accessible staterooms, service animal accommodations, assistive listening devices, and Braille signage, among other amenities.
  • Reviews Summary: Guests with disabilities often commend Celebrity for its accessible design and accommodations, noting the ease of navigating ships and the availability of accessible cabins. The helpfulness and awareness of the crew regarding accessibility needs are frequently highlighted as a positive aspect of the cruise experience.

LGBTQ+ Friendliness

  • Celebrity Cruises is known for its welcoming stance towards LGBTQ+ travelers, hosting events like LGBTQ+ socials and participating in Pride at Sea activities.
  • Reviews Summary: LGBTQ+ passengers appreciate the inclusive environment onboard Celebrity ships, noting the effort made to create welcoming spaces for everyone. The social events specifically geared towards LGBTQ+ guests are cited as a good opportunity for meeting others and fostering a sense of community.

Age Diversity and Family Inclusivity

  • With a wide range of activities and programs, Celebrity Cruises caters to guests of all ages, from children and teenagers to adults and seniors, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy.
  • Reviews Summary: Families, young couples, and older adults alike report feeling well-catered to on Celebrity Cruises. The diversity of activities, dining options, and entertainment is praised for appealing to a broad spectrum of ages and interests.

Cultural Sensitivity

  • Celebrity Cruises strives to respect and celebrate the cultural diversity of its guests and crew. This is evident in the range of international cuisine, multilingual staff, and culturally themed events.
  • Reviews Summary: Passengers express appreciation for the cruise line’s efforts to acknowledge and celebrate different cultures, both in the culinary offerings and in the entertainment options. The international crew is often mentioned as a highlight, bringing diverse perspectives and enriching the overall cruise experience.

Tips for a More Inclusive Cruise Experience

  • Communicate Your Needs: Be open about any specific requirements or preferences you have; Celebrity Cruises is committed to accommodating the diverse needs of its passengers.
  • Participate in Themed Events: Engage in the various themed nights and social events designed to celebrate diversity and inclusivity.
  • Explore the Range of Dining and Entertainment: With such a wide variety on offer, exploring different cuisines and shows can enhance your appreciation of cultural diversity.

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Health and Safety

Celebrity Cruises places a high priority on the health and safety of its passengers and crew.

Through rigorous protocols, state-of-the-art health facilities, and dedicated staff, the cruise line strives to create a safe and healthy environment.

Let’s delve into the key aspects of Celebrity Cruises’ health and safety measures based on passenger experiences and official information.

Cleanliness and Sanitation

  • Celebrity Cruises emphasizes thorough cleanliness and sanitation practices onboard, including frequent cleaning of high-touch areas, sanitization stations throughout the ship, and health screenings for passengers and crew.
  • Reviews Summary: Passengers often commend the visible cleanliness of the ships and the omnipresence of hand sanitizing stations, noting these efforts contribute significantly to their sense of safety. The commitment to maintaining high standards of hygiene is consistently mentioned as a reassuring aspect of the cruise experience.

COVID-19 Protocols

  • In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Celebrity Cruises has implemented enhanced health and safety protocols, including testing, vaccination requirements, enhanced air filtration systems, and modified boarding processes to ensure social distancing.
  • Reviews Summary: The comprehensive COVID-19 measures are generally met with approval from passengers, who appreciate the clear communication and enforcement of these protocols. While some mention that these measures can be restrictive, most understand their necessity for the collective well-being.

Medical Facilities and Staff

  • Each Celebrity ship is equipped with a medical center staffed by licensed doctors and nurses, capable of handling a range of medical issues, from minor ailments to more serious conditions.
  • Reviews Summary: Reviews highlighting the medical facilities commend the professionalism and efficiency of the medical staff. Passengers who needed medical attention during their cruise express gratitude for the high level of care received, often noting it exceeded their expectations.

Safety Drills and Information

  • Safety drills are conducted at the beginning of each cruise to ensure passengers are informed about the ship’s safety procedures and emergency protocols. Additionally, safety information is readily available and accessible throughout the voyage.
  • Reviews Summary: The thoroughness and organization of the safety drills are frequently praised, with passengers feeling well-informed about what to do in case of an emergency. The crew’s professionalism during these drills reinforces passengers’ confidence in their safety onboard.

Tips for Staying Healthy and Safe on Your Cruise

  • Participate in Safety Drills: Engage fully in safety drills and familiarize yourself with the ship’s emergency procedures.
  • Utilize Sanitation Stations: Make regular use of hand sanitizing stations and wash your hands frequently to prevent illness.
  • Follow Health Protocols: Adhere to any onboard health guidelines, including mask-wearing if required, to protect yourself and others.
  • Stay Informed: Keep up-to-date with any communications from the cruise line regarding health and safety measures.