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Can You Smoke On a Cruise? Let’s Dive In!

Embarking on a cruise offers a unique blend of adventure and relaxation. However, for smokers and non-smokers alike, understanding the ship’s smoking policies is essential.

Well, can you smoke on a cruise? Let’s dive in.

Can you smoke on a cruise?

Yes, you can smoke on a cruise, but only in designated smoking areas.

Each cruise line has specific policies outlining where smoking is permitted, including certain open decks, casinos, and occasionally, in private balconies.

Understanding Smoking Policies on Cruises

Cruise lines implement smoking policies to balance the comfort and health concerns of all passengers, whether they smoke or not.

These policies are influenced by various factors, including safety regulations, public health guidelines, and customer satisfaction.

As a result, smoking policies vary significantly across different cruise lines and ships, but they generally follow a common framework aimed at minimizing exposure to secondhand smoke and ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone on board.

smoking on a cruise

Factors Influencing Smoking Policies:

  • Legal Regulations: Cruise lines must comply with international maritime laws and the regulations of countries they visit, which may restrict smoking in certain areas.
  • Health Considerations: Public health guidelines regarding secondhand smoke play a crucial role in shaping smoking policies to protect the health of passengers and crew.
  • Customer Feedback: Cruise lines often adjust their smoking policies based on feedback from passengers to strike a balance between accommodating smokers and non-smokers.

Commonalities Across Cruise Lines:

  • Designated Smoking Areas: To cater to smokers, cruise lines designate specific outdoor and sometimes indoor areas where smoking is allowed. These areas are clearly marked and equipped with appropriate ashtrays and ventilation.
  • Restrictions in Public Areas: Smoking is generally prohibited in most indoor public areas, including dining rooms, theaters, and halls. This is to ensure a smoke-free environment where passengers spend most of their time.
  • Cabin and Balcony Policies: Many cruise lines prohibit smoking in all staterooms and on balconies to prevent the risk of fire and ensure the comfort of the next occupants. Policies on balcony smoking vary more than those for indoor spaces, with some lines allowing it and others not.

Variations Among Cruise Lines:

Each cruise line has its own set of rules and designated areas for smoking:

  • Carnival Cruise Line: Offers specific outdoor smoking areas and permits smoking in casinos and casino bars for active players. Smoking is not allowed in staterooms or on balconies.
  • Royal Caribbean: Smoking is permitted in designated areas on the starboard side of the ship, in casinos, and in some clubs. Balcony smoking is prohibited.
  • Norwegian Cruise Line: Provides designated smoking areas on outdoor decks, in casinos for players, and in cigar bars. Smoking is not allowed in staterooms or on balconies.
Where can you smoke on a cruise ship?

Where Can You Smoke on a Cruise Ship?

Identifying where you can smoke on a cruise ship is crucial for both smokers and non-smokers, as it helps manage expectations and plan for a comfortable voyage.

While specifics vary by cruise line, there are common areas across many ships designated for smoking.

Designated Smoking Areas

  • Outdoor Decks: Many cruise lines allow smoking on certain areas of open decks, typically on one side of the ship, to accommodate smokers while minimizing the impact on non-smokers.
  • Casinos: Some cruise lines permit smoking in their casinos, but this is often limited to players actively engaged in games. Areas within the casino might be designated as non-smoking.
  • Cigar Lounges and Bars: Specialty lounges and select bars on some ships are designated for smoking cigars and cigarettes. These venues are equipped with proper ventilation systems to ensure the comfort of all patrons.
  • Private Balconies: The policy on balcony smoking varies significantly. Some lines allow it, while others have strict no-smoking policies for all balcony and cabin interiors.

Considerations for Smoking Areas

  • Location and Ventilation: Smoking areas are strategically located and designed to minimize smoke drift and exposure to non-smoking guests. They are often equipped with adequate ventilation systems.
  • Signage and Information: Cruise ships clearly mark smoking areas with signage and also include this information in the ship’s daily newsletter and guest services directory.
  • Compliance: Guests are expected to comply with the designated smoking areas and dispose of cigarettes properly in provided receptacles to prevent fire hazards.
Where can you smoke on a cruise ship?

Where You Can’t Smoke

To ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for all passengers, cruise ships also clearly define areas where smoking is strictly prohibited.

Non-Smoking Zones

  • Indoor Public Spaces: Smoking is generally not allowed in any indoor public areas, including theaters, restaurants, lounges (except for designated smoking lounges), and hallways.
  • Cabins: Most cruise lines have banned smoking in all staterooms to ensure the comfort and safety of passengers. This includes electronic cigarettes and vaping devices.
  • Balconies: Depending on the cruise line, smoking on balconies can be prohibited to prevent fire risks and ensure the comfort of adjacent passengers.
  • Near Food Venues and Children’s Play Areas: Smoking is not allowed near areas where it could affect food quality or children’s health and safety.

Enforcement and Compliance

Cruise lines are serious about enforcing their smoking policies. Violations can result in cleaning fees, fines, and in severe cases, disembarkation at the next port.

It is vital for all passengers to adhere to these guidelines to ensure a pleasant cruise experience for everyone on board.

Understanding the designated smoking and non-smoking areas on cruise ships helps maintain a balance between accommodating smokers and ensuring a comfortable, safe, and enjoyable environment for all passengers.

Electronic Cigarettes and Vaping

The rise in popularity of electronic cigarettes and vaping devices has led cruise lines to adapt their smoking policies to address these newer forms of smoking.

Similar to traditional cigarette smoking, the policies for electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) and vaping aboard cruise ships are designed to ensure the comfort and safety of all passengers while accommodating those who vape.

Policies on E-Cigarettes and Vaping

  • Designated Areas: Most cruise lines treat e-cigarettes and vaping devices similarly to traditional cigarettes, allowing their use only in designated smoking areas. This means that vaping is typically not permitted in cabins, on balconies (depending on the cruise line’s policy), or in most public areas of the ship.
  • Indoor Restrictions: As with traditional smoking, vaping is usually banned in indoor public spaces. This includes bars, restaurants, theaters, and other communal areas where passengers gather.
  • Specific Guidelines: Some cruise lines may have more lenient policies for vaping compared to traditional smoking, allowing it in certain areas where smoking tobacco products is prohibited. However, this is less common, and passengers should not assume leniency without checking the specific cruise line’s policy.

Considerations for Passengers Using E-Cigarettes

  • Packing and Safety: Passengers should bring any necessary charging equipment and e-liquids they will need for the duration of the cruise, keeping in mind the safety regulations regarding batteries and liquids on board.
  • Discretion and Courtesy: Even in designated smoking areas, vapers are encouraged to be mindful of others around them, especially in close quarters or when in the company of non-smokers.
  • Compliance: Adhering to the ship’s policies regarding e-cigarettes and vaping is essential. Non-compliance can lead to the same penalties as those for violating traditional smoking policies, including fines and potential disembarkation.
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How Cruise Lines Enforce Smoking Policies

Enforcement of smoking policies is critical for the health, safety, and comfort of all passengers aboard a cruise ship.

Cruise lines take a proactive approach to ensure compliance through various means.

Surveillance and Monitoring

  • CCTV Cameras: Many areas of the ship, especially those where smoking is prohibited, are under surveillance to ensure compliance with smoking policies.
  • Routine Inspections: Crew members may conduct inspections or be on the lookout for violations of smoking policies, particularly in cabins and balconies where smoking could pose a fire hazard.

Penalties for Non-Compliance

  • Fines and Cleaning Fees: Passengers found smoking outside of designated areas, especially in their cabins or on balconies, may be subject to significant fines and cleaning fees to remove smoke odors.
  • Disembarkation: In extreme cases, passengers who repeatedly violate smoking policies may be asked to disembark the ship at the next port, at their own expense.

Role of Staff and Security

  • Enforcement: Ship security and staff are trained to enforce smoking policies politely but firmly, ensuring that all passengers comply.
  • Education: Staff may also play a role in educating passengers about the smoking policies onboard, including informing them of designated smoking areas.

Compliance with smoking, e-cigarette, and vaping policies is a shared responsibility among all passengers to ensure a safe and enjoyable cruise experience.

By respecting these guidelines, passengers contribute to the health and comfort of their fellow travelers, creating a positive atmosphere aboard the ship.

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Considerations for Smokers Planning a Cruise

For smokers, planning a cruise involves more than just picking a destination or ship; understanding and preparing for the cruise line’s smoking policies is essential.

Here are some key considerations and tips for smokers to ensure a smooth and enjoyable cruise experience.

Tips for Finding Smoker-Friendly Cruises

  • Research Cruise Lines: Start by researching and comparing the smoking policies of different cruise lines. Some may offer more smoker-friendly amenities, such as designated smoking areas, cigar lounges, and lenient balcony policies.
  • Read Reviews: Look for reviews from fellow smokers regarding their experiences on various ships and cruise lines to gauge the level of accommodation you can expect.
  • Consult with a Travel Agent: A knowledgeable travel agent can provide recommendations on the most smoker-friendly cruises and offer insights into the latest smoking policies.

Packing Tips for Smokers

  • Cigarettes and Supplies: Pack enough cigarettes, cigars, or vaping supplies for your trip, as purchasing these items onboard can be expensive and selection may be limited.
  • Lighters and Matches: Familiarize yourself with the cruise line’s policies regarding lighters and matches. Typically, passengers are allowed to bring a small quantity for personal use, but there may be restrictions.
  • Respect Regulations: Ensure that all smoking materials are packed according to travel and cruise ship regulations to avoid any issues during boarding.

How to Respect Non-Smoking Passengers

  • Use Designated Areas: Always smoke in designated areas and refrain from smoking in non-smoking zones to respect the comfort and health of non-smoking passengers.
  • Dispose of Cigarettes Properly: Use provided ashtrays and receptacles to dispose of cigarette butts and matches to maintain cleanliness and prevent fire hazards.
  • Be Mindful of Smoke Drift: Even in smoking areas, be aware of your surroundings and try to minimize smoke drift towards other passengers, especially in crowded or enclosed spaces.
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Considerations for Non-Smokers Planning a Cruise

Non-smokers also need to consider how smoking policies might affect their cruise experience and take steps to ensure their comfort and enjoyment.

Choosing a Cruise with Strict Non-Smoking Policies

  • Research and Compare: Look for cruise lines that enforce strict non-smoking policies, including limited designated smoking areas and comprehensive bans on smoking in cabins and balconies.
  • Consult Cruise Line Details: Check the specific details of the ship’s layout and amenities to choose a ship that offers plenty of non-smoking public spaces and activities.

Dealing with Smoke Sensitivity

  • Cabin Location: Request a cabin away from designated smoking areas to reduce the likelihood of encountering smoke.
  • Use of Public Spaces: Plan your activities around non-smoking areas and times, such as dining in smoke-free environments and enjoying entertainment in non-smoking venues.

Reporting Violations of Smoking Policies

  • Know the Policy: Familiarize yourself with the cruise line’s smoking policy so you can identify any violations.
  • Report to Staff: If you encounter someone smoking outside of designated areas, report it to the ship’s staff or security. Cruise lines are generally very responsive to these reports as they aim to ensure the comfort and safety of all passengers.

Both smokers and non-smokers can have a fantastic cruise experience by understanding and respecting the ship’s smoking policies.

By considering these tips and preparations, all passengers can contribute to a pleasant and respectful atmosphere onboard, ensuring that everyone enjoys their journey.

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Smoking Policies of Top Cruise Lines

Cruise lines have developed specific smoking policies to accommodate both smokers and non-smokers while ensuring safety and comfort aboard their ships.

Here’s an overview of the smoking policies for some of the top cruise lines.

1. Carnival Cruise Line

  • Designated Smoking Areas: Carnival allows smoking in certain designated areas on the open decks, in the casino for active players, and in certain nightclubs and bars.
  • Cabin and Balcony Policy: Smoking, including the use of electronic cigarettes, is prohibited in all staterooms and on balconies.
  • Enforcement: Violations of the smoking policy may result in cleaning charges and further disciplinary action.

2. Royal Caribbean International

  • Designated Smoking Areas: Smoking is permitted in designated areas on the starboard side of open decks, in casinos (for players only), and in some specific venues which may vary by ship.
  • Cabin and Balcony Policy: Royal Caribbean strictly prohibits smoking in all guest staterooms and balconies. Breaching this policy may result in fines.
  • Enforcement: The line enforces its policies through crew monitoring and may impose fines for violations.

3. Norwegian Cruise Line

  • Designated Smoking Areas: Norwegian designates specific areas on open decks for smoking and allows smoking in the casino for players. Certain ships have cigar bars where smoking is also permitted.
  • Cabin and Balcony Policy: Smoking in staterooms or on balconies is strictly prohibited, including electronic cigarettes.
  • Enforcement: Non-compliance with smoking rules can lead to a cleaning fee and potential further action.

4. Princess Cruises

  • Designated Smoking Areas: Princess Cruises provides designated smoking areas on the open decks, in the casino for players, and in designated cigar lounges.
  • Cabin and Balcony Policy: All staterooms and balconies are non-smoking. Violating this policy may incur a fine and cleaning charges.
  • Enforcement: Princess Cruises emphasizes compliance through clear communication and monitoring, with fines for non-compliance.

5. Celebrity Cruises

  • Designated Smoking Areas: Celebrity allows smoking in designated areas on the port side of open decks and in the casino for active players but prohibits cigar and pipe smoking in the casino.
  • Cabin and Balcony Policy: Smoking is not allowed in any staterooms or on stateroom balconies.
  • Enforcement: Celebrity enforces its smoking policy through staff monitoring and may apply fines for violations.

6. MSC Cruises

  • Designated Smoking Areas: MSC Cruises offers designated smoking areas on various decks and in the casinos. The locations of these areas are clearly marked and communicated to guests.
  • Cabin and Balcony Policy: Smoking is not permitted in cabins or on balconies.
  • Enforcement: MSC Cruises enforces its policy with potential charges for cleaning and damage repairs.
smoker-friendly cruise lines

The Most Smoker-Friendly Cruise Lines

While most cruise lines have implemented strict smoking policies to accommodate both smokers and non-smokers, some are known to be more smoker-friendly than others, offering more lenient policies and a greater number of designated smoking areas.

Here are a few of the most smoker-friendly cruise lines, along with reasons why they might be considered more accommodating to smokers.

1. Cunard Line

  • Reasons for Being Smoker-Friendly:
    • Cunard provides designated smoking areas on the open decks and in certain bars and lounges, allowing passengers more options to smoke.
    • The line also permits smoking in Churchill’s Cigar Lounge, catering specifically to cigar and pipe smokers, which is not always common on other lines.

2. Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines

  • Reasons for Being Smoker-Friendly:
    • Fred. Olsen allows smoking on cabin balconies, a rare allowance that has been phased out by most other cruise lines, providing a private space for smokers.
    • Designated smoking areas are also available on open decks, offering convenience and accessibility.

3. P&O Cruises (UK)

  • Reasons for Being Smoker-Friendly:
    • P&O Cruises offers designated smoking areas on the open decks and in certain designated smoking rooms, providing a comfortable environment for smokers.
    • The line has a relatively liberal approach to where smoking areas are located, making it easier for smokers to find a suitable place onboard.

4. MSC Cruises

  • Reasons for Being Smoker-Friendly:
    • MSC Cruises includes designated areas for smoking on open decks and in the casinos, where smokers can enjoy a cigarette while gambling.
    • Certain ships in the MSC fleet offer indoor smoking rooms or lounges, providing a sheltered smoking environment, which is particularly appreciated during bad weather.

5. Costa Cruises

  • Reasons for Being Smoker-Friendly:
    • Costa Cruises designates smoking areas on open decks and permits smoking in the casino, catering to both cigarette and cigar smokers.
    • The Italian lineage of this line reflects a more European approach to smoking, offering more flexibility and designated spaces compared to many U.S.-based lines.
smoker-friendly cruise lines

Considerations for Choosing a Smoker-Friendly Cruise

When selecting a smoker-friendly cruise, it’s essential to consider not just the availability of designated smoking areas but also the overall atmosphere and attitude towards smokers.

Smoker-friendly lines tend to provide clear information about where smoking is allowed, ensuring that smokers can enjoy their habit without inconveniencing others or breaking any rules.

Additionally, these cruise lines often have specific amenities and facilities catering to smokers, such as cigar lounges and well-ventilated casinos, making them more appealing to those who smoke.

However, policies can change, so it’s always a good idea for smokers to verify the latest smoking policies directly with the cruise line before booking their trip. This ensures that their smoking needs can be comfortably accommodated during their cruise vacation.

FAQs for Smoking on Cruises

Can I bring my own cigarettes or cigars on a cruise?

Yes, passengers are generally allowed to bring their own cigarettes or cigars on board. However, they must adhere to the cruise line’s smoking policies regarding where they can smoke.

Are there any cruises that allow smoking everywhere?

No, due to safety and health regulations, there are no cruises that allow smoking everywhere. Smoking is restricted to designated areas to accommodate both smokers and non-smokers.

How do smoking policies affect cabin selection?

Smoking policies can significantly affect cabin selection since smoking is prohibited in cabins and, on many lines, balconies as well. Smokers may prefer booking cabins closer to designated smoking areas for convenience.

What are the fines or penalties for smoking in non-designated areas?

Fines or penalties vary by cruise line but can include cleaning fees for smoking in cabins or balconies, fines for breaking the smoking policy, and in extreme cases, disembarkation from the ship.

Can I use electronic cigarettes or vape on a cruise?

Electronic cigarettes and vape devices are typically subject to the same restrictions as traditional cigarettes, meaning they can only be used in designated smoking areas. They are not allowed in cabins or non-smoking public areas.

Is smoking allowed in cruise ship casinos?

Smoking is often allowed in cruise ship casinos but usually only for players. Some cruise lines have designated smoking areas within the casino, while others may allow smoking throughout the casino.

Can I smoke on my balcony?

Smoking policies regarding balconies vary by cruise line. Some lines strictly prohibit smoking on balconies, while a few may still allow it. Always check the specific policy of your cruise line before smoking on your balcony.

Are there specific cruises recommended for smokers?

While no cruises specifically cater exclusively to smokers, some cruise lines are more smoker-friendly, offering more designated smoking areas and facilities such as cigar lounges. Research and choose a line that best fits your needs as a smoker.

Understanding the smoking policies on your chosen cruise line and adhering to them ensures a pleasant experience for you and your fellow passengers, making your cruise vacation enjoyable and stress-free.

Can you smoke on a cruise?