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Why You Will Enjoy Cruising in Your 20s

If you have ever been on a cruise, you probably noticed how the majority of people are either young families or older travelers above the age of 60.

Growing up in a family that frequently traveled, I had been on more than a few cruises in my life. While cruising was amazing as a kid, I have found that cruising has helped me find myself during college cruises.

college cruise


Depending on the cruise you choose to travel on, you will potentially see multiple countries. Last December, for example, I went on a pair of cruises with Norwegian Cruise Line and was blessed to see 8 countries throughout the Caribbean Sea and South America.

Not only did cruising let me see a multitude of locations, but I was surrounded both on the cruise ship and off by amazing people coming from diverse cultures who spoke different languages.

In a place with so much diversity, that cruise without a doubt put the way I saw both my life and others in perspective. I experienced what it was like to focus on what brought me joy instead of what other people thought and said about me.

As I was unable to understand what 90% of the passengers onboard were saying around me, I spent this month at sea gaining confidence in both who I was and what I stood for.

Typically when I go on a land vacation, the adventure tends to be at a very touristy destination. Therefore, most of the people surrounding me look and act similar to who I am. On cruises, while some of the ports are touristy, the passengers you are traveling with come from greatly diverse backgrounds.

spring break cruise


Cruising is unquestionably the most cost-effective way to travel the world.

You may have seen articles online claiming that some people are retiring on cruise ships. While retirement homes are expensive to live in, living on a cruise ship is only possible because of the cheap cost.

Cruise fares that you see online will typically include the food, stateroom, and entertainment onboard. This means you can eat your heart out at the buffet and watch Broadway-caliber performances without hurting your bank account.

The only extra costs you will have to pay for are your airfare, drink package, and shore excursions, however, many cruise lines will cover these expenses as well. Norwegian Cruise Line frequently runs promotions on their website offering free or discounted flights, all-inclusive drink packages, and shore excursion credits when booking a trip on one of their cruise ships.

Even if you have to pay for airfare, many cruises originate out of super cheap cities to fly into (Miami, Fort Lauderdale, etc.). Also, while your cruise ship may be traveling to numerous countries, most itineraries will be roundtrip. This means you can book airfare as a roundtrip fare, saving potentially over 100 dollars.

spring break cruise


While I know snapping an amazing image for Instagram is not a priority for everyone, many, including myself, plan on showing friends and family their travel on social media during and after the trip.

On a cruise, you will be on the ocean every day. This means that you will have the opportunity to shoot photos in optimal Instagram lighting anywhere on the decks of the ship. I, personally, have found pictures of the lido deck pools turning out gorgeous.

Not only will you be able to take beautiful shots while on the ship, but you will find amazing locations for your next image in the numerous countries you will be visiting. Updating your social media with a new photo from a different location every day is what all the top travel influencers strive for. Now, you can call on your inner stardom and show everyone the unique places you traveled to on a cruise ship.

college cruise

Something for Everyone

If you are traveling by yourself or with your friends for spring break, there will be something for everyone to do both on the ship and off.

Cruise lines are notoriously known for their crazy amount of activities onboard their ships. Not only do they have kid clubs to give kids their own special hangout, but there are adult-only sections onboard. These areas on ships usually span a large chunk of the ship and will have their own private pool, bathrooms, bars, and sometimes a restaurant.

If that has not convinced you, cruise ships will also have libraries for book worms, pools with hundreds of chairs for sun addicts, and nightclubs for late-night partying. You can also find luxurious spas with massage, nail, and hair services on most cruises.

I, personally, love the parties on cruise ships. The best part about the night clubs onboard ships is you do not need to worry about finding a designated driver. All you have to know is how to get back to your stateroom. Furthermore, some of the parties on board cruises have fun themes like 80s dance and white-out where you can only wear white for the light show in the lounge.

In each of the cruise ports, you can also find something for everyone. While you can either book excursions through the cruise ship directly or through 3rd party travel agencies, the opportunities while in port are endless. Many ports boast over 50 different excursions, and that’s only through the cruise line.

You can find other travelers with similar interests to see the countries you travel to or find something to do with the group you are cruising with. Either way, you are bound to find something that everyone enjoys while cruising the sea.

Hopefully, now you can see why cruising in your 20s is so important.

Whether you were just looking for a reason to cruise for spring break or trying to find the best way to see the world, cruising is truly an underrated form of travel for those in their second decade of life.

Let me know about your cruising adventure in the comments below— and as always, happy traveling!

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