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Top Attractions in Exuma, Bahamas for a Tropical Holiday

One of the top contenders among the Caribbean islands is explained by the top attractions in Exuma Islands found in the Bahamas. Frequently, when thinking about beach destinations, our minds quickly dart towards South East Asia and Southern Europe.

However, how would you feel if I told you that some of the most magical beaches in the world are found in the Caribbean?

The Bahamas offer excellent things to do in Bimini, Nassau, and Freeport, however, Exumas is that perfect tropical escape that can cure wanderlust no matter where you are in the world. Whether visiting on a girls cruise or planning an epic Bahamas day trip from Miami, the attractions in Exuma, Bahamas will not disappoint.

Pig Beach, Exuma Islands, The Bahamas

Feed the Swimming Pigs

Yes, you heard that right. There are swimming pigs that populate the outer Exuma Islands. With a quick boat ride to these pig infested islands, you will be enthusiastically greeted boat side by the pigs.

This is by far one of the biggest attractions of the Exuma Islands, and it is clear why. If you are lucky, the pigs will let you have an amazing day of swimming and taking pictures together. Afterward, they would love to share lunch or dinner with you.

These pigs tend to come out to play around midday as the sun cools down. There are many myths as to how the pigs got to the islands in the first place. Some speculate they survived a shipwreck while others believe that they were left there by pirates who were hoping for a future meal when returning back.

Whichever the case is, this will definitely be a unique swimming experience you will remember forever. Make sure to bring your camera to document this crazy day!

things to do in exuma

Thunderball Grotto

Next on the list of top attractions in Exuma is Thunderball Grotto. Actually named after a James Bond movie, this location was the filming location of many Hollywood movies. A quirky island as a whole, Thunderball Grotto is a must-see in Exuma, Bahamas.

At first glance, you may not be impressed by this destination, however, you probably should not judge this book by its cover. After you find yourself inside, you will see just how special it is. There are numerous caves, holes, and underwater areas to squeeze through.

If you are lucky, you will be blessed by beaming sun rays peaking their way through the grotto. You will also be surrounded by marine wildlife as colorful fishes greet and accompany you on your adventure.

Thunderball Grotto is a beautiful cavern inside where the limestone has eroded away over time to create a huge cavern with an open skylight on the surface. Make sure to bring your swimsuit because you are not going to want to miss this stop!

Compass Bay, Exuma, The Bahamas

Compass Cay

Similar to swimming with the pigs at Pig Beach, at Compass Cay is one of the top attractions in Exuma where you will be offered a unique swimming experience. Our next destination will bring curiosity to some while others swim away in panic.

Known to be the home to hundreds of nurse sharks, you will definitely want to add Compass Cay to your itinerary. Do not worry, nurse sharks will not hurt you.

They also are not as big as typical sharks only growing to a maximum length of 7.5 feet. This means you actually get to swim by their side in the water with no cages. It might sound crazy at first, however, it will be one of the more thrilling adventures you experience in your life. Spend a couple of hours with the sharks and then explore what the rest of the island has to offer.

You will be delighted to discover a beautiful secluded beach with great waters for paddleboarding.

allens cay things to do in Exuma

Allen’s Cay

As we approach our next favorite destination in Exuma, we find yet another amazing wildlife experience. Lined along Allen’s Cay you will find hundreds of Northern Bahamian Rock Iguanas, the only known Iguanas found in the Exuma Islands.

While they may not be as cute and friendly as the pigs found at Pig Beach, you will find this beach to be enchanting as they are one of Exuma’s few endangered species. Grab a bag of grapes before heading to Allen’s Cay and watch as a swarm of Iguanas becomes your best friend.

Popping grapes on the ground left and right, you will have a group of companions for the rest of the day. Before coming to Allen’s Cay, make sure to research what food you can feed the Iguanas. Because they are endangered, Exuma wants to protect the animals as best they can.

Allen’s Cay will be another unforgettable stop in the amazing Exuma Islands. Make sure to bring your camera and safe food for the animals before heading to the beach!

Exuma, The Bahamas


As a world-renowned location for bonefishing, if you have the angler’s touch, you might want to try out this difficult style of fishing.

While rarely seen, when found, this challenging fish will definitely put up a fight which makes a spot on every angler’s bucket list. Thankfully, there are local fishermen who know the best spots to discover these fish. Many tours are offered where local anglers will help you explore the island’s paradise.

You will hop on a boat in the early morning and depending on the tides and weather, you will be wading or fishing from a boat. You will be brought to the local flats where you can enjoy the crystal-clear waters and beautiful sandy beaches.

Make sure to bring your snacks and drinks with you on this adventure, you may be out all day searching for this treasure of the sea!

Dean's Blue Hole things to do in Exuma

Dean’s Blue Hole

Said to be the deepest blue hole in the world, Dean’s Blue Hole dips some 663 feet into the ocean floor right off shore from Long Island in the Bahamas.

While it may seem terrifying at first, this destination is very popular among swimmers and scuba divers alike. Offering a variety of sea animals, you will catch glimpses of snapper fish, tarpons, turtles, seahorses, rays, and much more colorful tropical fish.

Thanks to the crystal blue waters, once in the hole your visibility will range between 50-100 feet. Enclosed on three sides by a natural rock in an amphitheater formation, there are never any waves inside the Hole, creating a safe atmosphere for all who visit.

Just west of Clarence Town on Long Island, you will want to see the deepest blue hole in the world. Grab your swimsuit and head over to see this record first hand!

After careful research, these are the top attractions in Exuma Islands in the Bahamas soon. While at first glance the Bahamas may sound boring, you will find some pockets of magic here where cannot be seen anywhere else in the world.

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