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Unparalleled Camping: Why to Book an Affordable Glamping Pod

Have you heard about the newest camping craze? If not, that’s okay, but you are gonna want to stick around here for a while to see what is pushing more and more people to upgrade their camping experience.

Glamping is where awe-inspiring nature meets 21st-century modern luxury. This new trend surfacing throughout the globe is glamping, which took the world by storm and surprise. Since you are still here, you may as well learn what everyone else is ready to hop on!

They are called “glamping pods” and are available to rent right here in the United States and Canada! As an exquisite, perfect addition to the camping realm, glamping pods provide those not in love with the idea of sleeping on the ground with a comfy alternative.

Read through why you should book a glamping pod today and plan your road trip adventure with our free and super helpful travel printables!

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Why is glamping so popular?

Glamping’s crazy popularity started to rise in 2007. As a combination of the words glamorous and camping, the word glamping was invented to help travelers identify their preferred style of camping.

The growing popularity of chic glamping has changed with the way people are vacationing in the present. With the resurgence of wellness tourism and adventure vacations, glamping has risen as one of the most popular forms of affordable travel. You may even find big corporations boasting this new glamping style as they make big leaps in the tourism and travel industry.

You have hundreds of varying accommodation options in the glamping industry from living in a luxurious tree tent to discovering a glamping tent on the Norwegian riverfront. It is fairly simple to locate glamping facilities anywhere you are in the world, so you can definitely find one that hits all your top needs and desires.

Now holding an approximate $1 billion over the tourism and travel industry in the next 5 years, the glamping industry is projected to expect exponential growth as an outdoor-travel niche.

What exactly is a glamping pod?

Unique and usually uber-chic glamping pods are sprinkled around the United States. They typically adhere to an unusual, quirky shape offering a cozy, yet ample space area for you to safely spend the night. Typically built to blend in with the natural scenery, you will not feel any more separated from the fascinating natural world surrounding you.

Glamping pods hold pretty much a tent-like structure, mostly made from local and natural sourced materials boasting space for amenities you would not typically find in a standard tent option. They come in various sizes and types and can fit up to 6 people. Most of them have ample room for a bed, a fully equipped kitchen, and more.

These glamping pods are available for rent and offer all the comforts you can find at home! As stylish camping alternatives, these pods often offer bathrooms with running water, a pod with electricity, and much, much more. You may even find that your glamping experience includes gourmet meals, Wi-Fi to stay connected, or even a flat-screen TV.

How do I find a glamping pod?

While at first, it may seem to be a daunting task to find these seemingly new spots around the world, you can find numerous sites that boast this new style of camping. If you decide on a glamping pod for your next camping experience, you will be pleasantly surprised that they can easily withstand any weather conditions you may face.

Prices for this camping alternative usually start around $100 for a reasonably comfortable pod, so finding something both cheap and comfy will not be an issue. Enjoy the comfort of a modern hotel room with the element of the outdoors thoroughly incorporated without compromising the joys of modern amenities.

We found it easy to find these glamping experiences through websites like Airbnb and VRBO where you can list exactly what you are looking for in your glamping pod and your preferred destination.

glamping barrel

Barrel Glamping Pods

With the numerous versions of glamping pods, one of our favorites is the barrel glamping pod.

A barrel pod does everything that a cabin-shaped pod can do, however, you will find these unique little escapes offer a circular and rounded shape that easily blend into their surroundings. You will typically get into these barrel glamping pods via a small door located on one side. Then, once inside, you will notice the interior sleeping quarters offering cleverly wedged amenities in small spots beyond the primary entrance.

glamping dome

Glamping Domes

Another favorite camping alternative is the glamping domes offered primarily on the West Coast of North America.

Boasting a unique exterior with geometric shapes, these glamping pods will offer you all the amenities you could ever need while on your glamping adventure. Once entering, you will notice the ample amount of space offered to you for the duration of your stay!

glamping pods

Wooden Glamping Pods

This cabin-style version of glamping pod rental is probably the most popular option for glamping.

These glamping cabins are shed-shaped cabanas that boast four sturdy walls to protect you from the outside elements. Essentially a mini bungalow, you will find the interior as a perfect, comfy area to rest your head and call home. Call on your inner Davy Crocket and discover what it is like to experience camping through a wooden glamping pod.

Mobile Glamping Pods

Our final favorite style of glamping pods is the kind you can bring wherever you may visit on your adventure.

These vary a lot in style as you may find an old boxcar that has been revamped with comfy bedspreads and a cute kitchenette or a retro camper boasting pull-out TV screens and tiny sleeping areas. Mobile glamping opportunities are countless. Plus, you can bring this stylish home around with you on your travels with its moveable features!

glamping pod

Who will love the glamping experience?

Eco-conscious travelers

Glamping pods offer small-scale designs that push their visitors to enjoy the outdoor living lifestyle. With their small spaces, this form of accommodation keeps heating and cooking to a minimum, lessening the potential environmental impact of vacationing. Locations of these glamping pods are also found in areas of ecotourism. Whether high in the mountains of Colorado, or along the coast of Georgia, these glamping opportunities will attract eco-conscious globetrotters from all over.

Couples looking to nature for romance

If you and your loved one are looking to escape the hustle and bustle found in the cities and popular tourist destinations, you may fall back in love at one of the countless glamping accommodations. A pod rental will allow you to travel into a rejuvenating, relaxing adventure where you can truly immerse yourself in nature. Plus, here you can easily get rid of all distractions and fully focus on each other to enjoy your getaway together.

Solo campers looking for a bargain

Avoid high-cost hotels and book your vacation at a scenic, awe-inspiring glamping spot found throughout the world. Grab your backpack and head to these camping pods to feel what it is truly like to live off the grid for a while. These are the sort of stays where you will feel both safe and comfortable while you explore the neighboring attractions. Plus, these pods tend to be much more affordable for a solo traveler than the classic cabins you find on travel sites. Thus, you can rest assured that your bank account and wallet will remain intact.


Top 5 Reasons you will Fall in Love with Glamping Pods

  1. Safety. Typical camping does not provide you much safety from other curious travelers, the surrounding wildlife, and even the weather in the area. You will be much safer and better protected in a glamping pod than you can imagine. Compared to regular camping in a canvas tent, you will definitely get better nights of sleep resting assured that you’re in a safe environment.
  2. Electricity. Some glamping pods will provide you with electricity for all your 21st-century needs. This is a big deal for any remote workers looking to get some work done while enjoying the great outdoors. Those who rely on technology even while on vacation will love this camping alternative.
  3. Comfort. You will enjoy the comfort and luxuries found in a hotel room while surrounded by beautiful wildlife and scenery right outside your front door. It is possible to enjoy everything nature has to offer without compromising your desires for modern days amenities through the trendy glamping style of travel.
  4. Price. With the majority of glamping pods in the United States and Canada starting at under $100, you can easily find a reasonably priced pod to fit your travel budget. Check out Airbnb or VRBO to explore your glamping options that will offer affordable, safe, and comfortable accommodations that anyone would enjoy.
  5. Ready on Arrival. Most glamping tents and pods provide their guests with bedding, electricity, pots and pans, plates, and more for them to enjoy and use during their stay. All you need to do is show up and have fun exploring the area with no setup. Just check-in and discover what the neighboring area has to offer.

 Plan your next camping adventure in a glamping pod, you will not regret it. Trying the new glamping trend in a pod placed in the midst of nature should now definitely be on your bucket list.

Not only is it affordable, comfortable, and safe, but it is one of the most memorable ways to discover new destinations. Why struggle setting up your raggedy tent when you can merge the great outdoors with modern-day amenities? While camping may not typically be associated with relaxing, luxurious vibes, glamping pods will absolutely make your camping adventure more enjoyable.

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