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NCL Cruises: Top Reasons to Cruise with Norwegian

Imagine vacationing the way you want it; eat whenever you like, show up to entertainments whenever (with no reservation), and no schedule dictating your every waking moment. While cruising is a popular form of relaxed travel, not all cruise lines offer this level of freedom for the duration of your adventure.

This Norwegian Cruise Line guide explains how NCL cruises offer cruises touring all around the world where you can indulge your every desire while enjoying a relaxing sailing across the ocean to visit your favorite ports. Stick around to learn the top reasons to choose from the best NCL cruises.

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1. Award-Winning Entertainment on NCL Cruises

As one of the major cruise lines offered around the world, the best NCL cruises offer some top tier entertainment facilities and shows. Bask in the bright lights of their Broadway-style performances of shows like Kinky Boots, Jersey Boys, or Footloose.

Whether onboard the Norwegian Bliss enjoying the spectacular Prohibition speakeasy and their world-renowned Four Seasons (a Tony Award-winning musical), or on one of their small ships such as the Norwegian Jewel enjoying the popular Le Cirque Bijou, I guarantee you will fall in love with NCL’ cruises’ joyful atmosphere. Also, there are shows offered every day for you to discover as you sail the high seas.

2. Free-Style Cruising Norwegian Cruise Line

One of the top reasons cruisers from all over choose to book one of the NCL cruises is their freestyle cruising. Freestyle cruising means you will have the freedom to do what your heart desires. You will be able to choose your own onboard attractions to see, your perfect dining time, and tours you find interesting while in port.

If you do not want to dine at the same time every night, don’t worry! NCL cruises allow you to stop in any of their main dining facilities at any time when the restaurant is open to eat at one of their open tables. Plus, you will not have to make reservations to see any of the popular, onboard entertainment features like on other major cruise lines!

3. Fun Deck Parties on NCL Cruises

Norwegian Cruise Line is famous in the cruise line industry for their spectacular parties. Hit the deck and dance until dawn at one of the NCL popular parties including White Hot Party, Glow Party, Caliente Party, and Nashville Nights.

Head over to the pool or lounge bar and grab a tropical drink to enjoy and you and those you are traveling with take on one of the hottest party on the sea. Your NCL cruises may also feature theme parties where you can dress up in 80s apparel or your best tropical attire. Make sure to check your reservation beforehand to properly prepare for this exciting adventure on the high seas!

4. Reputation of Norwegian Cruise Line

You may have heard in the news or random articles online about various cruise lines not staying up to code or not taking care of the environment as they should. Thankfully NCL cruises are highly reputable and respected  as a cruise line that has been in the industry for decades. You do not want to be cruising with a cruise line that is shady when it comes to your and the environment’s safety.

Plus, since NCL cruises have a long history of safe voyages, you will not have to worry about a repeat Titanic moment. As Norwegian makes sure to stay up to code with the latest cruise safety requirements, you and those you are traveling with will feel safe and secure during your fantastic voyage at sea.

5. Low Prices on NCL Cruises

Norwegian Cruise Line may be one of the safest and reputable cruise line’s in the cruising industry, however, you will be surprised at how affordable a cruise through NCL truly is. Frequently offering major discounts on their home page, you can catch glimpses at amazing deals if you are diligent. Cruising is one of the most affordable forms of travel as you pay one upfront fee (around $400 for 5-nights) and have all your entertainment, accommodations, meals, and sometimes drinks included.

When visiting their webpage you may also notice their Take All FREE offer. This means when you book a voyage during this promotional time, you will receive the complete open bar, specialty dining, excursions, and wifi packages with the completion of your booking that you can enjoy once onboard. Plus, sometimes NCL offers promotions where your kids can cruise with you for no additional cost.

6. Top Cruise Destinations on Norwegian Cruise Line

Since NCL cruises have over 16 ships in its fleet, you will find the perfect itinerary to fit your desires and dreams. Whether you want to visit the remote villages found in Alaska or learn about the history and culture in Asia, NCL cruises offer a variety of destinations for even the pickiest of travelers.

Displayed to the right are all the destinations you can visit while on your NCL cruise. Head over to their website to filter and find your next voyage with Norwegian Cruise Line.

7. Discover New Thrills on NCL Cruises

Boasting some of the largest ships at sea, NCL cruises will surprise you with what they can fit on their massive cruise ships. Step into this surreal world of excitement where you will find things you could never imagine would be floating at sea.

Explore NCL Breakaway Plus and Breakaway class ships to truly experience the Norwegian ThrillPlex activity zones. On one of NCL’s newest ships, Norwegian Breakway boasts an exhilarating Aqua Park & Sports Complex here you will find a rock wall, the largest rope course at sea, and The Plank, where you can walk 8 feet over the side of the cruise ship.

Another ship with exciting offerings in Norwegian Bliss. Here you will find a thrilling race track where you can compete with your friends and family on a two-level track while putting your go-cart driving skills to the test.

8. Exquisite Dining with Norwegian Cruise Line

Foodie travelers from around the world will fall in love with what the NCL cruise ships have to offer. Book a reservation at one of the ship’s popular and tasty specialty dining services where you will enjoy a savory three-course meal complemented with a fantastic bottle of wine.

For lunch, grab a burger hot off the grill to enjoy at the grill. The great part of Norwegian Cruise Line sailing policy is that you can dress however you like! Dress up, dress down, either way, you will enjoy a fabulous meal with your friends and families or new friends if you prefer.

Thanks to a flexible style of cruising, you will have no pre-assigned seating in addition to no fixed dining times. Thus, you will have the freedom to try out all the popular dining joints while at sea with Norwegian Cruise Line.

9. Comfy and Stylish Staterooms on NCL cruises

Whether you decide to book an inside stateroom or a 3-bedroom Garden Villa, your stay onboard NCL cruise ships will be relaxing and luxurious. If you are looking for a suite experience, you will not be disappointed.

Norwegian Cruise Line offers some of the largest staterooms at sea to their passengers through The Haven. As your own luxurious section of the ship, The Haven is where you will find contemporary elegance, personalized service, and privacy amongst the bustling crowd onboard your cruise ship.

If you are traveling alone, you will be happy to learn that NCL offers studio staterooms for single cruisers. This way, you can celebrate your (affordable) “me” time in style in one of Norwegian Cruise Line’s designed Studios for the average solo traveler. You will also be delighted to learn that NCL was chosen as Cruise Critic’s 2019 Best Cruise Line for Solo Travelers in 2019.

10. Unique Itineraries with Norwegian Cruise Line

If you are looking for a voyage that is truly special while being super fun, Norwegian Cruise Line is your best bet. Known for their music-themed cruises, NCL offers numerous themed cruises for every type of traveler. On their music-themed cruises, you will enjoy some of your favorite artists live, as they will be traveling alongside you on your adventure. NCL themed-cruises have lately featured the classic rock, country, and pop genres headlined by some of the top world-renowned music stars.

Besides music-themed cruises, you will also discover that Norwegian Cruise Line offers both Alaska Cruisetours and Hawaii Cruisetours. During the Alaska Cruisetour, you will get the opportunity to explore more of Alaska not only on the ocean but also on land. You will definitely enjoy an authentic Alaskan cruise that goes head over heels beyond what you expected if cruising with NCL.

For their Hawaiian Cruisetours, you will again have an authentic experience exploring all Hawaii has to offer. From lush rainforests to ancient kingdoms, and rich World War II history, these Norwegian Cruise Line Hawaiian Cruisetours are a must-book.

11. Great Stirrup Cay on NCL Cruises

Every great cruise line offers its own private island for its guests to personally explore. For Norwegian, that is their Great Stirrup Cay. Frequently found on their popular Caribbean voyages, Great Stirrup Cay is a great place to relax on the beach while sipping a refreshing tropical cocktail during your rejuvenating vacation.

This idyllic private island was carefully planned to fulfill every passenger’s vacation goals. For kids, you will find amazing, fun water jungle gyms. For wildlife enthusiasts, rent some snorkel gear and head out into the turquoise waters to swim with sea turtles and tropical fish. Those looking for a more active adventure on this island paradise will enjoy kayaking the coastline or ziplining across the horizon. Later, pick up a scrumptious taco at the complimentary Abaco Taco while laying out on the pristine sandy coastline.

12. Rejuvenating Spa on Norwegian Cruise Line

If you are looking for a relaxing spa experience during your time at sea, you will love what Norwegian Cruise Line has to offer. You can find their popular Mandara Spa onboard all 17 cruise ships in NCL’s fleet. Head over to Mandara Spa’s reception desk to explore the numerous spa services that their masseuses, manicurists, and other crew members would be more than happy to assist you with.

Whether a hot-stone massage or one of over 50 of their other specialty treatments offered by their therapists, Mandara Spa is where you want to be while enjoying your time at sea. Later, unwind in the Thermal Suite on NCL ships where you can enjoy a steam or a dip in their vitality Pool. You can also discover the Salt Room on many of their ships where you will find a dramatic grotto surrounded by numerous layers of rejuvenating, cleansing salt crystals.

With some of the most spacious staterooms at sea at a very affordable price, how could you not book your next cruise on one of Norwegian Cruise Line’s mighty cruise ships?

Whether you want to enjoy a personalized unique itinerary or Broadway-caliber performances, NCL cruises offer the best experiences found at sea. With no schedule to follow but your own, make sure to consider Norwegian Cruise Line for your next adventure on the high seas.

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