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Marella Voyager Unveiled: A Deep Dive into Cruise Luxury

As the gentle waves of the ocean embrace the sides of the majestic Marella Voyager, passengers aboard can’t help but feel they’re part of something truly special.

If you’re a cruise enthusiast or even just a curious traveler, you’ve probably heard whispers of the Marella Voyager’s unparalleled experiences on the high seas. But what really lies behind the polished decks and luxurious lounges of this famed ship?

So grab your free cruise planner and sit tight as we embark on a virtual journey, unraveling the tales of the Marella Voyager, its parent cruise line, and the unforgettable itineraries it sails.

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Background on Marella Cruises

Stepping into the world of cruising, few names evoke the sense of prestige and allure as Marella Cruises. But before we dive deep into the captivating realm of the Marella Voyager, it’s only fitting that we understand the legacy of its flag bearer, Marella Cruises.

Origins and History

Did you know Marella Cruises’ original name was Thomson Cruises? Yea, this cruise line had initially entered the cruise market in 1973! Unfortunately this adventure hit some initial barriers in the industry due to rising fuel costs the venture and was terminated in 1976.

Fast forward to 1995, and Thomson restarts their cruise line after they noticed that their competitor, Airtours, made a successful return to the cruising realm under their Sun Cruises brand.

After restarting their business, Thomas Cruises began to see success. In fact, in 2012, the Marella brand came to own 1% of the worldwide cruise industry market share.

Fast forward a little more, and in 2017, Thomson Cruises rebrands to what we have come to learn and love, Marella Cruises. The cruise line, as part of TUI UK and Ireland, has enjoyed a strong footing in the UK cruise market for decades.

This transformation from Thomson to Marella wasn’t just a change in name but represented a renewed commitment to delivering unrivaled cruising experiences for its passengers.


Position in the Cruise Industry

In an industry bustling with colossal ships and exotic destinations, Marella Cruises has carved a niche for itself. Renowned for their mid-sized ships, they masterfully blend the intimate feel of smaller cruise vessels with the amenities and offerings typically found on much larger liners.

Having only 5 ships sailing the seas, they are able to put the passenger experience at the heart of their mission, sailing to over 200 destinations worldwide. This unique balance allows passengers to enjoy a more personalized experience without compromising on entertainment, dining, or adventure.

What Sets Marella Apart

But what truly differentiates Marella from other players in the industry?

For one, their all-inclusive cruise packages are a game changer. No need to constantly reach for your wallet; Marella aims to make your voyage as seamless and enjoyable as possible. Furthermore, Marella Cruises takes pride in its commitment to sustainability.

Efforts to reduce single-use plastics and implement energy-efficient systems onboard underline their dedication to environmentally-conscious cruising.

Marella Voyager

Diving Deep into Marella Voyager

The Marella Voyager is not just another ship in the fleet; it’s an embodiment of luxury, adventure, and the promise of unforgettable memories. To truly appreciate this gem, let’s set sail into its finer details.

Marella Voyager Ship Profile & Stats

  • Cruise Line: Marella Cruises
  • Ship Type: Cruise Ship
  • Line Class: Mainstream
  • Former Name: Mein Schiff Herz, Mein Schiff
  • Registry: Malta
  • Year Built: 1997
  • Year Last Refurbished: 2022
  • Capacity: 1,886 passengers
  • Decks: 10
  • Gross Tonnage: 77,713
  • Length: 866 ft
  • Beam: 105.6 ft
  • Average Speed: 22 knots
  • Inside Cabins: 296
  • Outside Cabins: 639
  • Nationality of Officers: Greek
  • Nationality of Crew: European, American
  • Number of Crew: 909

Marella Voyager Deck Plan

The Marella Voyager deck plan just makes sense, making it easily navigable even for the first-time-cruisers. Most of your time onboard will either be spent in your stateroom or on deck 11, where all the action is!

Deck 11 is where you will find the pool, the adult only Oceans Spa, and the Kitchens (food-court style dining). If you are truly seeking that luxury, kid-free zone, deck 14 hosts the Veranda which tends to be the quietest spot onboard.

When you find yourself craving some live action entertainment, lounging time, or tasty food, head to decks 5 through 7. These decks hold the majority of entertainment venues, lounges, and restaurants onboard.

cabins to avoid

Cruise Cabins Onboard

Every cabin on Marella Voyager is air conditioner (phew) and comes equipped with a safe, flatscreen TV, hairdryer, wardrobe area, and tea/coffee-making equipment.

Below is a quick review of the cabin options onboard the Voyager!

Inside Cabins

While smaller than some of the other cabins onboard, you have some choices when picking out your inside cabin onboard the Marella Voyager. Varying between 2 – 5 for capacity, you have options when selecting your inside cabin. Just make sure to review the top cabins to avoid before you book!

Outside Cabins

Every outside cabin onboard the Marella Voyager will come with either a porthole or picture window. These cabins have similar amounts of room to their interior counterparts, however, offer far better lighting and offer breathtaking views of the rolling waves and land passing by.

Balcony Cabins

These cabins are great for taking in the scenic views with the set of chairs on the balcony. Inside your cabin, you will find two twin beds that convert into a queen sized bed, along with a sofa bed. In addition, you will have an en-suite restroom with a shower.

noisiest staterooms

Cabins with Suite Services

When you book a Marella Voyager cabin with Suite service included, you can look forward to one continental breakfast in bed per person per week, and a free pressing service for up to three items during your stay. On top of that, you’ll have a coffee machine, slippers, a dressing gown, upgraded toiletries and a pillow menu in your cabin.

  • Family Balcony Cabins: These rooms leave plenty of space for a part up to five to enjoy at sea! Each cabin includes a double bed, a sofa bed, and a fold-down bed. These also come with a en-suite bathroom equipped with a shower as well as a furnished balcony.
  • Balcony Junior Suite: These cabins sleep up to three people, boasting two single beds that can combine into a queen-size option, as well as a sofa bed. These also come with a en-suite bathroom equipped with a shower as well as a furnished balcony.
  • Executive Suite: This cabin boasts 35-square-meters of room, as some of the largest options available on Marella Voyager. These suites sleep up to four boasting a queen-sized bed in the main bedroom (also features a walk-in closet!). The living room includes a double sofa bed and has a door leading to a large balcony with loungers, a table, and some chairs.
  • Voyager Suite: This cabin is not for the faint hearted. If you are looking to go all out on this beautiful cruise ship, book one of Marella’s two Voyager Suites, each themed around beautiful ports; St. Lucia and Santorini. These suites come with a sofa bed and two single bed (can be combined into a queen). These also come with a en-suite bathroom equipped with a shower as well as a furnished balcony boasting loungers, a table, and some chairs.

karaoke on cruise ship

Experiencing Life on Marella Voyager

There’s a difference between reading about a ship and truly immersing oneself in its daily rhythm. Life aboard the Marella Voyager isn’t just about travel; it’s about creating stories, forging connections, having fun, and living experiences that last a lifetime. Let’s dive into what a typical day might look like.

Marella Voyager Recreation + Entertainment

  • The Exchange – Are you looking to have fun during your nights at sea? Look no further than the Exchange, the Voyager’s hidden, yet super fun, nightlife joint. Equipped with a secret password, interactive experiences, and signature cocktails… you will not want to miss this spot!
  • Electric Room – Super cool lounge area equipped with a LED-lit dance floor, upper and lower lounge areas where you can dance the night away! This neon room will be hosting a variety of theme nights and silent discos throughout it’s various itineraries.
  • Broadway Show Lounge – Hosting a different show six days of the week, this magnificent Voyager area is an entertainment hotspot! You can also find a cinema here displaying some of the newest movies released as well as some Hollywood classics.
  • Casino – Right next to the Voyager’s Electric Room is a revamped casino featuring blackjack and roulette.
  • The Art House – A laidback yet colorful lounging spot decorated with features from various locations around the globe. This area includes two shuffleboard tables, an arts and craft station, and other features for the whole travel clan to have fun.
  • Kid Clubs – The Marella Voyager includes two kids clubs; the Hideout and the M Club, hosting a variety of games, toys, and activities for children between ages 2 and 17.
  • The Pool – the Marella Voyager has one pool onboard, around 4 feet deep. If you were planning on bringing your little-little ones, there are a couple of small shallow pools where potty-trained kids can splash around.
  • Oceans Spa – Marella’s spa venue boasting an impressive assortment of pampering services. You can expect the usual massage, facial, and pedicure services… but in addition, can opt into teeth whitening and dermal filler treatments!
  • Exercise Venues – The Marella Voyager has an incredibly huge gym with a large assortment of exercise machines and equipment. As you enjoy your morning run, you will be able to watching the waves roll by through the huge wraparound windows. You can also opt into the exercise classes, water-based workouts, or head on a brisk walk around the deck 12 outdoor jogging track.

Titanic vs. Modern cruise ships food

Marella Voyager Dining Choices

The Marella Voyager hosts a wide array of dining choices. With the vast selection, almost every cruiser will find something the love and end up craving once they disembark!

With numerous venues that are included in the all-inclusive cruise fare, you should be good to go. However, if you are looking to celebrate or splurge a little, there are a couple of options to make your meal a little special.

Included in Fare

  • The Kitchens – food-court-style dining
    • Bamboo: South Asian rice-based dishes
    • Athena’s: Greek pittas and kebabs
    • Gravy Boat: Traditional roast dinners
    • Dressed Leaf: Healthy salads
    • The Pantry: Grab-and-go sandwiches
    • The Banyan Leaf: Indian street food and curry
    • The Pastry Crust: Classic pies and mash
    • Cherry on Top: Ice cream and other sweets
  • Latitude 53 – the Marella Voyager’s main dining room which is spread out across 2 separate decks.
  • Vista – This can be found within the Latitude 53 restaurant on the lower of the 2 decks. Vista is an up-scale Italian joint offering delicious three-course meals. You can expect an array of Italian wines.
  • Nonna’s – Another Italian joint offering choose-your-own-topping pizzas as well as some pastas and Italian salads.
  • Abuela’s – This colorful Tex-Mex joint is the newest restaurant to the Marella fleet! You can stop in to grab some nachos or stay a little longer and order some authentic tacos and carnitas.
  • Snack Shack – Option for those craving a snack while they lounge by the pool. Snack Shack boasts sandwiches, burgers, hotdogs, and other snacks to satisfy your hunger.

Cost a Little Extra

  • Kora Le – A pan-Asian restaurant offering a variety of plates, spanning from Chinese to Indian cuisine. There are plenty of appetizers to choose from as well as tasty sides.
  • Surf & Turf – Right next to Kora Le you will find a classic surf and turf option boasting a perfect pairing of land and sea.
  • Platter – Tapas dining with a variety of sophisticated offerings whether you are dining alone or in a group.
  • Silver Fork – A modern take of British dining. You can either choose from an a la carte menu or, if you prefer the full experience, opt into a delicious seven-course tasting menu with wine pairing.

cruise balcony through aft

What Sets Marella Voyager Apart

In a vast ocean filled with cruise liners, the Marella Voyager sails distinct. But what truly makes it stand head and shoulders above the rest?

Passenger-Centric Experience

More than just a cruise ship, the Marella Voyager is designed with its passengers in mind. From personalized service to curated onboard experiences, every detail is meticulously planned to ensure guests feel valued and pampered.

Commitment to Sustainability

In today’s world, sustainability is more than just a buzzword, and Marella Voyager takes it seriously. The ship boasts innovative eco-friendly technologies, reducing its carbon footprint and ensuring the oceans it sails remain pristine for future generations.

Inclusivity at its Best

While many cruise lines offer packages, Marella Voyager’s all-inclusive experience is unparalleled. With transparent pricing and no hidden costs, passengers can truly relax, knowing everything is taken care of.

Community Building

A voyage aboard Marella Voyager isn’t just about the destinations; it’s about the community built onboard. Special events, group activities, and interactive sessions foster a sense of belonging, turning passengers from strangers into lifelong friends.

cruise travel tips

Deciding on the Marella Voyager: Is It the Right Cruise for You?

The allure of the high seas, the promise of exotic destinations, and the luxury that Marella Voyager offers can be tempting. But how do you know if this ship aligns with your dream cruise experience? Let’s break it down to help you decide.

What Are You Looking For?

  • Intimacy with a Dash of Grandeur: If you relish the cozy feel of mid-sized ships but don’t want to compromise on the amenities of larger liners, Marella Voyager strikes that perfect balance.
  • Diverse Destinations: For those who dream of both world-renowned ports and lesser-known treasures, the Marella Voyager’s itineraries offer a delightful mix.
  • An All-Inclusive Experience: Say goodbye to the hassle of constant expenses. Marella Voyager’s transparent, all-inclusive packages ensure a stress-free voyage.

The Marella Community

If the idea of forging new friendships, engaging in communal experiences, and being part of a close-knit cruising community appeals to you, the Marella Voyager shines in this aspect.

Eco-Conscious Cruising

For the environmentally aware traveler, Marella Voyager’s commitment to sustainability ensures your journey is as kind to the oceans as it is luxurious for you.

Budget Considerations

While the Marella Voyager offers luxury, its range of packages ensures that there’s something for various budgets. Always keep an eye out for special promotions or off-season deals to get the best value.

cruise packing

Planning Your Marella Voyager Cruise

So you decided to book your vacation on the Marella Voyager? Setting sail on the Marella Voyager is a dream come true for many. However, to make the most of your voyage, a bit of planning can go a long way. Here’s a handy guide to ensure your cruise experience is as seamless as the ocean horizon. Also, pick up one of our free cruise planners to help you chart out your dream cruising vacation!

Choosing the Right Itinerary:

  • Duration Matters: Depending on your availability, decide whether you’re looking for a quick getaway or an extended voyage. Marella Voyager offers a range of durations to suit varied preferences.
  • Destinations of Interest: List down must-visit ports or regions. Match this with Marella Voyager’s itineraries to find your perfect route.

Cabin Selection:

  • View or No View: Decide whether you want an ocean-view cabin, a suite with a balcony, or an interior room. Remember, the choice can significantly impact your cruising experience.
  • Location on the Ship: Some passengers prefer cabins close to amenities, while others opt for more secluded spots. Check the ship’s layout when making your selection.

Onboard Activities & Excursions:

  • Plan Ahead: Some activities or shore excursions have limited spots. It’s wise to book in advance, ensuring you don’t miss out on any adventures.
  • Special Requirements: If you have specific needs or interests, communicate them ahead of time. Whether it’s dietary restrictions or special occasion celebrations, Marella’s crew is there to assist.

Packing for Your Cruise:

  • Dress Codes: Marella Voyager has specific dress codes for different events, like the captain’s gala. Ensure you pack accordingly.
  • Essentials: While the ship is equipped with most amenities, pack personal essentials, medications, and any special requirements.


  • Onboard Expenses: Even with all-inclusive packages, there might be certain extras. Set a budget for additional expenses, such as specialty dining or spa treatments.
  • Shore Excursions: Allocate a budget for off-ship activities, shopping, and dining during port stops.

Pre-Cruise Preparations:

  • Travel Documents: Ensure your passport, visas, and any necessary vaccinations are in order well in advance.
  • Arrival Time: Plan to arrive at the departure port with plenty of time to spare. Consider staying overnight in the departure city if you’re traveling from afar.

Engage with past travelers: Join online forums or social media groups dedicated to Marella Cruises. Interacting with past passengers can offer invaluable insights, tips, and first-hand experiences that can enhance your journey.

Marella Voyager

Conclusion: The Allure of the Marella Voyager

In the vast seascape of cruise experiences, the Marella Voyager stands as a beacon of luxury, adventure, and impeccable service. Beyond just a ship, it offers an odyssey of memories, weaving together the allure of exotic destinations with the warmth of its onboard community. It’s not just about the journey or the destination; it’s about the stories you create, the friendships you forge, and the moments that leave an indelible mark on your heart.

As you consider your next cruise, remember the Marella Voyager’s promise: a voyage where every sunrise holds the potential for new adventures and every cruise sunset, the nostalgia of a day well-lived. The ocean calls, and the Marella Voyager is ready to answer, setting sail into a world of wonder. So, whether you’re a seasoned cruiser or embarking on your maiden voyage, the Marella Voyager beckons with the promise of the extraordinary. All aboard!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Marella Voyager

What is the passenger capacity of the Marella Voyager?

The Marella Voyager comfortably accommodates 1,886 passengers, offering a range of cabins from cozy interior rooms to luxurious suites with ocean views.

Are all amenities onboard included in the cruise fare?

Marella Voyager boasts an all-inclusive experience, which covers most onboard amenities. However, some specialty restaurants, spa treatments, and certain activities might incur additional charges.

Do I need travel insurance for my cruise?

While not mandatory, it’s highly recommended that passengers have comprehensive travel insurance covering medical emergencies, trip cancellations, and other unforeseen circumstances.

Are there dress codes onboard?

Yes, while daytime attire is casual, evenings, especially events like the captain’s gala, may have specific dress codes. It’s best to check in advance and pack accordingly.

Can I bring children? Are there activities for them?

Absolutely! Marella Voyager is family-friendly and offers a plethora of activities tailored for kids and teenagers.

Do I need a passport and visa for my cruise?

A valid passport is essential for all passengers. Visa requirements vary based on your nationality and the ports of call on your itinerary. Always check in advance.

Are there medical facilities onboard?

Yes, Marella Voyager is equipped with a medical center to handle emergencies. However, if you have specific medical needs, it’s advisable to inform the cruise line in advance.

Can I make special dietary requests?

Of course! Marella Voyager prides itself on catering to various dietary needs. Inform the cruise line before your departure to ensure they can accommodate your requests.

How can I book shore excursions?

Shore excursions can be booked in advance through Marella’s official website or onboard at the excursion desk. Popular tours might fill up quickly, so early booking is recommended.

Is there Wi-Fi onboard?

Yes, Marella Voyager offers Wi-Fi packages at varying rates. Depending on your needs, you can choose from daily or entire cruise packages.

What sets Marella Voyager apart from other cruise ships?

Marella Voyager combines the intimacy of mid-sized ships with the luxury of larger liners. Its commitment to sustainability, unique itineraries, all-inclusive packages, and unparalleled onboard experiences make it a standout choice for cruisers.

How can I get the best deal on my Marella Voyager cruise?

Keep an eye on Marella’s official website and sign up for newsletters. Special promotions, last-minute deals, and off-peak season rates can offer significant savings.