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Norwegian Escape Cabins to Avoid: Comprehensive Guide

Floating gracefully across the world’s oceans, the Norwegian Escape stands as a testament to luxury, adventure, and the unparalleled experience that Norwegian Cruise Line offers its guests. 

Choosing the right cabin on a cruise isn’t just about picking a room—it’s about optimizing your entire vacation experience. Just like how you don’t want to forget those top cruise essentials, you will also want to review the top cabins to avoid.

So, as you dream about the sunny decks, tantalizing cuisine, and azure waters waiting for you, let’s grab some free cruise planners and embark on a journey together exploring the Norwegian escape cabins to avoid.

norwegian escape cabins to avoid

Understanding the Norwegian Escape’s Layout

Anchoring your cruise experience is a solid understanding of the ship’s layout. Just as a seasoned captain studies nautical charts, knowing your vessel inside and out can shape your vacation in unimaginable ways. Let’s journey deck by deck and get acquainted with the Norwegian Escape’s unique structure.

Deck Diversity:The Norwegian Escape is a marvel of marine architecture. Spanning numerous decks, each level presents its own set of attractions and accommodations. From serene spa rooms to bustling entertainment zones, the ship offers a variety of atmospheres.

The Power of Proximity:Certain decks are bustling hubs of activity. There are decks primarily dedicated to entertainment, some to dining, and others to relaxation. Picking a room close to your favored amenities can save you time and offer great convenience. But remember, there’s a thin line between being at the heart of the action and being kept awake by it!

Views to Vouch For:Staterooms on the higher decks often boast panoramic ocean views, giving you a serene backdrop to your voyage. However, rooms closer to the waterline provide that mesmerizing proximity to the sea, allowing you to feel truly at one with the ocean.

Access and Elevators:The central spine of the ship houses the main elevators and staircases, providing easy access to most amenities. While staying close to this central axis offers unparalleled accessibility, it can sometimes come with a higher footfall and, subsequently, noise.

In your quest for the perfect room, it’s essential to weigh the allure of a fantastic view against potential disruptions, the convenience of proximity against the call for tranquility. Every cruiser’s preference will differ, which is what makes this decision so personal and crucial.

Norwegian escape cabins to avoid

Key Considerations When Picking Your Cabin

When it comes to the Norwegian Escape, the myriad of cabin choices can seem both exciting and overwhelming. While the glossy brochures and flashy website pictures can draw you in, a savvy cruiser knows there’s much more to consider. Here are some vital elements to ponder when staking your claim on the ship.

Price vs. Value:

It’s tempting to go for the cheapest cabin available, especially when budgets are tight. But cheaper doesn’t always mean better value. Some mid-priced cabins offer almost the same amenities as suites, without the premium price tag. Think about what you truly value on a cruise – Is it a balcony view? Or perhaps more space? – and make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

Proximity to Amenities:

Are you the type who’d frequent the spa? Or perhaps you can’t wait to try every dish at the ship’s gourmet restaurants? Choosing a cabin close to your most anticipated amenities not only saves you walking time but also adds a layer of convenience to your cruise.

View vs. Noise:

While having an ocean view is incredible, being close to entertainment venues might come with nightly noise. Balcony cabins above the pool deck might give you an unobstructed view of the sea, but they can also expose you to pool party sounds and early morning deck chair movements.

Duration of the Cruise:

If you’re on a short 3-day cruise, your cabin’s size and view might not matter as much since you’ll likely be exploring the ship and ports more. But for longer voyages, comfort and tranquility in your room can be paramount.

Seasickness Concerns:

If you’re prone to seasickness, choosing a midship cabin on a lower deck can offer more stability. Being centrally located minimizes the rocking sensation, ensuring a smoother sailing experience.

Special Needs and Requirements:

For cruisers with mobility issues or other specific requirements, ensuring your chosen cabin can cater to your needs is crucial. Norwegian Cruise Line is known for its attention to detail, but it’s always wise to double-check.

inside cabin norwegian escape

Norwegian Escape Cabins to Avoid

As with any grand vessel, there are a few rooms on the Norwegian Escape that might not offer the idyllic cruise experience you’re envisioning. Now, it’s not that these cabins are subpar; it’s just that, depending on your preferences, they might have a quirk or two. Let’s set sail through these rooms and understand why they might not make the cut for some cruisers.

Rooms Below Public Areas:

Cabins located directly under high-traffic areas like the pool deck, gym, or buffet restaurants might experience occasional noise disturbances. Footfalls, dragging of deck chairs, or the early morning hustle and bustle can filter down.

Cabins Near Elevators and Stairwells:

While these rooms offer superb convenience, they can also be noisy due to the constant foot traffic. The ding of elevators and chatter from cruisers can sometimes disrupt your peace.

Cabins Facing Obstructed Views:

Some ocean view or balcony cabins might have lifeboats, equipment, or structural beams that can partially obstruct the view. While these are often priced slightly lower, they might not offer that picture-perfect seascape you’re dreaming of.

Forward-facing Cabins:

While these cabins offer unique forward-facing views, they can also be windier than side or aft-facing cabins, especially when the ship is at full speed. This can make balcony use less enjoyable at times.

Connecting Cabins (unless needed):

If you aren’t traveling with a group that requires a connecting room, you might want to avoid these cabins. The doors connecting rooms aren’t always as soundproofed as standard walls, potentially allowing you to hear your neighbors more distinctly.

Lowest Deck Cabins:

Cabins on the lowest passenger deck are closer to the engine and might experience a bit more vibration or noise. However, some cruisers find the gentle hum soothing and reminiscent of traditional sailing.

cruise pillow animal

Top Rooms to Treasure on the Norwegian Escape

While our last section highlighted cabins to steer clear of, it’s essential to know that the Norwegian Escape has an array of stunning accommodations that can genuinely elevate your cruising experience. From sweeping ocean vistas to exclusive perks, let’s voyage through some of the most sought-after staterooms aboard this magnificent ship.

The Haven Suites:

These suites are the epitome of luxury on the Norwegian Escape. Situated in a private area of the ship, guests of The Haven get access to a secluded courtyard, private restaurant, and the personal service of a concierge and butler. From spacious living areas to exquisite décor, these suites offer an unparalleled cruising experience.

Spa Balcony Staterooms:

Perfect for those looking to indulge, these rooms provide complimentary access to the Thermal Spa Suite, a sanctuary of relaxation. Imagine unwinding in a salt bath after a day of exploring or savoring the tranquility of the thermal loungers.

Aft-facing Balcony Staterooms:

Positioned at the rear of the ship, these cabins offer panoramic views of the ocean’s expanse. There’s nothing quite like sipping your morning coffee as the ship leaves a port, watching the landscape slowly fade into the horizon.


Offering more space than a typical balcony stateroom, the mini-suites come equipped with larger bathrooms and often include double sinks. Ideal for those who appreciate a bit more elbow room without springing for a full suite.

Studio Staterooms for Solo Travelers:

Breaking from tradition, the Norwegian Escape offers these innovative cabins designed specifically for solo travelers. Not only are they cost-effective, but they also grant access to the exclusive Studio Lounge, a perfect spot to mingle with fellow solo cruisers.

Oceanview Family Staterooms:

Traveling with the clan? These rooms are designed with families in mind. Offering picturesque views, they come equipped with convenient storage solutions and versatile sleeping arrangements to ensure everyone’s comfort.

best rooms reflecting at sea

Navigating Room Types: Who Should Avoid and Who Might Consider

On a ship as diverse as the Norwegian Escape, there’s truly something for everyone. But while some rooms might seem universally appealing, certain traveler types might find them less than ideal. Let’s navigate through each cabin type, discussing who might want to steer clear and who could consider anchoring themselves there.

The Haven Suites:

  • Who Should Avoid: Budget-conscious travelers and those who prefer mingling with the general passenger population.
  • Who Might Consider: Those seeking luxury, exclusivity, and personalized service; honeymooners or those marking a special occasion.

Spa Balcony Staterooms:

  • Who Should Avoid: Guests who aren’t into spa experiences or might find the tranquil vibe too muted.
  • Who Might Consider: Wellness enthusiasts or those who foresee spending a lot of time unwinding in the spa.

Aft-facing Balcony Staterooms:

  • Who Should Avoid: Early risers who prefer sunrise views or those sensitive to the ship’s vibrations.
  • Who Might Consider: Romantic travelers seeking picturesque sunset vistas or anyone enthralled by panoramic sea views.


  • Who Should Avoid: Solo travelers or those looking for a more intimate cabin experience.
  • Who Might Consider: Small families or groups who value added space and enhanced bathroom amenities.

Studio Staterooms for Solo Travelers:

  • Who Should Avoid: Those claustrophobic or seeking more spacious accommodations.
  • Who Might Consider: Solo cruisers keen on a budget-friendly option and networking with other solo travelers.

Oceanview Family Staterooms:

  • Who Should Avoid: Couples seeking romance and privacy.
  • Who Might Consider: Families looking for optimized space, or those wanting a view without the price tag of a balcony.

Inside Cabins:

  • Who Should Avoid: Claustrophobes, or those who might feel confined without natural light.
  • Who Might Consider: Budget travelers, night owls who prefer darkness for sleeping, or those who plan to spend minimal time in their room.

NCL escape suites

Insider Tips: Securing the Best Cabin on Norwegian Escape

So, you’ve gotten a taste of the rooms to pursue and those to sidestep. But how can you ensure you snag one of those coveted cabins and be fully informed on the Norwegian Escape cabins to avoid? Let’s delve into the insider tips that will see you setting sail in style and comfort on the Norwegian Escape.

Early Bird Gets the Worm:

Booking early, especially during the initial phases of room allocation, can give you the pick of the lot. Not only do you get to choose the perfect room, but early booking often comes with added incentives like onboard credit or complimentary upgrades.

Travel Agents are Gold:

They often have access to exclusive deals, block cabin allocations, and can even keep an eye out for price drops. Plus, they know the ship layouts by heart and can guide you to a stateroom that suits your needs.

Research is Key:

Peruse deck plans online or on the cruise line’s app. Some cruisers even upload videos or photos of their cabins, giving you an authentic peek into what to expect.

Consider the Itinerary:

For instance, if you’re cruising to the Norwegian fjords, an ocean-facing room might be more valuable than if you’re on a transatlantic voyage. Similarly, a balcony might be more worthwhile in warmer climes.

Weigh Upgrades Carefully:

If you’re offered a last-minute upgrade for a fee, consider if it’s genuinely worth the extra cost. Sometimes, the upgrade might place you in one of the previously mentioned “rooms to avoid.”

Check for Renovations:

Ships periodically undergo renovations. If Norwegian Escape has had a recent revamp, some room categories or locations might have changed. Staying updated ensures no nasty surprises.

Roll Call:

Join cruise forums or roll call groups for your specific sailing. Fellow cruisers often share cabin insights, experiences, and even recent pictures of rooms they’ve stayed in.

norwegian escape cabins to avoid

Ship Highlights: The Enchanting Facets of the Norwegian Escape

All cabins aside, a cruise is so much more than just the room you sleep in. The Norwegian Escape is a behemoth of entertainment, relaxation, and discovery. From the top deck to the depths of its entertainment halls, this ship promises a memorable voyage. Let’s dive into some of the ship’s most magnetic attractions.

The Waterfront:An innovative, industry-first open-air promenade designed to connect guests with the ocean. Enjoy oceanfront dining, shopping, and relaxation with the sea breeze and mesmerizing views.

Aqua Park:For thrill-seekers, this water park boasts multi-story waterslides, including the fastest drop slide at sea and the tandem Aqua Racer slide.

Spice H2O:An adult-only retreat during the day, this area turns into a buzzing hot spot at night, featuring open-air parties and dance events.

The Supper Club:Dining gets a dramatic twist here with a side of live entertainment. From cabaret to comedy, it’s dinner and a show rolled into one.

Snow Room:Located in the Mandara Spa, this frosty escape stimulates blood circulation and strengthens the immune system. It’s a chilling experience after the sauna!

Escape Casino:Try your luck with over 300 slot machines, popular table games, and even a VIP room for high-stakes players.

The District Brew House:A haven for beer lovers with more than 50 bottled and 24 draft beers on tap, and live music adding to the ambiance.

The Cellars – A Michael Mondavi Family Wine Bar:Immerse yourself in wine culture, partake in tastings, and enjoy curated selections from globally renowned vineyards.

FAQ: Navigating the Norwegian Escape Cabins to Avoid

Ahoy, cruise enthusiasts! We’ve navigated the vast waters of the internet and docked at some of the most frequently asked questions about Norwegian Escape cabins. Let’s embark on this informational voyage!

Are there any specific cabins on the Norwegian Escape that I should avoid due to noise?Yes, cabins situated directly beneath high-traffic areas such as the pool deck, entertainment venues, or buffet restaurants may experience occasional noise. Consider looking for cabins nestled between other stateroom decks for a quieter experience.

Which cabins offer the best value for money on the Norwegian Escape?Mini-suites offer a balance of luxury and value, providing a bit more space than balcony rooms without the premium price tag of The Haven suites.

I’m prone to seasickness. Which cabins should I consider?Opt for midship staterooms located on lower decks. They tend to feel more stable, minimizing the rocking sensation.

Do the inside cabins feel too cramped?While inside cabins lack natural light and are more compact than balcony staterooms, many travelers find them cozy and sufficient for their needs, especially if you plan to be out exploring the ship most of the time.

Are all balconies on the Norwegian Escape the same size?No, balcony sizes can vary. Some are standard-sized, while others, especially in aft-facing balcony staterooms or mini-suites, are more expansive.

Is there a risk of obstructed views in any cabins?Some cabins, particularly those near lifeboats or structural elements, might have partially obstructed views. Always check the ship’s layout and reviews to ensure a clear view.

I’m traveling with kids. Which cabins are most family-friendly?Norwegian Escape offers family mini-suites and oceanview cabins with close proximity to the kids’ zone, ensuring a convenient and spacious stay for families.

How do I ensure I get a quiet cabin?Avoid cabins near elevators, staircases, laundries, crew spaces, or entertainment venues. Opting for cabins sandwiched between other stateroom decks can also help insulate against noise.

Are there any cabins specifically designed for solo travelers?Yes, Norwegian Escape boasts studio staterooms tailored for solo travelers. These rooms come with exclusive access to the Studio Lounge, perfect for socializing with fellow solo cruisers.