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All 5 Norwegian Cruise Beverage Packages with Prices!

What’s a celebration without a toast? Enter the Norwegian cruise beverage packages. They’re designed to make your journey not just refreshing but also cost-effective.

Whether you fancy a fizzy soda, a robust red wine, or a tropical cocktail, we’ve got the compass to guide you to your perfect beverage match.

norwegian cruise line beverage package

Basics of Norwegian Cruise Beverage Packages

Setting Sail with the Basics

Norwegian cruise beverage packages, in the simplest terms, are pre-purchased plans that allow cruisers to enjoy a range of drinks for a single upfront cost.

Think of them as an all-you-can-drink buffet, but for beverages. Before diving into the deep end with the types and specifics, let’s anchor ourselves with some foundational knowledge about these packages aboard the Norwegian Cruise Line.

Why Opt for a Beverage Package?

  1. Convenience: With a beverage package, you’re free from the hassle of constantly signing bills or keeping a tab on every drink you order. It’s all been taken care of in advance!
  2. Budgeting: It offers a level of financial predictability. Instead of unexpected hefty bills at the end of your cruise, you can sail smoothly knowing your drink expenses are capped.
  3. Variety: These packages often come with a vast selection, encouraging you to try different beverages without the fear of not liking them. From mojitos to merlots, there’s a world to explore.
  4. Exclusivity: Some premium Norwegian cruise beverage packages might provide you access to exclusive drinks not available to other cruisers. It’s like having a VIP pass to a world of flavors!
Drink Package for NCL

A Word of Caution

It’s essential to remember that while Norwegian cruise beverage packages can offer fantastic value, they aren’t always cost-effective for everyone.

If you’re someone who enjoys only the occasional drink, you might find better value in paying as you go.

It’s all about assessing your drinking habits and preferences.

How They Work

Upon purchasing a beverage package, you’re typically given a special card or your cruise card is marked in a particular way.

Every time you order a drink, you simply show or swipe the card, and the drink is yours, with no additional charges (unless you order something outside your package limit).

It’s worth noting that while your upfront cost covers the price of the drink, there might be additional charges like gratuity or service fees that could either be included in the package cost or added to your onboard account.

Always read the fine print!

Inclusions & Exclusions

Every beverage package comes with its set of inclusions and exclusions. While one might cover specialty coffees, another may focus exclusively on wines.

It’s crucial to align your package with your drinking preferences.

That wraps up our basic rundown of the Norwegian Cruise Line’s beverage packages. Ready to deep dive into each package type, its offerings, and whether it’s the perfect fit for your sea adventures?

drinking packages on Norwegian

Types of Beverage Packages

NCL’s Premium Beverage Package

This package covers a wide variety of beverages from spirits, cocktails, wines by the glass, bottled or draft beer, to sodas and juices. It’s tailored for cruisers looking for a comprehensive drink experience.

Price: Approximately $99 per person, per day (excluding gratuity).

NCL’s Soda Package

Perfect for those who enjoy unlimited soda. This package allows cruisers to have access to soft drinks at all bars, lounges, and restaurants onboard.

Price: Approximately $7.95 per person, per day for adults and $5.95 for kids (excluding gratuity).

The Premium Plus Beverage Package

An upgrade from the Premium Beverage Package, it includes everything from the former but with added benefits like bottled water (flat and sparkling), specialty coffee, energy drinks, and more. Plus, discounts on wine bottles and more.

Price: Approximately $128 per person, per day (excluding gratuity).

Corks and Caps package

Corks and Caps Wine and Beer Package

Ideal for wine and beer lovers, this package covers a selection of bottled and draft beers and wines by the glass.

Price: Approximately $65 per person, per day (excluding gratuity).

Water Packages

These are often pre-ordered and delivered to staterooms, ensuring that cruisers have bottled water throughout their voyage.

Price: Varied based on quantity and brand.

For the most up-to-date information, including the latest offerings and exact pricing, I recommend checking directly with Norwegian Cruise Line or visiting their official website.

Norwegian packages for drinks

NCL’s Premium Beverage Package


  • Daily Rate: Approximately $99 per person.
  • Gratuity/Service Charges: Typically, an additional 20% is added to the package price as gratuity. For our rate, this would bring the total daily cost to about $118.80.

What’s Included

  • Spirits & Cocktails: A vast range of spirits and cocktails from the bar menu. Whether you prefer a classic martini or an exotic mix, it’s covered.
  • Wines: Both red, white, and rosé wines by the glass are available, catering to every wine enthusiast’s palate.
  • Bottled or Draft Beer: Whether you’re into domestic brews or international favorites, there’s a beer for you.
  • Sodas & Juices: A variety of carbonated drinks and fruit juices to complement your meals or quench your thirst by the pool.


  • Price Cap: Most drinks up to $15 are covered. For drinks priced higher, the difference must be paid.
  • Exclusions: Ultra-premium brands, bottled wine, and certain premium cocktails might not be included.
  • Venues: Some specialty venues or promotional events may not honor the package.
  • Drink Quantity: It’s not unlimited in the sense of volume. There are responsible drinking policies in place.
tropical drinks cheers

Why to Purchase

  • Variety of Options: A plethora of drink choices ensures you have something new to try every day.
  • Financial Predictability: Avoid surprises on your bill. Know upfront what your drinking expenses will be.
  • Convenience: Skip the process of signing a bill every time you order a drink. Flash your cruise card and enjoy!

Why Not to Purchase

  • Light Drinking: If you’re someone who would order only a drink or two a day, it might not offer the best value.
  • Ultra-Premium Preferences: If you have a taste exclusively for ultra-premium brands, many might fall outside this package.
  • Budget: If you’re trying to cruise on a tight budget, you might opt to pay for only what you consume rather than a daily rate.

Whether you’re a social drinker, a cocktail enthusiast, or somewhere in between, the Premium Beverage Package offers a wide array of options. By understanding what’s included and weighing it against your drinking habits and preferences, you can determine if this package offers the best value for your cruising style.

drinking packages on Norwegian

NCL’s Soda Package


  • Daily Rate:
    • Adults: Approximately $7.95 per person.
    • Kids: Approximately $5.95 per person.
  • Gratuity/Service Charges: As with other Norwegian cruise beverage packages, expect a 20% addition for gratuity. This brings the adult rate to roughly $9.54 and the kids’ rate to about $7.14 daily.

What’s Included

  • Sodas: Access to a broad selection of carbonated soft drinks. Whether you’re team cola, root beer, or lemon-lime, you’re set.
  • Flavors: From classic cola to diet options, and even more exotic flavors available on certain ships, there’s a soda for every taste.


  • Non-Alcoholic: This package strictly includes sodas and does not cover other beverages, alcoholic or non-alcoholic.
  • Venues: Available at all dining venues, bars, and lounges, but may not be applicable for room service or mini-bars in staterooms.
  • Brands: The selection is primarily based on NCL’s partnerships, so if you’re attached to a specific brand, check in advance.
Soda Package on Norwegian cruise

Why to Purchase

  • Regular Soda Consumption: If you or your family drink multiple sodas a day, this can be cost-effective.
  • Convenience: No need to sign or worry about the bill every time you’re thirsty.
  • Fixed Cost: Helps in budgeting your trip expenses in advance.

Why Not to Purchase

  • Infrequent Soda Drinkers: If you’re likely to have just one or less soda a day, it might be cheaper to pay as you go.
  • Diverse Drink Preferences: If you enjoy a variety of beverages, including juices, teas, or alcoholic drinks, a broader package might offer better value.
  • Natural Beverage Leanings: If you tend to gravitate towards water, herbal teas, or natural juices, this package won’t cater to those needs.

The Soda Package is tailor-made for those who love their fizzy drinks. While it offers convenience and the freedom to enjoy unlimited sodas, it’s essential to evaluate your or your family’s consumption patterns to ascertain if it’s the right fit for your cruise journey.

Norwegian Cruise Line Beverage Packages

The Premium Plus Beverage Package


  • Daily Rate: Approximately $128 per person.
  • Gratuity/Service Charges: An additional 20% is typically tacked on for gratuity. This takes the total daily rate to around $153.60.

What’s Included

  • Extended Spirits & Cocktails Range: This package takes the premium beverage selection up a notch, offering a more extensive range of spirits and cocktails, including many ultra-premium brands.
  • Wines: A broader selection of wines by the glass, accommodating the tastes of both casual wine drinkers and connoisseurs.
  • Bottled or Draft Beer: Includes both regular and premium craft beers, offering a treat for beer enthusiasts.
  • Non-Alcoholic: Apart from sodas and juices, it also includes specialty coffee, energy drinks, and bottled water (both flat and sparkling).
  • Special Discounts: Often, cruisers with this package receive discounts on bottles of wine, tastings, or other special events.


  • Price Cap: While the cap is higher than the standard premium package, there may still be a limit on the price of individual drinks included.
  • Exclusions: Even with this premium package, there might be a few ultra-rare or specialty beverages that are not covered.
  • Venues: The vast majority of onboard venues accept the package, but there may be exceptions, especially for themed events or specialty venues.
Premium Plus Beverage Package

Why to Purchase

  • Diverse Beverage Consumption: If you love trying a wide array of drinks, from top-shelf spirits to specialty coffees, this package is your all-inclusive ticket.
  • Cost Efficiency for Regular Drinkers: If you frequently enjoy premium beverages, the package can offer significant savings over individual purchase prices.
  • Convenience & Luxury: Enjoy the best drinks without the hassle of signing checks or thinking about costs. It’s a luxury experience.

Why Not to Purchase

  • Budget Constraints: It’s one of the pricier packages, so it might not be ideal for those on a tighter budget.
  • Selective Drinkers: If you’re particular about sticking to one or two favorites (that are covered in a cheaper package), this might offer more than you need.
  • Light Drinking Habits: If you consume just a drink or two a day, the value proposition diminishes.

The Premium Plus Beverage Package is Norwegian Cruise Line‘s most inclusive beverage package, providing cruisers with a lavish drinking experience.

Whether you’re an aficionado of fine wines, a cocktail connoisseur, or a lover of specialty brews and drinks, this package aims to satisfy the most discerning of tastes. As always, balance your preferences against the cost to determine if it’s the best fit for your cruise adventure.

norwegian cruise line beverage package (3)

Corks and Caps Wine and Beer Package


  • Daily Rate: Approximately $65 per person.
  • Gratuity/Service Charges: A customary addition of 20% for gratuity brings the daily rate to roughly $78.

What’s Included

  • Wines: A curated selection of red, white, and rosé wines by the glass to cater to various wine preferences.
  • Bottled or Draft Beer: Whether you have a penchant for domestic favorites or have a taste for international brews, a myriad of options await.
  • Sodas: While primarily a package for wine and beer, it also provides access to a range of carbonated beverages for those non-alcoholic moments.


  • No Spirits: Unlike broader Norwegian cruise beverage packages, this one doesn’t include cocktails, liquors, or other spirits.
  • Price Cap: There might be a limit on the maximum price per glass for wines or specialty beers included in the package.
  • Venues: While most onboard venues will recognize the package, there might be exceptions, especially for specialty bars or events.
norwegian cruise line beverage package (3)

Why to Purchase

  • Wine & Beer Enthusiasts: Tailored for those who know their preference leans heavily towards wines and beers, without the need for spirits or cocktails.
  • Moderate Pricing: More affordable than the all-inclusive drink packages, offering a middle ground for those who drink but are selective about their choice of beverage.
  • Convenience: Enjoy a range of wines and beers without the repeated hassle of individual payments.

Why Not to Purchase

  • Diverse Drink Preferences: If you’re someone who loves cocktails or wants the option of spirits, this package might feel limiting.
  • Light Drinkers: Those consuming minimal beverages might find better value in paying per drink.
  • Budgetary Considerations: If your consumption is likely to be low, evaluate the break-even point compared to individual drink prices.

The Corks and Caps Wine and Beer Package is a middle-of-the-road option that allows cruisers to relish in their love for wines and beers without investing in the broader spectrum of beverages.

It’s perfect for those who have a clear inclination towards these two categories and prefer not to spend on the extras. Before diving in, assess your drinking habits and preferences to ensure it aligns with your cruise expectations.

Water Package Norwegian

Water Packages


  • Bottle Packages: Prices vary based on the number of bottles and sizes. For instance:
    • 6-pack of 1-liter bottles: Approximately $16.95.
    • 12-pack of 1-liter bottles: Approximately $29.95.
    • 24-pack of 500ml bottles: Approximately $27.95.
  • Note: While gratuity typically isn’t added to bottled water, it’s always a good idea to double-check the current policies.

What’s Included

  • Bottled Water: Typically, still water, either in smaller (500ml) or larger (1-liter) bottles.
  • Brands: The exact brand might vary based on the ship and availability, but it’s typically a recognized and trusted brand.


  • Pickup: Depending on the cruise’s policy, water packages might need to be picked up at specific venues instead of being delivered to the room.
  • No Sparkling Option: Most water packages focus on still water, so if you’re a fan of sparkling, you might need to look elsewhere or purchase separately.
  • No Refunds: Usually, unused bottles or packages are non-refundable.
Water Package NCL

Why to Purchase

  • Stay Hydrated: Essential for those who prioritize hydration, especially on sunny cruise days or after excursions.
  • Economical: Purchasing in bulk often offers a better rate than buying individual bottles onboard.
  • Convenience: Having a stash of bottled water in your room can be very convenient, especially if you’re heading out for a shore excursion or need a midnight sip.

Why Not to Purchase

  • Environmental Concerns: Those conscious of plastic usage might prefer to avoid bottled water.
  • Tapped Options: Many modern cruises offer filtered tap water in rooms or at eateries, which is safe to drink and might suffice for many.
  • Storage: Having a bulk water package might mean needing space in your room to store it.

Staying hydrated is paramount, especially when you’re spending days under the sun, exploring exotic locales, or dancing the night away. NCL’s Water Packages offer cruisers an option to ensure they always have fresh bottled water on hand. Before purchasing, consider your hydration habits, room storage space, and personal environmental preferences.

Drink Package for NCL

Pricing and Upgrades

Understanding Package Pricing

  • Dynamic Pricing: Prices can vary based on the length of the cruise, ship, and current promotions.
  • Service Charges: A standard 20% service charge is often added to most drink packages, but always verify current policies.
  • Special Deals: Occasionally, NCL might run promotions where beverage packages are included as a booking perk or at a discounted rate.

Upgrading Your Package

  • How to Upgrade: Typically, guests can upgrade their package either before their cruise via the cruise line’s online portal or once onboard at any bar, the reception desk, or other designated areas.
  • Costs Involved: Upgrading usually involves paying the difference between the cost of the original package and the one you’re upgrading to. However, this might be subject to current prices onboard, which can differ from pre-cruise prices.
  • Partial Cruise Upgrades: In some instances, you might want to upgrade for a portion of your cruise. While policies can vary, you’ll generally need to pay the upgraded price for the remainder of your cruise.

Limitations and Considerations

  • No Downgrades: Typically, while you can upgrade your package, downgrading (e.g., from a Premium Beverage Package to a Soda Package) might not be allowed once onboard.
  • Timing: If considering an upgrade, it’s often beneficial to decide early in the cruise to maximize value.
  • Availability: Not all upgrades might be available on all ships or at all times. Always check the current offerings specific to your cruise.

Why to Upgrade

  • Expanding Choices: Upgrading can offer you a broader range of beverage choices or higher quality options.
  • Better Financial Sense: If you find yourself consistently ordering drinks not covered by your package, upgrading can be more economical.
  • Special Occasions: Celebrating a special event? An upgrade can elevate your cruise experience.

Why Not to Upgrade

  • Sufficient Original Package: If your current package meets your needs, an upgrade might be unnecessary and not provide added value.
  • Additional Cost: Weigh the benefits of the upgrade against its cost to ensure it’s a good deal.
  • Overestimating Consumption: Be realistic about your consumption habits to avoid overpaying for an upgrade you might not fully utilize.

Choosing the right beverage package and understanding when to upgrade can significantly enhance your cruising experience.

Norwegian Cruise Line offers a spectrum of packages and often provides the flexibility to upgrade if you find your initial choice isn’t quenching your thirst in the way you’d hoped. As always, a good rule of thumb is to align your choices with your drinking habits, preferences, and budget to maximize enjoyment and value.

Refreshment Package NCL

The Fine Print: Terms and Conditions


  • Age Restrictions: Typically, to purchase or consume alcohol on NCL ships, you must be 21 years or older if the ship is sailing from North America. For ships leaving from Europe, Asia, South America, and Oceania, the age is often 18.
  • All or None Rule: On many cruises, if one person in a cabin chooses to buy a beverage package, all those of drinking age in the same cabin might be required to purchase it, preventing potential sharing.

Beverage Package Activation

  • Starting Time: While you can purchase in advance, the package typically gets activated on the embarkation day and is valid till the last night of the cruise.
  • Onboard Activation: If you decide to purchase or upgrade onboard, the package becomes active immediately upon purchase.

Usage Restrictions

  • One Drink at a Time: Most Norwegian cruise beverage packages allow you to order only one drink at a time, preventing wastage and potential sharing.
  • Maximum Drinks: Some packages might have a daily limit on alcoholic beverages.
  • Sharing: Sharing your drink package benefits with another guest is generally prohibited and might result in package revocation without refund.

Venue Limitations

  • Specialty Venues: Some specialty venues or themed bars might not be included in the Norwegian cruise beverage packages.
  • Off-ship: Norwegian cruise beverage packages are usually valid onboard only and don’t cover drinks on the cruise line’s private islands or during shore excursions.

Cancellations and Refunds

  • Before Cruise: If you change your mind, you can typically cancel your pre-purchased package before the cruise starts, subject to NCL’s cancellation policies.
  • Onboard: Once onboard, beverage package sales are usually final and non-refundable. Upgrades might be possible, but downgrades or cancellations typically aren’t.

Miscellaneous Terms

  • Brands and Availability: The availability of specific brands or drinks might vary based on the ship, route, or stock.
  • Promotional Packages: Sometimes, a free beverage package might be included as part of a cruise booking deal. These promotional packages might have slightly different terms than standard ones.
  • Package Pauses: On certain days or ports, local regulations might prevent the sale or consumption of alcohol for specific periods.

Reading and understanding the fine print is essential when purchasing any service, and beverage packages on a cruise are no exception. Norwegian Cruise Line, like all cruise lines, has specific terms and conditions associated with its beverage offerings.

Being aware of these nuances ensures a hassle-free experience, devoid of unexpected surprises. It’s always a good practice to review the most current terms directly with the cruise line or on its official website before making a purchase.

norwegian ship

Tips for Making the Most of Your Beverage Package

Do Your Homework

  • Understand the Offerings: Familiarize yourself with the drinks available in your chosen package. This can help you venture beyond your usual choices and explore new options.
  • Cruise Forums and Reviews: These can be gold mines of information where experienced cruisers share their insights, favorite drinks, and hidden gems.

Stay Hydrated

  • Alternate with Water: For every alcoholic beverage, try to have a glass of water. This not only keeps you hydrated but also allows you to enjoy more drinks without feeling too tipsy.
  • Make Use of Non-Alcoholic Options: Most beverage packages also include a variety of non-alcoholic beverages. Explore these during the day to remain refreshed.

Explore the Drink Menu

  • Ask for Recommendations: Bartenders on cruises are generally knowledgeable. Share your preferences, and let them suggest something you might enjoy.
  • Try Something New: Cruises are a great opportunity to taste drinks or brands you haven’t tried before without the fear of wasting money if you don’t like them.

Maximize Onboard Venues

  • Venue Hopping: Different bars onboard might have varied atmospheres and specialties. From pool bars to sophisticated lounges, each venue can offer a unique experience.
  • Attend Tasting Events: Some cruises offer tasting sessions (like wine tasting). Even if there’s an additional charge, it might be a valuable experience.

Be Considerate

  • Avoid Overordering: Just because it’s unlimited doesn’t mean you should order and waste. Be conscious of what you’re ordering and drinking.
  • Tip Your Bartender: While gratuities might be included in your package price, if you receive exceptional service, an extra tip is always appreciated.

Strategize for Port Days

  • Onboard Timing: If you’re spending a day at port and plan to return to the ship only in the evening, you might want to start your day with a good breakfast and a refreshing drink to make the most of your package.
  • Off-ship Drinks: Remember, your package won’t cover drinks off the ship. Factor this in if you plan to dine or have drinks while on an excursion.

Monitor Your Consumption

  • Stay Within Limits: Even on vacation, it’s important to drink responsibly. Be aware of how much you’re consuming, especially on a moving ship where effects might feel amplified.
  • Consider Dietary Restrictions: If you have specific allergies or dietary preferences, always inform the bartender when trying a new drink.

While Norwegian cruise beverage packages can provide excellent value, the real joy comes from exploring and enjoying them responsibly. Cruises are a fantastic opportunity to relax, unwind, and indulge – and with the right approach, your beverage package can significantly enhance this experience. Remember, the goal is to enjoy each sip and create delightful memories at sea.

Royal Caribbean ship

Comparison with Other Cruise Lines

Every major cruise line offers its version of beverage packages, each with unique features, pricing, and inclusions. Here’s a comparative look at Norwegian Cruise Line’s beverage offerings relative to other major cruise lines.

Royal Caribbean

  • Packages Offered: Royal Refreshment (soda and non-alcoholic), Deluxe Beverage (includes alcohol), and more.
  • Pricing: Prices can range, but the Deluxe Beverage Package might start around $55-$70 per day plus gratuity.
  • Highlights: Extensive wine list, poolside service, and drink availability at the private destinations.
  • Limitations: Some premium wines, spirits, and cocktails might be excluded in the drinking packages Royal Caribbean offers.

Review our NCL vs. Royal Caribbean guide if you have some time!

Carnival Cruise Line

  • Packages Offered: Bottomless Bubbles (soda and juices) and CHEERS! (alcoholic beverages).
  • Pricing: CHEERS! Package usually priced around $50-$60 per day plus gratuity.
  • Highlights: Almost all alcoholic drinks priced under $20 are included, milkshakes at specialty restaurants, and energy drinks.
  • Limitations: Limited to 15 alcoholic drinks per 24-hour period on Carnival cruises.

Princess Cruises

  • Packages Offered: Premier Beverage Package, Classic Soda Package, and Coffee & More Card.
  • Pricing: Premier Beverage Package often costs around $60-$70 per day including gratuity.
  • Highlights: Includes cocktails, wine, beer, sodas, coffee, tea, and bottled water.
  • Limitations: Alcohol limit might be set by drink price, with some high-end options excluded on Princess cruises.

Celebrity Cruises

  • Packages Offered: Classic and Premium beverage packages.
  • Pricing: Prices vary but Premium might start around $65-$85 per day plus gratuity.
  • Highlights: Extensive global wine list, craft beers, specialty coffees, and more.
  • Limitations: Differences in inclusions between Classic and Premium, especially for wines and spirits on Celebrity cruises.

MSC Cruises

  • Packages Offered: Easy, Premium, and Premium Plus among others.
  • Pricing: Prices range significantly based on package level and destination.
  • Highlights: Diverse range from basic drinks to high-end spirits.
  • Limitations: Some packages on MSC cruises might have drink price limits, excluding certain premium options.

Each cruise line tailors its beverage packages to its specific audience and brand ethos. While Norwegian Cruise Line offers comprehensive packages with a focus on simplicity and inclusivity, other lines might provide more segmented options or emphasize certain drink categories.

The right package always depends on individual preferences, drinking habits, and cruise goals. It’s beneficial to evaluate both the quality and quantity of drinks you plan to consume and the overall cruise experience each line promises.

FAQs on Norwegian Cruise Beverage Packages

Can I purchase my beverage package in advance?

  • Yes, Norwegian Cruise Line typically allows guests to purchase beverage packages in advance through their online account, often at a discounted rate compared to purchasing onboard.

Are gratuities included in the beverage package price?

  • Gratuities are usually added to the cost of the beverage package. Always check the final price to ensure you understand the total cost, including gratuities.

Can I share my drink package with someone else?

  • No, sharing is generally prohibited. Each package is intended for one guest, and any violation might result in revocation of the package without refund.

Do I have to buy a package for every day of my cruise?

  • Typically, yes. When you purchase a beverage package, it often covers the entire duration of the cruise, starting from embarkation day until the last night.

Are there any restrictions on the number of drinks I can order?

  • Most Norwegian cruise beverage packages allow you to order one drink at a time, and some may have a daily limit on alcoholic beverages. Always check the package’s specific terms and conditions.

Can I use my beverage package on the cruise line’s private islands?

  • Norwegian cruise drink packages are usually valid onboard only, which means they won’t cover drinks on the cruise line’s private islands unless explicitly specified.

What happens if I don’t use my package some days?

  • Unfortunately, there is no refund for unused days. The package price is often calculated based on the entire cruise duration, not daily usage.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my package during the cruise?

  • Upgrades are typically possible, but downgrades or cancellations after activation are generally not allowed. Always check with guest services onboard for specific policies.

Are non-alcoholic beverages included in the alcoholic beverage packages?

  • Yes, most alcoholic beverage packages also include a variety of non-alcoholic drinks like sodas, juices, and bottled water.

Are specialty coffees and bottled water included in my package?

  • It depends on the specific package. While some packages might include specialty coffees and branded bottled water, others may not. Always check the inclusions of your chosen package.

If I have a beverage package, can I order drinks for my friends and family?

  • No, each person with a beverage package can only order for themselves. Ordering for others might be viewed as sharing, which is prohibited under the terms and conditions of most packages.

Are drinks from room service included in the beverage package?

  • Generally, room service drinks are not included in the package. However, it’s always a good idea to double-check as offerings can vary.

What happens if I want a drink that’s priced higher than the limit of my package?

  • Usually, you would be required to pay the difference in price between the drink’s cost and the limit of your package, plus any applicable gratuity.

Can I get a refund if I’m dissatisfied with my beverage package?

  • Typically, once activated, beverage packages are non-refundable. However, if there are any issues, it’s recommended to speak with guest services onboard to address your concerns.

Do I need to show my cruise card every time I order a drink with my package?

  • Yes, your cruise card often acts as proof of your beverage package purchase. Every time you order a drink, you will likely need to show your card.

Are there any age restrictions on the alcoholic beverage packages?

  • Yes, you must meet the minimum drinking age requirements, which vary based on the cruise’s itinerary and regional laws. For instance, the age might be 21 for U.S. departures but could be different for European itineraries.

Do the drink packages include drinks at specialty dining venues on the ship?

  • Most beverage packages include drinks at all onboard bars, lounges, and dining venues, including specialty restaurants. However, always check the specific inclusions.

Can I switch between different beverage packages during my cruise?

  • Generally, switching between packages isn’t permitted once the cruise starts. However, upgrades might be allowed. It’s best to finalize your choice before embarkation.

Are there any temporary promotions or discounts on beverage packages?

  • Yes, Norwegian Cruise Line occasionally offers promotions or discounts on beverage packages, especially if purchased pre-cruise. It’s wise to keep an eye on offers leading up to your sailing date.

If I don’t drink alcohol, is it worth it to get a beverage package?

  • It depends on your consumption habits. If you drink a lot of sodas, specialty coffees, bottled water, or non-alcoholic mocktails, a non-alcoholic package might offer good value. Always compare the cost of the package with your estimated daily drink expenses.