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Queen Mary 2 Cabins to Avoid: Comprehensive Guide

The Queen Mary 2, fondly known as QM2, is a floating marvel — an elegant blend of luxury, history, and modern amenities.

But as with any grand vessel, not all cabins are created equal. You will also want to review the top cabins to avoid.

We’re here to ensure your cabin complements every precious moment aboard. So grab your cruise planner and let’s embark on this journey together through the top Queen Mary 2 cabins to avoid!

Queen Mary 2 cabins to avoid

Understanding QM2’s Cabin Layout

The Queen Mary 2 is a veritable city on the sea, a blend of classic elegance and modern design. But before we delve into the specifics of which cabins might be better to avoid, it’s crucial to get a broad understanding of the ship’s layout.

Knowing what’s where will not only give you a better context for our recommendations but will also help you navigate your choices with ease.

The Ship’s Decks and Their Hierarchies

  • QM2’s Deck Distribution: Spanning several decks, the Queen Mary 2 has everything from entertainment hubs to serene retreats. Some decks are exclusively for cabins, while others mix accommodation with public areas.
  • Higher vs. Lower Decks: As a general rule, higher decks often offer better views and quicker access to pools and observation areas. Lower decks, meanwhile, provide closer proximity to dining areas, theaters, and embarkation/disembarkation points.

Queen Mary 2 in port

Cabin Categories on the Queen Mary 2

  • Inside Cabins: These cabins don’t have windows and are typically smaller. They’re an economical choice, great for travelers who anticipate spending minimal time in their rooms.
  • Outside (Oceanview) Cabins: Offering a window but no balcony, these cabins allow passengers to enjoy sea views. The size varies, but they generally offer more space than inside cabins.
  • Balcony Cabins: These are among the most popular, providing private outdoor space. However, it’s worth noting that some balconies might have obstructed views due to the ship’s design.
  • Suites: The epitome of luxury, suites on the QM2 offer ample space, premium amenities, and often come with added privileges like priority boarding or access to exclusive areas.

Understanding Ship Terminology

  • Bow vs. Stern: The bow is the front of the ship, and the stern is the back. Cabins at the bow might feel more motion, while those at the stern might experience some engine noise.
  • Port vs. Starboard: Port refers to the left side of the ship when facing forward, and starboard is the right. Your choice might influence the views you have during certain routes or ports of call.
  • Midship: Cabins located in the central part of the ship. They’re often considered the most stable, especially important for those prone to seasickness.

Arming yourself with knowledge about the Queen Mary 2’s cabin layout isn’t just about finding the perfect spot; it’s about enhancing your entire cruise experience.

As we journey through this guide, you’ll come to realize how each cabin’s position and category plays a vital role in the overall experience aboard this magnificent vessel.

Queen Mary 2 in port

Queen Mary 2 Cabins to Avoid

Ah, the heart of the matter! The Queen Mary 2, as grand and luxurious as it is, has some cabins that might not be the ideal choice for every traveler.

While there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ answer, there are some common considerations based on feedback from past passengers and ship’s layout insights. Let’s dive into the specifics:

Lower Deck Cabins Near the Engines or Anchor

  • Potential Issues: Noise, especially during docking or departure, and mild vibrations.
  • Particularly Affected Decks: The lowest passenger decks, especially those cabins located at the very front or back of the ship.

Cabins Below Busy Public Areas

  • Potential Issues: Overhead noise from activities, such as early morning joggers, deck parties, or moving furniture.
  • Examples: Cabins directly beneath the main pool deck, sports areas, or buffet dining venues.

Cabins Near Elevators, Stairwells, or Crew Access Points

  • Potential Issues: Noise from foot traffic, elevator dings, or crew members moving equipment.
  • Locations: Mainly cabins situated at the intersection of corridors, or next to crew entrances/exits.

Queen Mary 2 in port

Obstructed View Balcony Cabins

  • Potential Issues: Limited or completely blocked views due to lifeboats, structural elements, or other ship equipment.
  • Identification: Check the ship’s deck plan. These cabins are often labeled as ‘partially obstructed’ or ‘fully obstructed.’

Cabins Near Entertainment Hubs

  • Potential Issues: Sound bleed from late-night music, shows, or gatherings.
  • Hotspots: Cabins adjacent to or directly above/below nightclubs, theaters, or lounges.

Forward Cabins During Rough Seas

  • Potential Issues: A pronounced feeling of the ship’s motion, which could lead to seasickness.
  • Consideration: If you’re cruising during seasons with rougher seas or on routes known for choppy waters.

Cabins with Adjoining Doors (Unless Traveling as a Group)

  • Potential Issues: Reduced sound insulation can mean you’ll hear your neighbors’ conversations or TV.
  • Tip: If you’re not using the adjoining feature, you might opt for a non-adjoining cabin for better peace and quiet.

Older, Non-refurbished Cabins

  • Potential Issues: Outdated décor, worn-out furnishings, or lack of modern amenities.
  • Check: Look for information about when the cabin or section of the ship was last refurbished.

Remember, everyone’s tolerance and preferences vary. What might be a deal-breaker for one person could be a non-issue for another. The key is to align your personal comfort and needs with the cabin’s offerings.

And while we’ve highlighted some areas to be cautious of, there are still plenty of incredible cabins aboard the Queen Mary 2 that promise a delightful cruising experience.

Queen Mary 2 in port

Factors to Consider Based on Individual Needs

While general cabin advice holds true for most travelers, there are unique preferences and requirements that vary from person to person. After all, a romantic couple’s getaway has different demands than a family trip with young kids! Let’s navigate the waters of personal preferences to help you find your perfect cabin match aboard the Queen Mary 2.

For Families with Children

  • Proximity to Kid’s Areas: Choosing cabins closer to children’s play zones or teen clubs can be convenient, ensuring you’re not trekking across the ship multiple times a day.
  • Adjoining Cabins: If you’re traveling with extended family or older kids, consider cabins with connecting doors. This offers a blend of togetherness and privacy.
  • Balcony Safety: If you have very young children, ensure the balcony (if you opt for one) has child-safe railings or locks.

For Those Prone to Seasickness

  • Location: Midship cabins, located in the center of the ship, tend to experience the least motion. Combine this with a lower deck choice for optimal stability.
  • Avoid Forward or Aft Cabins: As the bow and stern are where the ship’s movement is felt the most, it’s best to avoid these areas if you’re sensitive to motion.

For Night Owls and Party Seekers

  • Close to the Action: Consider cabins near entertainment zones, nightclubs, or theaters. This way, you’re just a short walk away from the fun and don’t have to worry about disturbing others when returning late.

Queen Mary 2 in port

For Those Seeking Serenity and Quiet

  • Away from Main Hubs: Opt for cabins away from busy areas, elevators, and entertainment venues. Some sections of the ship, often towards the aft or on higher decks, are more residential and quieter.
  • Spa Suites or Decks: Some cruise ships offer rooms adjacent to spa areas, promising a tranquil ambiance and sometimes added spa perks.

For Travelers with Mobility Concerns

  • Proximity to Elevators: Choosing a cabin close to elevators can reduce the need for long walks along corridors.
  • Accessible Cabins: The QM2 offers specially designed cabins for passengers with mobility concerns. These often come with wider doorways, grab bars, and roll-in showers.

For Those Who Value Views

  • Starboard vs. Port: Depending on your cruise route, one side of the ship might offer better views during port days. Research your itinerary to determine the optimal choice.

For Longer Voyages

  • Space and Amenities: On a longer cruise, you’ll be spending more time in your cabin. Consider upgrading to a larger room or suite for added comfort. Look for cabins with additional amenities like a sitting area, larger bathroom, or walk-in closet.

For Special Occasions (e.g., Honeymoons, Anniversaries)

  • Suites or Exclusive Decks: Celebrate in style by opting for suites with added luxuries like whirlpool tubs, larger balconies, or concierge services. Some ships also have exclusive deck areas with private lounges or pools for suite guests.

Personalizing your cabin choice based on individual needs is the secret sauce to ensuring a memorable experience aboard the Queen Mary 2. While it’s wise to heed general advice, always factor in your unique requirements to make the most of your voyage.

Queen Mary 2 in port

Tips for Making an Informed Cabin Choice

Choosing a cabin can be a daunting task, especially with the vast options available on a colossal ship like the Queen Mary 2. But fear not! With a systematic approach and some savvy insights, you can confidently pick the cabin that’s just right for you. Here are our top tips to guide your decision:

1. Study the Deck Plan:

  • Familiarize yourself with the ship’s layout. Most cruise lines, including Cunard (QM2’s operator), offer detailed deck plans on their websites. This will show you where specific cabins are in relation to key ship amenities and potential noise sources.

2. Prioritize Your Needs:

  • List out what’s most important to you. Is it a quiet location? Proximity to specific ship features? A roomy balcony? By understanding your priorities, you can filter out unsuitable options quickly.

3. Consider the Itinerary and Cruise Length:

  • On scenic cruises, a balcony might be more valuable. On transatlantic journeys, you might prioritize indoor amenities or stability over views.

4. Read Reviews:

  • Take advantage of online cruise forums and websites where past passengers share their experiences. They often provide insights into the pros and cons of specific cabins or deck locations.

5. Don’t Overlook Cabin Amenities:

  • Beyond just the location, consider the amenities inside the cabin. Are you looking for a bathtub, a specific bed configuration, or maybe a mini-fridge? Some cabins might offer these perks over others.

6. Seek Expert Advice:

  • Consider consulting with a travel agent specializing in cruises. They can offer insights based on feedback from numerous clients and might know about any recent ship renovations or updates.

7. Watch for Deals and Upgrades:

  • If you’re flexible, sometimes booking a “guarantee cabin” (where you don’t select a specific cabin but are guaranteed a certain category) can result in surprise upgrades.

8. Think About Connectivity:

  • If you’re traveling with a group and want to stay close to each other, check if the ship offers adjoining cabins or if you can book rooms next to each other.

9. Evaluate Price Differences:

  • Sometimes, the price difference between cabin categories is minimal. It might be worth spending a little extra for a significant upgrade in comfort or amenities.

10. Contact the Cruise Line Directly:

  • If in doubt, call the cruise line’s customer service. They can provide specifics about individual cabins, potential obstructions, recent refurbishments, or any other nuances.

11. Remember the Fine Print:

  • Before finalizing your cabin choice, check the cancellation or change policies. This gives you some flexibility if you need to make adjustments later on.

In essence, making an informed cabin choice is about combining diligent research with personal intuition. By understanding the ship, your preferences, and the experiences of others, you’re well-equipped to select the perfect backdrop for your sea voyage aboard the Queen Mary 2.

Queen Mary 2 in port

Potential Upsides to Less Popular Cabins

It’s easy to get caught up in the buzz surrounding the ‘best’ cabins on the Queen Mary 2, but there’s merit in considering those less-talked-about options. Often, less popular cabins come with their own unique advantages that can elevate your cruising experience. Let’s delve into the unexpected upsides of these often-overlooked choices.

Cost Savings

  • Budget-friendly: Less sought-after cabins often come with a more attractive price tag, allowing you to enjoy the luxury of the QM2 without breaking the bank.
  • More Funds for Activities: Saving on the cabin might provide you with extra funds to splurge on onboard activities, excursions, or specialty dining.

Quieter Locations

  • Reduced Foot Traffic: Some less popular cabins, especially those located on the ship’s extremities or between two residential decks, experience less hallway noise and foot traffic.
  • Neighbor Consideration: Fewer neighbors or other cabins around might mean more quiet and privacy.

Unique Views

  • Obstructed Balconies: While they might not offer panoramic ocean vistas, some obstructed view cabins offer intriguing sights like the ship’s machinery, lifeboats, or architectural details.
  • Closer to the Water: Lower-deck oceanview cabins might provide a unique perspective, making you feel more connected to the sea.

Less Motion

  • Stable Ride: Cabins located at the ship’s center and on lower decks often experience less motion, making them perfect for those prone to seasickness.

Unexpected Spaciousness

  • Design Anomalies: Sometimes, due to ship architecture or design quirks, less popular cabins might offer additional space, larger balconies, or unconventional layouts that provide more room.

Proximity to Hidden Gems

  • Close to Lesser-Known Amenities: Some cabins might be conveniently located near underrated ship features, like a quiet aft pool, a lesser-known observation deck, or a cozy lounge.

Potential for Upgrades

  • Surprise Perks: Booking a less popular cabin category (especially with a “guarantee cabin” option) might increase your chances of getting an unexpected upgrade if the ship isn’t fully booked.

Authentic Cruising Feel

  • Connection to the Sea: Some seasoned cruisers argue that less popular cabins, especially those on lower decks, provide a more authentic cruising experience, reminiscent of the golden age of sea voyages.

Personalized Service

  • Dedicated Steward Attention: Fewer cabins in the vicinity might mean your cabin steward can provide more attentive and personalized service.

In the grand tapestry of the cruising experience, every cabin has its story to tell. While the limelight often shines on the suites and premium balcony rooms, the less popular cabins can provide a unique and memorable voyage. After all, it’s not just where you stay, but how you make the most of it!

Queen Mary 2 cabins to avoid


Choosing a cabin aboard the illustrious Queen Mary 2 is akin to selecting a home away from home for your maritime adventure. Every corner of this majestic ship tells a tale, and every cabin, popular or not, promises an experience waiting to be discovered.

As we’ve sailed through the various factors, tips, and insights in this guide, one thing is abundantly clear: the perfect cabin is a blend of your personal needs, preferences, and a sprinkle of serendipity.

It’s tempting to get swept away by glossy brochures and rave reviews, but remember, the heart of the cruising experience isn’t just in the grandeur of the suite or the expanse of the balcony. It’s in the mesmerizing rhythm of the waves, the distant horizon that beckons at dawn, and the whispered secrets of the sea breeze. It’s in the moments of tranquility and the memories made.

So, as you set forth to pick your sanctuary on the QM2, bear in mind that there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Arm yourself with information, but also listen to your heart. Whether you opt for the suite with sweeping ocean views, the quiet corner room on a lower deck, or the cabin with the quirkily obstructed view, your journey on the Queen Mary 2 promises to be nothing short of magical.

Here’s to smooth seas, starry nights, and the perfect cabin to be your anchor. Bon voyage!

FAQs on Queen Mary 2 Cabins to Avoid

Navigating the vast array of cabin choices on the Queen Mary 2 can be overwhelming. To help steer you toward a smoother voyage, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions specifically addressing cabins that might be best to sidestep:

1. Which cabins on the Queen Mary 2 are considered the noisiest?

  • Cabins located directly beneath high-traffic areas, such as the gym, pool deck, or entertainment venues, may experience noise disturbances. Additionally, cabins adjacent to elevators, staircases, or service areas might hear more foot traffic.

2. Are there any cabins with obstructed views I should be aware of?

  • Yes, certain cabins, especially some balcony cabins, might have lifeboats, machinery, or other ship structures blocking or partially blocking the view. Always check the deck plan or inquire directly with the cruise line.

3. Is it true that some cabins experience more motion than others?

  • Absolutely. Cabins at the very front (bow) or back (aft) of the ship, as well as those on higher decks, may experience more motion. If you’re prone to seasickness, consider midship cabins on lower decks.

4. Are lower deck cabins undesirable?

  • Not necessarily. While they might be further from some amenities, they often experience less motion and can offer a closer connection to the sea. It’s all about personal preference.

5. I’ve heard some cabins are smaller than others. Is this true?

  • Yes, within the same category, some cabins might differ slightly in size due to the ship’s design. Studying the deck plan or consulting with a travel agent can provide clarity.

6. Are there any cabins that lack privacy on their balconies?

  • Some cabins, especially those on the bump-out sections of the ship or near public areas, might have less private balconies. If privacy is a priority, it’s best to double-check the location.

7. Do all balcony cabins have sun exposure?

  • No, some balconies might be shaded by the ship’s structure or be on the side that gets less sun depending on the itinerary. If sunbathing on your balcony is essential, research the ship’s route and sun orientation.

8. Are there any cabins that are particularly far from main amenities?

  • Some cabins, especially those at the bow or aft, might be a longer walk from central hubs like dining areas or entertainment venues. Weigh the pros and cons based on your mobility and preferences.

9. Do the interiors of all cabins in the same category look the same?

  • While the general design and amenities will be consistent, minor variations can occur due to maintenance, refurbishments, or the ship’s architecture.

10. Should I avoid cabins near the crew’s service doors?

  • It’s a personal choice. These cabins might experience occasional noise from crew activities, but some travelers find the convenience of being near service areas a plus.

Remember, while it’s wise to be informed, every cruiser’s experience is subjective. What might be a deal-breaker for one might be a non-issue for another. The key is to align your cabin choice with what will make your voyage aboard the Queen Mary 2 most enjoyable.