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Anthem of the Seas Cabins to Avoid: Comprehensive Guide

Ahoy, fellow cruisers! Boarding the Anthem of the Seas is akin to stepping into a world of luxury, adventure, and unmatched experiences.

This guide aims to shed light on those Anthem of the Seas cabins to avoid that might be wise to steer clear of. Whether you’re a first-time cruiser seeking the ideal room or a seasoned sailor looking for the next best cabin, this guide has got you covered.

anthem of the seas cabins to avoid

The Logic Behind Selecting a Cabin

So, you’ve set your heart on experiencing the Anthem of the Seas. Great choice! But before you dive headfirst into the seemingly endless options of rooms and suites, let’s chat a bit about the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of cabin selection.

The cabin you select isn’t just a place to lay your head at night; it becomes your temporary home, your retreat, and for many, the very essence of the cruise experience.

Different Cabin Types: A Quick Overview

  • Inside Cabins: Perfect for those who anticipate spending minimal time in their rooms. These are typically the most affordable, but they don’t come with a view.
  • Ocean View Cabins: Offering a glimpse of the ocean, these cabins provide natural light and a view, making the space feel a bit more expansive than inside cabins.
  • Balcony Cabins: A favorite among many cruisers. Imagine sipping your morning coffee as you gaze at the horizon, all from the privacy of your balcony.
  • Suites: The crème de la crème of cruise accommodations. Spacious, luxurious, and often accompanied by additional perks and amenities.

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What Makes a ‘Good’ vs ‘Bad’ Cabin?

While “good” or “bad” can be subjective terms, certain objective factors generally define the appeal of a cabin:

  • Noise Level: Being close to the action might sound like a fun cruise, but it’s a different story when the ‘action’ is a late-night party or early morning maintenance work.
  • View: An unobstructed view can be the cherry on top of a great cruise experience, while a lifeboat blocking your ocean vista? Not so much.
  • Convenience: Proximity to elevators, dining areas, pools, and entertainment can save you a lot of walking, especially on a ship as grand as the Anthem of the Seas.
  • Stability: If you’re prone to seasickness, cabins located midship (the center of the ship) and on lower decks can offer a smoother ride.

Armed with this basic understanding, you’re better equipped to make an informed choice. However, remember that Anthem of the Seas, being the architectural marvel it is, has its unique quirks. And that’s precisely what we’re about to dive into next. Buckle up, matey, as we explore specific cabins that might be better left unbooked!

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Factors to Consider when Choosing a Cabin

We’ve sailed through the basics; now, let’s dive a bit deeper into the nitty-gritty. Every cruiser, whether a newbie or a seasoned pro, has their personal list of deal-breakers and must-haves. But there are some universal factors that can make or break your onboard experience on the Anthem of the Seas.

Proximity to Key Amenities

  • Restaurants and Dining Areas: Being close to dining areas can be a boon, especially for those midnight snack runs. However, too close might mean the clatter of dishes and chairs might become your morning alarm.
  • Pools and Recreational Areas: An upper deck cabin close to the pools can be convenient for sunbathers and swimmers, but remember, pools and their surrounding decks are bustling hubs of activity and can get loud.
  • Entertainment Venues: Living close to the theater or club can be a double-edged sword. You’re in the thick of the action, but the noise from late-night shows or parties can keep light sleepers up.

Distance from Elevators and Stairs

  • Elevators are lifelines on a ship. Being near one can save you long walks down seemingly endless corridors. But, they’re also high-traffic areas with frequent chatter and footfall. Strike a balance based on your preference.

best rooms

Your Cabin’s View

  • Potential Obstructions: Some cabins, though marketed as ocean view or balcony, might have partially obstructed views because of lifeboats, structural elements, or other equipment.
  • Value of a Clear View: If you’re someone who looks forward to witnessing sunrises and sunsets from the comfort of your cabin, ensuring an unobstructed view is crucial.

Noise Considerations

  • Adjacent Venues: Always check what’s above, below, or next to your potential cabin. The last thing you’d want is to be situated beneath a jogging track or adjacent to a high-energy kids’ zone.
  • Ship’s Engines and Anchors: Cabins at the very rear (aft) can sometimes experience noise or vibrations from the ship’s engines, while those at the front (forward) might get early morning noise when the anchor is dropped at a port.

Understanding and weighing these factors based on your priorities will pave the way for a smoother sailing experience. The Anthem of the Seas is a marvel with much to offer, but like any grand structure, there are spots you might prefer over others.

As we move ahead, we’ll pinpoint specific types of cabins that have garnered feedback warranting caution. Safe and informed sailing is the goal!

anthem of the seas rooms to avoid

Specific Cabins to Avoid on Anthem of the Seas

Ahoy again! Now that we’ve laid down some general factors to consider, let’s set our sights on Anthem of the Seas and some of its specific types of cabins that have been flagged by past cruisers. While this ship offers a majestic cruise experience, a few cabins might not live up to every guest’s expectations. Let’s dive in.

  • Inside Cabins

    • Adjacent to Crew Areas: Cabins near crew access doors or maintenance areas might experience more noise as staff move around during odd hours.
    • Near High Traffic Areas: Cabins close to theaters or clubs, for instance could mean you’re hearing the distant muffle of music and chatter late into the night.
  • Ocean View Cabins

    • Obstructed Views: Some cabins might offer limited views because of lifeboats or structural components of the ship.
    • Lower Deck Ocean Views: Cabins on lower decks, especially those at the front  can sometimes feel the ship’s motion more intensely — not ideal for those prone to seasickness.
  • Balcony Cabins

    • Overlooking Public Areas: Some balconies face towards public areas, which can compromise privacy.
    • Near Venue Exits: Being next to exits from popular venues can be noisy, especially during show let-outs or events.
  • Suites

    • Proximity to Pools and Kids Areas: While suites offer spacious luxury, they’re close to the kids’ zones or pools, which can get noisy during the day.
    • Suites Near Elevators: Some premium suites are close to elevator lobbies. This can mean more foot traffic and the occasional ding of elevator arrivals.

Remember, while these cabins might have certain drawbacks, they might still be a perfect fit for some cruisers. It all boils down to individual preferences and priorities.

The goal here is to make you aware and help you make an informed choice, ensuring your voyage on Anthem of the Seas is nothing short of spectacular.

cruise deck anthem of the seas

Other General Areas of Concern

Beyond the cabin-specific concerns, there are broader areas aboard Anthem of the Seas that might draw mixed feelings from cruisers. These areas, while offering their own set of charms, can also come with caveats that are worth keeping in mind. Here’s a breakdown:

Cabins near Crew Areas or Service Doors

  • While the crew does its best to remain discreet, the areas they frequent, like service doors, crew-only zones, and maintenance areas, tend to be more active. This can translate to unexpected noise, especially during odd hours when service and cleaning operations are underway.

Cabins Below or Above Lively Venues

  • If you’re right above or below venues such as the Royal Theater, Two70, or the Music Hall, you might hear muffled sounds from performances, rehearsals, or late-night events. Remember, while these venues are sources of entertainment, they can be quite lively.

anthem of the seas suites

Cabins at the Very Front or Back of the Ship

  • The ship’s aft (rear) can sometimes be a bit noisier and more prone to vibrations, especially when the ship is speeding or when the engines are working harder. On the other hand, cabins at the ship’s forward (front) can experience a more pronounced movement. If you’re susceptible to motion sickness, this can be an area of concern.

Cabins Close to the Royal Esplanade

  • The Royal Esplanade is the vibrant heart of the ship with shops, restaurants, and often spontaneous entertainment. It’s a bustling hub, meaning cabins too close might get the occasional noise spillover, especially during peak hours.

Cabins Near Busy Outdoor Decks

  • Decks with outdoor pools, the FlowRider surf simulator, or the RipCord by iFLY skydiving simulator are vibrant areas. They’re perfect for day activities but can be a bit boisterous. Cabins right beside or underneath these zones might hear chatter, splashes, or equipment sounds.

Cabins Near the Ship’s Laundry

  • A few cabins are situated close to the ship’s guest laundries. While this means easy access for those wanting to wash a quick load, these spots can become impromptu gathering areas, with guests waiting for machines, leading to occasional chatter and machine noises.

The Anthem of the Seas, with its array of experiences, aims to cater to a vast audience. This means that while some areas might be bustling with energy, others are designed for quiet and relaxation. By understanding the general layout and areas of potential concern, you’ll be well-equipped to select a cabin that aligns with your idea of a dream vacation.

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 The Importance of Personal Preference

Alright, seasoned sailors and cruising rookies alike, it’s time for a heart-to-heart. We’ve delved into the nuts and bolts of which cabins and areas might have potential downsides on the Anthem of the Seas. However, here’s the thing: cruising, much like any travel experience, is deeply personal. What might be a deal-breaker for one might be a non-issue or even a perk for another. Let’s unpack this a bit.

Noise Sensitivity

  • While some of us could sleep through a rock concert, others might be jolted awake by a pin drop. If you’re the latter, then yes, steer clear of those lively zones and cabins adjacent to high-traffic areas. But if you’re part of the former group, being in the midst of all the action might just amplify your cruise experience.

Desire for Convenience vs. Peace

  • For many cruisers, the ease of popping down a deck for a quick snack, a dip in the pool, or a show is unmatched. This convenience often comes with the trade-off of being in a busier area. Yet, for others, the peace of being away from the central hustle and having to walk a bit more is the actual vacation.

anthem of the seas sunset

Views and Balconies

  • This is a big one. Some travelers dream of waking up to the vastness of the ocean every day and wouldn’t trade their balcony or ocean view for anything. Meanwhile, others might prioritize the activities on the ship and see the cabin as just a place to sleep. For them, an inside cabin — even one with potential noise concerns — might be entirely satisfactory.

Cost Considerations

  • Often, cabins with known issues (like obstructed views) might be priced a tad lower. For budget-conscious cruisers, this can be a great compromise. After all, you’re still on a magnificent ship, exploring beautiful destinations.

Adventurous vs. Predictable

  • Some folks cruise for the adventure. They relish in the unexpected, thrive in the middle of the hustle and bustle, and don’t mind the occasional surprise. Others, however, are on vacation to relax and rejuvenate. For them, predictability and peace might be paramount.

So, while guides (like this one!) and feedback from fellow travelers can be invaluable, remember to filter everything through the lens of your preferences and desires. A dream cruise is not about the “perfect” cabin; it’s about the perfect cabin for you. Your voyage aboard the Anthem of the Seas, much like any adventure, will be as unique as you are. Bon voyage!

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Tips to Ensure Cabin Satisfaction

By now, you’re well-equipped with a wealth of knowledge about Anthem of the Seas. But, before you embark on this incredible journey, here are some pro tips to make sure your cabin experience is nothing short of splendid.

Research, Research, and More Research!

  • Deck Plans: Familiarize yourself with the Anthem of the Seas’ deck plans. These will give you a comprehensive view of where your potential cabin is in relation to key venues and amenities.
  • Reviews: Dive into cruise forums, blogs, and review sites. Fellow travelers often share candid experiences and photos of their cabins.

Engage with Your Booking Agent or Cruise Line

  • Specific Requests: If you have particular concerns (like noise sensitivity), communicate these to your booking agent or the cruise line. They’re your best allies in getting a cabin that meets your needs.
  • Ask for Photos: If available, request photos of the exact cabin and its view. This will help you gauge if there are any obstructions or if it aligns with your expectations.

Consider the Time of Year

  • Cruising during peak seasons might mean a busier ship, which can impact noise levels and overall activity around your cabin.

Visit the Cabin Immediately Upon Boarding

  • First impressions matter! As soon as you board, check out your cabin. Is it what you expected? If there are any immediate concerns, address them with guest services. They might be able to switch your cabin if there’s availability.

best rooms on anthem of the seas

Invest in Noise-Cancelling Solutions

  • If you’re worried about potential noise, pack some earplugs or invest in noise-cancelling headphones. These can be lifesavers in ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep.

Check the Cruise’s Itinerary

  • If you’re docking at ports on most days, chances are you’ll be spending a significant amount of time off the ship. This might make cabin concerns less significant for you.

Embrace Flexibility

  • Remember, no trip is without its hiccups. Even if you end up in a cabin that isn’t 100% perfect, focus on the myriad of experiences the Anthem of the Seas offers. A slight inconvenience can often lead to an unexpected adventure or memory!

Build a Relationship with Your Cabin Steward

  • Your cabin steward is there to ensure you have a stellar experience. Communicate any needs or concerns, and often, they’ll go above and beyond to make your stay comfortable.

Booking a cabin isn’t just about location; it’s about crafting an experience. By following these tips, prioritizing your personal preferences, and approaching the adventure with an open mind, you’re setting the stage for an unforgettable cruise aboard the Anthem of the Seas. Safe seas and happy cruising!


As we drop anchor on this guide, there’s one prevailing sentiment we hope you carry with you: the Anthem of the Seas is a marvel in marine engineering, a floating city of dreams that promises a mosaic of experiences. Yet, like any vast metropolis, it has its quieter nooks and bustling squares.

Choosing the right cabin is a blend of understanding the ship’s layout, being aware of potential pitfalls, and aligning these with your own preferences. Whether you’re someone who thrives in the epicenter of activity or seeks solace in tranquil corners, there’s a space for you aboard this majestic vessel.

In your journey of selecting that perfect spot, lean on the experiences of others, but don’t forget to tune in to your inner compass. Because, at the end of the day, the best cruise experiences are not just about where you sleep, but how you embrace the entirety of the voyage – the sunrises viewed from the deck, the new friendships forged, the flavors explored, and the memories created.

So, as you prepare to set sail on the Anthem of the Seas, remember that every journey has its waves and calm seas. But with a bit of foresight and an adventurous spirit, your voyage is bound to be one for the books. Here’s to new horizons, gentle breezes, and the thrill of the open ocean. Happy cruising! 🚢💙

FAQs on Anthem of the Seas Cabins to Avoid

Navigating the vast array of cabin choices on a ship like Anthem of the Seas can be a bit daunting. To help you further, we’ve collated some of the most frequently asked questions about potentially problematic cabins and provided answers to guide you:

Are all inside cabins noisy on the Anthem of the Seas?

No, not all inside cabins are noisy. It depends on their location. Generally, those near high-traffic areas or crew service doors might experience more noise. Check the deck plans and read reviews to pick the quietest spots.

I’ve heard that cabins with “obstructed views” are cheaper. Is this true?

Yes, cabins with obstructed views often come at a reduced rate due to the limited or blocked views, usually because of lifeboats or ship’s structures. If you’re less concerned about the view and more focused on cost, these can be a good option.

Is it worth it to upgrade to a balcony cabin?

This is subjective. If you value privacy, fresh air, and ocean views directly from your room, a balcony cabin might be worth the splurge. However, ensure the balcony doesn’t overlook public areas or is near busy venues for the best experience.

Are cabins at the ship’s front more prone to motion sickness?

Cabins at the very front (forward) can sometimes feel the ship’s movement more, especially in rougher seas. If you’re prone to motion sickness, a midship cabin on a lower deck can often provide more stability.

Is it noisy to have a cabin under the pool deck?

Cabins directly under the pool deck might hear sounds like moving deck chairs, footsteps, or splashes, especially during the day. If you’re sensitive to noise, it might be best to choose a cabin away from this area.

Are there any advantages to choosing a cabin near potentially noisy areas?

Absolutely! Being near high-activity zones means you’re just steps away from entertainment, dining, or other amenities. Some cruisers love the convenience, even if it comes with a bit more ambient noise.

How can I be certain I’ve chosen a quiet cabin?

Absolute certainty is tough, but you can increase your chances by studying deck plans, reading recent reviews, engaging with past cruisers on forums, and discussing with your booking agent or the cruise line directly.

Do cabins closer to elevators experience more noise?

Cabins directly adjacent to elevators might experience increased foot traffic and occasional sounds from the elevator operations. If you’re a light sleeper, consider a cabin a bit further down the hallway.

Remember, everyone’s cruise experience is unique, and personal preferences play a significant role. Using these FAQs as a guide can help you make informed choices and set the stage for an unforgettable voyage aboard the Anthem of the Seas.