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Wonder of the Seas Cabins to Avoid: Comprehensive Guide

When we dream of our next cruising adventure aboard the majestic Royal Caribbean Wonder of the Seas, we often imagine serene sunsets from our balconies, relaxing mornings with the gentle hum of the ocean, and nights cradled by the ship’s soft rocking.

In this guide, we’re not just going to give you a list. We’re diving deep, casting our net into the vast ocean of knowledge, bringing you insights on which Wonder of the Seas cabins to avoid might just make you wish you’d stayed ashore.  So grab a cruise planner and buckle up! The deep dive starts… now.

wonder of the seas cabins to avoid

Understanding the Basics of Cruise Cabins

Cruising for the first time? Or perhaps you’re a seasoned traveler looking to level up your cabin experience? Either way, it’s essential to get familiar with the types of cabins and what they offer.

Think of your Wonders of the Sea cabin as your temporary home; it’s where you’ll rest, recharge, and perhaps even retreat to from the hustle and bustle of onboard activities. Here’s a breakdown to help you navigate your choices:

Inside Cabins

  • What they are: The most basic and often most affordable cabins, usually located in the ship’s interior without any windows.
  • Pros: Budget-friendly, often darker which can be great for sleeping.
  • Cons: No natural light, can feel a bit cramped, and might not give you that ‘at-sea’ feeling.

Oceanview Cabins

  • What they are: Similar in size to inside cabins but come with a window or porthole, offering a glimpse of the outside.
  • Pros: Natural light to brighten up your room and a view of the sea or ports.
  • Cons: The window doesn’t open, and views can sometimes be obstructed or limited, depending on the placement.

best stateroom on Wonder of the Seas

Balcony Cabins

  • What they are: These are the Instagram-worthy cabins with private balconies.
  • Pros: Personal outdoor space, fresh air, unobstructed views, and the feeling of being on the open sea.
  • Cons: Slightly more expensive, and depending on location, you might get occasional noise from public areas.


  • What they are: The crème de la crème of cabins, offering more space, additional amenities, and often exclusive perks.
  • Pros: Spacious living areas, enhanced services (like concierge or butler service), and access to exclusive ship areas or events.
  • Cons: The most expensive option. Might be too much space or luxury for those who plan to spend most of their time exploring the ship or ports.

Considerations When Choosing

  • Size: Will you be spending a lot of time in your cabin, or do you see it as just a place to sleep?
  • Location: Do you want to be close to the action or in a quieter part of the ship?
  • View: Is a view essential for you, or are you okay without one?
  • Amenities: Are you looking for standard features, or do luxe perks tickle your fancy?
  • Price: How much are you willing to spend on your ‘home’ for the duration of the cruise?

Your cabin choice can significantly influence your cruise experience. Remember, while it’s tempting to go for the cheapest option, sometimes splurging a little can turn your trip from good to unforgettable. Conversely, if you’re the adventurous type who’s just looking for a cozy bed after a long day of activities, an inside cabin might be just the ticket.

girl who can't sleep noise

Common Issues With Cruise Cabins

Alright, sea enthusiasts, it’s time to dive a bit deeper. Just as not all that glitters is gold, not every cabin on the Wonder of the Seas is a wonder. Some might come with inconveniences that can affect your overall experience. Let’s unveil the common issues you might encounter and why they matter:

Noise Disturbances

  • Sources: Engines, entertainment venues, high foot traffic areas, adjacent rooms with particularly boisterous guests, or the dreaded deck chair scraping from the floor above.
  • Why it’s an issue: While the rhythmic lull of the ocean is serene, unexpected noises in the wee hours or during your afternoon siesta can be jarring.

Lack of Natural Light in Certain Cabins

  • Culprits: Inside cabins, or cabins with obstructed views.
  • Why it’s an issue: For some, a room bathed in sunlight is invigorating and essential for setting the day’s mood. A room without natural light can throw off your internal clock.

royal caribbean balcony

Limited or Obstructed Views

  • The offenders: Some oceanview or balcony cabins might have lifeboats, pillars, or other ship infrastructure blocking the view.
  • Why it’s an issue: Imagine the thrill of waking up to gaze upon a new port or the vastness of the sea, only to find your view blocked by a lifeboat.

Proximity to Potentially Smelly Areas

  • The suspects: Cabins near garbage disposal points, fuel areas, or certain kitchen vents.
  • Why it’s an issue: No one wants their sea adventure marred by unwelcome odors wafting into their living space.

Vibration from the Ship’s Engines or Propellers

  • The shaky spots: Lower-level cabins, especially those at the very back (aft) of the ship.
  • Why it’s an issue: While some find the gentle vibration of a ship soothing, others might feel it’s like trying to sleep on a vibrating phone.

Personal Sensitivity Matters

What might be a mild inconvenience to one traveler can be a deal-breaker for another. Knowing what you’re particularly sensitive to can be a lifesaver. Are you a light sleeper? Noise might be your arch-nemesis. Prone to feeling claustrophobic? Natural light might be non-negotiable.

Being aware of potential cabin pitfalls is the first step to ensuring you select the perfect room for your voyage. As they say, knowledge is power, and in this case, it’s the power to ensure smooth sailing and sweet dreams on the high seas.

cruise ship cabin

Wonder of the Seas Cabins to Avoid

Ahoy, dear navigators! Now that we’ve delved into the general challenges of picking the perfect cabin, let’s focus our spyglass on the Wonder of the Seas. As spectacular as she is, there are certain spots aboard that might not be the dreamy cabin you envisioned. Here’s our treasure map of areas you might want to think twice about:

Low-Level Cabins Near the Engine or Anchor Mechanisms

  • Locations to Note: Typically, the lowest deck cabins situated at the front (bow) and rear (aft) of the ship.
  • Why: Anchor drops can be loud in bow cabins, especially during early morning port arrivals. As for the aft, the hum and vibration of the engines can be a constant companion.

Cabins Beneath Busy Public Areas

  • Locations to Note: Rooms located directly under gyms, pools, restaurants, or other high-footfall zones.
  • Why: The shuffle of feet, moving chairs, or the thud of gym equipment can be your unwanted wake-up call.

Cabins Near Elevators and Service Areas

  • Locations to Note: Those adjacent to or across from elevators, stairwells, and crew service doors.
  • Why: Elevators are high-traffic zones, leading to a constant flow of people and potential noise. Crew service areas can be bustling, especially during their peak hours.

girl who cannot fall asleep

Rooms Close to the Theater or Main Entertainment Zones

  • Locations to Note: Cabins located near the front or back of the ship, where most ship theaters and entertainment lounges are typically situated.
  • Why: Soundproofing is good, but it’s not always enough to block out the powerful bass or the echoes of a grand finale.

Some Balcony Cabins

  • Locations to Note: Those balconies that face inward towards the ship, often overseeing public spaces or other cabins.
  • Why: While they offer the luxury of a balcony, the views might not be of the sea but of other guests or public amenities, potentially compromising privacy.

Cabins with “Obstructed Views”

  • Locations to Note: These are usually marked on the deck plans. They could be oceanview cabins or balconies.
  • Why: Ship structures, like lifeboats or support beams, can block a significant portion of your view.

Remember the Individual Voyage

While these are general observations, it’s essential to recall that experiences can vary. Some cruisers might find a cabin next to an elevator convenient, while others might see it as a noisy nuisance. It’s all about matching your personal preferences with what’s available.

Deck plans are your best friends! Before making your final pick, study Royal Caribbean’s Wonder of the Seas deck plans meticulously. Look at what’s above, below, and beside your potential cabin. Knowledge, as we’ve seen, is the key to unlocking a fantastic voyage.

Wonder of the Seas deck

Navigating Deck Locations

Charting the expansive territory of Wonder of the Seas requires an understanding of how different deck locations can influence your cruise experience. Every level and location has its merits and potential downsides. Here, we’ll weigh anchor and delve into the pros and cons of various deck placements:

Lower Decks

  • Advantages:
    • Stability: Typically experience less motion, making it an excellent choice for those prone to seasickness.
    • Price: Tend to be more budget-friendly than higher-up rooms.
    • Quick Access: To disembarkation areas during port days.
  • Disadvantages:
    • Noise Potential: Proximity to the ship’s engines and anchor mechanisms can be noisy.
    • Less Scenic: Often house inside and oceanview cabins, with fewer balcony options.
    • Far from Amenities: Might require more elevator trips or stair-climbing to reach pools, dining, and other entertainment zones.

cruise pillow animal

Midship Decks

  • Advantages:
    • Central Location: Provides convenient access to most ship facilities and activities.
    • Stability: Located at the ship’s center of gravity, it tends to feel less motion than forward or aft locations.
  • Disadvantages:
    • Popular: Often the first to get booked and can be pricier due to high demand.
    • Potential Noise: Depending on the specific deck, might be sandwiched between busy areas.

Higher Decks

  • Advantages:
    • Views: Higher vantage points offer more expansive ocean views.
    • Quick Access: To sun decks, pools, and specialty restaurants often found on top decks.
    • Feel the Voyage: For those who love feeling the sea’s movement and the wind’s touch, higher decks are ideal.
  • Disadvantages:
    • Motion Sensitivity: They tend to feel the ship’s movement more, which might be a concern for those prone to seasickness.
    • Potential Noise: Proximity to pool areas, outdoor dining, and entertainment can lead to foot traffic and activity noise.

Aft of Royal Caribbean ship

Forward vs. Aft (Front vs. Back)

  • Advantages:
    • Views: The ship’s bow or stern offers unique, unblocked vistas, especially for those in aft-facing balcony cabins.
    • Exclusive Feel: Often less foot traffic than central locations, leading to a quieter experience.
  • Disadvantages:
    • Motion Sensitivity: The ship’s front can feel more motion, especially in choppy seas. The aft, while generally stable, might experience some vibrations from the engines.
    • Distance: These cabins can be a bit of a trek from central and midship amenities.

The deck location, much like choosing a neighborhood in a new city, is deeply personal. Some want the hustle and bustle of a central spot, while others seek the tranquility of a secluded corner. It’s about striking a balance between your desires, budget, and any potential sensitivities you might have. Happy deck hunting!

cruise hallway

Beyond the Deck

So, you’ve got a handle on decks and potential cabin pitfalls. But, when you’re plotting your course for the ideal cruise, there are a few more navigational beacons you’ll want to steer by. Let’s unfurl the sails and delve into these additional factors:

Duration of Your Cruise

  • Why it Matters: A short weekend getaway might not necessitate the same cabin comforts as a two-week voyage. If you’re spending just a few days on board, you might prioritize location over cabin size or view.

Personal Itinerary

  • Plans on Board: Are you the type to join every onboard activity, or do you envision lazy days curled up with a book in your room? If it’s the latter, investing in a roomier cabin with a view might be worthwhile.
  • Excursions: If you’re planning to hop off at every port and explore, your cabin becomes more of a place to crash than a central part of your experience.

Travel Companions

  • Who’s with You: Cruising with kids? Nearby access to family-friendly areas might be key. On a romantic getaway? A balcony cabin with expansive ocean views could set the mood.
  • Needs and Sensitivities: Consider the preferences and needs of everyone in your group. This includes potential motion sickness, need for quiet, or accessibility concerns.

cruise ship pool deck

Special Offers and Packages

  • Deals: Sometimes, cruise lines offer promotional packages that include cabin upgrades, onboard credit, or other perks. It’s always a good idea to look out for these when booking.
  • Loyalty Programs: Regular cruisers might have accrued points or statuses that offer benefits, including preferred cabin choices or discounts.


  • Wi-Fi Access: While most modern ships, including “Wonder of the Seas”, offer ship-wide internet, signal strength can vary. If staying connected is crucial, inquire about cabins with the best connectivity or areas to avoid.

Special Needs and Accessibility

  • Accommodations: Ensure that if you or a companion has special needs, the cabin and its location cater to those. This might include wheelchair accessibility, proximity to elevators, or cabins designed with specific features.

Selecting the perfect cabin isn’t just about avoiding potential pitfalls; it’s about aligning your choice with what you envision for your cruise journey. The ship, after all, is a floating microcosm of experiences and opportunities. By considering all these factors, you’ll ensure that your cabin isn’t just a room but a vital part of your memorable voyage.

spa experience

Turning Your Cabin into a Suite Sanctuary

y to embark on your journey aboard the Wonder of the Seas. Maybe you didn’t spring for the Owner’s Suite, but that doesn’t mean you can’t sprinkle a bit of magic to make your space feel like a five-star retreat. Here’s our treasure trove of tips to transform your cabin into a sumptuous suite:

Space-Saving Magic

  • Over-the-Door Organizers: These aren’t just for shoes! Use them to stash toiletries, accessories, or daily essentials.
  • Magnetic Hooks: Most cabin walls are metal. These hooks can be a savior for hanging bags, hats, or even your day’s itinerary.

Mood Lighting

  • LED Candles: They offer a warm glow without the fire hazard, making your cabin feel cozy and romantic.
  • String Lights: Compact, battery-operated string lights can add a whimsical touch to your space.

Fragrance & Freshness

  • Scented Sachets: Place them in your drawers or hang them in the closet for a fresh-smelling wardrobe.
  • Essential Oil Roll-ons: A bit of lavender on your wrists before bed or a touch of citrus to wake you up can make your cabin feel spa-inspired.

man sleeping comfortably

Comfort is Key

  • Soft Throw Blankets: Perfect for cozying up on the balcony or on your sofa.
  • Your Pillow: Sometimes, there’s nothing like the comfort of your pillow from home to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Personal Touches

  • Favorite Photos: Bring a few snaps of loved ones or memorable moments. Using magnetic clips, they can adorn your walls and remind you of home.
  • Reusable Drinkware: A favorite mug or tumbler can make your morning coffee or evening tea feel that much more personal.


  • Portable Speaker: Play your favorite tunes or ambient sounds (think ocean waves or rainforest) to set the mood in your cabin.
  • Earplugs: Ensure a peaceful sleep by blocking out any potential ambient noises.

Stay Organized

  • Daily Itinerary Clipboard: A dedicated spot to clip your daily ship schedule can be both decorative and functional.
  • Jewelry Organizer: Keep your accessories tangle-free and easy to access.

A Taste of Luxury

  • Quality Toiletries: Pack some of your favorite lotions, bath gels, or face masks. Just because you’re at sea doesn’t mean you can’t pamper yourself!
  • Silk Sleep Mask: Elevate your sleep experience and feel like you’re in the lap of luxury.

Your cabin is more than just a place to sleep—it’s your home on the high seas. With a sprinkle of creativity and a dash of personal flair, any cabin, no matter its size or category, can feel like a royal retreat. Happy nesting!

Wonder of the Seas at CocoCay

Highlights of Royal Caribbean’s Wonder of the Seas

Ahoy, explorers! As we plot our course through the wonders of this vessel, it’s worth taking a moment to appreciate the majestic allure of Wonder of the Seas. It isn’t called a ‘wonder’ for nothing! This ship, as the crown jewel of Royal Caribbean’s fleet, comes packed with features and attractions that make it stand out. Let’s drop anchor and explore what makes this sea giant a modern marvel:

Size and Grandeur

  • Largest of the Fleet: As one of the world’s largest cruise ships, “Wonder of the Seas” boasts ample space and countless amenities.
  • Innovative Design: Modern architectural marvels, vast open spaces, and stunning views that redefine cruising.

Neighborhood Concept

  • Diverse Experiences: The ship is divided into distinct neighborhoods, each with its own character and offerings. From the green Central Park to the bustling Boardwalk, there’s a spot for every mood.

Culinary Delights

  • Diverse Dining: Over 20 dining options catering to all tastes, from gourmet restaurants to casual eateries.
  • Innovative Offerings: Special themed dining experiences and exclusive chef’s tables that promise a culinary journey.

wonder of the seas cabins to avoid (4)

Entertainment Extravaganza

  • Broadway-worthy Shows: From high-flying acrobatics to soul-touching musicals, there’s a spectacle for every evening.
  • Unique Venues: The AquaTheater offers water-based performances, while Studio B might surprise you with an ice-skating extravaganza.

Activities Aplenty

  • Adventure Onboard: From the adrenaline-rushing zip line to the challenging rock-climbing wall, there’s no chance for boredom.
  • Relax and Rejuvenate: Multiple pools, whirlpools, and the expansive Vitality Spa ensure relaxation is always within reach.

Family and Kids’ Zones

  • For the Young Ones: Dedicated kids’ and teens’ zones with tailored activities and spaces, from arcades to art classes.
  • Family Fun: Experience the DreamWorks program or take part in group activities that promise fun for all ages.

Technological Innovations

  • Connectivity: Advanced technology ensures you’re connected, from high-speed Wi-Fi to interactive deck plans.
  • Royal App: Plan your day, book shows, or even order food right from your phone.

Environmentally Conscious

  • Greener Cruising: Advanced waste management, energy-efficient technologies, and initiatives like the Save the Waves program show a commitment to sustainable cruising.

Wonder of the Seas isn’t just a ship; it’s a floating city of dreams, where every corner hides a new adventure or a peaceful retreat. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker, a foodie, a relaxation guru, or a mix of everything, this vessel promises a world where every cruise day is a wonder in itself.

wonder of the seas cabins to avoid

Setting Sail with Confidence

As we prepare to dock this comprehensive guide, let’s glance back at our voyage through the vast expanse of the Wonder of the Seas. From understanding potential cabin pitfalls to marveling at the ship’s unparalleled offerings, and finally anchoring in personal touches to make any cabin feel regal, we’ve charted a journey both informative and transformative.

Choosing a cabin isn’t merely about selecting a space to rest; it’s about curating an experience that will play a pivotal role in your sea odyssey. The charm of cruising lies in the harmonious blend of exploration and relaxation, and where you lay your head each night is integral to that harmony.

The Wonder of the Seas promises a world of adventure, luxury, and wonderment, but as with any journey, the true magic often lies in the details. Armed with the insights from this guide, you’re now poised to turn those details into the brushstrokes of a masterpiece cruise experience.

While the horizon is vast and the choices many, the best voyages are those crafted with both heart and knowledge. Here’s to setting sail with clarity, confidence, and a keen sense of adventure. The ocean is calling, and the Wonder of the Seas awaits your discovery.

FAQ: Wonder of the Seas Rooms to Avoid

Embarking on a journey aboard the Wonder of the Seas is thrilling, but we understand that there might be questions anchored in your mind. We’ve compiled a comprehensive FAQ section to ensure smooth sailing as you prepare for your voyage.

How many types of cabins are available on Wonder of the Seas?

  • The ship offers a variety of cabin types, including Interior, Oceanview, Balcony, and Suites, each further categorized based on size, location, and amenities.

Are the cabins family-friendly?

  • Absolutely! The ship offers family cabins and interconnected rooms, ensuring ample space for families. Plus, there are dedicated zones and activities for kids nearby.

I’m prone to seasickness. Which cabin should I choose?

  • Opt for midship cabins on lower decks. They experience less motion compared to those at the ship’s extremes.

Do all balcony cabins offer unobstructed views?

  • While most do, some balconies might have lifeboats or structural elements that can obstruct views. Always check the cabin description or consult with the cruise line.

Are there accessible cabins for those with mobility issues?

  • Yes, the Wonder of the Seas offers accessible cabins designed for comfort and ease of mobility, complete with wider doorways and adapted bathrooms.

Can I select a specific cabin or will one be assigned to me?

  • While booking, you can usually choose between selecting a specific cabin or opting for a “guaranteed” cabin category, where the exact room is assigned later, often at a discounted rate.

Is Wi-Fi available in all cabins?

  • Yes, the ship offers ship-wide internet connectivity, but signal strength might vary. If staying connected is crucial, you might want to inquire about cabins with the best connectivity.

Are there amenities like a fridge or a TV in the cabins?

  • Most cabins come equipped with a TV, mini-fridge, safe, and phone. Suite categories might offer additional amenities.

Can I upgrade my cabin after booking?

  • Upgrades are subject to availability and may incur additional charges. It’s always best to check with Royal Caribbean directly.

How often are the cabins cleaned?

  • Cabins are typically cleaned daily. However, you can always request additional cleanings or ask for privacy if you prefer.

Is room service available for all cabin categories?

  • Yes, room service is available, though there might be charges for certain items or times of the day. Suite guests often have enhanced room service options.

I’m celebrating a special occasion. Can I request decorations or surprises for my cabin?

  • Absolutely! Royal Caribbean offers celebration packages. Reach out to them in advance to arrange any special requests.

Are there noise concerns for cabins near entertainment zones or elevators?

  • Cabins near high-traffic areas or entertainment zones might experience more ambient noise. If you’re a light sleeper, consider choosing a cabin away from these zones.

Is smoking allowed in the cabins or on the balconies?

  • Smoking is typically not allowed in cabins or on balconies. Designated smoking areas are provided on the ship.

What kind of power outlets are available in the cabins?

  • Cabins are usually equipped with both US-standard 110 volts and European-standard 220 volts outlets. It’s always a good idea to bring a universal adapter.