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Relaxing Spring Vacations Around the World

After the joy-filled times of the holidays from November to January wear off, it can be super difficult to stay motivated and enjoy your repetitive everyday life. These relaxing spring vacation spots are here to help!

What better way to slip away than to escape your home for a couple of days (or weeks!)? I know that I would do anything for a vacation in the middle of spring to rejuvenate and refresh my look on life and my body. Most of us could most likely use a vacation that could melt our stress away.

In this article, I will take you through some of the most rejuvenating spring travel spots and ideas both in the United States and other pockets of peace throughout the world. You totally can’t go wrong with any of these top relaxing vacation spots for your spring travel adventure.


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Banff, Canada

As a super affordable and serene destination, it is no wonder that Banff makes it to the top of our relaxing spring vacations list.

While many choose to visit Banff on a road trip through Canada, you do not necessarily need to invest over a week of your time to enjoy and explore all this breathtaking Canadian national park has to offer. Found slightly west of the popular town of Calgary, Banff National Park is world-renowned for its scenery and Insta-worthy pic spots. Once you arrive, you can explore the cozy Sunshine Village and stay at a relaxing ski resort.

Whether you want to test your skills on the slopes or check out the awe-inspiring Canadian Rockies from a helicopter, Banff is one of the most relaxing destinations for your spring vacation.

If you are looking for a place to stay in the most rejuvenating spot of Canada, make sure to check into the Fairmont Lake Louis to rest your head. In the morning, you can go discover the bubble lake of Lake Abraham and hike the region surrounding Canmore. With the area boasting a variety of super scenic lakes, we highly recommend checking out the Vermillion Lakes and Moraine Lake to truly rejuvenate in this Canadian wilderness retreat.

Dry Tortugas

As one of the most relaxing spring vacations, Dry Tortugas truly offers luxurious amenities and comfortable accommodations.

Dry Tortugas offers plenty of relaxing and rejuvenating experiences and attractions that will totally melt your worries and stress away. While you cannot drive to this destination, you will enjoy a pleasant boat or seaplane ride to the island where you will spend your retreat in pure luxury and bliss.

Located nearly 70 miles off of Florida’s Key West, the Dry Tortugas were originally discovered by Ponce de Leon back in the 1500s. With “Tortuga” meaning turtle in Spanish, you will find loads of these fascinating sea creatures at this vacation destination.

When you choose Dry Tortugas as one of the top relaxing spring vacations, you will want to book a stay at one of the area’s top-rated hotels or resorts along the sandy coastline. This way, you can wake up and layout on the beach or grab some snorkel gear and check out what the area’s beautiful waters have to offer.

With no short of vitamin C supply, the intense sun is just what the doctor ordered to melt the stresses of your daily life away. If you are looking for a United States spring escape, the Dry Tortugas are definitely the relaxing vacation spot for you.

Ubud, Bali

Another one of the most relaxing spring vacations is found at the culture-rich country of Indonesia.

Ubud, Bali found its way on the map when the author Elizabeth Gilbert chose to end the Eat, Pray, Love journey in this very city. As an absolutely perfect choice by miss Gilbert, Ubud is truly one of the most peaceful destinations you will find on Earth. In Ubud, you will enjoy everything your heart desires from outdoor discoveries to enlightenment to total rejuvenation. Ubud, Bali is a fabulous spring vacation spot to indulge in one of the world-renowned Balinese massages and soak up the relaxing atmosphere at one of Asia’s top spa destinations.

For a more outdoorsy experience with wildlife, head over to the nearby nature reserve at Monkey Forest Park. Here you can enjoy a laid back experience interacting with the mischievous long-tailed macaques while laughing at their quirky actions. Ubud is also home to some breathtaking beaches that you will want to check out on your relaxing spring vacation.

Oregon Coast

Next up is one of my favorite relaxing spring vacations found in the entire continental United States, right along the Atlantic Coast in Oregon.

While this area is popular for road trips along the Pacific Coast Highway, you could easily spend a few nights or even a week here in the breathtaking region. The most impressive area along the coast of Oregon is by far Cannon Beach, home to thousands of relaxing spring vacations.

Named as one of the world’s top 100 most beautiful places to visit by National Geographic, you are not going to want to miss this remarkable beach. You will be able to completely relax at one of the area’s top-rated hotels or resorts while catching some awe-inspiring coastline views with stunning natural areas.

Another great site to see not far away is Devil’s Punchbowl. During spring storms, you will notice the restless ocean waves slamming with thunderous roars into the hollow rock formation. The chaos and intensity of Oregon’s coast will allow you to fully relax and find inner peace on your vacation. For these reasons and many more, you definitely need to consider the Oregon coast for your relaxing vacation spot in the spring.


Another one of the top exquisite and relaxing spring vacations is located in the South Pacific island-ridden region of the globe.

The Maldives is home to hundreds of once-in-a-lifetime vacation spots for those looking for a rejuvenating tropical paradise. Boasting loads of perfect tropical islands, the Maldives has countless resorts on or near the turquoise ocean, each being more breathtaking than the next. You will be delightfully greeted by dreamy aquamarine waters of the Indian Ocean and picturesque white-sand beaches as you arrive in this region of the world.

Plus, if you are looking for one of the best relaxing spring vacations, the Maldives is home to some of the most luxurious spas in the world. Further, the Maldives has been named the top spa destination on the planet at the World Spa Awards.

If that does not convince you to visit the Maldives as your relaxing vacation spot for your spring travel, I do not know what will! No matter where you stay in this group of islands, you will definitely be close to all sorts of pampering services and treatments.

Little St. Simons Island

Another one of the top relaxing spring vacations is enjoy in the United States located off the coast of Georgia’s mainland.

This tiny island of Little St. Simons Island has loads to offer for rejuvenation and relaxation on your adventure. Check into the Lodge on Little St. Simons Island to enjoy a private retreat on a private island. While others prefer the tropical allure of an affordable Caribbean island for their relaxing escape,

Little St. Simons island is rustic and naturalistic in all the right ways. Surrounded by quaint cottages with screened-in front porches, you will truly be able to relax and enjoy some time away from your oh-so-stressful life.

While Little St. Simons Island may not offer all the amenities of a modern resort, they offer a nature-oriented experience for those looking to enjoy relaxing spring vacations. The lodge prides itself on its conservation efforts as they boast a remarkable seed-to-table dining program.

All other activities offered on the tiny island are nature-oriented varying from boating to biking to laying out of the island’s pristine beach. Make sure to consider this quaint, rejuvenating United States vacation spot for your spring travel.

Halong Bay

Next up for our top relaxing spring vacations is located in the breathtakingly beautiful country of Vietnam.

Halong Bay boasts some of the world’s most awe-inspiring vacation spots with its jaw-dropping turquoise and emerald waters (as seen above). World-renowned as one of the world’s tops spots for sailing, make sure to rent or book an excursion on a relaxing and rejuvenating sailboat tour of the exquisite scenery in the area.

You will notice that many of the boats cruising by are built in the style of the old Chinese trading junks, while others may be more like the old-fashioned riverboats.

When you are not enjoying your spring getaway on the water, make sure to book a stay at one of the area’s top-rated resorts or hotels. Here you can enjoy loads of spa treatments or just rejuvenate in the comfort of your room, overlooking the beautiful Halong Bay.

There is nothing better than discovering the Bay through weaving in and out of the vibrant green limestone islands around the area while simply reflecting and relaxing on your vacation journey.

Lake Powell

Next up is another United States destination in the warm southwest region where you can watch your stress and worries melt away as one of the most relaxing spring vacations.

Lake Powell is one of the United States’ top destination for those looking for a warm, yet relaxing escape. While it may be popular for numerous houseboat owners, you can also rent and rejuvenate in one of these exquisite boats. Houseboats are totally enjoyable and are super easy to navigate after a quick lesson. Once you pick up all the tips and tricks, you can easily transform the houseboat into a full-service hotel room on the beautiful water.

Whether or not you decide to opt for a houseboat, you will be able to enjoy the breathtaking nearby scenery. With scenic red rock formations surrounding the massive lake, Lake Powell and the surrounding area serves visitors from around the world as they look to get more in touch with nature. Another must-do attraction in the region is kayaking the caves of Moki Canyon. Here you will discover Anasazi ruins and get the opportunity to fish for bass at the mouth of the canyon. With all these breathtaking attractions and more, who wouldn’t want to spend their relaxing spring vacation exploring what Lake Powell has to offer?

Whitsunday Island

Another one of the most relaxing spring vacations is in the Pacific Ocean is located in the vast country of Australia.

Whitsunday Island is one of Australia’s top rejuvenating destinations with awe-inspiring attractions. Made up of 74 Island Wonders, the Whitsundays are located right along Queensland’s tropical coast surrounded by the highly sought after Great Barrier Reef.

There is no better time to visit this colorful coral reef as increasing water temperatures are causing the organism to perish. As one of the top destinations to see before climate change impacts are irreversible, Whitsunday island also boasts loads of other attractions for vacationers visiting the island.

If you aren’t the SCUBA or snorkeling type, do not worry, Whitsunday Island has something for everyone. Home to one of the world’s most breathtaking secluded beaches, you are going to want to find your way to Whitehaven.

Consistently finding a spot amongst the top 10 most relaxing spring vacations on the planet, it is no wonder that Whitehaven’s white sand and striking turquoise waters attract thousands of visitors every year. For those looking for the best relaxing vacation spot possible, you will not be disappointed by this ultimate relaxation vacation destination.


Another one of our favorite relaxing spring vacations in the United States is found right along the coast of California’s vineyard region.

Sonoma County vineyards are world-renowned for their top-of-the-line wine and experiences they offer their visitors. While many may consider Napa as the nation’s capital for wine-production, you can consider Sonoma as Napa’s undersung little sister. That means you will be able to enjoy the breathtaking scenery and winemakers’ journey without the hustle and bustle of crazy bachelorette parties.

Plus, Sonoma County is committed to 100% sustainability as a goal to preserve the beautiful natural landscape and environment in the region. If you are not super into wine, do not worry. Sonoma boasts beautiful beaches and coastlines for you to explore in the area. Afterward, check out Sonoma’s delicious food scene with some tapas, barbeque, and farm-fresh cafe cuisine.


Would this collection of relaxing vacation spots for spring escapes truly be complete if we did not include breathtaking Iceland?

We didn’t think so. While many may be wary of this icy destination during the spring months, this beautiful country has something to offer its visitors year-round. While hikers may enjoy the summer months more than others when visiting Iceland, you will have a much higher chance of catching the northern lights during your stay which is an ultimate once-in-a-lifetime experience. The scenery of Iceland alone is enough for a stress-relief vacation.

The moment you step off your plane into Iceland’s magical landscape, you will have to pinch yourself to believe everything surrounding you is real. As all your worries melt away, you may want to see the extra-special spot in the country of the Snaefellsnes Peninsula. Go ahead and hop in a rental campervan in Iceland to explore the beautiful landscape. Only a couple of hours away from the popular capital city of Reykjavik, you can see all the highlights of the country in one spot. For a truly relaxing and rejuvenating travel experience, you will totally want to head over to the Blue Lagoons to take breathtaking pics and reflect on your life.

Sanibel Island

Our next relaxing getaway is again in the United States, right along the coast of the beautiful state of Florida.

Right off the coast of Fort Myers, this secluded, low-key island offers loads of rejuvenating and adventurous amenities to its visitors. Sanibel Island residents pride themselves on maintaining a casual lifestyle where you can truly relax and unwind. A shabby chic ocean vibe permeates the island with numerous galleries, restaurants, and shops found throughout the streets of Sanibel. You will notice as seashells cover every sandy and linoleum surface you walk across in this tropical escape.

After checking out what the town has to offer, make sure to head over to one of the island’s pristine,, white-sand beaches. Here you can let go of all your stress and worries in the midst of spring time. Sanibel’s rise to fame was its plentiful seashells found along the coast, so make sure to keep an eye out during your visit! As the best times to visit Sanibel Island are between December and April, why wouldn’t you want to explore this relaxing, oceanfront getaway?


Our next destination for your relaxing vacation experience is located in the beautiful country of Switzerland.

Highly sought after by snow sports enthusiasts and spa junkies alike, Zermatt offers world-class amenities to help anyone’s stress melt away on vacation. Check into a luxurious resort and watch people attempt the slopes from your balcony or hot tub during your relaxing spring vacation. You will absolutely fall in love with the laid-back lifestyle in Zermatt, especially with the Matterhorn as your serene backdrop.

If you are looking for an active experience without hitting the slopes, check out the area’s top hiking trails which head up the epic Matterhorn mountain. These gorgeous trails will bring you an opportunity to take in and appreciate the scenery and the crisp fresh air before returning down to the town. Once you get back, head over to one of the many decadent spas where you can indulge in anything and everything from mud facials to massages to a soothing Jacuzzi experience.


Our final destination on this list of the top relaxing vacation spots for the spring time is found along the northern coast of Georgia.

While Savannah is definitely one of the more popular spots to visit during the spring, you can still find pockets of peace throughout the beautiful city and region. Savannah’s palpable charm can allow the most restless minds to relax. Whether you are a history buff looking to immerse yourself in Georgia’s rich history or just looking for a quiet stroll around the quaint Spanish, moss-filled squares, I guarantee you will enjoy Savannah for your vacation.

Check into one of the area’s luxurious resorts or hotels to truly relax and rejuvenate during your stay in Savannah. For more affordable options, check out some of Savannah’s best Airbnb options.

After, unwind at the end of the day with a scrumptious farm-to-table meal at one of the city’s top-notch restaurants. To catch a breathtaking sunset, head over to nearby Tybee Island with a quick 18-mile drive southeast of Savannah. Once you eventually head home, you will be wanting to come back to this completely rejuvenating vacation spot for your next spring (or any season) travels.

Well, that’s the end! That completes the list of our favorite relaxing vacation spots for your next spring travel. Make sure to consider all of these spring travel ideas for your next Spring Break or getaway to truly rejuvenate and find inner peace before returning home.

If you need a little extra help planning, we offer a completely free travel planner and packing list for you to plan ahead of time to avoid unnecessary stress. Filled with itinerary details, budgeting planners, and packing help these free printables will truly come in handy.

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