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Outstanding United States Responsible Spring Break Road Trips

With the COVID-19 pandemic shattering the travel world as we know it, you may want to consider planning a responsible spring break for your next adventure.

With some helpful tips for a stress-free road trip and our handy free road trip planner, you will be all set on your responsible spring break adventure!

I have formulated the top road trip ideas for Spring Break that will be a safe alternative to traveling abroad. Down below you will notice 6 different road trips that you and your friends (or family) should totally explore and enjoy on your short break from school!

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Pacific Coast Highway

My all-time favorite responsible spring break road trip is along the West Coast of the United States on the world-renowned Pacific Coast Highway.

Why, you ask? Well, this magical journey will be solely along the magnificent Pacific Ocean where you have the potential to see ginormous whales, tall redwood trees, and pristine lakes all within days. Thus, it is not hard to see why the oh-so-popular and famous Pacific Coast Highway is considered one of the best drives in the entire world!

I highly suggest starting your adventure in San Diego where you can check out some of the best coastal views California has to offer. Then, you can head north and explore some of the best Los Angeles street art, San Luis Obispo, and the Hearst Castle.

After, continue north onto Highway One towards the comfy and charming coastal town of Monterey. Keep heading north past San Francisco if you are super ambitious to discover what northern California and even Oregon and Washington have to offer!

Blue Ridge Parkway

Our next favorite United States road trip that offers a super responsible spring break is on the complete opposite side of the country found along Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia.

Starting in Shenandoah National Park in Virginia, you will experience an epic journey along a 469-mile road bringing you to the Great Smokey Mountains National Park in North Carolina. Blue Ridge Parkway is the perfect way to escape for a week for countless adventures that you cannot find anywhere else. With a comfortable speed limit of 45 mph, you can truly admire one of the United States’ most scenic drives, lined with billboards and commercial traffic.

You will enjoy the beginning of your journey in either Boone or Cherokee where you can enjoy five and a half hours of mountainous terrain, breathtaking waterfalls, plenty of wildlife, and beautiful sourwoods.

Blue Ridge Parkway offers a large array of attractions and worthwhile sites that you will want to check out on your next Spring Break adventure. Make sure to consider this East Coast gem when planning your next responsible road trip.

Red Rock Country

Our next favorite responsible spring break road trip route on this list is located in the hot state of Arizona.

This 145-mile fabulous adventure is short, yet will leave you with memories you will remember for a lifetime. Starting your journey on Interstate 17, you will then proceed to a minor detour on Route 179 (also known as Red Rock Scenic Byway) and finally, on 89a to Flagstaff, Arizona. This perfect road trip totally deserves a spot on your bucket list of top 10 road trip itineraries.

Compared to the other dense green, humid, and colorful forests we have discussed above, this trip will bring you through vast desert terrain and around skyscraper-like rock formations. As these massive rock formations crown the horizon, you will feel as if you are being transported to another planet.

While you are in the area, make sure to stop and gawk at the Montezuma Castle National Monument. Later, head over to the Rock State Park where you can cool off on a natural waterslide to complete your once-in-a-lifetime road trip.

Olympic Peninsula

Our next bucket list responsible Spring Break road trip idea is on the West Coast of the United States in Washington state.

Starting in Seattle, you will commence a 330-mile loop journey to the Olympic Peninsula on Highway 101 through Junction 104. Whether you choose to go clockwise or counterclockwise, you are going to discover and enjoy fabulous views of the serene white mountain tops of the Olympic mountain ranges. Plus, you will notice stunning views of the picturesque shoreline of the Pacific Ocean on your road trip.

When on your Olympic journey, make sure to check out some of the countless gushing waterfalls and the “most beautiful lake in the United States” (Lake Crescent). In Olympic National Park you can enjoy a nice hike through the Hoh and Quinault rainforests that are located in the center of this breathtaking national park. Make sure to pack some hiking shoes or boots to prepare yourself for your outdoor adventure!

Route 66

This next responsible spring break road trip that you can responsibly enjoy is probably the most historic route in United States history.

Route 66, originally the go-to road between Chicago to Los Angeles, will take you a whopping 2,451 miles if you travel the entire distance. Now replaced by the new Interstate highway system, this is a much more efficient journey, however, you can still enjoy bits and pieces of the history behind this world-renowned passageway.

Route 66 in Arizona and other western states is super popular today with loads of remarkable highway towns, beautiful desolate desert plains, and tons of rich history. No matter where you are in the country, getting on this route should not be an issue. Whether seeing the sights of downtown Chicago, checking out St. Louis, or stopping in the world-renowned Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Route 66 should be on your bucket list for a road trip itinerary.

Outer Banks

My next favorite responsible spring break road trip idea for your epic Spring Break adventure is right along the Atlantic coast in North Carolina.

Outer Banks, North Carolina offers a breathtaking 100-mile journey along Highway 12 (also known as Ocean Front Highway 12) where you can enjoy either a rejuvenating or exhilarating experience depending on your preference. With loads of activities and attractions, your Spring Break can be customized exactly to what you are looking to do and feel.

With white sandy beaches, fishing villages, major tourist attractions, and historic colonial towns, Outer Banks is a perfect adventure waiting for you to explore next Spring Break. First, you must cross the Wright Memorial Bridge to Kitty Hawk. From there, you can head north on 12 to check out the duck beaches and cozy town of Corolla. Make sure to check out the Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge and the Cape Hatteras National Seashore on your journey back where you can check out some historic Outer Banks lighthouses.

That completes our list of the top, responsible Spring Break itineraries for your memorable road trip!

If you need any help planning your adventure, check out our free Road Trip Planner. Equipped with packing lists, pre-travel checklists, budget planners, and more, it will help a lot to be organized before and during your epic journey!

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