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Life Onboard the World Residences at Sea in 2024!

Love cruising, but hate the moment you have to leave your cruise ship for the last time?

Well, I have just the solution for you! The World Residences at Sea offers a private yacht and luxury vacation residence all in one. 

This international community of like-minded residents and guests spend their time extensively exploring the most exotic and exclusive cruise ports around the world!

History of The World

Our planet’s largest private residential ship was launched into the cruising realm in 2002. Coming in at 644 feet, these residences at sea offer plenty of space for avid cruisers to enjoy.

Since the World’s launch, this private residence cruise ship has continuously circumnavigated the globe, spending extensive time exploring the world’s most exotic and well-traveled ports.

While typical cruise lines curate the itinerary for you (with no input from passengers), the World: Residences at Sea operates a little differently. All cruise residents have direct input in the World’s 12-month itinerary every single year.

This year, because of the COVID pandemic, the residential cruise ship will run from April to December visiting four continents. Previously, the World Residences at Sea has sailed to all 7 continents which, yes, includes Antarctica.

the world residences at sea (2)

What’s Offered Onboard

With only 165 individual cruise homes, The World’s residents experience one of the most exclusive lifestyles on Earth.

With members from 19 countries owning their own residences on board, the ship caters to everyone’s luxury travel standards.


Listening to it’s earliest residents, The World: Residences at Sea developed an enrichment program unlike any other cruise ship sailing the high seas.

From educational programs to cultural discovery to culinary workshops, multiple departments located on The World have truly created an immersive enrichment program for all residents at sea to enjoy.

The World Nobel Laureate Lecture Series offers residents at sea to opportunity to truly connect with internationally-renowned Nobel Prize Laureates who are leaders in their own respective fields of economics, medicine, and science.

Other notable opportunities onboard the World through their Enrichment Program include guest musicians, onboard cultural performances, and in-depth workshops on photography, writing, painting, acting, and more!

the world residences at sea food
Culinary Experiences

Cruise residents and guests will fall in love with the food offered onboard The World.

Innovative culinary creations are the bare minimum The World’s mastered chefs ask their residents to expect, with delicious meals and workshops offered to delight their palates.

Whether choosing to dine in one of The World’s six unique onboard restaurants, or looking for a more intimate offering with meals prepared in your own private onboard residence, you will not be disappointed. 

Meals onboard The World are prepared with the freshest local ingredients hand-picked at the most recent port. Those ingredients, paired with unmatched passion and enthusiasm from The World’s chefs, create some, if not the, best cuisine at sea.

The World’s beverage team has been perfectly trained to combine the principles of modern mixology with the local spices and fruits from each port.

This means that you can enjoy a little piece of culture from every port you visit during your journey across the Earth on The World Residences at Sea.

The World prides itself on its award-winning wine program, offering an extensive wine list of well over 1,100 hand-picked bottles from 19 countries.

There is a massive wine cellar onboard capable of holding over 14,000 bottles. The World has been listed the Best Ship by The World of Fine Wine for the three years in a row with their impressive three-star status.

spa onboard The World
Spa & Wellness

Anyone who has been on a cruise ship knows how incredible having an onboard cruise spa is. Well, the creators of The World also knew this and took the concept of true luxury and bliss to the next level.

The first notable feature of The World Residences at Sea’s spa is its Bali beds. This highly coveted spa luxury offers the ultimate way to relax as you traverse the Earth over sea.

Later, you can head over to the relaxation room to mediate. The World is also home to Harmony, the ship’s non-denominational house of worship.

For those looking to focus on their health while living on a cruise ship can work with the onboard wellness team to develop a curated plan working closely with the food & beverage team to customize their health journey.

the world residences at sea yoga
Onboard Activities

While the main reason to purchase a residence at sea may be to explore all the top cruise ports throughout the world, you will be happy to know there will be plenty of onboard activities to enjoy during your days at sea.

There is an abundance of sports, fitness, and recreational activities onboard the World nestled around every corner.

For those looking to keep up with their golf or diving skills, there are plenty of resident pros and onboard clubs to prepare you for exploration of world-class golf courses and underrated dive sites on your journey.

If you prefer more leisurely activities, residents at sea can take part in kayaking and sailing right off the ship’s Marina deck. Other onboard activities include enjoying a game of tennis, an afternoon swim, or a yoga class.

The World Residences at Sea is also home to a full-size theater, Colosseo. Later, find an exciting novel to read at the onboard study. Other onboard activities include table tennis, darts, and billiards on a self-leveling table.

svalbard the World cruise

Once-in-a-Lifetime Adventures

Equipped with a qualified team of leading cruise industry experts, The World offers incredible expeditions for residents and guests to enjoy while living in their residences at sea.

This unparalleled enriching experience first prepares cruise residents with meaningful discussions on their upcoming cruise port through analyzing and reflecting on the port’s culture, history, natural environment, and flora and fauna.

Some of the most notable previous expeditions include visiting east Greenland, Namibia, Antarctica, the British Isles, Svalbard, the Falkland Islands, Madagascar, and the Northwest Passage.

Residents of The World experience remarkable journeys every year, working intimately with the ship’s captain and crew to develop an expedition hand-picking every destination on any continent. 

Whether enjoying a New Zealand cruise or cruising up the coast of Alaska, residents find the best spots to sail every year.

To read more about the amazing experiences enjoyed by the residents onboard, check out The World’s Living Journey Blog.

the world residences at sea homes

Residences at Sea

There are four different configurations of residences at sea for you to explore. With only 165 residences at sea, each one offers a unique story to have as a home.

The one guarantee is that you will wake up in new destinations as you sip on your morning coffee on your own private veranda!


Studio residences at sea may sound tiny, but in reality, they boast a more expansive room than most cruise ships sailing the high seas.

These residences are designed with relaxing neutral tones and classic contemporary decorations, allowing any prospective resident to feel comfortable and calm. These beautiful homes are complete with private verandas offering spectacular views of the sea and countless destinations along your journey.

One Bedroom

The World’s one-bedroom homes combine the intimacy of the onboard studios with the comfort and convenience of en-suite bathrooms with a separate lounge and kitchenette area.

You will also have a spacious living space and two or three separate verandas for you to enjoy the best views possible of the sea and your next destinations.

two bedroom

The two-bedroom residences at sea onboard the World truly encompass the feeling of being at home.

These massive residences are designed in a variety of configurations, many boasting massive, full-size kitchens. There are also expansive en-suite bathrooms for both the master and guest bedrooms, with ample veranda space to enjoy picturesque views of the sea and passing land.

three bedroom

The largest option onboard The World Residences at Sea is their three-bedroom homes.

The most distinctive feature of these suites is the inviting foyer both guests and residents are welcomed by as they enter the luxurious home. The three-bedroom residences at sea are equipped with gourmet, full-size kitchens filled with top-of-the-line appliances. Other features include three full bathrooms, a massive living space, and an expansive veranda.

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