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Top Attractions in Los Cabos, Mexico

Sun-kissed shores, crystal-clear waters, and a unique desert landscape that stretches as far as the eye can see — welcome to Los Cabos, Mexico.

This mesmerizing destination, located at the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula, effortlessly merges the tranquility of the Sea of Cortez with the vibrant energy of the Pacific Ocean.

Whether planning a Baja California Sur road trip or looking for a relaxing extended-stay on the beach, Los Cabos will not disappoint!

El Arco de Cabo San Lucas

Naturally, the attractions in Los Cabos happens to be right on the beautiful coast of the country.

A combination of history buffs, whale-watchers, and snorkelers can be found at this famous site as they flock to this magnificent natural rock formation. If you want a tour around the area, grab a tour guide who will bring you and explain the history behind Lovers Beach and Divorce Beach, ironically located right next to each other. If you are lucky, you will see tons of wildlife to include sealions, whales, and countless bird species.

If you are trying to see the sight further away from the shore, hop on a beautiful sunset cruise or in a glass-bottom boat. Either way, you will be amazed at how such a formation still stands today. Make sure to visit between the months of December and March to have the best chance of catching the popular whales who arrive in the area during the colder months


Los Cerritos Beach

Los Cabos is an excellent destination for a Mexico family beach vacation. Tucked away from the more bustling areas of Los Cabos, Cerritos Beach is an idyllic spot that offers a perfect blend of raw beauty, laid-back vibes, and thrilling water activities. Whether you’re an intrepid surfer searching for the next big wave or a sun-seeker looking to lay on golden sands, Cerritos won’t disappoint.

Cerritos Beach is renowned for its excellent Mexico surfing conditions. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner eager to ride your first wave, the beach offers opportunities for all. Numerous surf schools line the coast, offering lessons for those looking to learn.

Unlike some of the more commercial beaches around Los Cabos, Cerritos remains relatively untouched, preserving its natural charm. The Sierra de la Laguna mountains form a majestic backdrop to the beach, making it a picturesque spot for photographers and nature lovers. While the beach has retained its serene ambiance, there are still a handful of beachfront restaurants and bars to satiate your hunger after a long day in the sun. Enjoy fresh seafood, sip on a cold margarita, and let the sound of waves serenade you.

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San Jose del Cabo Main Square

Next on our tour of the top attractions in Los Cabos is a quaint town without the hustle and bustle found in nearby Cabo San Lucas. Being the main square in San Jose del Cabo, the square is a lovely place to visit to take in the culture of Mexico.

Known as a great place to enjoy both local foods and find family fun activities, the square will have something to do for everybody. This is a great place if you are looking to get some shopping down. Filled with quaint little shops, you are bound to find some secret gems strolling the streets of the square. If you are looking for a tour of the area, there are multiple historical and cultural walking tours offered for a small fee.

If you get the chance to visit San Jose del Cabo’s main square, make sure to come out on a Thursday. On Thursdays, the local artists come into the street and put on a quaint art gallery which is a must-see.

Cuadra San Francisco

Returning back to nature, this next step will have you wondering how Los Cabos was blessed with this beautiful landscape. As the only one of the attractions in Los Cabos that is a Professional Equestrian Center, you will find the Cuadra San Francisco located right between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo.

Curated for horse-lovers and nature buffs alike, this equestrian center has horses for all levels of experience. They offer private rides, professional guides, and beautiful, well-trained horses, creating an exhilarating experience for everyone. Once on your horse, you will follow your guide who will bring you through the hills of Los Cabos and then down onto the beach. While Los Cabos can be in the upper 90s in the heat of the day, you do not have to worry about that on this excursion. You will be pleasantly surprised at how they accommodate with water and shade.

Whether looking for a great outing with your kids or a romantic getaway with your loved one, this equestrian center has it all. If you are lucky you may even find yourself on a horse walking the shore during a colorful sunset.

Cabo Pulmo Marine Reserve

A little further away from the other attractions in Los Cabos, you will find yourself stumbling upon an outstanding marine reserve. Sitting right on the coast of Mexico, Cabo Pulmo Marine Reserve offers pristine beaches and wonderful marine wildlife.

You will find whales, tropical fishes, sea lions, and sea turtles alike here at the marine reserve. This is where you want to be if you want to snorkel or scuba dive. Filled with beautiful coral reefs, you are gonna want to head into the blue ocean waves to catch a glimpse at the famous ocean ecosystem.

If you are more of a beach lover, do not worry. The beach is just as beautiful as what is in the water. This beach tends to be less crowded than those found in central Los Cabos, so bring a small pop-up tent for a little shade with a cooler with your favorite drinks and lunch to spend a day here.

After leaving the marine reserve, make sure to stop in the small town of Cabo Pulmo. A lot of the tour companies are based here, but you will also find a couple of amazing restaurants boasting cold beer and awesome fish tacos

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Playa del Amor

The main attractions in Los Cabos and the neighboring area is riddled with beaches. Finding the perfect spot to spend the day can prove to be a challenging spot.

Playa del Amor is an ideal beach for swimming, tanning, and snorkeling. Surrounded by ginormous rock formations, this beach is also perfect for snapping cute vacation pics for Instagram or Facebook. This is a beautiful spot for anyone looking to spend time in the water.

Also known as lovers beach, it is best to be actually on the beach rather than viewing the beach from afar on one of the many boat tours offered in the area. The only way to get here is on a boat, so get a waterproof bag and pack a small cooler with snacks.

Also do not forget your towel, and if you burn in the sun, be sure to rent out an umbrella for the day.

For anyone wanting to escape their country for a while into a tropical paradise, Los Cabos fits the bill. Equipped with dozens of beaches and culture-filled experiences, make sure to put Los Cabos, Mexico at the top of your list.

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