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The Ultimate Northern Wisconsin Waterfall Road Trip

If you have ever been to Wisconsin, you have undoubtedly heard of or seen one of their countless magnificent waterfalls.

Typically local hidden gems, these waterfalls of Wisconsin will leave your jaw dropped.  After your visit, create a personalized waterfall photobook to cherish those memories.

This northern Wisconsin waterfall road trip hits up the best waterfalls in the state in one nice drive.

big manitou falls

Big Manitou Falls

Our first stop on our expedition through a northern Wisconsin waterfall road trip is the mighty Big Manitou Falls. Located in Superior Wisconsin, you will not want to miss this stop.

This Wisconsin waterfall stands at 165 feet living up to its title of “Wisconsin’s Tallest Waterfall”.

The easy way to enjoy this waterfall is following the signposted road and parking lot for Pattison State Park. There is a quaint picnic area and a small lookout area if you are planning a quick trip.

If you are looking to get a better view of the falls, there is another lookout located on the opposite side of the Black River with more open space to view the falls.

little manitou falls

Little Manitou Falls

Since we are already in Superior, we might as well see Big Manitou Falls counterpart, Little Manitou Falls on our northern Wisconsin waterfall road trip.

While still very respected in the realm of waterfalls, Little Manitou Falls drops only a mere 30 feet compared to its brother’s 135 feet.

These falls however are split creating a very scenic and noteworthy display in the park.

If you are lucky, you will find a way to the base of the waterfall where you can take in the upward view. If you want to take a hike reaching both of the Manitou Falls, lookout for the 3 mile round trip hike (1.5 miles both ways).

amnicon falls

Amnicon Falls

If you are looking to stop at a series of waterfalls, look no further. Amnicon Falls boasts a gorgeous string of falls throughout the State Park– perfect for a northern Wisconsin waterfall road trip.

With over 1.8 miles of hiking trails through the Wisconsin forest, you will find yourself observing the rapids of the river form into numerous waterfalls.

Not far from Superior in South Range, Amnicon makes the perfect next step in the road trip.

The falls are divided into both Upper and Lower Falls areas, and swimming is thankfully permitted in both.

saxon falls

Saxon Falls

The next stop is in Hurley, Wisconsin. Dropping over 90 feet, Saxon Falls is another must-see waterfall.

Being a large waterfall that formed on the Wisconsin/Michigan border, the gorge below the falls is one of the deepest in the Midwest.

Saxon is fairly difficult to get to, however, there is a nearby dam you can drive to where a trail to the falls starts. Thankfully, most of the trail is a boardwalk (on top of the diversion pipes).

You can view the falls from both the top and bottom, however, the top view is known to be especially spectacular.

Potato River Falls

After parking and following a short trail from the parking lot, you will find yourself overlooking the beautiful Potato River Falls.

Located in Gurney, Wisconsin, this is one of the most impressive waterfalls in the state. Potato River Falls is expansive, offering something for everyone who has a taste for adventure.

If you are tired of staying on the path in all the parks, this is the stop for you.

You are free to climb all over the falls as many small paths have already been made, just try to be a little careful to not loose a limb.

brownstone falls

Brownstone Falls

Standing at a mere 30 feet, Brownstone Falls is a must-see stop on a Wisconsin waterfall road trip, while at first, it may not seem that noteworthy.

However, this waterfall has proven to be very scenic as dozens visit a day during the summer months.

Located in the Copper Falls State Park, this falls is where Tyler’s Fork of the Bad River plunges into Bad River Gorge.

While you will have to pay a $10 a day fee to visit the park, there are fortunately other waterfalls in the area (including 2 others inside the park– Copper Falls and Red Granite Falls).

This waterfall is gorgeous, surrounded by reddish brown rock creating its reputation as one of the most scenic falls in Wisconsin.

morgan falls

Morgan Falls

Finishing up our tour on the Wisconsin waterfall road trip, we find ourselves at Morgan Falls. Located in Chequeamegon-Nicolet National Forest, this waterfall is characterized as tall, thin, and beautiful as the water gushes down the rock formations.

Starting on a forest road, this hike registers at only 1.2 miles roundtrip. The waterfall is a steep, narrow cascade that zig zags along the crevices in the rock.

With the main drop being 40 feet, the water finally finds itself in a small splash pool. Morgan Falls may be in a remote location, however, there are signs leading you exactly where you need to be.

Morgan Falls is our final stop in this quintessential road trip. This waterfall sticks out compared to the rest of the falls listed because of its characteristics. The narrow passages of water have formed fascinating rock formations which can be observed from the trail.

Are you ready to have a magical experience exploring the waterfalls of northern Wisconsin on this Wisconsin waterfall road trip?

This exciting road trip with prove to be quintessential as you travel dirt roads and remote trails in order to discover what very few have ever seen.

Be sure to grab your camera, and again, your swimsuit, to remember this amazing trip for a lifetime.

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