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Emerald Princess Cabins to Avoid: Our Expert Review

Choosing the right cabin on the Emerald Princess is crucial for a memorable cruise experience. Specifically on the Emerald Princess, it’s important to do your research and avoid undesirable options.

Selecting the wrong cabin can have a significant impact on your overall enjoyment during your time at sea. Just like how you don’t want to forget those top cruise essentials, you will also want to review the top cabins to avoid.

To ensure you make the most of your time aboard, this article will guide you through which Emerald Princess cabins to avoid.

Emerald Princess Cabins to Avoid

Balcony rooms to avoid on Emerald Princess

If you’re planning a cruise on the Emerald Princess, it’s important to choose the right cabin that suits your preferences and needs.

While many balcony rooms offer breathtaking views and a serene experience, there are certain cabins that may not be ideal for everyone.

Potential issues with certain balcony cabins

  1. Obstructed view: Some balcony cabins on the Emerald Princess may have obstructed views due to lifeboats or other structures blocking parts of the scenery. These cabins can limit your view and may not provide the picturesque experience you were hoping for.
  2. Noise concerns: Certain balcony cabins might be located near high-traffic areas such as elevators, stairwells, or public spaces. This proximity can result in increased noise levels, making it challenging for light sleepers or those seeking tranquility.
  3. Privacy limitations: It’s essential to consider privacy when choosing a balcony cabin. Some rooms may have neighboring balconies that are easily visible from one another, compromising your privacy during your cruise.
  4. Motion discomfort: If you’re prone to motion sickness or sensitive to movement, selecting a balcony cabin towards the front or back of the ship may not be ideal. These areas tend to experience more rocking motion compared to midship cabins.

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Tips for avoiding disappointing balcony rooms

  1. Research deck plans: Before booking your cabin on the Emerald Princess, take some time to study the ship’s deck plans carefully. Look for potential obstructions or noisy areas near your desired cabin location.
  2. Read reviews: Reading reviews from previous cruisers can provide valuable insights into specific balcony cabins and their pros and cons. Look out for mentions of obstructed views, noise issues, or any other concerns you may have.
  3. Consult with a travel agent: If you’re unsure about which balcony cabin to choose, consider consulting with a knowledgeable travel agent who specializes in cruises. They can provide expert advice and help you select the best cabin based on your preferences and budget.
  4. Consider midship cabins: Midship cabins are generally considered more stable and experience less motion compared to cabins located towards the front or back of the ship. Opting for a midship balcony room can help minimize the risk of motion discomfort.
  5. Upgrade if necessary: If you find that your initial choice of balcony cabin may not meet your expectations, be open to upgrading to a different room category or deck level. This way, you can ensure a more enjoyable and satisfying cruise experience.

Remember, everyone has different preferences. While some may prioritize an unobstructed view, others might prioritize privacy or minimal noise levels.

By considering these potential issues and following our traveling tips, you’ll be better equipped to avoid booking a balcony room on the Emerald Princess that might disappoint you.

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Review of Mini Suite, Inside, and Balcony Cabins

If you’re planning a cruise on the Emerald Princess, it’s important to know about the different cabin options available. Let’s take a closer look at the Mini Suite, Inside, and Balcony cabins and what they have to offer.

Mini Suite

The Mini Suite is a step up from the standard balcony cabin and provides more space for your comfort. These cabins are perfect for those who want a little extra room to relax and unwind. Some key features of the Mini Suite include:

  • A separate sitting area with a sofa bed
  • A larger bathroom with a bathtub
  • Enhanced amenities like upgraded toiletries and priority embarkation/disembarkation


  • More spacious than standard balcony cabins
  • Separate sitting area for added comfort
  • Upgraded amenities for a touch of luxury


  • Higher price compared to standard balcony cabins
  • Limited availability due to popularity

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Inside Cabins

Inside cabins, also known as interior rooms or interior staterooms, are the most affordable option on the Emerald Princess. These cabins do not have windows or balconies but still offer comfortable accommodations. Here are some things to consider about inside cabins:

  • Cozy and quiet atmosphere without natural light
  • Perfect for travelers who prioritize budget-friendly options
  • Access to all ship amenities despite lack of view


  • Most affordable option on the ship
  • Ideal for those who spend less time in their cabin and more time exploring the ship’s offerings


  • Lack of natural light can be off-putting for some guests
  • Smaller size compared to other cabin types

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Balcony Cabins

Balcony cabins provide guests with their own private outdoor space where they can enjoy stunning ocean views and fresh air. These premium balcony cabins offer an elevated experience with additional perks such as:

  • Spacious balconies with seating areas
  • Priority dining and spa reservations
  • Complimentary access to the Lotus Spa Thermal Suite


  • Breathtaking ocean views from your private balcony
  • Extra space to relax and enjoy the scenery
  • Enhanced amenities and privileges for a luxurious experience


  • Higher price compared to inside cabins or standard balcony cabins
  • Limited availability during peak travel seasons

When choosing between Mini Suite, Inside, and Balcony cabins on the Emerald Princess, consider your budget, preferences, and how much time you plan to spend in your cabin. Each option offers its own unique advantages and disadvantages.

Remember that availability may vary depending on the ship’s occupancy and demand, so it’s always a good idea to book early if you have a specific cabin type in mind. Whether you’re looking for affordability, extra space, or breathtaking views, there’s a cabin option on the Emerald Princess that will suit your needs.

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Free Cabin Upgrades and Insiders Cruise Line Guide

If you’re planning a cruise vacation on the Emerald Princess, you might be wondering how to score a free cabin upgrade.

Explore Opportunities for Free Cabin Upgrades on Emerald Princess

Who doesn’t love getting something extra for free? Scoring a complimentary cabin upgrade can enhance your overall experience. Here are some strategies to increase your chances of getting an upgrade:

  1. Book early: The early bird catches the worm! Booking your cruise well in advance increases the likelihood of securing a better cabin category.
  2. Join loyalty programs: If you’ve sailed with Princess Cruises or any other cruise lines before, make sure to sign up for their loyalty programs. Past cruisers often receive additional perks, including priority.
  3. Be flexible: If you have some flexibility with your travel dates or destinations, consider booking during off-peak seasons or less popular itineraries. This can sometimes lead to higher chances of snagging an upgraded cabin.
  4. Upgrade auctions: Some cruise lines offer upgrade auctions where passengers can bid for higher-category cabins at discounted rates. Keep an eye out for these opportunities and participate if available.

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Gain Insights from Insiders’ Cruise Line Guide

To ensure that you choose the best possible cabin for your needs and preferences, it’s essential to gather insider knowledge about the different types of cabins available on the Emerald Princess. Here are some key factors to consider:

  1. Cabin location: Take note of where the cabins are situated on the ship. Cabins located near public areas such as elevators or theaters may experience more noise and foot traffic.
  2. Cabin size: Different cabin categories offer varying sizes and layouts. Balcony cabins, for example, provide outdoor space to relax and enjoy the view, while interior cabins are typically more compact.
  3. Amenities and perks: Higher-category cabins often come with additional perks such as priority boarding, access to exclusive lounges or restaurants, and enhanced bathroom amenities.
  4. Price vs. value: Consider your budget and weigh it against the value you’ll receive from upgrading to a higher-category cabin. Sometimes the price difference may not be worth the additional benefits.

Making Informed Decisions

By combining these strategies with insights from insiders’ cruise line guide, you can make informed decisions when selecting your cabin on the Emerald Princess. Remember that while free upgrades are never guaranteed, being proactive and flexible can increase your chances of enjoying a wonderful cruise holiday in an upgraded cabin.

So start planning your next cruise adventure on the Emerald Princess today! Whether you’re a seasoned cruiser or embarking on your first voyage at sea, exploring opportunities for free cabin upgrades is always worth a shot.

Emerald Princess cabins to avoid

Relaxed Atmosphere on Emerald Princess, Deck Plan Highlights

If you’re looking for a cruise ship that offers a relaxed and serene atmosphere, look no further than the Emerald Princess. This beautiful ship provides the perfect setting for unwinding and enjoying your vacation to the fullest. Let’s explore some of the deck plan highlights that contribute to this tranquil ambiance.

Experience the Relaxed Atmosphere Onboard Emerald Princess

The Emerald Princess is part of the Princess Cruises fleet, known for its exceptional service and luxurious amenities. This ship, along with its sister ships in the class like Regal Princess and Crown Princess, offers a wide range of great features designed to provide guests with an unforgettable experience.

One aspect that contributes to the relaxed atmosphere on the Emerald Princess is its spacious cabins. These well-appointed accommodations offer a comfortable retreat where you can rest and recharge after a day of exploring. The natural light streaming in through large windows creates a soothing ambiance, allowing you to wake up refreshed and ready for another day at sea.

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Discover Highlights of Deck Plans That Contribute to a Serene Ambiance

There are several deck plan highlights worth mentioning:

  1. The Sanctuary: This adults-only retreat is located on the top deck of the ship and provides a peaceful oasis where you can relax in private cabanas or lounge chairs while enjoying breathtaking ocean views.
  2. Lotus Spa: Indulge in some pampering at this serene spa facility offering a variety of rejuvenating treatments such as massages, facials, and body wraps. Treat yourself to ultimate relaxation while surrounded by calming music and aromatherapy scents.
  3. The Piazza: Located in the heart of the ship, this vibrant atrium area offers live music performances, cozy seating areas, and specialty coffee shops where you can sit back and watch as people go by.
  4. The Conservatory: This enclosed area on the ship’s top deck is filled with lush greenery and offers a serene environment where you can enjoy a quiet moment surrounded by nature.

Areas That Offer Tranquility and Relaxation Away from Crowded Spaces

On a cruise ship, it’s understandable that some areas may get crowded at times, especially during peak hours. However, there are ways to find tranquility and relaxation away from these bustling spaces:

  1. Early morning or late evening: Take advantage of quieter times when many people are still asleep or enjoying dinner. Head to the upper decks to catch a breathtaking sunrise or stargaze under the night sky.
  2. Less popular venues: Explore different areas of the ship that may be less frequented by other passengers, such as smaller lounges or outdoor decks tucked away from the main attractions.
  3. Spa facilities: Book a spa treatment during off-peak hours for a more peaceful experience. Enjoy access to amenities like thermal suites, whirlpools, and saunas that provide ultimate relaxation.

Remember, while it’s essential to find peaceful spots onboard, don’t forget to explore all the fantastic activities and entertainment options available on the Emerald Princess. Strike a balance between relaxation and excitement to make the most of your cruise experience.

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Cabins Under the Lido Deck, Pool Deck, and Theatre

There are certain areas you may want to avoid. One such area is under the Lido Deck. These cabins are located directly below the deck where all the action happens, and this can lead to some potential drawbacks.

Potential Drawbacks of Cabins Under the Lido Deck

  1. Noise Concerns: Since the Lido Deck is a hub of activity with restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues, cabins situated directly underneath may experience noise issues. The sound of footsteps, chairs being moved around, and music can be disruptive for those seeking peace and quiet in their rooms.
  2. Lack of Privacy: Cabins under the Lido Deck often have balconies that are visible from above due to their proximity to public areas. This means that passengers in these cabins may have less privacy compared to cabins located on higher decks.
  3. Limited Views: Another drawback of cabins under the Lido Deck is that they may offer limited views or obstructed sightlines due to their proximity to structures like pool area roofs or overhangs.

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Considerations when Booking Cabins near Pool Deck or Theatre Areas

If you’re considering booking a cabin near the Pool Deck or Theatre areas on the Emerald Princess ship, there are a few factors you should keep in mind:

  1. Noise Levels: Both the Pool Deck and Theatre areas tend to be lively spots with various activities taking place throughout the day and evening. While this can be exciting for those who enjoy being in the heart of things, it’s important to note that noise levels may be higher in these areas compared to other sections of the ship.
  2. Proximity to Amenities: Being close to both the Pool Deck and Theatre has its advantages as well. You’ll have easy access to amenities like swimming pools, hot tubs, and live entertainment. If you enjoy spending time in these areas and want to be conveniently located near them, booking a cabin nearby can be a good option.
  3. Deck Chair Traffic: Cabins near the Pool Deck may also experience increased foot traffic as passengers move around to find available deck chairs or access the pool area. This can result in more people passing by your cabin throughout the day.

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Other Factors that May Affect Cabin Experience

In addition to the specific areas mentioned above, there are other factors that may affect your cabin experience on the Emerald Princess:

  1. Aft Balconies: Some cabins on the ship have aft-facing balconies, which offer stunning views of the ocean but may also be subject to more movement from engine vibrations or wind turbulence compared to cabins with side-facing or forward-facing balconies.
  2. Stern Balconies: Similar to aft balconies, stern-facing balconies provide breathtaking views but can also be exposed to more wind due to their location at the back of the ship.
  3. Location of Public Spaces: It’s worth considering how close your chosen cabin is to public spaces like elevators, stairwells, or laundry rooms. While convenient access might be desirable for some, it could lead to increased noise and foot traffic near your room.

When selecting a cabin on the Emerald Princess cruise ship, it’s essential to weigh these considerations against your personal preferences for privacy, noise levels, and convenience. By doing so, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your desired cruise experience.

Emerald Princess Cabins to Avoid

Tips for Avoiding Undesirable Cabins

Congratulations! You’ve made it through the sections discussing various cabins to avoid on the Emerald Princess. By now, you should have a good understanding of which cabins may not meet your preferences or expectations. Armed with this knowledge, you’re well-equipped to make an informed decision when selecting your cabin.

Now that you know what to avoid, let’s focus on finding the perfect cabin for your upcoming cruise. Consider factors like location, amenities, and personal preferences.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to the cruise line or consult with a travel agent who can provide expert advice tailored to your needs. Remember, choosing the right cabin can greatly enhance your overall cruising experience!

FAQs on Emerald Princess Cabins to Avoid

Can I request a specific cabin location on the Emerald Princess?

Absolutely! While there is no guarantee that you’ll get your requested cabin location, many cruise lines allow guests to make such requests during the booking process. It’s always worth asking and providing any specific preferences you may have.

Are all balcony rooms on the Emerald Princess undesirable?

No, not all balcony rooms are undesirable. The article highlights certain balcony rooms that may be less desirable due to their proximity to noisy areas or obstructed views. However, there are many other balcony rooms available on the ship that offer fantastic views and a peaceful atmosphere.

How do I upgrade my cabin for free on the Emerald Princess?

Free cabin upgrades are often offered by cruise lines as promotions or perks for loyal customers. While it’s not guaranteed, there is a chance of receiving a complimentary upgrade if you book at the right time or join loyalty programs offered by the cruise line.

What is Club Class Mini Suite on the Emerald Princess?

Club Class Mini Suites are a premium accommodation option available on the Emerald Princess. These suites come with exclusive perks such as priority embarkation and disembarkation, enhanced dining options, and dedicated staff to cater to your needs.

Can I book a cabin on the Emerald Princess directly with the cruise line?

Yes, you can book a cabin directly with the cruise line either through their website or by contacting their customer service. However, it’s also worth considering consulting with a travel agent who can provide additional assistance and potentially offer exclusive deals or upgrades.