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Worst Liberty of the Seas Rooms to Avoid: The Inside Scoop!

Stepping aboard the Royal Caribbean’s Liberty of the Seas is akin to entering a floating city teeming with endless fun, boundless luxury, and diverse entertainment.

This comprehensive guide navigates through the extensive array of Liberty of the Seas rooms to avoid (or book!), focusing on those areas that might not provide the peace or convenience you desire.

Liberty of the Seas cabins to avoid

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Room

Selecting the perfect room on Liberty of the Seas can be a bit like finding a needle in a haystack if you’re not equipped with the right information.

However, knowing what to look for can significantly narrow down your options and lead you to a choice that will enhance your cruising experience. Here are some critical factors to keep in mind:

Proximity to Amenities

  • Determine what amenities you plan to use the most during your cruise.
  • Look for rooms that are conveniently located near these amenities without being so close that you’re disturbed by the noise.

Noise Levels

  • Noise can be a significant issue, especially near high-traffic areas such as elevators, stairwells, or entertainment venues.
  • Rooms located near the engines or under the pool deck can also experience higher noise levels.

Liberty of the Seas rooms to avoid


  • A room with a view can dramatically enhance your cruising experience.
  • Be cautious of rooms with obstructed views or those facing inward.

Size and Layout of Room

  • Room sizes and layouts can vary even within the same price category.
  • Review deck plans and room layouts to ensure you’re getting the space you desire.


  • If you or someone in your party has mobility issues, accessibility will be a critical factor.
  • Look for rooms near elevators and avoid those with tight spaces or that are far from key areas on the ship.

These factors play a crucial role in determining how much you will enjoy your cruise. A room that is too noisy, too small, or too far from the activities and amenities you plan to enjoy can negatively impact your cruise experience.

On the other hand, a well-chosen room can serve as a quiet retreat and convenient base for your adventures on board Liberty of the Seas and in the various ports you will visit.

Liberty of the Seas rooms to avoid

Overview of Room Categories on Liberty of the Seas

The Liberty of the Seas, being a marvel of marine engineering, offers a variety of room categories to cater to diverse preferences and budgets.

Each category comes with its set of perks and quirks. Here’s a breakdown to help you navigate through the options:


  • Luxury at its finest, cruises with suites offer spacious accommodations with additional amenities such as concierge service, priority boarding, and disembarkation.
  • They often come with expansive balconies offering breathtaking views of the ocean.

Balcony Rooms

  • A step down from the suites, balcony rooms offer a private outdoor space to enjoy the sea breeze.
  • They provide a cozy, comfortable space with a decent amount of room to move around.

man sleeping comfortably

Ocean View Rooms

  • These rooms come with a window or porthole overlooking the ocean, providing a serene view without the price tag of a balcony.
  • They are often located at lower decks, which could be a plus or minus depending on personal preference.

Interior Rooms

  • The most budget-friendly option, interior rooms lack a window but provide a comfortable, compact space for those who plan to spend most of their time exploring the ship and shore excursions.
  • Some interior rooms come with virtual balconies, providing a real-time view of the outside on a large screen.

Each of these room categories has its advantages and could be the perfect fit depending on your cruising priorities. However, not all rooms within these categories are created equal.

The location of your room on the ship can significantly impact your experience due to noise, distance from amenities, and other factors.

As you explore these room categories, keep in mind the factors discussed in the previous section. The layout of the ship, the proximity of rooms to high-traffic areas, and the orientation of the room can all have a bearing on your overall cruising experience.

Liberty of the Seas rooms to avoid

Notable Areas on The Ship

The Liberty of the Seas is a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be uncovered. Its vast expanse houses a myriad of entertainment, dining, and relaxation zones.

Knowing what lies where is crucial as it will help you choose a room that’s in sync with your activity preferences. Here’s a look at some notable areas aboard the ship:

Dining Areas

  • With an array of restaurants and eateries, knowing where your preferred dining spots are located can help you choose a room nearby, saving you a trek across the ship come mealtime.

cruise ship lounge

Entertainment Venues

  • The Royal Caribbean ship boasts various entertainment venues including a theater, ice skating rink, and nightclubs. While being near the action can be convenient, it might also entail dealing with noise and crowds.

Pools and Outdoor Areas

  • The pool decks, water slides, and sports courts are buzzing with activity during the day. If you plan to spend much of your time here, a room nearby might be convenient. However, rooms directly under these areas might suffer from noise disturbances.

Spa and Fitness Center

  • For those looking to maintain their fitness routine or indulge in spa treatments, having a room near the spa and fitness center might be appealing.

Each of these areas has its own set of advantages and disadvantages when it comes to choosing a room nearby. Some cruisers might prefer being close to the action (important for formal night!), while others may prioritize a peaceful, quiet location away from the hustle and bustle.

Now that we have a fair idea about the ship’s layout let’s delve into specifics on which rooms to steer clear of to ensure a tranquil retreat amidst the lively ambiance that the Liberty of the Seas embodies.

Liberty of the Seas rooms to avoid

Liberty of the Seas Rooms to Avoid

Aboard the grand Liberty of the Seas, not all rooms are cut from the same cloth. Some could have you sleeping like a baby amidst tranquil surroundings, while others might be in the heart of hustle and bustle.

Here’s a rundown on the rooms you might consider avoiding based on various factors:

Proximity to Noise Sources

  1. Rooms near elevators and stairwells:
    • These areas tend to see a lot of foot traffic at all hours, which could be a noise nuisance.
  2. Rooms above or below noisy venues (e.g., clubs, theaters, gym):
    • The noise from music, chatter, and fitness equipment could be bothersome, especially during the night or early morning.
  3. Rooms near crew areas or service doors:
    • Crew activities can start early in the morning and go late into the night, leading to potential noise disruptions.

Obstructed Views

  1. Rooms with lifeboats, slides, or other structures blocking the view:
    • Not all rooms with a view are created equal; some may have obstructed views which could dampen the experience.

balconies on side of ship

Far from Amenities

  1. Rooms far from dining, entertainment, or outdoor areas:
    • The long trek to get to key areas of the ship multiple times a day could become tiresome.

Smaller or Oddly Shaped Rooms

  1. Rooms that are smaller than average or have odd shapes:
    • They might offer less living space and could feel cramped.

Accessibility Concerns

  1. Rooms not suitable for guests with mobility issues:
    • Lack of accessibility features and long distances to key areas could be challenging for guests with mobility issues.

The aim is to choose a room that will complement your cruising adventure rather than hinder it. It’s advisable to consult the deck plans, read reviews, and even contact the cruise line or a travel agent to get a clear picture of what to expect.

rooms to avoid from outside

Tips on Selecting a Better Room

A wise room selection can be the difference between a delightful cruise and a voyage filled with minor annoyances.

Here are some tips to help you navigate the room selection process and secure a peaceful retreat aboard the Liberty of the Seas:

  1. Booking Early:
    • The early bird catches the worm! Booking early provides a wider selection of rooms, allowing you to pick a location that’s ideal for your needs.
  2. Utilizing Deck Plans and Virtual Tours:
    • Familiarize yourself with the ship’s layout by studying deck plans available on the Royal Caribbean’s website. Virtual tours can also provide a realistic feel of the room and its surroundings.
  3. Consulting with Travel Agents:
    • Travel agents with cruise expertise can provide invaluable advice on room selection, often from personal experience.
  4. Reading Reviews and Testimonials from Past Guests:
    • Hearing from others who have sailed on Liberty of the Seas can provide insights into which rooms to avoid and which areas are preferable.
  5. Considering Upgrade Offers:
    • If budget allows, consider upgrading to a higher category for additional comfort and better locations aboard the ship.
  6. Checking the Proximity to Amenities:
    • Based on your preferences, check the proximity of potential rooms to the amenities you plan to use most.
  7. Evaluating Accessibility:
    • If you or someone in your party has mobility concerns, ensure the room and its location are suitable for easy access.
  8. Avoiding Rooms with Connecting Doors if Privacy is a Priority:
    • Rooms with connecting doors can be less soundproof, which might affect your peace and privacy.
  9. Checking for Recent Refurbishments:
    • Rooms in recently refurbished areas of the ship may offer a fresher, more modern environment.

Your room on Liberty of the Seas is more than just a place to sleep; it’s your home away from home as you sail across the seas. Investing time in choosing the right room can significantly enhance your cruising experience, making your voyage on Liberty of the Seas a memorable adventure.

best rooms

Best Rooms on Liberty of the Seas

Embarking on a cruise aboard Liberty of the Seas is an exciting adventure, and the room you choose can significantly enhance your experience.

Here’s a curated list of some of the best rooms and suites that offer comfort, tranquility, and delightful views:

  1. Royal Suites:
    • The epitome of luxury, Royal Suites are spacious and come with a range of exclusive amenities and services, not to mention breathtaking ocean views from private balconies.
  2. Owner’s Suites:
    • Offering a blend of luxury and homely comfort, Owner’s Suites are generously sized with a separate living area and private balcony.
  3. Grand Suites:
    • With ample space, a private balcony, and access to concierge services, Grand Suites are a great choice for travelers seeking a lavish yet cozy retreat.
  4. Panoramic Ocean View Staterooms:
    • These rooms provide stunning, unobstructed views of the ocean through floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing guests to soak in the maritime scenery from the comfort of their rooms.
  5. Spacious Balcony Staterooms:
    • Offering more space than standard balcony staterooms, these rooms are perfect for those who enjoy outdoor relaxation without compromising indoor comfort.
  6. Promenade Staterooms:
    • For those who love to people-watch and feel the energy of the ship, Promenade Staterooms offer a unique view over the Royal Promenade, creating a lively atmosphere.
  7. Central Park View Staterooms with Balcony:
    • Providing a tranquil view of Central Park, these rooms are ideal for those who prefer a serene, garden-like setting.
  8. Family Ocean View Staterooms:
    • Designed for families, these staterooms provide extra space and additional bedding, making them a convenient choice for those traveling with children.
  9. Accessible Staterooms:
    • Specially designed for guests with mobility issues, accessible staterooms offer wider doorways, ramped bathroom thresholds, and more turning space.
  10. Virtual Balcony Staterooms:
  • A budget-friendly choice, virtual balcony staterooms offer real-time ocean views on a floor-to-ceiling HD screen, providing a sense of openness in an interior room setting.

Selecting a room that aligns with your preferences and cruising style can significantly enhance your voyage on Liberty of the Seas.

Whether you fancy a room with a view, a spacious suite, or a cozy interior stateroom, the right room awaits to make your cruise an unforgettable journey.

Liberty of the Seas cabins to avoid


Embarking on a journey aboard the Liberty of the Seas is akin to stepping into a world filled with adventure, relaxation, and the promise of unforgettable memories.

Choosing the perfect room is an art, blending personal preferences with informed decisions. Whether you yearn for the tranquil embrace of a serene suite or the lively buzz of a promenade stateroom, there’s a room waiting for you on Liberty of the Seas.

Your journey through the waves is beckoned by the call of the sea, and as you answer it, may your choice of room on Liberty of the Seas be the cornerstone of a delightful and awe-inspiring voyage.

So, with the worst Liberty of the Seas rooms to avoid reviewed, let the allure of the ocean enthrall your senses as you sail smoothly towards an escapade filled with exploration, relaxation, and jubilation aboard this majestic vessel.

FAQs on Liberty of the Seas Rooms to Avoid

What are the noisiest areas on Liberty of the Seas?

  • The areas around elevators and stairwells, above or below lively venues like clubs and theaters, and near crew service areas tend to experience more noise due to foot traffic and activities happening throughout the day and night.

Are interior staterooms too claustrophobic?

  • This can vary greatly from person to person. Some may find interior staterooms to be cozy and sufficient, while others might feel a bit confined due to the lack of natural light and exterior views. It’s advisable to consider a virtual balcony room if you’re on a budget but wary of the enclosed space.

Is it worth it to upgrade to a room with a balcony?

  • Many guests find that having a private balcony significantly enhances their cruising experience by providing personal outdoor space and beautiful ocean views. However, the value of a balcony may depend on personal preferences and the itinerary – on scenic cruises or warm weather itineraries, a balcony can be especially enjoyable.

What is the difference between a standard and a spacious balcony stateroom?

  • Spacious balcony staterooms offer more square footage both in the room and on the balcony compared to standard balcony staterooms, providing a bit more room to stretch out.

Are lower deck rooms less desirable than higher deck rooms?

  • Lower deck rooms can actually be quite stable and often experience less movement, which can be beneficial for guests prone to seasickness. However, they may be further from top deck amenities and may experience more noise from the engines or anchor.

How can I ensure I choose a quiet room?

  • Studying the deck plans, reading reviews from past guests, consulting with a travel agent, and calling the cruise line to inquire about particular rooms or areas of the ship can help you make an informed decision for a quieter room.

Are accessible rooms only available to guests with disabilities?

  • Yes, accessible rooms are designed to accommodate guests with disabilities, and proof of disability may be required to book these rooms.

Do all rooms come with a mini-fridge?

  • Most rooms on Liberty of the Seas come equipped with a mini-fridge, but it’s always a good idea to check the specific amenities of the room category you are considering.

Can I request a room change if I’m unhappy with my initial assignment?

  • While room changes can be requested, they are subject to availability and may incur additional charges. It’s always best to do thorough research and choose a room you’ll be happy with from the start.

Are there adjoining rooms available for families or larger groups?

  • Yes, Liberty of the Seas offers adjoining rooms which are perfect for families or groups who want to stay close together while still enjoying some privacy.

Is room service available and what are the costs associated?

  • Room service is available, although the offerings and costs may vary. It’s advisable to check the latest information on Royal Caribbean’s website or contact them directly for current room service policies.

Can I choose a specific room number when booking?

  • Yes, you can choose a specific room number when booking, subject to availability. It’s advisable to book early if you have a particular room in mind.

How often are the rooms cleaned during the cruise?

  • Rooms are typically cleaned at least once a day, although you can request additional cleanings if necessary.

Are there laundry facilities near the rooms?

  • Laundry services are available on board for a fee, but self-service laundromats are not provided. It’s advisable to check the latest information regarding laundry services on the Royal Caribbean’s website.

What’s the difference between a guarantee stateroom and choosing a room?

  • When you choose a guarantee stateroom, you’re selecting a category (like interior, ocean view, or balcony), but not a specific room. The cruise line assigns your room, and you usually receive a discounted rate. Choosing a room allows you to select a specific room number at the time of booking.

Are the rooms soundproof?

  • While rooms on Liberty of the Seas are designed to minimize noise, they are not completely soundproof. It’s advisable to avoid rooms near high-traffic or noisy areas if you’re a light sleeper.

Is there Wi-Fi in the rooms?

  • Yes, Wi-Fi is available in the rooms. However, there may be a cost associated depending on the internet package you choose.

Are the outlets in the rooms compatible with U.S. plugs?

  • Yes, the outlets in the rooms on Liberty of the Seas are typically compatible with U.S. plugs, but it’s always a good idea to bring a universal adapter just in case.

Are there safes in the rooms for valuables?

  • Yes, rooms on Liberty of the Seas are equipped with safes where you can store your valuables.

Each of these answers seeks to provide a clearer understanding of what to expect from the rooms on Liberty of the Seas. With the right room choice, every day at sea can feel like home, cradling you in comfort as you sail towards new horizons.