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Marella Explorer 2 Cabins to Avoid!

Embarking on a Marella cruises journey across the seas is an enchanting experience, a chance to escape the land’s relentless rush and embrace the soothing rhythm of the waves.

Just like how you don’t want to forget those top cruise essentials, you will also want to review the top cabins to avoid.

This comprehensive guide aims to navigate through the deck plans of Marella Explorer 2, spotlighting those cabins that might not live up to expectations. So buckle up and let’s dive into the Marella Explorer 2 cabins to avoid!

Marella Explorer 2 rooms to avoid

Understanding the Layout of Marella Explorer 2

Navigating through the deck plans of a cruise ship might seem like unchartered waters, especially if it’s your first time cruising.

However, having a basic understanding of the Marella Explorer 2’s layout is your compass to making a wise cabin choice. This section aims to help familiarize you with the general layout, ensuring you can steer clear of potentially unsavory cabin locations.

Deck Plans and General Layout

Marella Explorer 2, a vessel boasting an array of modern amenities and diverse cabin options, spreads its offerings across multiple cruise decks.

Each deck is meticulously designed to provide a balance of public spaces and private cabins, all aimed at ensuring passengers can revel in both the community feel of the ship and the privacy of their retreats.

Understanding the deck plans will give you a visual guide on where each cabin is located in relation to key ship facilities like restaurants, entertainment venues, pools, and service areas.

Deck plans are typically available on the Marella Cruises’ official website or through your travel agent.

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Categories of Cabins and Their Locations

Cabins on Marella Explorer 2 are categorized based on their size, amenities, and location on the ship. The categories range from Inside Cabins, which are the most budget-friendly, to the extravagant Suites with balconies, providing a varying degree of luxury and space.

The location of these cabins on the ship plays a pivotal role in the level of convenience and comfort you’ll experience during your voyage. For instance, cabins closer to the center of the ship tend to experience less motion, a boon for those with seasickness.

Similarly, cabins on higher decks might offer better views but could also be closer to noisy public areas. Getting acquainted with the various cabin categories and their locations will arm you with the necessary knowledge to dodge any cabin blunders.

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Potential Issues with Some Cabins

The sea may be calling, but an ill-placed cabin could dampen the sweet song of vacation. It’s pivotal to be aware of common issues that can transform a dream voyage into a less than ideal experience.

In this section, we will explore some of the potential issues associated with certain cabins on the Marella Explorer 2.

Noise Concerns

Noise is a notorious peace-snatcher on a cruise. Cabins situated near high-traffic areas, under a buzzing deck, or adjacent to lively entertainment venues could become theaters of noise.

The reverberating beats from the disco, the constant trampling of feet, or the hum of machinery could play the unsolicited background score to your voyage. It’s wise to steer clear from cabins near elevators, stairwells, theaters, or under bustling decks, as these zones are often the epicenters of noise.

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Proximity to Public Areas

The convenience of being near the ship’s attractions can be alluring. However, cabins located near public areas often come with the cost of crowdedness and noise.

The ceaseless foot traffic and the echoes of enjoyment from nearby bars, lounges, or pools can be disruptive to those seeking tranquility in their private space.

It’s advisable to avoid cabins adjacent to or directly above or below these bustling public areas, ensuring a peaceful retreat to rest and recharge.

Obstructed Views

A cabin with a view can enhance the serenity of sea days, but not all windowed cabins promise pristine views.

Some cabins may face obstructed views due to lifeboats, structural elements, or other ship equipment blocking the scenery.

It’s crucial to verify the clarity of the view before booking a cabin categorized as having a window or a balcony, to ensure you can enjoy the expansive sea and sky without hindrance.

Marella Explorer 2 deck

Vibration Issues

Every ship has its own rhythm, but sometimes, the vibration can be an unwelcome dance.

Cabins located at the rear (aft) of the ship or near engine rooms can experience more pronounced vibrations, which might rattle the calm of the voyage.

For a smoother experience, it might be worthwhile to avoid cabins in these areas, especially if you or your travel companions are sensitive to such movements.

Identifying potential pitfalls is the first step in navigating towards a better cabin choice. This section illuminates common issues passengers may face, building a foundation of awareness that will aid in making an informed decision when selecting a cabin on Marella Explorer 2.

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Specific Cabins to Avoid on Marella Explorer 2

Now that we’ve navigated through the common concerns, it’s time to drop anchor on the specifics.

In this section, we’ll spotlight the specific cabins on Marella Explorer 2 that might not meet the mark when it comes to providing a tranquil or comfortable cruising experience.

Cabins Near Noisy Areas

A cruise ship is a hub of activity, and while the vibrancy is infectious, it’s not something you want echoing through your cabin when you’re winding down. Cabins located near the heart of entertainment – like the theater, nightclubs, or children’s play areas, tend to suffer from noise bleed.

Likewise, cabins below the pool deck or gym might catch the constant thud of footsteps or the clanking of gym equipment. It’s wise to avoid such cabins if peace is high on your priority list.

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Cabins Near High-Traffic Areas

The hustle and bustle near elevators, staircases, or service areas is a constant.

Cabins in the vicinity of these high-traffic zones are often subjected to a never-ending symphony of footsteps and chatter. It’s prudent to avoid cabins near such areas, especially if you’re a light sleeper or value quiet downtime during your voyage.

Cabins with Obstructed Views

As the adage goes, “A room with a view” can uplift one’s spirit. However, some cabins on Marella Explorer 2 despite being marketed with windows or balconies, suffer from obstructed views due to lifeboats, structural design, or other ship paraphernalia.

It’s disappointing to open your curtains to a view of a lifeboat rather than the expansive ocean. It’s advisable to double-check the exact view from specific cabins, possibly through traveler reviews or photographs, before making a booking.

Marella Explorer 2 balcony

Cabins Prone to Vibration

While the gentle rocking of a ship can be soothing, the vibration from the engines or propellers can be unsettling. Cabins situated at the very back (aft) of the ship or near the engine rooms are often susceptible to such vibrations.

It’s worthwhile checking the deck plans and possibly consulting with a travel agent to avoid booking a cabin in these areas if you are sensitive to movement.

Being equipped with precise information about which Marella Explorer 2 cabins to avoid will go a long way in ensuring a serene and enjoyable cruising experience.

This section lends a hand in pinpointing the specific cabins that might pose concerns, enabling you to make an informed and satisfying cabin choice on Marella Explorer 2.

Marella Explorer 2 balcony

Alternative Cabin Choices on Marella Explorer 2

Switching gears from the cabins to steer clear of, let’s venture into the more inviting waters of alternative cabin choices.

A well-chosen cabin can be your serene sanctuary at sea, ensuring a peaceful slumber and delightful mornings with splendid views.

Preferred Cabin Locations

Central locations on the lower decks are known for their stability, making them an excellent choice for those prone to seasickness.

Similarly, cabins situated mid-ship or towards the front (forward) usually offer a smoother ride compared to those at the very back (aft).

Additionally, if a stunning view tops your list, opt for cabins with unobstructed balconies or window views. Balcony cabins on higher decks often provide captivating views of the ocean and sky.

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Upgrades Worth Considering

An upgrade can elevate your cruise experience significantly. If budget permits, considering upgrading to a cabin with a balcony or a suite.

Suites not only offer more space but often come with added amenities like priority boarding, a concierge service, and sometimes access to exclusive areas of the ship.

Furthermore, consider the perks of upgrading to cabins on decks with easy access to essential facilities, yet far enough to keep the noise at bay.

Investing a bit more thought and possibly a little more budget into selecting a better cabin can translate into a vastly improved cruising experience.

This section aims to steer readers towards making choices that align with their comfort, preferences, and budget, ensuring their voyage on Marella Explorer 2 is nothing short of spectacular.

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Tips on Booking the Right Cabin

Before we set sail from this informational voyage, let’s ensure you are well-armed with cruise tips to secure the right cabin for your cruise adventure.

Booking Early for Better Choices

Early birds do catch the best cabins! Booking your cruise well in advance opens up a broader range of cabin choices, letting you snag the one that suits your preferences.

Be it a quiet cabin away from the hustle and bustle, or one with a spectacular unobstructed view; early booking increases your chances of getting precisely what you desire.

Consulting with a Travel Agent Specializing in Cruises

Sometimes, the deck plans can feel like a maze. A travel agent specializing in cruises can be your compass.

They often have firsthand experience and knowledge about the ship layouts, and can provide invaluable advice on the best cabin choices based on your needs and budget.

Marella Explorer 2 rooms to avoid

Utilizing Online Resources and Reviews

There’s a treasure trove of information online from past cruisers. Websites with cruise ship reviews, forums, and even social media platforms can provide real-life insights into the best and worst cruise cabins.

Photos, videos, and detailed reviews from previous passengers can be the guiding lighthouse in your quest for the perfect cabin on Marella Explorer 2.

With a bit of foresight, guidance, and research, securing the ideal cabin that enhances your cruise experience is within reach. These tips aim to equip you with a proactive approach towards making an informed cabin selection, ensuring a memorable voyage aboard Marella Explorer 2.

Marella Explorer 2 rooms to avoid


As we anchor down on this comprehensive exploration, the journey through the cabins of Marella Explorer 2 serves as a testament to the old sailor’s wisdom that a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.

Similarly, a well-informed cruiser is better prepared to navigate the choppy waters of cabin selection, ensuring a serene and joyous voyage.

Reflecting on Key Takeaways

The voyage through the deck plans sheds light on the importance of cabin location and the pitfalls to avoid.

From dodging the noise troubles to seeking unobstructed serene views, and from appreciating the merits of early bookings to consulting with seasoned travel agents, the sea of information aimed to equip you with the necessary charts to navigate through the cabin selection process smoothly.

Setting Sail Towards a Memorable Cruise

Armed with insights and tips, you’re now better prepared to embark on a captivating journey aboard the Marella Explorer 2.

Choosing the right cabin is a significant stride towards enjoying a delightful and memorable cruise. As you look forward to the horizon filled with adventure and tranquility, may your choice of cabin amplify the beauty and enjoyment waiting for you on the high seas.

Your journey of preparation now melds into the excitement of anticipation as you plan for your adventure on Marella Explorer 2. May the winds be favorable, and your cabin be the perfect haven, as you set sail towards beautiful horizons.

FAQs on Marella Explorer 2 Cabins to Avoid

Embarking on a cruise voyage brings forth waves of anticipation along with a tide of questions, especially concerning cabin choices.

This FAQ section aims to anchor down some common queries about the cabins to avoid on Marella Explorer 2, ensuring a more informed and confident decision on your part.

Q1: Are lower deck cabins less desirable on Marella Explorer 2?

Lower deck cabins sometimes bear the stigma of being less desirable due to their closer proximity to the engines, potentially leading to more noise and vibrations. However, they can be a smoother option in rough waters and are usually priced more affordably. They also provide quicker access to many of the ship’s facilities, which are often located on lower decks.

Q2: What are the benefits of avoiding cabins near elevators and stairwells?

Cabins near elevators and stairwells are often subject to high foot traffic, resulting in potential noise disturbances. By avoiding such cabins, you are likely to enjoy a quieter environment, especially during the quieter night hours when peace is most valued.

Q3: How do I know if a cabin has an obstructed view?

The view from a cabin can be obstructed by lifeboats, structural elements, or other parts of the ship. You can ascertain the quality of the view by checking deck plans, reviewing photographs, and reading previous passenger reviews on cruise forums or websites. Contacting Marella Cruises or consulting with a travel agent can also provide more precise information regarding any view obstructions.

Q4: Is it worth it to upgrade to a higher cabin category to avoid potential issues?

Upgrading to a higher cabin category can often bypass common cabin concerns like noise, vibration, or obstructed views. These higher-category cabins might offer better location options, more space, and added amenities which can significantly elevate your cruising experience. It boils down to a personal choice based on your budget and what aspects of the cruise are most important to you.

Q5: How can I ensure a quiet cabin on Marella Explorer 2?

To secure a quieter cabin, consider avoiding areas known for noise like those near entertainment venues, high-traffic zones, or underneath busy decks. Cabins located mid-ship, and on a deck situated between other cabin decks, tend to promise a quieter environment. Consultation with a travel agent or digging into online reviews and forums can also guide you towards quieter cabin options.

Q6: What types of cabins are most susceptible to seasickness?

Cabins located on higher decks and towards the bow (front) or stern (rear) of the ship are usually more susceptible to movement, which can trigger seasickness in some individuals. Conversely, cabins located on lower decks and towards the middle of the ship (midship) tend to experience less motion, making them a better choice for those prone to seasickness.

Q7: Are Marella Explorer 2’s inside cabins less comfortable compared to outside cabins?

Inside cabins lack natural light and can feel a bit cramped, which might not be comfortable for everyone. Outside cabins, on the other hand, provide a window to the outside world, offering natural light and sometimes additional space. The comfort level can vary significantly from person to person based on personal preferences and budget considerations.

Q8: How can I ensure I get a cabin away from noisy children?

To increase your chances of securing a quieter cabin away from noisy areas or family zones, you might consider booking in areas designated as “adults only” or in a higher cabin category that tends to be situated in quieter zones. Consulting with a travel agent, who can provide insights based on ship layout and demographics, can also be invaluable.

Q9: Can I request a change of cabin if I find it unsatisfactory upon boarding?

While it’s possible to request a cabin change upon boarding, availability is usually extremely limited as cruises are often fully booked. It’s always better to address any concerns you might have before your departure by reviewing your cabin selection carefully and making changes in advance if needed.

Q10: What should I do if I experience excessive noise or other issues in my cabin?

If you experience excessive noise or other issues in your cabin, it’s advisable to report it to the Guest Services Desk on board as soon as possible. They can address your concerns and sometimes offer solutions such as moving you to a different cabin if one is available or providing other compensations.