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27 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in the World!

I’ve asked around and the world’s top photographers and travel experts have reported back with the most beautiful waterfalls in the world for you to explore on your next outdoor adventure!

From the pretty waterfalls with turquoise hues in Canada to the hidden falls in Europe, I have collected plenty of personal experiences at the most scenic waterfalls in the world.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my link, at no extra cost to you. Please read full disclosure here.

Gullfoss Waterfall, Iceland

beautiful waterfalls Gullfoss, Iceland

Recommended by Tegan and Alex from Why Not Walk

One of the best day trips from Reykjavik, especially if you don’t have time to do all or part of Iceland’s Ring Road, is the Golden Circle.

It is comprised of three stops, all of which are absolutely breathtaking: the Continental Divide in Thingvellir National Park; the two geysers at Haukadalur; and lastly, the Gullfoss waterfall, a majestic and enormous waterfall, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world.

Located at the end of the Hvítá River in its canyon, its name translates to “Golden Falls.”

It is about 32 meters tall, but very wide, and a convenient pathway leads you around several vistas of the cascading waters.

You can visit the area year-round, and will get a totally different vibe each time, but it is especially magnificent in winter, where large chunks of ice form beautiful prisms of color and light.

It is easy to combine a visit to Gullfoss with the other portions of the Golden Circle, and it is fact encouraged!

There are many day tours that you can sign up for that will take you to each site all within a day trip, or you can rent a car and drive to them yourself.

If you’d like to extend the trip, you can drive about two hours to Vik, home to the beautiful black sand beaches, and stay there overnight. One hotel to check out in Vik is the Guesthouse Hátún 8, for its close proximity to the beaches and Vik’s other attractions.

beautiful waterfalls Kuang Si Falls Laos

Kuang Si Falls, Laos

Recommended by Ben from The Sabbatical Guide

Kuang Si Falls are some of the most photogenic in Southeast Asia and one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world.

Located around 30km from Luang Prabang, the falls are characterized by their bright turquoise waters, which exist because of the chemical reaction between the water with the limestone mountains surrounding the falls.

It’s best to arrive at the falls early, and ideally via a private tuk-tuk or car as this will get you here before the main tourist buses arrive.

There are a network of paths to walk around the multiple pools including a steep route that goes up behind the main waterfall. From the top it is possible to take a boat trip to the source of the falls a further 3km away.

It is possible to swim in the lower pools and there are facilities here for changing. At the site there is also a bear rescue center, where Asiatic Black Bears (Moon Bears) are housed having been rescued from the painful practice of bile farming.

If you’re in Luang Prabang, Kuang Si Falls is an enjoyable half day trip that will get you out into the lush Laotian countryside. I would suggest staying in Villa Phathana in town, which is great value and right beside the Grand Palace.

Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Falls, New Zealand

Recommended by Cassie from Cassie the Hag

Bridal Veil Falls, as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world, is not one to miss in New Zealand’s North Island, and my favorite waterfall I’ve seen so far during my time working in Auckland.

The elegant, 55m drop is a magnificent sight to remember, and the large pool below has a real ‘adventure’ quality to the landscape, as the waterfall is surrounded by an expanse of green fauna that stretches out beyond the cliff face above. 

Something truly special about visiting Bridal Veil Falls is the different lookout points, meaning you can get many perspectives in one visit!

The top two lookout points are the most accessible, at a flat, 10-minute walk from the carpark – perfect if you’re travelling with people of mixed mobilities, too.

The bottom lookout is down a steep staircase, but it’s worth it despite the leg workout. There’s even another viewing platform half-way down. 

The falls make for one of the best days trip from Auckland due to their proximity to the city. At a two hours drive away, combine the waterfall with a trip to the fantastic nearby Hamilton Gardens.

On a New Zealand road trip? Stay overnight in the coastal surf town of Raglan to make the most of the region. 

Defrost Waterfall, Chile most beautiful waterfalls in the world

Defrost Waterfall, Chile

Recommended by Ellie

Nestled in Chile’s Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia, the Defrost Waterfall is easily one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world.

With it’s bright turquoise waters reflecting some of the bluest skies in the world, it is no wonder why people put Patagonia on their bucket lists.

Whether planning a intense trek through the Patagonian wilderness or stopping in on an all-inclusive cruise, planning a trip to Torres del Paine National Park.

As one of the most beautiful national parks in the world, you can discover jaw-dropping Chilean landscapes as you seek out the breathtakingly beautiful Defrost Waterfall.

Make sure to take full advantage of the full 17-hours of sunlight if you are visiting during the summer months and arrive at the park early in the morning to watch the spectacular sunrise reflect on Defrost Waterfall, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world.

You will enjoy wildlife-watching in Torres del Paine with majestic condors above your head and foxes, huemul, and Andean deer walking alongside you.

A great place to stay nearby is the Pampa Lodge, an authentic working ranch complete with a baying herd of Hereford cattle. This beautiful accommodation offers a breathtaking location with incredible views across the scenic Lago Verde towards the nearby Paine Massif in the distance.

Helmcken Falls Canada beautiful waterfalls

Helmcken Falls, Canada

Recommended by Debbie from World Adventurists

Wells Gray Provinical Park, where you will find the iconic Helmcken Falls, is a paradise for chasing beautiful waterfalls.

With 41 named waterfalls, there is always something new to discover. Helmcken Falls is the most popular waterfall in the park, cascading 141m to the canyon below. There are two ways to view the fourth largest waterfall in Canada.

The easiest way is a viewing platform that is just steps from the parking lot. If you’re looking for some more adventure, you can do the hour-long Rim Trail, though it is not family-friendly with the huge open cliff drop-offs.

One of the best ways to explore the beautiful waterfalls at Wells Gray Provincial Park is to camp.  You can make your reservation using BC’s Discover Camping website. If you’re not an avid camper, there are several lodges just outside the main entrance to Wells Gray.

A good choice is Helmcken Falls Lodge, located 35kms from Clearwater at the entrance to the park.Wells Gray Provincial Park is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts.

There are several hiking trails, including the easiest accessible sub-alpine meadow in BC, through hiking the Trophy Mountain trail. Clearwater Lake is popular for boating and a great swimming spot in summer.

Goðafoss Waterfall, Iceland beautiful waterfalls

Goðafoss Waterfall, Iceland

Recommended by Suzanne from Meandering Wild

Goðafoss Waterfall is located in the north of Iceland and is one of the top waterfalls in Iceland. It is a large 30 meter wide horseshoe waterfall with a 12 meter drop.  

While it is not large by Icelandic or world standards it is absolutely stunning, especially when it frozen in the winter months with northern lights dancing above.

Goðafoss translates into “Waterfall of the Gods” and is steeped in folk law dating back to AD 1000 when Norway was threatening to invade Iceland if the country did not convert to Christianity.

A priest who had the final decision, threw his idols of the Norse Gods into the waterfall after days of meditating and praying to the Old Gods, hence the name.

Goðafoss, as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world, is easy to reach as it is on the main Ring road around Iceland and is close to Dettifoss, a large waterfall with the biggest volume of water falling over a waterfall in Europe.

There are clear paths and well maintained viewing areas so it is possible to explore both sides of the falls whatever the weather conditions.

Goðafoss is close to Húsavík which is a beautiful harbor town and the center for whale watching in Iceland and the route will take you close to Lake Myvatn with its geothermal caves, lava fields and pseudo-craters.

Close to the waterfall is Fagrafell’s Home, a traditional turf roofed style cottage and is just a short distance from the falls. 

Kegon Falls Japan beautiful waterfalls

Kegon Falls, Japan

Recommended by Audrey from That Backpacker

If you’re looking for beautiful waterfalls in Japan, you can’t go wrong with a visit to Kegon Falls. Located in Nikko National Park, just outside the city of Nikko, this waterfall is considered to be one of the most impressive in the whole country. 

Kegon Falls stands almost 100 meters tall and the water that feeds it comes directly from Lake Chuzenji. Though the waterfall can be visited year round, it is a particularly popular destination to enjoy the autumn foliage.

There are two viewing decks from which to enjoy the views of the falls. The first viewing platform is free, and the second one can be accessed by riding an elevator that brings you down 100 meters. The cost is ¥550 but you get a completely different vantage point that brings you face to face with falls. 

While you’re in the area, you can also enjoy a boat ride on Lake Chuzenji, try the foot spa in Yumoto Onsen, and hike along Senjogahara Moor. 

As for places to stay, if you’re going to be using public transportation, Nikko Station Hotel 2, is a modern and convenient option. The hotel is located across Tōbu-Nikkō Station where you can arrive by train and connect to various bus lines to explore the area. 

Wailua Falls Hawaii beautiful waterfalls

Wailua Falls, Kaui, Hawaii

Recommended by Chris from Explore Now or Never

Kauai is known as Hawaii’s Garden Isle because it is so lush and green. So it should be no surprise that one of the best things to do with a week in Kauai—in addition to hiking the famous Kalalau Trail and snorkeling beautiful beaches, is to gasp at all the beautiful waterfalls here. 

In addition to waterfall spotting throughout Waimea Canyon (known as the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific” on the east end of Kauai), visitors shouldn’t miss Wailua Falls closer to Lihue, near the airport.

You can find it if you travel Maalo Road uphill about three miles heading north from Lihui. 

Wailua Falls, as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world, is a “twin falls” and first came to fame when it was featured in the opening credits of the long-running 70’s TV show Fantasy Island.

This impressive waterfall drops 80 feet but looks like it drops even more due to the dramatic amount of water that flows here.

The size of the falls depends upon the amount of rainfall but with enough water, the two beautiful waterfalls merge into one giant gusher.

Best of all, Wailua Falls is easily accessible. You’ll spot it from the side of the road so there’s no need to hike in to view it. For more adventurous visitors, consider a quick dip in the pool at the bottom of the falls. It’s not for the faint of heart though as it’s COLD!

Manthoka Waterfall Pakistan beautiful waterfalls

Manthoka Waterfall, Pakistan

Recommended by Arabela from The Spicy Girl Travel

Next to the Indus River in the West Himalayas of Pakistan near Skardu lies a tall and beautiful waterfall named Manthoka Waterfall.

Surrounded by lush green meadows full of blossoming flowers and bubbly creeks, Manthoka Waterfall is an excellent rest place for travelers and one of the best places to visit near Skardu

What makes Manthoka Waterfall even more unique is that despite its natural illusion, this beautiful waterfall is actually man-made!

Thanks to its perfect harmony with the surrounding mountains, Manthoka Waterfall is a prime example of humans working in synchrony with nature. Popular activities around Manthoka Waterfall include trekking in the mountains, picnicking on the green meadows, and taking a quick shower in the waterfall. 

Visit during a day trip from Skardu. The drive from the city to the stunning waterfall takes about an hour and a half and is more or less easily accessible by car.

Consider staying the night at Hotel Graceland Skardu and hiring a driver for the trip to Manthoka Waterfall. You can combine your visit with a trip to the nearby town of Khaplu, which is especially famous for its wooden mosques and stunning mountain views.

Lower Yellowstone Falls Wyoming beautiful waterfalls

Yellowstone Falls, Wyoming

Recommended by James from Parks Collecting

Yellowstone Falls in Yellowstone National Park actually consists of two waterfalls, a quarter of a mile apart. 

At 109 feet high, Upper Yellowstone Falls are not insignificant, but it is Lower Yellowstone Falls that get the prize for most beautiful waterfall.  They are 305 feet high, which is almost twice as tall as Niagara Falls! 

As some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world, they thunder down a narrow stretch of the stunning Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, a colorful canyon topped with evergreen forests.  

The most iconic view is from Artist Point, where they can be seen in the distance, with the river a ribbon below them and the dramatic canyon in the foreground.  

The view inspires artists and Instagrammers alike.  You can also see them up close below their top level from the beautiful Red Rock Point Trail or peer over at them gushing down from a platform perched on the brink of the falls. 

The national park is also famous for the geysers such as Old Faithful, brightly colored springs like the sensational sun-shaped Grand Prismatic Spring, and other geothermal activity. 

In addition to the beautiful waterfalls, there is plenty to see and do in Yellowstone.  The park’s Lamar Valley is often called “America’s Serengeti” for the chances to see wildlife, including bison, bears and wolves. 

There are vacation rentals just outside the park in West Yellowstone, and several classic lodges and campgrounds inside the park. The nearest lodge to the falls is Canyon Lodge and cabins.

Sillans La Cascade France beautiful waterfalls

Sillans La Cascade, France

Recommended by Breanne from Family Camping Europe

This relatively unknown and underrated waterfall is perhaps one of France’s most beautiful cascades and one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world.

The milky turquoise waters surrounded by luscious vegetation create an incredible landscape. The 42-meter high waterfall at Sillans-La-Cascade was almost unheard of before social media, and now it’s an influencer’s paradise. 

A succession of canyons follows the stunning waterfall, and although swimming below the waterfall is banned to protect the surroundings, the ravines and pools nearby are perfect for taking a dip.

Best seen on a sunny day, this cascade in France’s Var region can get pretty busy, so always plan your visit away from peak times.

Whilst it’s disappointing that you can only view the main cascade from a viewpoint, you’ll be pleased to know that just a short walk away, there is a second, more modest (but just as beautiful) waterfall where swimming is allowed.

Though, to get to this beautiful waterfall, the path can be narrow and hard to navigate on a busy day. 

Sillans La Cascade, situated in the Var region of France, is a small village known only for the waterfall. Nevertheless, there are plenty of other nearby attractions, including the incredible Gorge du Verdon, the stunning Lac de Sainte Croix, the Sombre Malpasset Dam and the quaint town Moustiers-Sainte-Marie. It’s the perfect holiday destination for those looking to explore off the beaten track and enjoy some beautiful scenery. 

We recommend staying at a campsite to immerse yourself in the natural surroundings thoroughly, and the village has a lovely rustic one with a swimming pool, pitches and even mobile home.

Låtefossen Waterfall, Norway

Låtefossen Waterfall, Norway

Recommended by Jiayi from The Diary of a Nomad

If you’re searching for the most beautiful waterfalls in the world, Låtefossen in Norway should definitely be on your bucket list.

There’s a famous waterfall quote that goes, “grace is finding a waterfall when you were only looking for a stream”, and nothing could better describe this waterfall than that.

In fact, despite its breathtaking charm, Låtefossen is casually situated on the side of a highway — it’s the best unexpected sight one can come across while driving in Vestland, Southern Norway.

Låtefossen is a very unique 95-meters tall waterfall. It’s actually made of two different streams joining together in the middle before flowing under the stone arch Låtefoss Bridge.

This is why it’s also often referred to as a “twin-waterfall”. While you’re driving on the Norwegian National Road 13 on the Låtefoss Bridge, you can get an absolutely spectacular sight of the unique shape of this waterfall.

Låtefossen is located in the small town of Odda, which is close to some really beautiful hiking trails. The two best ones are Trolltunga (one of the most gorgeous hikes in Norway) and the lesser-known Buarbreen.

The Vikinghaug Apartments is an excellent place to stay in Odda as it offers scenic views of the nearby fjords and waterfalls from some of its rooms.

Havasu Falls, Arizona beautiful waterfalls

Havasu Falls, Arizona

Recommended by Allison from She Dreams of Alpine

When you first catch a glimpse of the stunning turquoise water against the backdrop of red sandstone cliffs, you will immediately understand why Havasu Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world.

Located on Havasupai territory in the Grand Canyon, this oasis in the Arizona desert is breath-taking and absolutely lives up to all the hype.

To get to this special place, you must backpack in on a 10-mile hike to Havasu Falls, but the physical effort is absolutely worth it.

Even though the hike is long, it’s relatively easy, except for a few tricky sections. A camping reservation is required for 3 nights, so once you finally arrive, you’ll have plenty of time to relax and explore all 5 beautiful waterfalls.

Spend your days scrambling around the sandstone cliffs, lounging in the sun, and swimming in the bright blue water before it’s time to hike out.

Since this destination is incredibly popular, you will need to do some serious advanced planning to get a Havasu Falls permit, which are awarded through a very competitive lottery system each year. But snagging a permit will provide you with a bucket-list worthy trip to a desert paradise!

High Force, England beautiful waterfalls

High Force, England

Recommended by Sarah from A Social Nomad

High Force and her downstream compatriot, Low Force form part of England’s River Tees, which starts on the hillsides of Cross Fell and runs all the way to the North Sea on England’s east coast.   

The beautiful waterfalls are within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the higher reaches of Teesdale, with High Force being England’s tallest waterfall at 21 meters.  

The falls are easily accessed by a short footpath from the High Force Hotel, which is 5 miles (8 km) to the north of Middleton-in-Teesdale, but it’s a far more picturesque approach from the Bowlees Visitor Centre, where a 3-kilometer one-way hike lets you follow the path of the River Tees.  

This route takes you over the famous Wnych Bridge, past Low Force (swimming is fabulous if it’s a hot day), and up to a glorious view of High Force (swimming here is never a good idea, it’s too dangerous).  

The trail is well signposted, and easy walking over a flat well made paths, with lovely photo opportunities at one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world along the way.

Visitors can stay at the High Force Hotel, or in any of the villages in the dale, but most stay in the 12th-century market town of Barnard Castle. Here you’ll find the castle, the world-renowned Bowes Museum, fabulous places to stay, excellent cafes and local pubs and some great walks.

Santa Rosa de Cabal, Colombia beautiful waterfalls

Santa Rosa de Cabal, Colombia

Recommended by Julien from Cultures Traveled

In the mountains of Colombia’s coffee triangle are the Santa Rosa de Cabal hot springs. Located just outside of the town by the same name, these hot springs are well known for the majestic waterfall backdrop.

As you approach the hot springs, water flows over rocks into small pools that line the pathway. And then suddenly, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world comes into view.

As the water flows down, it branches into five streams that carve their way through the vibrant green growth along the side of the cliff.

While the stunning waterfall is cold, the nearby pools are filled with mineral rich thermal water from the hot springs. This is the type of place you will want to spend the entire day simply soaking while admiring the beauty of the waterfall. There is a restaurant and bar on-site, or you can discreetly bring your own snacks.

The town itself is pleasant, though not particularly significant. Nonetheless, the popularity of the springs means there are plenty of places to stay.

One of the best options is Hostal Don Jose located in the center. They offer a variety of private rooms for couples and small groups. Ask your accommodation how to catch one of the shared jeeps up to the hot springs for the day.

Wentworth Falls, Australia beautiful waterfalls

Wentworth Falls, Australia

Recommended by Holly from Best of the Blue Mountains

Undoubtedly one of the most famous and best waterfalls in the Blue Mountains, Jamison Creek spills over a cliff 187 meters above the picturesque Jamison Valley at the majestic Wentworth Falls.

While it is certainly more impressive after heavy rains, there is always water flowing and the walks around and down the cliff, together with the views across the valley to Mount Solitary make it a popular destination for visitors and locals alike.

Situated in the small Blue Mountains town of Wentworth Falls, several lookouts will offer views to these beautiful waterfalls.

The less ambitious might prefer to admire it from Princes Rock Lookout, which offers a view from the front of the falls and is a short walk from the picnic area at the end of Falls Road.

The more adventurous might like to check out the view from Rocket Point on the other side, or take the Undercliff Track down to the top of the falls, connecting up with the National Pass for a steep descent cut into the face of the cliff.

The heritage listed Blue Mountains National Park offers a variety of spectacular bushwalks, historic buildings, a growing art community, Aboriginal history and the chance to enjoy one of the most unique and diverse environments in the world.

While you might like to check out smaller establishments for the more homely experience, you also have the option of larger hotels including the Fairmont Resort and Hydro Majestic.

Cuevas Falls, Bolivia beautiful waterfalls

Cuevas Falls, Bolivia

Recommended by Iris from Mind of a Hitchhiker

They’re not within easy reach of busy airports or big cities. No, there aren’t even tour companies competing over your wallet to bring you there; the Cuevas waterfalls (Spanish: cataratas/cascadas de Cuevas) are off the beaten path but worth the detour on a South America trip. 

After a short, non-strenuous hike through the forest parallel to the river, you’ll arrive at the first waterfall. Continue further downstream, and the path gets a little more complicated, especially after rainfall.

You’ll find two more waterfalls with beaches below them for a picnic and a swim. What is really cool is that you can stand on the edge of the cliff and look down the waterfall.

Take a refreshing dip and enjoy the natural beauty of Bolivia’s subtropical regions. Chances are that the only other people at the waterfalls are local Bolivians enjoying relaxation time.

These waterfalls are protected by a small park office where you pay 20 BOB (~€2.50 or US$2.90) to enter. The best time to visit for a quiet experience is on a weekday. Wear water shoes with a grippy sole or hiking boots for stability and bring a towel.

The best town to visit the Cuevas waterfalls from is Samaipata, some 22 km (14 miles) west of the waterfalls. You can find hotels, hostels, and campgrounds there, such as ‘El Jardin’. From Samaipata, you can also make day trips to the UNESCO site ‘El Fuerte’, the Amboró National Park, and enjoy the local wineries. 

Montmorency Falls, Canada beautiful waterfalls

Montmorency Falls, Canada

Recommended by Ally from Ally Travels

Visiting Montmorency Falls is a must for anyone visiting Quebec as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. They’re a spectacular sight anytime of year, and larger than the more well-known Niagara Falls.

Samuel de Champlain named the falls in honor of Charles de Montmorency-Damville, who was the Duke of Damville. There is also the site of a historic love affair between the Duke of Kent and Thérèse-Bernardine Montgenet.

Montmorency Falls is about a 30 minute car ride from Quebec City, making it the perfect day-trip destination. If you want to stay the night at the falls, check out Au Gîte de la Chute. It’s a cute Bed and Breakfast that’s a quick 7 minute walk from the falls. 

At the top of the cliff, you’ll find Manoir Montmorency, which is a replica of the original one from the 1700s. It’s a spot you’ll want to check out for its gift shop and restaurant. The restaurant is called The Manior that serves up the best brunch in the area, so reserve early.

While you’re at the beautiful waterfalls, you can enjoy a garden and nature walk, or stroll across the suspension bridge that runs over the falls. If you’re feeling adventurous, there’s a zipline experience across the falls and even a gondola ride over them.

Montmorency Falls is truly one of the most beautiful places in Quebec. Don’t miss out on exploring this part of Canada on your next vacation to one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. 

Durian Falls, Malaysia beautiful waterfalls

Durian Falls, Malaysia

Recommended by Victoria from Guide Your Travel

The Durian Waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world and is located on the Malaysian island of Langkawi.

The waterfall is free to visit and a great place to see on your day-trip to Langkawi or a drive around the island. After a short 10-minute hike you’ll reach the largest waterfall in the area.

As the name suggests the area has a lot of Durian trees and you can of course buy pre-cut durian from one of the street food stalls nearby. There are changing rooms and toilets available as well as some public barbeque places.

Further down the river, you’ll find smaller beautiful waterfalls and little walkways and bridges which make the perfect photo opportunity.

The Durian Waterfall is also a great spot to see beautiful butterflies in their natural habitat. They often gather at this water source and even appear in swarms sometimes. Definitely make sure to pack your camera to capture this beautiful moment.

While you are in Langkawi you should also visit the famous Sky Bridge which is located a little further in the mountains. The views are incredible and you’ll be able to see the entire island.

Victoria Falls Zimbabwe and Zambia beautiful waterfalls

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe and Zambia

Recommended by Leticia from Chic Travel Around the World

Mosi-oa-Tunya or Victoria Falls known also called “The Smoke That Thunders” or “The Boiling Water” is a stunning waterfall located on the border between two countries Zimbabwe and Zambia.  

Its one of the largest and most beautiful waterfalls in the world. In terms of the scale of the waterfall its width is 5,600 feet.

 Victoria Falls is world known for offering visitors the opportunity to experience this falls from various viewpoints and by exploring through several different types of activities or experiences.  

You can take a sunset cruise on the Zambezi river to experience the falls, bungee jump, swing or zipline from the Victoria Falls bridge or even take a swim in the Devil’s Pool located on the edge of the falls accessed from the Zambian side of Victoria Falls.

Other activities you can do at these beautiful waterfalls if you are a thrill seeker is white water rafting and the best time of the year for this is between August to December.

If you enjoy aerial views and want to splurge there are micro flights which will take you over the falls for such a spectacular view.  There are numerous hotels located close to the beautiful waterfalls with many options in terms of affordable accommodations and also luxury hotels.  

In the affordable category there are hotels such as Shangwe Lookout, Shearwater Explorers Village, and Victoria Falls Safari Lodge.  For a luxurious stay there are hotels such as the Victoria Falls Safari Suites and the Stanley and Livingstone Boutique Hotel.

Vegas Grande Waterfall, Cuba

Vegas Grande Waterfall, Cuba

Recommended by Linn of Andalucia Hiking

Vegas Grande waterfall in Cuba is one of the most beautiful waterfalls you can imagine. Situated in Topes de Collantes National Park, it is only an hour drive from Trinidad.

The hike takes about an hour and while it is easy to follow, the last part is pretty steep and for anyone with knee problems it can be tough unless you bring hiking knee braces or trekking poles.

 Once you get to the waterfall, the bright, turquoise pool invites for an unforgettable cooling swim. You can even get behind the waterfall and jump through it.

You should go as early as possible in the morning before other tourists arrive, and you can get this magical spot all for yourself. At least a short while.

There are a lot of other nice hikes in the area that you can do combined with this one, La Batata is one of the lesser known, yet astounding with a whole underground cave system.

Just let your driver know up front and he can take you there. You can also taste nice, local coffee and buy fresh fruit at the trailhead. But make sure you bring enough water on the walk.

The hike back up from the waterfall is especially tough in hot, tropical weather. The best place to stay is Trinidad and you should find any Casa Particular that is free so that you support a local family on your stay.

Iguazu Falls Brazil and Argentina beautiful waterfalls

Iguazu Falls, Brazil and Argentina

Recommended by Sophie and Adam from We Dream of Travel

No list of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world would be complete without the mighty Iguazu Falls.  Comprised of approximately 275 separate waterfalls, it is the largest waterfall system in the world.

Lying on the border of Brazil and Argentina, the awe-inspiring Iguazu Falls is an absolute dream destination. These beautiful waterfalls can be accessed from either country so whether you decide to stay in Foz do Iguaçu in Brazil or Puerto Iguazú in Argentina, you’ll be able to reach both sides easily on day trips.

While there are constant debates as to which side is better, they both provide spectacular views and their own unique vantage points.  It is, therefore, well worth visiting the falls from both sides!  

Regardless of which side you visit, you will discover one of natures most impressive landscapes, as well as a myriad of wildlife that calls this place home from butterflies to lizards, toucans, coatis, monkeys and more.

Although Iguazu Falls is certainly the star attraction in the area, that’s not all there is to do nearby. Take a hike in the jungle, or enjoy jungle adventure tour and go zip-lining.  

Visit the impressive Itaipu Dam, one of the largest in the world, providing 25% of Brazil’s energy.  Or discover tropical wildlife at the bird sanctuary, Parque das Aves.  

Horseshoe Falls, Canada beautiful waterfalls

Horseshoe Falls, Canada

Recommended by Lindsay from I’ve Been Bit!

Home to what’s arguably the most popular waterfall in Canada, Niagara Falls has long been a popular destination in Ontario.

What many don’t realize is that “Niagara Falls” actually refers to the city and that there are actually not one but two waterfalls located here!

The largest and what most refer to as Niagara Falls is named the Horseshoe Falls. This is where the Niagara River plunges over 50 meters (approx.. 164 feet) at 2,832 tons of water per second! While the Horseshoe Falls isn’t the tallest waterfall in Canada, it’s surely one of the most memorable in the country.

If you really want to make your trip one to remember, plan to see the Horseshoe Falls, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world, from all angles.

While you can see it from the Niagara Parkway for free, attractions such as the Hornblower Cruises, Journey Behind the Falls and a helicopter tour will allow you to truly experience this natural wonder.

You can even enjoy a few of the falls from your room by staying at hotels like the Embassy Suites Fallsview and the Tower Hotel.

You may travel to Niagara Falls for the beautiful waterfalls but that’s not all there is to see and do as the area around the Horseshoe Falls.

There are plenty of attractions like arcades, museums, restaurants and more, many of which you can save on with these insider tips for visiting Niagara Falls. Whether you’re visiting with your family, on a romantic getaway or for a girls night out, Niagara Falls makes a great getaway.

Aira Force, England beautiful waterfalls

Aira Force Waterfalls, England

Recommended by Anuradha from Country Hopping Couple

Aira Force is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world located in Lake District.  Set in the picturesque Ullswater Valley, Aira Force Waterfalls and the site are part of National Trust in England.  

Set on a 750 acre Gowbarrow Park, ample car parking facility and viewing platforms, Aira Force Waterfalls is a must visit attraction in Lake District. 

The stream that flows over the stunning waterfall is Aira Beck which raises on the upper slopes of Stybarrow Dodd and traverses through fells and finally joins Ullswater. 

Aira beck falls 70 feet from below a stone footbridge, which is one of the viewing platforms. Best view of waterfalls is seen from the bottom bridge. 

You can take a circular walk (2.1kms) in the woodlands to see the waterfalls. Alternatively, for longer walk, take the Gowbarrow trail which is 7.2 kms and takes about 2-3 hours.

Apart from beautiful waterfalls, the park is also an arboretum with over 200 species of conifers, pine trees, spruces and cedars. 

Aira Force is also a sanctuary for red squirrels. So, don’t miss out to spot them! 

Aira Force has been attracting visitors for over 250 years. It is also said to be visited by the legend poet William Wordsworth and it is believed that he wrote “daffodils” sitting beside the shores of Ullswater. He also quotes Aira on some of his poems.

most beautiful waterfalls in the world Nauyaca Waterfalls, Costa Rica

Nauyaca Waterfalls, Costa Rica

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Costa Rica is a land of beautiful waterfalls tucked in the rich biodiverse tropical forests fed by a network of rivers. 

Nauyaca Waterfalls, located in the Osa region near the South Pacific coast of Costa Rica, is among the most magnificent ones in Costa Rica. The Baru river, gushes over a cliff into a canyon, amidst a lush green rainforest, creating the waterfalls.

There are 2 levels of the Nauyaca waterfalls – the upper and the lower. The upper fall is higher and bigger and drop on to a group of boulders which makes it unsuitable for swimming.

However, there are flat areas which are great for getting photos with the mighty fall in the background.

The lower fall is calmer and has a deep pool at the base. This part is suitable for swimming and jumping into the pool as well. Although, be cautious during heavy rains as the water swells and the rocks turn slippery.

The Nauyaca waterfalls is located 6 km from the entrance. There are 3 ways to reach the beautiful waterfalls, hike the trail, book a 4X4 tour or a horse-riding tour which includes lunch as well. The place is rich in wildlife and you may find birds like toucans or macaws and animals like coatis or agoutis during the hike.

There are many attractions and activities near Nauyaca waterfalls. The nearby towns Uvita and Dominical offer raw beaches, whale watching, surfing, bird watching, snorkeling to name a few. You can stay at Hacienda Baru in Dominical and explore the area and the hotel’s trails as well.

most beautiful waterfalls in the world Edessa Waterfall, Greece

Edessa Waterfalls, Greece

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The Edessa waterfalls are situated between Thessaloniki and Florina, near Pella, the famous birthplace of Alexander the Great as well and an area known for its abundance of apples and cherries.

Originally, the river Edessaios fed into a lake but in the 14th century an earthquake caused the lake to overflow and several waterfalls were formed.

The beautiful waterfalls have changed several times, following other earthquakes. The main waterfall is the Karanos which drops 70 meters and is the largest waterfall in Greece. It is possible to walk behind this waterfall and gaze out through a watery curtain!

The other main fall, to its right, is the Lamda. Below both of these, there is a cave, which can be entered for a small admission charge. The falls are at their most powerful in the winter and early spring.If you are seeking somewhere relaxing for your holiday, this area is perfect.

There is an open-air water museum and freshwater aquarium to discover and nearby Lake Agra is rich in fish and wild birds. There are walks to enjoy and cherry farms to visit. In June, there are numerous roadside cherry stalls.

Guesthouse Hagiati is situated just 50 meters from the falls and is full of rustic charm with a garden for enjoying a relaxing drink or meal.

Crabtree Falls, North Carolina

Crabtree Falls, North Carolina

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Just near Brevard, North Carolina alone are over 250 waterfalls, but for this amazing waterfall, we’re heading a little closer to Boone.  

Crabtree Falls, as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world, is a towering 60-foot waterfall just off of the iconic Blue Ridge Parkway.  

The Crabtree Falls hike is about 2.5 miles and on the more moderate side.  It’s a fairly steep trail that can be muddy in spots with some stairs and switchbacks.  

This is a particularly great waterfall to see in the fall with the sun glowing through the golden leaves on the trees around you.

 While there are literally hundreds of waterfalls to choose from in the area, I think this is one of the best with how impressively tall is and just the shape of it is really great, which sounds weird, but it’s true.  Plus, it’s a great hike, challenging and rewarding.

I would recommend staying in Boone or Blowing Rock to visit the beautiful waterfalls of Crabtree Falls.  Boone is bigger, but Blowing Rock is closer to the parkway.  

We staying in a Boone AirBnb but I would consider the Meadowbrook Inn in Blowing Rock next time.  Some other hikes nearby are Grassy Creek Falls, Roaring Fork Falls, and Linville Falls.

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